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How To Play Pokemon Go At Home

Know Your Local Pokstops And Gyms

How to play Pokemon go at home using a joystick

It really helps to know your local area. Most places have at least a couple of PokéStops or Gyms that can be reached from your car. While you’re probably avoiding the mall, you can still drive to your local Starbucks and reach the PokéStop without leaving your car.

Lots of public parks also feature PokéStops and Gyms, and the fresh air will do you some good after being trapped inside for days. If you are new to your area or just don’t know it well, there are a few good Map Trackers that can help you find the PokéStops and Gyms near you!

Pokmon Go Changes: In A Nutshell

Before we move onto providing tips on how to make the most of the changes, lets take a quick look what has actually changed. We may well end up updating this as Niantic introduces more changes, so we recommend bookmarking this post and referring back to it regularly to check.


  • Battle screens will be polished, with changes to HP bars and Pokémon types being displayed on-screen. Youll also be able to check if a move will be super effective or not very effective
  • The shop icon in the main menu will display a notification if there are new items in the shop
  • Adventure sync will soon better track short bursts of activity and stationary exercises, like running on a treadmill

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Remote raid passes are here, and with them a big celebratory event that returns a select few popular Pokémon to five star raids. Here are all of the updates:

  • Remote raid passes are available in the shop for 100 Pokécoins individually, or three for 250
  • Theres a single purchase Pokécoin bundle that provides three remote raid passes for one Pokécoin
  • Darkrai, Altered Forme Giratina, and Virizion are returning to five star raids in three different events running between April 28 May 19
  • Niantic has released a new Pokécoin bundle that features 20 ultra balls, 15 pinap berries, and 15 razz berries

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Get Swole With Mega Evolutions

Pokemon Go has new mechanics that add depth to the gameplay. With Mega Evolutions, select Pokemon can become more powerful versions of themselves for a limited amount of time.

To activate this feature, you’ll need to accrue Mega Energy for the Pokemon you wish to evolve. The best way to score Mega Energy is by beating Mega Raids as fast as you can.

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Travel Far And Wide Go Crazy For Special Events

This might not be possible for some, but going to as many places as possible will help you gather more types of Pokemon. Your home town is likely to be dominated by a certain variety, so make sure you go to new places to find more.

That might mean getting off the bus early and walking, or taking the weekend to head to a different area. Perhaps visit the family or distant friends, then say you want to see all the local sights so you can gather Pokemon, find Gyms to take over and so on.

Special events are now fairly frequent and introduce some less common Pokemon or previously unseen Pokemon – including some of the region specific characters you might not have seen. Make sure you look at the news section of the Pokemon Go app to see what’s happening.

How To Join Raids

how to play pokemon GO at home (no root)

Before you can participate in a raid, you need to have either a Raid Pass or a Remote Raid Pass. The former lets you join the raid while you’re physically at the gym, while the latter lets you join the battle remotely. There is, however, a slight disadvantage to this players who join a raid remotely will deal less damage than those who are physically at the gym.

There are a few ways to get your hands on Raid Passes. You can receive a free one when you spin the photo disc at a Gym however, you can only hold one free Raid Pass in your inventory at a time. Both types of Raid Pass are also on sale in Pokemon Go’s in-game shop. A single Raid Pass costs 100 PokeCoins, while a bundle of three Remote Raid Passes costs 250.

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Your Guide To Playing Pokmon Go At Home Is Coming Soon


Theres adventure everywhere! Even when youre playing from the comfort of your home, theres plenty to do in the world of Pokémon GO. The upcoming Play at Home section in the Poké Ball menu will soon be your go-to source for info on all the features that let you play the game in individual settings, wherever you are. Before Play at Home is released in the app, it will be available on the Pokémon GO website.

Play at Home will initially cover six categories: Catch, Gift, Battle, Research, Buddy, and Style. Take a quick refresher course on long-standing features, such as using Incense and dressing up your Trainer avatar with items from the Style Shop. You can also learn all about recent updates, such as how to get a daily bonus Field Research task without spinning a PokéStop and how to initiate a Trainer Battle via QR Code.

You can use all features detailed in Play at Home wherever you can play. We hope this guide will help you continue your Pokémon GO adventures.

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receiving push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated. For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check this help center article.

The Pokémon GO team

How To Get Cool Items From Pokstops

PokéStops are important or iconic places around your area: They may be special benches with dedication plaques, permanent art installations, or historic landmarks. They’ll never be something as mundane as a stop sign, nor will they be in a location that is not accessible to the public like something inside a private building, or beyond a locked gate.

