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How To Get Rare Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Pokmon Go’s Rare Candy Vs The Original Rare Candy


In the main series of Pokémon games, Rare Candies are scattered throughout the map for Trainers to find. If Trainers find and use one, it will increase a Pokémon’s level by a point however, it will have no effect if the Pokémon is already at the maximum level of 100. Rare Candies reset the experience bar to zero and are capable of reviving Pokémon with a minuscule amount of HP.

However, they cannot be used in the middle of a battle. In Pokémon GO, Rare Candy is found by doing tasks rather than by searching. Trainers can turn Rare Candy into Pokémon-specific candy. Candy for a single Pokémon can power up, evolve, or mega evolve that Pokémon. Instead of using levels, Pokémon strength is determined by CP, aka combat power. Max CP is in turn limited by how high a Trainer’s level is.

Axew Fraxure And Haxorus

Axew is currently one of the rarest wild spawns and 10km egg hatches.

If youre lucky enough to spot Axew in the wild, we highly recommend using Pinap Berries, or the silver variant if you have one spare, to increase the amount of candy youll receive from catching. This is because you need 125 Axew candy to fully evolve the Pokémon into Haxorus and you may also want some extra candy to either power it up or unlock its second Charged move.

When it comes to 10km eggs, Axew is currently sitting on the third tier alongside Riolu, Goomy and Noibat.

If you’re in dire need of an Axew, then you may want to purchase a Go Fest 2022 ticket. This is because Axew will be appearing in one-star raids throughout both days and, on Saturday 4th June, it will be appearing more frequently in the wild during the Plains habitat hour.

Central Park New York United States

A popular tourist spot at the best of times, in the height of summer you can expect to find the leafy footpaths of Central Park crowded with budding Pokemon trainers.

Thats because the parks 800 acres of trees, lakes and statues make it a hotbed of activity for lots of different species of Pokemon, particularly fan-favourite Pikachu!

There are also plenty of opportunities to stock up on lures and Poke Balls.

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Sandile Krokorok And Krookodile

Sandile is afflicted by the same curse as Salandit – 12km eggs. Thankfully, both male and female Sandiles can evolve, but, the downside, is that you need 125 candy to fully evolve this Pokémon. This means you either need to hatch a lot of Sandiles, spend a good amount of Rare Candies or start walking with it as your buddy.

Sandiles have, however, become slightly easier to hatch since they now sit on the second 12km egg pool tier alongside Pancham.

Who’s That Pokemon It’s Pikachu

Pokemon Images: All Legendary And Mythical Pokemon In Pokemon Go

If you’re already a Level 30 trainer, then you may not care about this tip. But if you’re just starting out and you’re about to select your starter Pokemon , don’t! Like Lord Humongous says: “Just walk away!” Instead, walk away from the starters, and keep ignoring them, and eventually, the plump electric mouse himself will appear for you to recruit. Finally, you, too, can be just like Ash Ketchum.

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Seek Out Nest Rotations

Nest rotations generally appear in parks and have a high spawn rate. We like this tip because you dont have to travel far to find great battle companions and these nests update often . You can check the next Nest Rotation schedule here.

Basically, you may visit a park on a Monday and see several Bulbasaurs. The following Tuesday you may see more Eevees. Use this to your advantage as its generally easy to access regardless of where you live, and it gives you new Pokemon on a rotation schedule.

You can ask other players in your area or perhaps find more local information on a site like Reddit to help you find more information on nest rotations. Get a plan together, learn the schedule, and the places, then get to playing.

Other Rare Pokmon You Should Not Miss

These Pokémon were mostly available as part of an event, or are limited to a certain time of year.

Its pretty much guaranteed that these Pokémon will appear again. But if you know trainers who suffer from FOMO and cant contemplate the idea theres a rare Pokémon they dont have, you may get a decent trade before they return.

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How To Evolve Dratini In Pokemon Go Is One Of The Many Questions Asked By The Players Of The Game Check Out The Pokemon Go Dratini Evolution Guide Here


Pokemon Go is one of the most innovative handheld games ever. Most mobile games let the player play the game in the comfort of their home, while this one requires the player to venture out of their comfort zones to play the game. Pokemon Go puts the players in the shoes of a budding pokemon trainer who has to venture out in the adventurous world and find and catch some of the best Pokemon. Many want to learn how to evolve Dratini in Pokemon Go.

How To Find Rare Pokmon

Pokemon Go: How to Find Rare Pokemon Using Nests

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Do you want to find rare Pokemon? Locating rare Pokémon is different depending on which game you are playing. This wikiHow teaches you how to find rare Pokémon on Pokémon Go and Pokémon: Sword and Shield.

