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Are There Regular Animals In Pokemon

Pokmon That Are Basically Real Animals

Real World Animals in Pokemon | A Conundrum

Many Pokémon are loosely based on real-life animals, but these 10 are practically identical to the animals they were inspired by.

For more than 20 years, the Pokémon franchise has introduced countless;iconic;Pokémon. Regardless of one’s favorite character, the franchise has done a remarkable job creating memorable Pokemon during its continuance. Considering there are currently;almost 900 different types of Pokémon, some are inevitably more;noteworthy than others.

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The designs and origins of many Pokémon are;influenced;by fantasy,;resulting in;impressively unique creatures. With this in mind, however, there are;undeniable similarities to;real-world aspects, especially animals.;For those who have;played the video game installments or are an avid fan of the anime and manga adaptations, here are some Pokémon that are basically just real animals.

Ursaring Is A Brown Bear

Ursaring, the fully evolved form of Teddiursa, was first introduced in the second generation Pokémon games, Gold & Silver. Though Ursarings are described as a unique species, they bear an unmistakable resemblance to a North American Brown Bear.

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Like Brown Bears, Ursarings are incredibly protective of their young, violently so if necessary, and have a highly developed sense of smell. Interestingly, a Brown Bear’s sense of smell is 2,100 times better than that of a human, making Ursaring’s characteristics surprisingly accurate.

So Are There Regular Animals In The Pokemon Universe Or Are All Animals Pokemon

Almost Almost Not a Noob
in dire need of TP

pizzachu1 said:In the earliest parts of the anime there were some animals. In one of the episodes there were some non-pokemon fish. A Ghastly transformed into a mongoose one time too.In the games and after the start of the anime there are no animals though. The Pokedex entries mention Pokemon eating other Pokemon, and in Diamond and Pearl there’s even a book about humans eating Pokemon. Pokemon can catch a virus called Pokerus in the games, so viruses do exist in the Pokemon universe . Also, Deoxys is said to be a mutated space virus.

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Warning: Disturbing Imagery Ahead If You Think People Don’t Eat Pokmon

Detective Pikachu is out now. To celebrate, we thought we’d delve into one of Pokemon’s oldest mysteries. Next, read our full Detective Pikachu review. Then check out how Ryan Reynolds originally wanted to play Pikachu–it could have turned out very different–and, if you’ve seen the movie, all the Pokemon Easter eggs, references, and inside jokes we spotted.

It’s an age-old question: Do people eat Pokémon in the Pokémon universe? If you ask the people in charge of the Pokémon universe, as Kotaku once did, they’ll say that it’s a mystery. But frankly, that’s BS. There are plenty of examples of people eating Pokémon–and you don’t even have to dig very deep. Just rewatch the original anime, and you’ll see what we mean.

We know that Pokémon are intelligent–many are as smart as humans. To make this matter even more messed up, there’s also plenty of proof that normal, non-Pokémon animals exist within the world of Pokémon, although we rarely see them. In other words, normal animals do exist, and people choose to eat sentient Pokémon anyway.

Yes, that seems unbelievably cruel for what is ultimately meant to be a universe of games, entertainment, and toys aimed primarily at kids. But in reality, it’s just another way in which the world of Pokémon is a reflection of our own.

Still skeptical? Here are 13 examples that will ensure you never look at Ash, Misty, Brock, Jesse, and James the same way again.

Drowzee Is A Malayan Tapir

Does the Pokemon universe have regular animals like cats ...

Drowzee, everyone’s favorite Psychic-type Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon Red & Blue,;was actually based on a Malayan Tapir. These mammals weigh up to 500lbs and are most commonly found in Southeast Asia.

Drowzee’s iconic snout is one of its most prominent and recognizable physical features, which;Tapirs use to grab food like an elephant. Unfortunately, Malayan Tapirs;don’t;have any psychic or hypnosis abilities, but the resemblance;between the two is unmistakable.

