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How To Get Slaking In Pokemon Go

The Best Counters For Slaking In Pokemon Go

The best way to get slaking in Pokemon Go

Slaking is an insanely powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO, even though its appearance might suggest otherwise.

Evolved from the arguably more intimidating Vigoroth, Slaking is a huge Normal-type Pokemon that trainers can put to use in the various battle settings of the Pokemon GO mobile game.

Pokemon GO is currently in its “A Very Slow Discovery Event.” This sees some of the “slower” Pokemon take center stage. Slaking is appearing in three-star Raids, and trainers want to know the best way to take one down.

What Moves Can Slaking Use In Battle

Sometimes it can be worth considering what your opponent can hit you with, to try to pick a type that has an advantage against what damage they will do. With that in mind, Slaking does only have a few moves in total and no Fast attacks capable of dealing damage.

The full list is:

  • Yawn. It does 0 damage. Seriously. It does no damage at all.
  • There are no other Fast Moves.
Charged Attacks
  • Play Rough
  • Body Slam

This means if you can plan around possibly being hit by Fairy-Type or Ground-Type attacks, you can cover everything Slaking can hit you with due to the limitation of simply how few moves it has.

You might now want to dawdle though. If Slaking hits you with a Hyper Beam or two, youll know about it.

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How To Obtain Slaking In Pokmon Go

Just like every other Pokémon in Pokémon GO, Slakings type is the biggest clue for finding it. Normal types tend to appear near Universities, like Electric types, and in Residential areas. Those that live in the country or away from these locations may have trouble finding Slaking, but dont forget that weather also influences the appearance rates of Pokémon. Partly cloudy weather will make more Normal types come out. If a player manages to find a Slaking, they can catch it like they would any other Pokémon in Pokémon GO, using berries and well-timed throws.

Even if the right conditions are met, players may have a difficult time finding a Slaking for their team due to their lower spawn rate. Luckily, Slaking has 2 unevolved forms, Slakoth and Vigoroth, which have higher chances of appearing. Once the player has obtained enough Slakoth candies, they can evolve it into a Vigoroth and then into the desired Slaking. Slakoth only needs 25 candies to evolve, but Vigoroth requires 100. Because players can gain four candy from each Pokémon, three from catching it, and one for sending it away, players will need to catch a total of 32 Slakoth. Slakoth can also be hatched from 10k eggs, the ones with purple spots, and will grant even more candies once hatched .

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

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Best Slaking Moveset In Pokemon Go

Before moving on to the actual moves, lets understand a few metrics first:

  • Damage Per Second the damage a Pokemon can inflict on its enemies continuously every second while it constantly attacks.
  • Total Damage Overall the maximum damage a Pokemon can deal before it faints.
  • Time to First Activation determines the time needed before a Pokemon can activate its charged move for the first time.

Now that you have a better understanding of the critical metrics above, youll now have a basis for how each move would affect your gameplay during battles.

Since Slaking only has Yawn for its fast move, the only thing that you can choose from is its charged attacks.

Yawn + Play Rough

This move combination for Slaking will give you a total of 11.67 Damage Per Second, 625.74 Total Damage Overall, and 6.8 seconds before you can activate Play Rough for the first time.

Yawn + Body Slam

Using Yawn and Body Slam combination for Slaking will give you 11.55 Damage Per Second, 619.32 TDO, and take 5.1 seconds before you can use Body Slam.

Yawn + Hyper Beam

Using this moveset for Slaking will give you 9.56 Damage Per Second and 513.03 Total Damage Overall. Hyper Beam would also need 11.9 seconds before you can use it for the first time during battle.

Yawn + Earthquake

Matching Yawn with Earthquake gives Slaking 444.33 Total Damage Overall and 8.28 Damage Per Second. Earthquake, on the other hand, would need 11.9 seconds to activate for the first time.

How Do I Make The Most Of The Community Day

Slakoth Nest in Pokemon Go! How to get a SLAKING!?

