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How To Raid In Pokemon Go

How To Get Mega Energy Without Raids In Pokemon Go


The most efficient way to earn Mega Energy is to defeat mega-evolved Pokemon in Raid Battles. Of course, its also the most challenging method. Since you cant use a mega-evolved Pokemon in Raid Battles, the fight is somewhat unbalanced. Thankfully, there are other methods of earning Mega Energy that doesnt require you to battle.

One of them is walking with your Pokemon buddy. However, this method only works if youve previously mega-evolved the same Pokemon species. So, to earn Mega Candy from walking with Bulbasaur, you need to have a Venusaur in your Pokedex already.

If you havent mega-evolved any Pokemon yet or wish to collect Mega Energy for a different Pokemon species, you could complete research tasks.

The tasks change regularly with new Events, and not every task gives you Mega Energy. Most of them will only earn you Stardust, Poke Balls, Razz Berries, or other more common items. At the time of writing this article, the following research tasks are active and will earn you Mega Energy:

What Is A Raid

Raids are special events held at gyms. Theyre indicated by either a giant egg or a Pokémon hovering over the gym with a timer. Once the timer ticks down above the egg, it will hatch, revealing the raid boss. Similarly, once the timer above the Pokémon ticks down, the raid will end.

Raids are tiered by mask-looking emblems, with tier one being the lowest and five being the highest. Tier five raids always have Legendary Pokémon, like Giratina or Rayquaza. The Legendary Pokémon that appear in raids changes frequently. The rest of the raid tiers change sporadically, typically with themed events.

How Do You Join A Raid With Pokeraid

Joining a Raid with PokeRaid – Raid From Home is fairly straightforward, although for more in demand Raids it can move very fast. Be patient though and you will be joining Raids in no time!

  • Open the Pokémon Go app on your phone.
  • Make sure you have at least one Remote Raid Pass. These can be purchased in the PokéShop if you are out. Hint: if you plan to do lots of Remote Raiding, buy your Remote Raid Passes in bundles of three to save 50 PokéCoins!

  • Open the PokeRaid – Raid From Home app.

  • Tap on the filter icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Type the name of the Pokémon Raid you want to battle.

  • Tap Filter.

  • Tap on an open room with space. Hint: if you cannot find an open room with space, refresh or consider using Auto Join.

  • Tap Join This Room.

  • Tap on Launch Pokémon Go to automatically copy the host’s Friend Code and open Pokémon Go.

  • Tap on the avatar icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  • Tap Add Friend.

  • Tap Okay.

  • Return to PokeRaid – Raid From Home.
  • Tap I sent Host Friendship Request to automatically tell the host you’ve added them. Hint: Many players will also alert the chatroom with ANR – Added and Ready.

  • Return to Pokémon Go to wait for your Raid invite.

  • Tap the Sightings Bar when it turns orange.

  • Tap Battle to join the Raid.

  • After completing your Raid, return to PokeRaid – Raid From Home.

  • Rate the Host with Five Stars. Hint: if you weren’t able to join, click the link, but if the Host did their part, giving them Five Stars earns them coins.

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    How To Get Mega Energy In Pokemon Go

    Aaron DonaldRead more October 27, 2021

    Mega evolutions were added to Pokemon Go in August 2020. The feature has been a part of the game for a while now. But its rules still arent clear to many players. If youre struggling to understand how to collect Mega Energy while others are killing you in battles with their Mega Pokemon, were here to even the odds.

    In this guide, well explain how to obtain different types of Mega Energy. Additionally, well answer some of the most common questions related to Mega evolution in the game, like which ones can evolve, how long it lasts, and why you should do it. Keep reading to make your Pokemon stronger than ever.

    How To Obtain The Raid Pass

    Pokemon Go Raids: remote raid from home, current raids ...

    Once youve found a raid that is either about to begin, or is already in progress, youll need to also acquire a raid pass. A raid pass is an item that is required to take part in a raid, and can be obtained in two different ways.