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Amazing Animals And Real

Hey all!

I recently started an instagram account where Im drawing real-life animals in a Pokémon style, giving them typings , and including a short paragraph of interesting facts about the creature.

My aim is to increase my friends knowledge of the natural world, hopefully instil a bit of amazement at the incredible creatures out there, and possibly raise awareness of conservation efforts if there are any. Also, its just really fun to draw cool animals.

And so, I thought I would reach out to you guys for ideas! Im looking for cool, interesting animals, outside of the sort of ones people regularly know about , and then what types you would give them if they were Pokémon!

So, for example, some ones Ive done already:

Upside-Down Jellyfish

Or a Ghost type??

something like Aequorea victoria, a jellyfish that is sort of clear like water and also bioluminescent, seems very ghosty to me. but other bioluminescent organisms like anglerfish can also be very scary. some of the bioluminescent organisms might fit under fire as well. among non-luminescent organisms, some plume moths look very ghosty to me, and screech owls sound very ghosty to me.

what would a Fire type animal look like?

things like ocean dandelions have been found near hydrothermal vents and look a little fiery . something like a bearded fire worm or some corals sort of look fiery under visible lighting and then become extra fiery when they fluoresce.

Thanks everyone for all the ideas so far!!

some ideas:

Chatot Is A Yellow Collared Lovebird

Chatot is a Flying-type Pokémon able to mimic human speech. First introduced in the fourth generation Pokemon games, Chatot also made several appearances in the anime adaption. Though Chatot has a unique physical appearance based on musical references, the avian Pokémon was heavily inspired by the Yellow Collared Lovebird.

The similarities in their coloring are perhaps the most easily identifiable commonality between the two. Though they look similar, however, the Yellow Collared Lovebird is unable to mimic human speech, even though they’re from the same family as Parrots.

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What Do Pokmon Eat

In the anime and games, food is mostly treated as a way to increase stats, affection or heal Pokémon. It ranges from natural foods like apples and berries to man-made treats like Poké Puffs and Poffins . Theres very little mention of whether or not Pokémon eat each other, or if humans eat Pokémon. Instead, the series heavily emphasizes treats and baked goods for satiating our non-human friends. But this isnt enough: We have to go deeper.

In the early episodes of the anime, Brock introduces his homemade Pokémon food to Ash and the others. Its a secret recipe, so its unclear what the ingredients are, but it proves to be almost irresistible to Pokémon. In A Mudkip Mission, Brock uses it to lure and befriend a Mudkip before finally catching it.

All trainers have different preferences when it comes to raising their Pokémon. Even though we never see Ash make anything for Pikachu, Brock isnt the only trainer to routinely make food for his Pokémon. In the wild, its common for most Pokémon to follow an omnivorous diet. Fruits and vegetables are often shown in the series, but flying-type Pokémon like Spearow are known to prey on insects. Pidgeotto eat Caterpie, Ekans eat Pidgey eggs an entire food chain exists in this world.

The Generation I Water/ice

  • Zebra
  • Humboldt penguinJaguar
  • Dewgong is a Water/Ice-type Generation I Pokémon which evolves from Seel beginning at level 34. Although its predecessor is based on a seal, Dewgong is based on an aquatic mammal called the dugong, which can be found living in tropical waters.

  • DholeBali myna
  • Psyduck is a Water-type Pokémon which was first seen in Generation I and is able to evolve into Golduck once it reaches level 33. Although it is called Psyduck, its main inspiration was a platypus, with a few elements from a duck.

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    This Generation I Water

  • Jaguar
  • Yellow-eyed rockfishAfrican penguin
  • Magikarp is a Water-type Pokémon which was introduced in Generation I and is able to evolve into Gyarados once it reaches level 20. Not only is it based on the yellow-eyed rockfish, but it also shares the real fishs colors.