Save up all your Incubators and put your eggs in them once the Community Day event starts. Incubators will hatch eggs four times as fast as usual, but only if you put them in the Incubators during the event. Any eggs put in Incubators before this time wont get the bonus. Lures will also last for three hours, just like all the other Community Days, so its a good idea to plop some down in areas to increase your Slakoth spawn rate.

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What Move Does Slaking Learn

Slaking will learn Body Slam if evolved during the Community Day period and up to one hour after. As a defender, Slaking doesnt benefit much from Body Slam. Given its normal typing, its way better with the fairy-type Play Rough in its charge attack slot, to help counter out the fighting-types people typically use to take gyms down.

If you like to collect Community Day moves, then you might want to grab a Body Slam Slaking. Otherwise stick with Play Rough instead.

The Best Moveset For Slaking In Pokmon Go

Slaking has a limited pool of options.

Pokémon Go lets players capture their favorite Pokémon from the franchises many generations.

Each Pokémon species has access to different abilities and a unique set of stats that make them more or less effective than others. When it comes to battle, each Pokémon can use two moves. The first is a Fast move, which deals damage every few seconds throughout the match. The other is a Charge move. Once used, Charge moves will take a short time to be ready before they can be used again. These moves generally deal the most damage.

In this article, well be breaking down the best moveset for Slaking. This Pokémon was introduced in generation three of the games and is the third and final evolution of Slakoth.

Slaking is one of the most powerful defenders in the game, boasting a whopping 5,010 CP with 290 attack, 166 defense, and 284 stamina. The combination of high stamina and adequate defense make Slaking an excellent defensive option.

Like all Pokémon, Slaking has access to a range of moves that can be used to deal varying damage. Unlike some other Pokémon, Slaking has only a single option for a Fast move that will have to be used in all situations.

Here are the best movesets currently available for Slaking in Pokémon Go.

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Best Slaking Moveset In Pokmon Go

Slaking might be a slouch, but he has high Attack and Stamina! Use this guide to find his best moves.

Slaking is one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, with its max CP topping even Machamp and Tyranitar. It is also a Normal-type Pokemon, which means it doesn’t have many weaknesses, but not many resistances either . Still, Slaking is in high demand because of its high Attack and Stamina. In this guide, we’re covering its best moves and basic stats.

How To Get A Shiny Marill In Pokmon Go

Does Slaking Actually Walk? – Pokemon Go Buddies NOW FOLLOW YOU!

Although the occurrence of Shiny Pokémons is not boosted during Spotlight Hours, there is still a good chance that you will come across one given how frequent Pokémons spawn. The more Pokémon you encounter in the game, the greater the opportunity for you to catch a Shiny Marill.

Thankfully, the Luminous Legend event focuses on boosting Dragon and Fairy-type Pokémons, and Marill happens to be a hybrid Water/Fairy Pokémon.

So how can you get a Shiny Marill in Pokémon GO?

Well, to be frank, there is nothing special that you can do to find Shiny Marill faster. The occurrence of Shiny Pokémons in the game is simply random.

You can follow the tips below so that youre not pointlessly searching for Shiny Marill in the game:

  • Play During Spotlight Hours one of the best ways to get a Shiny Marill in Pokémon GO is playing during Spotlight Hours. With this current event, Spotlight Hour starts at 6 P.M. and ends at 6:59 P.M. local time.
  • Use Incense an item in Pokémon GO that makes random Pokémons spawn near a player for an hour. Due to COVID-19, Incense can now be purchased for 40 PokéCoins and could spawn up to 1 Pokémon every minute.
  • Utilize Lure Modules another item in Pokémon GO that trainers can use on PokéStops to lure more wild Pokémons. Lure modules can last up to 30 minutes for every use.