    The first way to obtain a raid pass is to spin the photo disc of a gym. Assuming you dont already have one , youll receive a raid pass from the first spin of the day of a gyms photo disc.

    The second way to obtain a raid pass is to buy one with Poke Coins. A premium raid pass costs 100 Poke Coins, and unlike the regular raid pass, is able to be stacked. This means that you can buy multiple premium raid passes at once, and hold onto all of them until youre ready to use them.

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    How To Invite Friends To A Pokemon Go Raid

  • Join a public or private Raid Lobby.
  • Tap the Invite Friends button on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the friends you would like to invite to the raid , then tap Invite Friends. Keep in mind that there is a limit to how many Trainers can join a Raid Battle remotely, and this limit applies to invited friends as well. While you can only invite up to 5 friends at a time, after a short cooldown period you can invite more friends to the same lobby if youd like.
  • Once youve sent your invitations, recipients will receive a notification that theyve been invited to a Raid Battle. Invited friends can join the Raid Battle even if you have to leave the lobby yourself. However, if you are the only Trainer in the Raid Lobby and you leave the lobby before anyone else joins , invited friends will no longer be able to join the lobby with your invitation.
  • Pokemon Go: Top Counters To Defeat Cloyster

    Overall, Cloyster is weak to Electric, Fighting, Grass, and Rock-type moves due to it being a dual Water/Ice-type Pokemon. Pokemon GO trainers should hone in on these weaknesses in order to dispatch Cloyster quickly and receive the best rewards possible in a raid situation.

    That covers more than a few moves and Pokemon fortunately, and matching one of these move types to a Pokemon of the same type will amplify its damage thanks to Same Type Attack Bonuses .

    Adding STAB damage to the super effective damage Cloyster is already receiving is a great way to hammer away its large HP pool.

    Below, Pokemon GO trainers can find a list of Pokemon that can hard counter Cloyster in raids:

    • Mega Manectric
    • Mega Ampharos
    • Mega Lopunny
    • Mega Abomasnow
    • Lucario

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    How Much Mega Energy Do I Need To Evolve A Pokemon

    Mega-evolving a Pokemon isnt a simple task. You need to earn 200 Mega Energy of a corresponding type to mega-evolve a Pokemon for the first time. Subsequent mega-evolutions require only 40 Mega Energy, though.

    Beedrill and Pigeot are cheaper to mega-evolve, costing 100 Mega Energy for the first time and 20 Mega Energy for subsequent mega-evolutions.

    Which Pokmon To Use In A Kyurem Raid In Pokmon Go

    Pokemon GO Gym Raids Private Group Tutorial! How To Use Private Groups in Battle Raids System

    As a Dragon- and Ice-type Pokémon, Kyurem is vulnerable to Fighting-,Rock-, Dragon-, Steel-, and Fairy-type attacks. When choosing six Pokémon foryour Kyurem Raid Battle lineup, it helps to choose Pokémon that have a Fighting-, Rock-, Dragon-, Steel-, or Fairy-type Fast Attack and Charged Attack if you want to deal asmuch damage as possible. A Pokémon that shares a type with these attacks willbenefit from a same-type attack bonus, which will allow these attacks to dealan additional 20% damage.

    Conversely, Dragon-type Pokémon are weak to most of Kyurem’savailable attacks, so take that into consideration when choosing your Pokémon.

    If you have multiple Fighting-, Rock-, Dragon-, Steel-, orFairy-type Pokémon, choose Pokémon with the highest CP and best overall stats.Remember that speed of victory affects how many Premier Balls you will receive aftera successful Raid Battle, so bring your strongest Pokémon and defeat Kyurem asquickly as possible.

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    Every Holiday Glaceon Weakness In Pokemon Go

    Similar to our previous raid guide for Druddigon, Holiday Glaceon is pretty easy to strategize for based on the fact that it only has one typing, Ice.

    Due to being an Ice type, Holiday Glaceon is super weak to Fire, Steel, Fighting, and Rock type moves, which gives you a good range of types to choose from. In addition, it is resistant to Ice type moves, so you will absolutely want to avoid those.