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Pokmon Sword And Shield: Every Candy And How To Use Them

In addition to all the medicines, vitamins, and minerals you can purchase for your Pokémon, Pokémon Sword and Shield also offer a variety of Candies that can give your Pokémon experience, boost their levels, and even change their Natures. While some of these Candies cannot be acquired until the end of the game, many can be found very early on, and Im here to walk you through how to stock up on each of them!

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Increase Your Level As Much As Possible

Your level in Pokemon GO will increase your chance of encountering rare Pokemon. Almost everything you do in Pokemon GO will increase your level, from catching, evolving, hatching Pokémon, spinning PokéStops and Gyms, to battling and Friendship activities.

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You can buy Lucky Egg to double your XP while playing the game. You can get Lucky Egg by leveling up or buying in the shop with Poke coin. There are also events that will grant you double XP all days. If you use Lucky Egg during double XP events, you will get x4 XP.

The activity that will give you the most XP in Pokemon GO is raiding. You can get 10,000 XP per Legendary Raid.

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The Lake Trio Azelf Mesprit Uxie

Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie make up The Lake Trio, and the Lake Guardians collection is almost impossible to achieve unless youve got a private plane. Uxie is only available in Asia, Mesprit is locked to Europe, and Azelf is available in the Americas. Talk about an expensive collection if you were looking to collect all three. Beating the Raid during the event is really the only way to get just one Pokemon that corresponds with your region.

While during certain events for the Lake Trio it was hoped by many that Niantic would rotate the Pokemon during the event, it turned out that this would not be the case.

Goomy Sliggoo And Goodra

Pokémon Go: Complete list of Shiny Pokémon as of January 2018

While Goomy does appear in the wild, it is currently quite a rare spawn. Goomy can also be hatched from 10km eggs, but, like finding it in the wild, you will need a tad of luck, because it sits on the three tier alongside Axew, Riolo and Noibat.

To fully evolve Goomy, you need 125 Goomy candy and a Rainy Lure Module. This is because you can only evolve a Sliggoo into a Goodra at a PokéStop which is currently holding a Rainy Lure Module.

These lures can be brought from the in-game 180 PokéCoins, but, if you dont want to spend any money on the game, they are occasionally research quest rewards or you may find a PokéStop where someone has already used the Rainy Lure Module.

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Used Incense Then You Gotta Move

Wily Reddit users found a way into the games code to figure out how Incense works. In case you need a reminder, Incense covers your Trainer in a pink, fluffy fragrance that attracts wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes. But you cant just be complacent and sit there waiting for Pokemon. If you stay still, youll only see one Pokemon every five minutes, which isnt a great way to spend your time. Instead, take a walk and youll lure one Pokemon every 200 meters.

If you want to rest on your laurels, then the Lunar Module is the item you want. It acts the same as the incense, except it attracts Pokemon to your position. A nice option for those who dont feel like huffing down the block on a hot summer day.

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Alolan And Galarian Pokmon

Alolan and Galarian Pokémon are alternative variants – in both appearance and typing – for Pokémon from previous generations. A number of the Galarian Pokémon evolve into new Pokémon, such as Galarian Farfetchd into Sirfetchd, which, in Pokémon Go, requires you to meet a special requirement to complete.

The easiest way to obtain these Pokémon is by hatching 7km eggs youve collected outside of in-game events, due to how many events change the 7km egg pool. Both Alolan and Galarian Pokémon have also been known to appear in the wild or in raids during specific events, such as Community Days.

When it comes to collecting these Pokémon we recommend focusing on those which evolve into new Pokémon, such as Galarian Meowth and Galarian Yamask.

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Have Patience Kricketot You Can Capture All Pokemon

You don’t have to evolve everything you come across. With patience, you could potentially find a Blastoise, or even a Charizard, out in the wild. Maybe even a Gyarados. Just don’t expect Mew or any of the legendary birds, howeveralthough their existence has been found in the game’s code. They’re locked away for now, but one day, we’ll get ’em.

How To Manage Motivation

Top 4 Tips and Tricks to Find RARE SPAWN LOCATIONS in Pokemon GO (2022 WORKING GUIDE)

So youve captured the gym and put your best team in it. Youre set, right? Theres no way someone is going to take it from you. That used to be the case, but with the latest update things have changed. Now you have to take into account motivation, which is your Pokemons willingness to fight translated in combat power. Every day you hold a gym, the CP of your Pokemon drops. Once it hits zero, your Pokemon get kicked out of the gym unless you feed berries to each one holding it. To make matters worse, Pokemon with CP above 3,000 lose motivation faster. This ensures a more dynamic map, but also makes it harder to hold gyms. Thats why youll want to keep yourself well stocked with berries so you can keep your Pokemon in fighting shape.