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The Problem With Slaking In Pokmon Go

USER GUIDE | Submitted by FollowYourInstincts on March 27 2017Slaking is a Normal type Pokémon that originally got introduced in Generation 3. Slaking has 2 Pre-Evolutions: it starts with Slakoth, Slakoth then evolves to Vigoroth and Vigoroth evolves to Slaking.

There is one little problem with Slaking: his Max CP ranges over 5000, 5441 to be exact. Wait, how can Slaking have so much CP? Lets explain!In the main series games, Slaking had semi-Legendary Stats, which let it land enormous hits. On the flip side, Slaking was limited by his ability, Truant, which let Slaking use only one move per 2 turns.

That made Slaking a lot less useful in the original games, but in Pokémon GO there are no abilities. Here are the complete stats of the entire Slaking family:


Shiny Slakoth Vigoroth And Slaking In Pokemon Go

A normal Slakoth has brown fur all over its body, 2 dark brown stripes on its back, dark brown rings around its eyes, pink belly and pink snub nose. A normal Vigoroth has white fur all over its body, a red tuft its forehead, brown stripes on its back and brown circles around its eyes. It also has black claws at the end of its limbs. A normal Slaking has brown fur in most of its body, it has a light shade of brown on its face, chest, hands, and feet. It has a white fur on its neck that extends to the top of its head.

A shiny Slakoth has purple-blue fur all over its body, dark blue belly and dark blue snub nose. A shiny Vigoroth has eggshell colored fur all over its body, a bright yellow-green tuft its forehead, dark brown stripes on its back and brown circles around its eyes. It also has grey claws at the end of its limbs. A shiny Slaking has grey fur in most of its body. It has a yellowish white fur on its neck that extends to the top of its head.


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Best Moveset For Slaking In Pokmon Go

What are the best moves?

Image via Niantic

If you want a sturdy, steadfast combatant in Pokémon Go, look no further than Slaking. While it is a Normal-type Pokémon, it has some fairly hearty defenses that make it a useful pick, but you have to be careful about it. Its only weak to Fighting-type Pokémon and only strong against Ghost-types. Because of its overall CP, you want to use it in the Master League, rather than the other two, and it probably fares better in the Premier Cup. To optimize your choice, you also need to consider the best moveset for Slaking.

Slaking is a Normal-type Pokémon. Its only weak to Fighting-type moves and resistant to Ghost-type attacks. It has a maximum CP of 4,431, an attack of 241, a defense of 143, and stamina of 236. It may not have the best defense, but its a steadfast choice, and its overall attack is instrumental in making it a powerful force.

Here are all of the moves Slaking can learn.

Serious Look At Slaking And The Cp System

My new favorite gym defender. : pokemongo

TL DR Slaking’s CP breaks the game unless a change is made.

Slaking is a Normal type with a Legendary stat spread. It has a godly 670 base stat total, equivalent to Gen 3 Legendaries Kyogre and Groudon.

In Pokemon Go, Slaking has: Attack 319/Defense 201/Stamina 300. As a result, a 100% IV Level 40 Slaking will max at 5441CP.

As you may know, despite Slakings ridiculous stats it had an ability called Truant. The Truant ability caused Slaking to only attack every-other-turn. This was a significant impediment to using Slaking, although people came up with ways to skill-swap to get around Truant .

Slaking is, more or less, the unholy union of Snorlaxs durability with Mewtwos attacking power. Regardless of moveset, it will be a very strong general attacker with no serious counters from Gen 1 or Gen 2 defenders .

Slaking has a wide range of move types it can learn. Of moves currently in PoGo, Slaking could learn in various iterations of the Game Boy games :

  • Quick Moves: Counter, Rock Smash, Scratch, Feint Attack, Shadow Claw, Hidden Power, Cut , Fury Cutter, Mud Slap, Sucker Punch.

  • Charge Moves: Hyper Beam, Body Slam, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Solar Beam, Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Brick Break, Low Sweep, Focus Blast, Dynamic Punch, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Night Slash.

