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How To Get Xl Candy In Pokemon Go

Fastest Way To Get Xl Candy In Pokmon Go


The most effective way to get XL Candies is to get Pokémon basically. Do the normal catch/portal and move circle, join it with exchanging to do an IV re-roll and you ought to approve of cultivating XL Candies.

We know that the more elevated level a Pokémon is, the more probable it is to drop a XL Candy. Weather conditions Boosted Pokémon gain additional level, which brings about a better return of XL Candy.

As per early testing in Australia, 15% 25% of your gets will compensate XL Candy, which can surrender you to 3 XL Candy. Do take note of that Pinap Berries dont impact XL Candy from gets.

Changing over Candy into XL Candy is definitely not an ideal method for cultivating XL Candies, as it requires 100 Candy for 1 XL Candy. It takes 296 XL Candy to control up a Pokémon from level 40 to 50, which means 29,600 ordinary Candy.

How To Farm Pokmon Go Xl Candy And How Many You Can Get

Many players, newbie or not, are interested in how to farm Pokémon Go XL candy. But the reality is, although the resource is obtainable, we cannot say it is farmable. Farming implies you are getting an overflowing amount of the item, but that does not apply to XL candy in the game. The said sweets often take a long time to collect.

Despite that, if you want to be the best in Pokémon Go, let us tackle the different ways to obtain XL candy and the tips and possible amount you earn from each.

Fastest Way To Get Xl Candy

One of the fastest ways to get XL Candy is to catch a Pokemon especially if they are evolved, Legendary or Mythical where your XL Candy will be guaranteed. If you catch an unevolved Pokemon, there is still a decent chance from 15%-25% that each catch will give you one to three XL Candy for that particular Pokemon.

The Raid hours can help you to get your Pokemon past level 41 if they are evolved, Legendary or Mythical and for unevolved creatures, the game itself gives rewards including Go Battle League rewards which include Poliwhirl, Pupitar, Scraggy, Galvantuala, and Stunfisk which will give you more XL Candy.

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What Exactly Is Xl Candy In Pokmon Go And How Does Xl Candy Function In The Game

It is a new resource accessible to players who have reached Level 40, which allows them to level their Pokémon to an even greater CP level by consuming XL Candy. As with Levels 1 to 40, this new CP level grows with the new Trainer level cap rise scaling all the way up to Level 50 and is compatible with the new Trainer level cap increase.

If you have XL Candy on hand, you may level a Pokémon up to level 50 as soon as you reach level 40, if you want. This is true regardless of whether or not you have XL Candy on hand. Each XL Candy, like each piece of Candy and Mega Energy, corresponds to a certain Pokémons evolution chain. Consequently, if you wish to level up a Charizard beyond its Level 40 CP limit, youll need to get Charmander XL Candy first.

Given the fact that it is an end-game resource with the potential to make already powerful Pokémon even more powerful, it is more difficult to get than current Candy in the game. Having said that, many of the techniques are the same all it takes is a little bit of luck.

Xl Candies In Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO: How to get XL Candy, Powerup Requirements, Candy to XL ...

Much like Mega Energy and normal candy, XL Candies will only work with the Pokemon and/or evolutionary family it to which it corresponds. Each further power-up will require more XL Candy and, of course, Stardust, than before. The total number of XL Candies needed to fully level a Pokemon to 50 is 296.

Currently, trainers can get XL Candies in the following ways:

  • Catching a Pokemon
  • Transfer a Pokemon
  • Exchange 100 regular candies

It should be noted that trainers under level 40 will not recieve XL Candy. However, despite their ease, the first two methods are also not a guaranteed successâeven for those appropriately leveled. They carry good chances, but trainers may not always get XL Candy by performing those actions.

XL Rare Candies exist in-game, as well, but are even harder to get.

Suffice to say that getting XL Candies will take quite a bit of time. Trainers have quite the journey ahead if they want to max-out their Pokemon once again.

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Why Adding New Sources For Xl Rare Candies Is Necessary

There are several ways to obtain Candy XL. Walking, catching, trading and transferring Pokémon would give you a chance to obtain a Candy XL, but for certain Pokémon thats probably not enough.

You probably see where this is going. Yes, cheaters abuse the system and use third-party apps and devices to boost the amount of distance walked so that they can get themselves more XL Candies and use a certain Pokémon in Master League, for example.

Im not saying that a Level 50 Mewtwo aint legit, dont get me wrong. Its not okay to assume someone has cheated because they have a level 50 legendary, but in some occasions it can be pretty obvious and it hurts the integrity of the game.