PokéStops are an easy way to collect items, experience, and Poké Eggs .

They’re indicated on your map by tall poles with blue cube atop them: You can tap one even if you’re not in range to find out which landmark they’re associated with, but you won’t be able to trigger in until you’re close to the PokéStop.

When a PokéStop is within range, the blue cube will transform into a spinning disc, which you can tap on to visit. Inside, you’ll see the PokéStop symbol with a disc in the middle that displays the location’s photo you may also get some historical information about the monument, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Swipe the disc to spin it, and you’ll be rewarded with a variety of items. Items can include Poké Eggs, Poké Balls, healing potions, and more. As you increase in levels, you unlock new items to collect.

After you visit a PokéStop, the blue pole will change to purple, and you’ll be unable to trigger it again for at least 5 minutes.

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Transfer Pokemon For Candies

There’s an option to Transfer Pokemon to the professor, in return for Candy of that Pokemon variety. Having captured a Pokemon and got the Stardust and Candy they bring, you can then transfer out Pokemon you don’t need.

If, for example, you already have 20 Rattata, you can probably swap some for candies to power up those who will actually battle for you as Raticate. As we said above, you can only carry a finite number of Pokemon and you want them all to be powerful, so get rid of those weaker specimens.

How To Catch Pokmon

How to play Pokémon go at home

While exploring and exercise are both at the heart of this game, so is catching Pokémon. Here’s what you need to know.

Step 1: Once you’ve found a Pokémon you’d like to catch, the first step is to walk close enough to interact with it. When they are finally inside the ring surrounding your player, click on them to initiate a battle. This will open a new screen where the action will play out.

Step 2: Since Pokémon GO is a mobile AR game, catching Pokémon uses your real surroundings as a backdrop to the action. However, as fun as the feature is, it makes catching Pokémon more cumbersome than it has to be. We’d strongly recommend turning off the AR feature using the toggle at the top right of the screen. If you love the AR implementation, feel free to keep it on, but just know your job becomes much easier without it.

Step 3: To catch the Pokémon, throw a Poké Ball at it by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen. If done properly, it’ll hit the Pokémon and suck it into the Poké Ball. Ideally, you’ll want to wait until the circle surrounding the Pokémon is as small as possible before throwing your Poké Ball — the more accurate the throw, the better the chance of catching them. Just make sure your Poké Ball lands within the circle to increase your chances of success.

Step 6: An advanced technique involves spinning the Poké Ball in a circle before throwing it. The spin will cause it to curve and will reward you with more XP if the catch is successful.

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How To Play Pokmon Go While Social Distancing

Pokémon Go, the hit AR game from Niantic, encourages players to leave their homes and traveling to places of social importance. So, you might be wondering how you can still catch ’em all while social distancing. Luckily, there are plenty of methods to play from home, your car, or locations that are easier to manage without other people. Even better, Niantic is adding more and more ways that people can play Pokémon Go from the safety of home.

Master Battery Saving Mode

Pokemon Go is a battery killer on all phones. Battery saving mode in Pokemon Go will let the screen shut off when the phone is upside down, meaning you’re not spending all that battery life on illuminating the screen when you don’t need to. You’ll need a phone with an accelerometer in it to work – which may exclude some entry-level Android phones.

Once it’s on, you can often put the phone in your pocket upside down, the screen will turn off, but it will still be live, tracking your distance to hatch eggs and vibrating to alert you to Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Beginner’s Guide: How To Play How To Get Candy And More Tips

Here’s everything you need to know to get started in the popular Pokemon mobile game.

Pokemon Go has evolved considerably since it first launched five years ago.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go’s release, and the game is still going strong. While the days of seeing crowds of players stopping traffic to catch a Vaporeon are probably behind us, Pokemon Go remains one of the most popular mobile games in the world today, with even more to do now thanks to a steady rollout of new Pokemon, events, features and other content. If you’re a new player looking to get into the game for the first time or a lapsed trainer interested in jumping back in, here’s a beginner’s guide to help you get started in Pokemon Go.

Playing Pokmon Go From Home Is Easier Than Ever Before

How to Play Pokemon GO at Home During the Outbreak

The go part of Pokémon Go is proving challenging while many around the world stay home due to the coronavirus, officially named COVID-19. So Niantic is making sweeping changes to its mobiles game core gameplay functions so trainers can play from home.