Obviously, no one knows if Niantic will attempt to add something similar to Truant in PoGo. The important thing: Truant doesnt matter.

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How Is Niantic Labs Inc Going To Deal With This

There are few options regarding Slaking and how to approach this problem. Here is a few quick solutions:

  • Make Slakoth, its first form, as rare as a Dragonite, but that would not really solve the Problem at all
  • Give Slaking its own CP Formula, accounting for its ability. In other words, cut all of its stats in half, which in term would bring him down to 2721 Max CP
  • Completely scrap Slaking from the game
  • Make him an event exclusive Pokémon, and in turn he will be treated as one of the legendaries
  • Pokemon Go Shiny Slakoth Guide: How To Catch Shiny Slakoth And Evolve Into Shiny Vigoroth And Slaking

    Is this a slow Pokemon or does it just look like a sloth? It’s Shiny Slakoth!

    The adorable sloth Pokemon, Slakoth.

    How can you not love that face?

    We’re going to tell you how to catch one as well as how to evolve it!

    Where To Find Shiny Slakoth

    Shiny Slakoth can be found in the wild, partly cloudy weather will make it spawn more often.

    They can be found in as well as Research Encounters and Raids.

    How To Evolve Shiny Slakoth To Shiny Vigoroth

    Shiny Slakoth is cute and all but not too powerful.

    So let’s upgrade it!

    Evolving Slakoth will create Vigoroth.

    You’ll need 25 Candy.

    If you have enough select it and your Pokemon should change.

    How To Evolve Shiny Vigoroth To Shiny Slaking

    Next, let’s turn Shiny Vigoroth into Shiny Slaking!

    You’ll need 100 Candy, select evolve and you’ll have a Shiny Slaking.

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    Two Star Slaking Photo

    Most Pokemon will perform a 2-Star worthy behavior if you throw a Fluffruit at it or scan it, but there are a variety of unique 2-Star behaviors each Pokemon can perform. Experiment to find out what you can capture!

    Founja Jungle – Level 1: Throw a Fluffruit directly at Slaking and snap a photo of its reaction.

    Pokemon Go Has A New Insanely Powerful Pokemonbut There’s A Catch


    Pokemon Go has a new king of the hill, which a lot of players still won’t want to use.

    One of the 50 new Pokemon introduced to Pokemon Go earlier today is the insanely powerful Slaking. Slaking has a top tier CP and an Attack stat comparable to Pokemon like Mewtwo, Alakazam, and other typically OP attackers. It also has a Stamina stat that’s just a bit below Snorlax, meaning it can absorb a ton of damage. Slaking is also a Normal-Type Pokemon, which means that it’s only weak to Fighting-Type attacks. But that’s something that Slaking can counter with “Play Rough” attack it knows as a Charge Move.

    Basically, Slaking is unstoppable…or it would be if it didn’t have a critical flaw. Pokemon Go slowed Slaking down by giving it only one Fast Move: the new “Yawn” attack. Yawn does ZERO damage and only gives players a little bit of energy towards its Charge move whenever its used. That means that a Slaking has to absorb a lot of punishment from enemy trainers before it can use a Charge move, which should give a lot of opponents an advantage in battle.

    The main series version of Slaking has a similar nerf in effect via its “Truant” ability, which limits Slaking to attacking once every other turn. Although Slaking has amazing stats, its laziness prevents it from ever being useful in a serious Pokemon battle.

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    Genshin Impact Still Refuses To Increase Anniversary Rewards Despite Fan Outcry

    As one last bonus, eggs are hatching 4x as quickly as usual as you walk around hunting Slakoth, so if there was ever a time to use a bunch of incubators, now would be it.

    Once you have at least a few shiny Slakoths in hand, pick the one with the highest IV and evolve it before the event is over. That will net you not only a shiny Slaking, but one with Body Slam, a move you can only get today. Slakoth isnt exactly the most exciting Community Day entry ever, but hes worth collecting all the same.

    See you out there.

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