    How Do You Find Out About Raids

    There are a few ways to find out about Raids in your area:

    • As soon as a Raid Egg spawns, an in-game notification will tell you a Raid is coming up in your area.
    • While the Raid Boss is there, you can see the Raid in a new Raid tab in the Nearby pop up.
    • Facebook groups and chat groups exist in most areas where other local players alert each other and coordinate for Raids look for them and join them!

    Once you find a Raid near you, go to it! Just like Gym Battles, you have to physically be at the Gym to take part in a Raid Battle.

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    How To Get Raid Passes In Pokemon Go

    In order to take part in a Raid Battle, youll need a Raid Pass. You can earn one Raid Pass each day by spinning the Photo Disc at any Gym. If you run out, you can purchase a Premium Raid Pass from the Shop.

    There are now also Remote Raid Passes available in Go. These are ideal for trainers who cant leave the house, as they let you join any Raid Battle thats on the Nearby screen or tappable from the Map View.

    Remote Raid Passes can be bought from the Shop, or received as free gifts every now and then.

    How Do You See Trainer Profiles From The Raid Lobby

    Pokemon Go Raid Bosses: current raids, counters and more ...

    If you’ve picked your Battle Team and you’re bored or just curious you can check out the trainer profile for anyone else who’s with you in the lobby.

  • Swipe to the trainer you want to see.
  • Tap on the trainer avatar.
  • Check out the stats.
  • Tap Exit to go back to the lobby and the Raid.
  • The countdown timer continues as you look at profiles and the Raid will start when it hits zero no matter what, so browse at your leisure but be ready to battle.

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    Pokemon Go Raid Level Requirement

    Alas, there is a catch to all this. Players that want to take part in raids will need to be a certain level to get raiding and its a level that means youll have to be a fairly dedicated or longer-time Pokemon Go player to join.

    Right now youll need to be at least Trainer Level 20 in order to take part in raids. This has been lowered twice during beta, players need to be level 35 to participate in Pokemon GO raids, and shortly after the update launched, they needed to be level 25. Level 20, the new requirement, is much more achievable but still might be out of reach of some of the more casual Pokemon Go players.

    If youre below level 20 youll still be able to get to grips with a lot of Pokemon Gos new features including the reworked gyms, gym badges and so on, and these will help you to level up quickly.

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    Prepare For Remote Raids With Friends

    This site is not officially affiliated with Pokémon Go and is intended to fall under Fair Use doctrine, similar to any other informational site such as a wiki.

    All Pokémon Go trademarks, copyrights etc are held by Niantic, Inc. Pokémon and Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

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    How To Raid Battle

    Once you’ve found a Raid near you, you must physically go to the Gym, as you would do for a Gym Battle .

    Tap on the Gym once the egg has hatched and use a Raid Pass to begin the process. You can choose your team of six Pokemon and then will be automatically joined with a group of 20 Pokemon Go players.

    If you’d like, you can create a private group by creating and sharing a specific group code. You can also use this group code to determine who is on your team.

    After the 100 second countdown, the Raid Battle will begin with how many people have joined the group. The set-up is almost exactly the same as a Gym Battle, except instead of battling multiple Pokemon, you only battle the Raid Boss. You will see the Boss’s health reduce as you and your teammates attack it.

    If all of your Pokemon are knocked out, you can heal them and try again until the time limit is reached – this will not consume more Raid Passes.

    If your team reduces the Boss’s HP entirely before the limit is up, you will have defeated the Raid Boss!

    Once you have completed a Raid Battle, you can no longer interact with it. In other words, you can’t repeatedly defeat a Raid Battle.