The biggest change comes to Pokémon Gos new Go Battle League. Players no longer have to walk three kilometers to participate in the battle-focused feature. The Go Battle League allows trainers to take on other players from around the globe with a team of three Pokémon. Those that win four matches in a row will get a chance to catch a rare and legendary Pokémon.

But its not just the Battle League that needs changes for Pokémon Go to remain viable. The in-game distance tracker, which was sometimes inaccurate at measuring the short distances of indoor travel since it uses GPS, will be updated so that it can track indoor steps more accurately than before. Players can also get rewarded with game achievements for using a treadmill or doing chores around the house. The in-game social features also get an upgrade that allows users to message friends and take on Raid Battles remotely rather than traveling to a specific location together.

New item bundles, including one that includes the Remote Raid Pass, cost one PokéCoin, and Poké Balls and incense, which lure Pokémon to your current location, are also deeply discounted in the in-game store. It currently costs $1 to get 100 PokéCoins and there are discounts for larger purchases.

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How To Play Pokmon Go: Catching Pokmon

If you want to catch a wild Pokémon that spawns near you on the map, simply tap on it to reveal a new field of view. This should put the Pokémon directly in front of you . The small tab above the creature should indicate the Pokémon’s name and its combat power level .

In the bottom right corner, you should be able to see a Poké Ball icon. By tapping on it, you can select a different type of Poké Ball from your inventory in order to increase the likelihood of catching a stronger Pokemon. Throughout the game, you will be able to collect various Poké Balls, including the standard one, the Great Ball and the Ultra Ball.

You should also be able to see a berry icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. This icon triggers another menu, where you can choose a berry to feed to a wild Pokémon in order to make it easier to catch. Using certain types of berries will also increase the number of Candy that you get from capturing a Pokémon.

For example, the Razz Berry will increase the odds that the Pokemon won’t bust out of the Poké Ball, while the Nanab Berry is generally used to slow down the Pokémon’s movement to make it easier to hit.

If you happen to accidentally tap on a Pokémon, you can use the “flee” icon on the top left corner of the screen to get back to the main map. You can also take a picture of the wild Pokémon by tapping on the camera icon located right at the top.

What You Need To Know About Pokmon

Whether you’ve never caught a Pokémon before or you’ve been collecting these creatures since childhood, you’ll quickly get introduced to the Pokémon of this world after starting the game.

At the start, you’ll only be able to catch Nintendo’s original lineup of Pokémon those found in the Red, Blue, and Yellow titles though we expect expansions to appear as the game grows and works out the bugs.

Pokémon come in variety of types, shapes, and sizes: Of the over 100 Pokémon available for capture, you’ll find creatures of the Fairy, Psychic, Electric, Grass, Water, Ghost, Bug, Rock, Ground, Poison, Flying, and Normal type. We haven’t spotted any Legendary Pokémon quite yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there hiding.

Each geographical area has a specific Pokémon type, and some creatures are more difficult to find than others. If you keep running into the same group of Pidgey and Caterpie, don’t lose hope: You need to travel around your area to find all the Pokémon. You can head to local lakes, ponds, or beaches to find Water-type Pokémon, for example, or wait until the evening to have a better chance at grabbing a Fairy type.

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If You Are An Android User Then Here Are The Steps To Follow

  • Enable the developer mode in your mobile by getting to the settings menu.
  • Next, install Fake GPS GO location spoofer app by downloading it from either Google or the Android play store.
  • The third step is to run it on your smartphone.
  • Now, click on the enable mock locations option.
  • Finally, click on the back and you can get back to the app.
  • Choose the location that you are going to use for the game and hit the play button.
  • Run the game and verify whether your location got updated.
  • This is the best app that is currently available in android for location masking.

How To Play Pokemon Go From Home

How to Play Pokemon GO at home |ADD joystick (No root)

Pokémon Go has received a number of updates that make catching ’em all during more compatible with being at home.

Anyone who plays Pokémon Go knows the game is best enjoyed outdoors. Getting to catch Pokémon, visit Pokéstops and dominate gyms in the real world helped Pokémon Go be as popular as it is today. But it might be worth knowing how to play Pokémon Go from home.

Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go took a number of measures to make it possible for players to enjoy the game when they’re not walking around all the time.

Here’s a deeper look at the game’s stay-at-home updates and tips on how to play Pokémon Go from home. Be sure to check out our Pokémon Go Guide for more tips on how to be the very best.

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