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What To Do If You Cant Travel

We are aware that a lot of Pokemon Go players arent as mobile as the game permits. This doesnt mean that you have to do without a great selection of the Pokedex. Fortunately, the creators appear to think so too.

Although were talking mainly about the younger trainers here, these tips can by used by anyone. Some of the best places weve found Pokemon are churches, restaurants, and shopping centers. These are places that most any trainer will visit at least once a week.

Lets assume you dont have a car yet. This pretty much means you cant drive off to new and exciting places whenever you need to. Youre basically at the mercy of someone else to take you hunting for Pokemon. When you dont have that option, take the time to care for your current Pokemon and level them up as much as possible.

When you are riding in the car try to spin every Poke Stop you see, youll often get the supplies youll need when its game time. Pokemon Go can still be fun and exciting to play if you dont have complete control over your travels, but it does take a little more preparation and planning to succeed.

Advice For Catching Pokemon Go Legendaries

– Its disappointing but dont expect to catch on your first Raid. The catch rates differ per Legendary but the odds are not high.

– Increase your odds with curveballs and Golden Razz Berries but only do curveballs if you are definitely sure you can hit it. Dont waste Premier Balls unnecessarily because you have a limited stock.

– Throw your Premier Ball after a Legendary has just done its attack move to make sure they dont just flick your Premier Ball away.

– If you’re lucky enough to get a shiny Legendary after a raid, it’s an insta-catch! So use a Pinap Berry and as long as you don’t miss with every ball, you’ll definitely catch it.

– The faster you defeat the legendary, the more Premier Balls you’ll have to attempt the catch with. So enlist as many fellow trainers as possible and get the right counters for that legendary in your party!

– If you are having trouble with Raid numbers, try signing up for your local Discord or Facebook Pokemon Go community. Therell be plenty of people in the same situation and organising Raid groups.

Good luck, trainer!

Give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

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Use The ‘nearby’ Grid

The most effective way to use the “Nearby” bar at the bottom of your screen is by tapping it and opening the 3×3 grid. This that shows all the Pokémon near you in order of proximity, with the closest Pokémon in the top left spot, going left-to-right all the way to the furthest most one in the bottom right. As you walk around, this menu should refresh to give you an idea of where each is.

You can lock onto a Pokémon by tapping them on the screen. This will close out the 3×3 menu and show you it in the bottom right bar. When you start walking in the right direction of the Pokémon, the bar should start pulsating green. The number footprints should also start getting smaller the closer you get closer to it, but this feature is still a bit glitchy. Rather, open back up the 3×3 grid and use that as you’re walking. If the Pokémon starts rising to the top left, you’re walking in the right direction if it starts moving to the bottom right, you’re getting colder, my friend.

Both tools, in tandem, are pretty effective in helping you find elusive beasts.

How To Get Many Rare Candies


Defeating a raid boss is the easiest way to obtain Rare Candy. However, getting Rare Candy from a raid battle is not 100% guaranteed. The number of Rare Candies that can be rewarded from a single raid battle can range from 0 to 12. The most efficient way to grind Rare Candies is to participate in raid battles as often as possible.

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Pokmon Go Rare Candy: How To Get More And What To Use It On

Rare candy came to Pokémon Go with Raid Battles. These days, you can get it by beating Raid Bosses and completing Field Research tasks. Unlike the usual, species-specific candy, you can convert it for use on any kind of Pokémon in your collection.

At first, you cant get enough of it. Then, youre flush with it and cant stop using it. Eventually, though, it starts to fill up your storage and you need to figure out what to do with it.

How Do You Find The Rare Pokmon In Your Area

Pokémon Go now includes two distinct forms of detecting the Pokémon in your immediate vicinity. The first is Nearby, which shows you Pokémon hanging around the PokéStops in your immediate vicinity. The second is Sightings, which shows you the Pokémon hiding anywhere close by, ready to spawn.

The Pokémon tab at the bottom right of your travel screen shows you up to three Pokémon. Tap on it, and you’ll see up to nine. Depending on what’s in your area, they’ll be all Nearby, all Sightings, or a mix of both.

Neither Nearby or Sightings shows you every Pokémon around you. If there are a lot of PokéStops in your area and a lot of Pokémon loitering at those Stops, Nearby will only show you one or two from each Stop. Same with Sightings.

Theoretically, rare Pokémon will be highlighted so you don’t miss them. Theoretically.

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