  • ToucanCottonmouth
  • Chatot is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon which was first seen in Generation IV of the Pokémon series. Its name comes from a combination of “chat” and “parrot.” The Pokémon resembles a small parrot known as the masked lovebird. Chatot’s head is shaped like an eighth note, and its tail is a metronome.

    Student Life: The Struggle

    Oh, I can relate. So many of us can relate, in so many different, horrible ways.

    Lets not be downers, though. There are positives and negatives to the student life. You can wake up at 4 pm, do whatever the heck you want, and construct an elaborate sculpture from beer bottles, all entirely free of judgment from your peers. Thats a pretty sweet gig, if you ask me. Not to mention all of the craptacular daytime TV you get to enjoy.

    The trouble is, as fun as that responsibility-free experimentation can be, you can find yourself I one heck of a pickle once college is over. The financial burden of the student loan, the cutthroat job market its a bad time. Come on, Pokémon memes, I dont want to be thinking about this sort of thing.

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    When ‘real Pets Vs Pokmon Pets’ Gets Painfully Real

    As weve already seen, realism doesnt have too much of a place in the Pokémon world. Were talking about a society that encourages preteens to embark on ambitious journeys around the region, with no food, money or change of their cute little Barbie underpants, with only a little lizard that is on freaking fire for company. By the end of the journey, the intrepid child has saved the world and captured all manner of legendary entities in little balls around their waists.

    But weve covered that already. This is a game, first and foremost, and it can pull all manner of crazy in the name of entertainment. My only concern is that generations of children have grown up with the games, and think it would be amazing to have Pokémon for pets in the real world.

    It totally wouldnt. It would be like this.

    Digging For Cognitive Dissonance

    Does the Pokemon universe have regular animals like cats ...

    In Episode 63, “The Evolution Solution,” Team Rocket go clam digging on the beach. They’re surprised to unearth a Shellder. This is confusing on so many levels. It’s more evidence that real animals–in this case clams–exist in the world of Pokémon. But also, Team Rocket have expressed few qualms about eating Pokémon in the past. Shouldn’t Shellder make just as good a meal as normal clams?

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    Pokemon Was The Dream Of A Dying Ash

    Since children don’t like change and animators don’t like to spend ten months redoing designs, it’s common for cartoon characters to simply not age. But that wasn’t good enough for Shudo, who felt that the show needed to address that plot hole … and in the most depressing way possible. So he wrote an ending for the entire series which explained why Ash always stayed the same age: It had all been a dream.

    When Pokmon Go Has You Trespassing Everywhere

    So, yes. Pokémon Go had a whole range of issues when it was first released, owing mostly to the great strain on the servers.It was glitches, bugs, and crashes-amundo around here. What with that and the shonky tracking of Pokémon , the game lost a lot of players early on.

    The Pokéfaithful, however, would not be deterred. These were the people who stuck by the app, and walked out onto the street into the path of speeding SUVs just to catch that Diglett. These sorts of stunts meant that the developers had to add safety warnings about trespassing. If your on-screen avatar moves too fast at any point, you have to assure the game that youre a passenger, and not driving while playing. This resulted in a hilarious moment when I was out running with my dog.

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    When Decidueye’s Had Enough Of Your Guff

    With the latest Pokémon games, Sun and Moon , a number of small-but-appreciated changes were made. One of these concerned the aforementioned HMs. These were entirely replaced by the Ride Pokémon, which you could briefly summon to perform the same functions .

    While these quality of life improvements were neat, the seventh gen games also added a number of irritating new quirks of their own. For me, one of these would be the ridiculous dances that your trainer performs when youre using a Z Move.

    Cant I just bust out Z Hydro Pump and tear this Arcanine several new bodily orifices without having to do that stupid wave dance? Cant I?

