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Spoofing Pokemon Go Ios

Easy Steps For You To Spoof Pokemon Go Ios

Pokemon Go Spoofing Tutorial (iOS/Android) SO EASY!

Looking for a safe location spoofer for Pokemon Go on iOS?

Dr.Fone Virtual Location iOS fits in perfectly as the safest and reliable ideal location spoofer specifically for iOS users. By using Dr.Fone Virtual Location for iOS, you can easily take the gaming experience of Pokemon Go to the next level as this app will help you in easily faking and navigating your location to any part of the globe. This will help in catching more Pokemons and earning more rewards which make the game for fun.

So, to enhance your Pokemon Go experience, go ahead and install the tool today!

Let us know in the step-by-step guide on how to use Dr.Fone Virtual Location iOS and carry out spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone.

Step 1: First things first, Visit the official website of Dr.Fone Virtual Location iOS and download it from there. Once you download the tool, further the process by installing it. Launch the tool now to begin. On the main interface, make sure to click on âVirtual Locationâ tab.

STEP 2: Get your iOS device and use the USB cord to connect it with the PC. Once youâre connected to the computer from your iPhone, hit âGet Startedâ right away!

STEP 3: Once youâve completed these steps, a new tab will open where you will see your current location on the map. In case, the map is varying, go to the lower right part of the page and press the âCenter Onâ icon.

Here is how your desktop will display the location

This is how your iPhone will display the location

Fake Gps Location Spoofer Free

Fake GPS Location Spoofer is a free Pokémon Go location spoofing app that is available for most Android devices, running all versions of the Android OS.

It doesnt require root access to work and it is a very simple solution that provides real-time location spoofing on your smartphone.

Choosing the location is very easy with the map view and it allows you to simulate GPS movement by selecting the routes on a map.

It also very easily integrates with other apps and even allows you to share the fake location with others.

The only problem with Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free is the fact that Pokémon Go is more likely to detect it, increasing the chances that you could get banned.

What Is Spoofing In Pokemon Go On Ios Device

Can you spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone? What it it?

Pokemon Go is a game based entirely on the location of the characters. Your current location directly affects the availability of nearby Pokemon. To put it more clearly, if you are currently located in a city and the game is depicting other Pokemon far away from you, then you can use Pokemon Go spoofing on iOS to forge, deceive, or change your location so that you can capture more Pokemon in unreachable locations.

However, you must choose a safe Spoofer Pokemon Go on iOS. Fortunately, there are many reliable and safe spoofers on the market today. Now, you can level-up your Pokemon game without leaving home.

Then, how to cheat your location in Pokemon Go? Read on please.

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With Rooted Android Devices

If you have a rooted device, I assume you have more in-depth knowledge about your phone than the general users. Because of that, I trust you can check out PokemonGoSpoofing detailed guides yourselves on:

Both have rather lengthy and complicated processes, so you should check and discuss it with the people on the PokemonGoSpoofing thread.

How To Spoof Pokemon Go On Iphone Or Ipad

Pokemon GO Hack: Spoofer NO BAN Pokemon GO Spoofing Tutorial iOS Android

Here’s how to spoof Pokemon GO position on iOS and catch them all! Be prepared to jailbreak your phone and install some third-party apps. Check out the step-by-step guide:

  • Choose a VPN and install it. We think the best option for playing Pokemon GO is NordVPN now 68% OFF
  • Jailbreak your device to change your whereabouts
  • Visit Cydia an app store for jailbroken devices
  • Download tsProtector to hide your iPhones jailbroken status
  • Download a iOS Roaming Guide or another app for location spoofing
  • Ensure that tsProtector and the iOS Roaming Guide app are running
  • Choose a spot in iOS Roaming Guide
  • Turn on your phone VPN and ensure the spot matches the one you chose in the iOS Roaming Guide app
  • You are all set to start playing!
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    Select A Location On The Map

    Enter the address/GPS coordinate you want to teleport to in the search box, let’s take New York City as an example, and click “Start to Modify”.

    Done! Your location will be changed at once. All location-based apps on your iPhone will be changed to the fake location as well.


    • To keep the account safe, the cooldown timer is specially designed for Pokemon Go players to remind them not to change GPS location too frequently! If you don’t need to use this feature, you can turn it off.

      To make the cooldown timer reappear, you need to manually turn on the function again in Settings.

    • If you want to view your actual location, simply click the back button on the bottom right corner.
    • The address you have ever used will be collected in Historical Records. For your convenience, you can add the place to your favorites.

    Best Spoofing Apps For Pokmon Go: Mockgo

    If there is one reliable software that you can use to spoof your Pokémon Go location, it is MockGo. With the software, you can simulate GPS location on your iPhone without jailbreak.