    A Literal Waste Of My Time

    HOW TO RAID 24/7 POKEMON GO (2020)

    Being stuck without the ability to roam around like so many people in the world today, this app was a godsend from the jump. However, when I went into looking for a specific Pokémon to do a raid for I kept running into the same issue time and time again. I would be put into the queue, and after literal DAYS of waiting, once I received that coveted NEXT sign, once I left the app for just a moment, Id return to see that I was back at the end. Now, granted, I know all about standing in line, but this last time really ground my gears. After having my display set to Never Off for an entire 13 hours waiting to go from NEXT into a raid waiting room, I hop off the app for a brief moment to return to see that I am now 13th!!! WHAT?!? Every other raid for a common Pokémon was successful so they get two stars for that, but to not have a system in place to let me know Hey, youre FINALLY in a raid lobby! Come on in and hurry! That has happened FOUR times in as many days. Youve got my money for coins but I never get to spend the darn coins because I never get selected and Ive been NEXT three of those four times!!! Update: developer says that you cant enter a raid for Pokémon that arent currently available. Then WHY IS THERE THE OPTION TO WAIT?!? And why does the queue place me in a numbered line and I get to agonizingly watch it tick down?!? Fix this, please and thank you.

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    Pokemon Go: A Beginner’s Guide To Battling In Raids

    Raids in Pokemon GO are both one of the most rewarding and most difficult things in the game.

    They can be hard for everybody, but its especially painful for beginner players. When someone starts their journey with their low CP Pokemon and not a lot of options, they wont be taking down Lugia and Giratina raids. A well prepared trainer, though, can be successful in this area and get themselves loads of rewards.

    Raid Invitations And Remote Raids In Pokmon Go

    As the global pandemic slowed Pokémon Go play and Raids in particular during the early part of 2020, Niantic began to implement new features to make Raids more accessible. Now Trainers can purchase Remote Raid Passes, which allow them to take part in Raids that aren’t within range for a normal Raid Pass. These Remote Raid Passes will let you join in any Raid you can see on the screen. Additionally, Remote Raid Passes allow you to join into any Raid a Friend invites you to. Raid Invitations were added shortly after Remote Raid Passes, allowing Trainers to invite up to five of their Friends to join in a Raid from anywhere in the world.

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    How To Beat Mega Aerodactyl Raid Guide And Best Counters

    With the aforementioned weaknesses for Mega Aerodactyl, there are plenty of options to choose from to take it down in Mega Raids.

    Funnily enough, one of the best counters for Mega Aerodactyl is Aerodactyl itself with Rock Throw and Rock Slide. Rhyperior and Tyranitar are two others with Rock moves like Smack Down that are really useful to use.

    Any good Water types such as Swampert, Blastoise, and Gyarados are good options with moves like Water Gun or Waterfall and Hydro Cannon or Hydro Pump.

    Manectric, Raikou, Zapdos, and Magnezone are great options for Electric type moves like Thunder Fang or Thunder Shock and Wild Charge or Thunderbolt.

    You could also throw out Ice types like Abomasnow or Mamoswine with moves like Powder Snow and either Weather Ball or Avalanche, as well as Steel types like Metagross with Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash.

    Beyond these base Pokemon, using Mega or Shadow versions of the listed Pokemon are always recommended for the quickest defeat of Mega Aerodactyl in these raids.

    Pokmon Go Raid Battles: How To Find ’em Fight ’em And Win

    Pokemon Go Raids: remote raid from home, current raids and ...

    Pokémon Go has unleashed its second major update and a big part of it is Battle Raids! In Battle Raids, Gyms get taken over by an Egg and a timer starts counting down. When the timer reaches zero, the Egg hatches, and the Raid Boss appears. Raid Bosses are ranked from Tiers 1 to 5, each one tougher and more powerful the last and sometime soon they might even be Legendary!

    You and a team of up to 20 battle the Raid Boss and, if you win, you get a chance at Rare Candy that can be used on any Pokémon, Technical Machines that can re-roll movesets, and Golden Razz Berries that can make Pokémon even easier to catch.

    Then you get a chance to catch the Raid Boss at least a lower-powered, level 20 version of it.

    But before you can do any of this, you have to join a Raid and get battling!

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