    Pokmon Sun & Moon Are No Different

    Pokémon Emerald Hardcore Nuzlocke – Normal Type Pokémon Only! (No items, No overleveling)

    Yeah, they do allude to normal animals quite a bit. >johanna used to use her glameow as her main contest pokemon but is now just her pet. And if there was somehow a way to change the design of the dinosaur egg to look like togepi’s shell? The only food chain is in the southern ocean. Popular animal/pokemon what they were doing. The series, who can say only their names or parts thereof, hence with a little careful listening to regular cast members in the original japanese and then there are pokémon whose speak is loosely based on their names, such as kimori . Regular animals spotted in the pokémon universe. Find all the pokémon here! This is probably just because of writers. Pokémon is known for taking inspiration from animals in real life, but with these animals, you have china seems to be where this new dyeing trend got started, and there are big dyed dog. I honestly think i have made my case, but if anyone wants more evidence that there are real animals in pokemon then just comment. Complete your quiz offer with 100% accuracy and get credited. Jump to navigationjump to search.

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    Animals In The Pokmon World

    Please feel free to edit this article to add missing information and complete it.

    Real-world animals have been mentioned a number of times to exist in the world of Pokémon. Most often, they are mentioned in relation to a Pokémon category. For example, Pikachu is known as the “Mouse Pokémon” and was directly referred to in the anime as an “electric mouse”, hinting that real-world mice exist in the Pokémon world. Other than this, all other mentions of animals are rare.

    And The Vanillite Abuse Just Keeps Coming

    When Vanillites design was first revealed, there was a lot of smack talk about it. So-called genwunners howled that this was a new low for the series, that Game Freak were totally losing their touch, that the original designs were 10,000% better than the new guys.

    To a certain extent, I can see where theyre coming from. Trubbish, for instance, is a trash bag with eyes, a literal sack of garbage. Its evolved form is not the prettiest sight either. The Vanillite line has grown on me since I first saw it, though. Its darn cute, you cant take that away from it. As a lifelong superfan of Ice types , I cannot condone all of the ice cream abuse Im seeing in Pokémon memes.

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    One Of These Animals Was The Inspiration For The Water

  • Pelican
  • Orange goldfishCheetah
  • Seaking is a Water-type Generation I Pokémon which evolves from Goldeen once reaching level 33. The Pokémon is based on a variant of the orange goldfish with the coloration and markings of a shubunkin goldfish.

  • SalamanderCamel
  • Charmander is a Fire-type Pokémon which was introduced in Generation I and is able to evolve into Charmeleon and then Charizard. It is one of the starter Pokémon in many of the games, and its design is based on a salamander.

    When Tumblr Starts Asking The Real Questions

    Does the Pokemon universe have regular animals like cats ...

    I was never entirely sure what to make of the whole Lusamine/Gladion/Lillie thing . On the one hand, this was a family who was in dire need of a little Jerry Springer-ing, pure and simple.

    So your mama wants to take over the world and become an all-powerful freakish jellyfish thing, huh? What does our studio audience think of that? I can already hear the irate audience members through folding chairs across the room.

    On the flipside, the connection between the three made for some super interesting debate, before Sun and Moons release last year. The resemblance between them and certain Ultra Beasts was uncanny, and many thought that the characters would become Ultra Beasts themselves. That wasnt quite how it all worked out.

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    Traumatizing Pidgey For Life With Pokmon Go

    Weve already discussed all kinds of reasons why people may have abandoned Pokémon Go shortly after its release. Those shonky servers, errors and other happy fun times were bad enough, but the Route One trash. Oh, the Route One trash.

    It was darn tough to find interesting Pokémon. At one point, freaking Hypno was about as exotic as it got. The most irritating thing about all this was the influx of Rattata and Pidgey. You couldnt hop a couple of blocks down the road to grandmas house without a thousand of these a-holes popping up. It was like some kind of damn Woodstock, and only terrible Pokémon were invited.

    As a result of all of this, I think its safe to say that Pidgey has earned a few snarky jokes at its expense. Screw you, Pidgey. Screw you always.


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