    MockGo has the following features:

    • The software can teleport your device’s GPS location with a single click.
    • Simulate any movement of a GPS along any drawn paths or real roads.
    • Imports GPX files to simulate fake GPS routes.
    • Change GPS location on several devices at the same time.
    • Functions effectively with location-based AR apps and games.
    • Compatible with the latest devices and systems, including iPadOS 15, iOS 15, and iPhone 13.

    With MockGo, you can easily achieve the following:

    • Spoof to any Location-Based Service games without having to walk or move.
    • Access to music, videos, services, and movies may be restricted to you, depending on your physical location.
    • Effectively hide your location from services and applications.
    • Set a real location in case GPS can’t find it.

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    Use Drfone Virtual Location

    If you want a readily available software that takes care of your Pokemon Go spoofing iPhone, then you should go for Dr.Fone – Virtual Location tool. We understand that static GPS positioning is quite hectic and troublesome and that is why we suggest you take up this tool for smooth GPS positioning. This tool comes with unique features such as automatic marching, 360-degree direction settings, and interactive keyboard control to control your GPS location.

    4,039,074 people have downloaded it

    The developers have come up with three different modes â the first one is you can teleport your location to anywhere in the world, the second one if you can stimulate the movement between any two different locations as per your wish and the third one is you can control your movement on a single route.

    All you need to do is download the app from the developerâs official site and get started. Simply launch the program from your system and connect your iPhone device. Now select your desired GPS positioning mode and you are done. You can now go to any virtual location to find new Pokemons and hatch eggs on your iOS 14.

    How To Trick Pokemon Go Gps Via Itools

    Pokemon GO Spoofing iOS Pokemon GO Spoofer BOT for Pokemon GO Spoofing 2022

    iTools is more of an iOS manager than a Pokemon Go spoofer. Besides spoofing in Pokemon Go, this app also backs up and restores your iOS data.

    How to fake your location in Pokemon Go using iTools?

    1. After installing iTools on your computer, open the app and connect your iPhone. Note that iTools only supports iPhone running iOS 12 and earlier versions.

    2. When the program detects your iPhone and displays the iPhone details on the interface, tap the Virtual Location or Pokemon Spoofing iOS tab under the Toolbox section and input a location in the search box on the upper-left corner.

    3. Click the Move Here button to select the location. Then, run Pokemon Go on your iPhone and play the game under the new location.

    If you wish to reset the location, connect your iPhone to iTools and repeat the steps. If you need to stop the virtual location, return to the original location and hit the Stop simulation button.


    * Change to any location in Pokemon Go.


    * Have the risk of getting your account banned.

    * Only work with iPhone running iOS 12 and below versions.

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    Nordvpn The Best Vpn For Pokemon Go Spoofing

    Based in:

    NordVPN is the best VPN for spoofing your Pokemon GO location. With its huge server fleet , you won’t have trouble finding a server in your chosen country. Your real IP will stay hidden behind several locks and a strong AES-256 encryption barrier. Plus, thanks to the NordLynx tunneling protocol and its blazing-fast speeds, a lagging-free gaming experience is guaranteed.

    No matter how good a VPN may be, its possible that for one reason or another, your VPN connection can be interrupted. But with NordVPN, your IP address wont ever accidentally leak thanks to a reliable kill switch on both iOS and Android apps.

    You will also be getting 6 simultaneous connections. So, you’ll be able to share the remaining slots with your friends or family. You can get all this for only$3.29/month.

    Read our NordVPN review to learn more.

    Surfshark coupon 82% OFF + Antivirus & 2 months FREE

    Surfshark is one of the best options for the region-blocked Pokemon GO players. Apart from a massive server fleet , you also get a GPS spoofing feature. This means that if you get Surfshark, you wont need a spoofer Pokemon GO app!

    Not to mention that the app is impressive in other regards as well. For instance, your IP address will be secured at all times thanks to a powerful kill switch and one of the strongest AES-256 encryptions. Plus, Surfshark is one of the fastest VPNs out there, so youre promised a smooth and speedy gaming experience.

    Pokmon Go: How To Spoof Using A Vpn

    Pokemon GO is still one of the most popular mobile games worldwide thanks to its uniquely active and social gameplay, practically forcing you to go out and meet other people. And while Niantic has made it easier to play Pokemon GO at home, geographical differences could still yield different results for your Pokemon hunting and trading experiences. Here are a few ways to change or spoof your Pokemon GO location using a VPN and other apps on Android and iOS mobile devices.

    Before you start tinkering, though, you might want to refer to and consult the Android and iOS VPN spoofing guide on PokemonGoSpoofing and PoGoSpooferOpenCorner Subreddits for more discussions. Also, remember that you can be banned if you use the same account to reply to people on both PokemonGo and PokemonGoSpoofing Subreddits. Oh, and of course, do these hacks at your own risk!

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    How To Fake Gps Pokemon Go On Iphone With Pokemon Go++

    Pokemon Go++ can only run on a jailbroken iPhone, so if your iPhone has been jailbroken, then you can use this app to fake GPS on Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go++ also has many other functions. For example, it allows you to select a location on the map and spoof your location as many times as needed. You can also increase the speed of your avatar, turn teleport on or off, and more.

    How to spoof location of Pokemon Go by using Pokemon Go++:

    • Download the Cydia impactor on your PC or Mac.
    • Download the latest version of hacked Pokemon Go++.
    • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
    • Sign in with your Apple ID.
    • Disconnect your device from the computer after installing the IPA file on the device.
    • On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Profiles, scroll down to choose “trust the Pokemon Go profile”.
    • Launch Pokemon Go now, and you will be able to use the joystick to move the avatar through various locations.

    Why Do I Need A Vpn And A Gps Pokemon Go Spoofing App

    Pokemon Go Hack Android/iOS

    In the majority of cases, VPNs are really good for concealing your true location.

    However, when you are playing Pokémon Go, and trying to figure out how to spoof Pokémon Go location, youre going to need both a VPN and a spoofing app, because of the way that Pokémon Go detects your location.

    When you play Pokémon Go, it is first going to look at your IP address, to see where you are playing Pokémon Go from. Next it is going to look at your GPS information on your phone and match them with the location of the IP address.

    If Pokémon Go realizes that you are using a GPS spoofer to deliberately switch up your location, it is going to ban your account.

    To get around this, and to learn how to spoof Pokémon Go location, you are going to need to use both a location spoofing app and a VPN.

    Using both is going to ensure Pokémon Go is able to verify your location, because it will see that your GPS information, and your IP address match.

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    Top 7 Ios Roaming Guide

    If you want to spoof your location without the help of your computer, then iOS Roaming Guide is for you. This app is resourceful. It makes it easy to mask the location.

    Check out the steps below

    • Before you install the app, you need to jailbreak the iOS device.
    • After the jailbreak, install the app after downloading from Cydia.

    After that, the app is very easy to understand. Just mask the location from the settings.


    • This app is available for free of cost.
    • Operation is simple.
    • You will be able to pin any location of your choice.


    • Jailbreak is necessary.
    • If you use this app on a regular basis, then you might get detected by Niantic.

    Location Spoofing Without Jailbreaking

    There are many tools and ways to spoof your location on your iPhone, many of which require jailbreaking the iPhone. However, with UltFone iOS Location Changer, location changer spoofing doesnt require jailbreaking your iPhone. Instead, its a matter of a few clicks to spoof your location on the iPhone.

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    Fix All Ios/ipados/tvos Problems At Home

    iPhone stuck in recovery mode? iPad won’t charge or turn on? Apple TV went to black screen? Don’t worry! iMyFone Fixppo can fix everything for you. It can easily fix any kinds of iOS/iPadOS/tvOS system issues and get your device back to normal. With a few clicks, you can handle it by yourself in minutes without data loss.

    • Stuck in Recovery

    Solution : Use A Spoofer To Fake Pokemon Go Location/gps On Iphone

    iOS: How to Spoof Pokemon Go – Easy and Free!!!

    Unlike Android devices, there is no simple way to use a spoofer on an iPhone. For instance, on Android devices, we can just take the assistance of a mock location app for this purpose. You can use a direct iOS fake GPS app for Pokemon Go if you have a jailbroken device. Though, if your device is not jailbroken, then you can take the assistance of iTools. It is a desktop app that would let you change the virtual location on your iPhone. But this app cannot support iOS 13 or later versions.

    One of the best things about iTools is that the location spoofer is pretty safe and hardly gets detected by Pokemon Go. The only problem is that it is a bit inconvenient for users to connect their iPhone to the system whenever they wish to spoof their location. If you are ready to undergo so much effort, then consider this solution to fake GPS for Pokemon Go on iOS.

    Step 1. Go to the official website of iTools by ThinkSky and download the desktop application. The free trial version would let you change your location three times only â after that you need to buy a premium account.

    Step 2. Once the application is installed, connect your iPhone to the system and launch iTools on it. Presently, iTools only supports major iPhone models running on iOS 12 or older versions.


    • You can go to any location of your choice


    • There are chances of getting your account detained
    • Only supports devices running on iOS 12 and previous versions

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    Are There Any Risks Of Pokemon Go Gps Spoofing

    Pokémon go spoofing can be done within a few clicks, but you might come up with the question if there are any risk factors involved or chances of getting your phone hacked in long-term use. The straightforward answer to this question is a BIG NO.

    UltFone iOS Location Changer is a safe software to use in order to change your iPhone location. The team backed up by the expertise of UltFone keeps the software up to date and ensures the security of the users and improves the user interface with time.

    However, theres one thing you should keep in mind when changing the GPS coordinates for Pokemon Go: your location will be changed for all location-based applications available on your iPhone like Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Maps, and Snapchat.

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