Where Can I Get More Xl Candy In Pokemon Go

Finding XL candy isnt a terribly different process from finding the typical type of Candy in Pokemon Go, though it is scarcer, which can be a problem.

It should be noted that you also only unlock XL Candy at Trainer level 40, so dont bother trying to seek it out before that level it simply doesnt exist for you yet if youre not Trainer level 40.

There are still a variety of ways to get some XL Candy though, including all of these:

  • Catching/Transferring any Pokemon can give from 1 to 3 XL Candy. Higher-level Pokemon tend to give more.
  • Catching a Pokemon that has evolved already gives a minimum of one candy per completed evolution. This means that Blastoise would give 2 Squirtle XL candies, for example.
  • Likewise to the above, Legendary or Mythical Pokemon will give 3 XL Candies each time as a base rate.
  • Hatching Pokemon can give XL Candy similar to standard Candy
  • Trading Pokemon functions similarly, with an increasing chance based on capture location distance in the trade
  • Walking your buddy Pokemon

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How Many Xl Candies And Stardust Are Required To Level Up Beyond Level 40

PokéMiners have came up with a list of XL candies and Stardust required to level up Pokemon beyond level 40. It is certainly very expensive as you go up on the level list. One very important thing to note here is that to increase a single level, you will require two powerups. This makes it even more challenging to reach the new max power level in Pokemon Go. Heres the infographic that PokéMiners have shared on their website.

Thats the end of our Pokemon GO XL candy guide. We hope that this guide would have cleared up your doubts about what are XL candies, how to get them, how to use them, and how many are required to level up Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Apart from just EXP, leveling up from 40 till 50 also requires you to complete research tasks. Ensure reading our guide on how to catch 200 Pokemon in a single day to upgrade from level 41 to 42. While here, also consider reading about how to catch Espurr and Legendary Pokemon Lugia.

Xl Candy Tips And Tricks In Pokmon Go

  • XL Candy can be procured by means of: Trading, Catching, Transferring, Hatching Eggs and strolling with your Buddy
  • Assault Pokémon/Shadow Pokémon can both honor XL Candy when gotten/moved
  • A Caught Pokémon from assaults doesnt ensure XL Candy.
  • A Caught Shiny Pokémon doesnt ensure XL Candy.
  • A Caught Secondary or Third Evolution Pokémon ensures 1x and 2x XL Candy separately
  • More elevated Level Pokémon can grant more XL Candy.
  • A Caught Pokémon that grants XL Candy for one Trainer, may not grant XL Candy for another.
  • A Caught Pokémon can drop between 0 3 XL Candy.
  • Mass Transferring similar species can grant numerous XL Candy.
  • At present 1 XL Candy can be ensured through exchanging.
  • The two Trainers can get XL Candy in an exchange, however this is more outlandish than 1 Trainer getting it.
  • Moving Legendary/Mythical Pokémon can grant XL Candy.
  • There is at present no known cap on XL Candy that can be obtained in any timeframe.
  • Moving various types of Pokémon can grant numerous types of XL Candy in one mass exchange.
  • Exchanging consistently grants ordinary sweets
  • Exchanging with a record under level 40 can in any case get the 40+ record XL Candy
  • Twofold exchange Candy occasion didnt grant 2x XL Candy

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Pokemon Go Xl Candy Update Explained

Prior to the update, XL Candy was pretty much random with how it was dropped. As of March 11, the rare items are actually now guaranteed in several scenarios, making it far easier for Trainers to get their strongest Pokemon to the maximum level.

One of the main ways that users can scoop up the highly-sought after Candy is by simply just catching Pokemon. In particular, Legendary mon in raids will now score you the resource should you catch the rare creatures.

For example, if you use Meltans box item to spawn them, you will now get a XL Candy specific to the Steel-type. Literally every time you catch the monster, you will be guaranteed Candy. The amount you get will also depend on the rarity of the character. Below we will go over how you can get XL Candy and their drop rates.

Lets Do The Math: Building A L50 Xl Team

The screenshots below were taken from one of PogoKiengs videos on YT. As you can see, the same person was using a shundo Level 51 Ho-Oh, a level 50 Mewtwo and a shundo level 47 Kyogre at the same time.

Case 1: Only walking, no regular candy to XL candy conversion

Lets do the math. Powering up a L40 Pokémon to L50 costs 296 XL Candies and a bunch of stardust. Assuming a specific Pokémon hasnt been in raids after the guaranteed-3-candy-XL-per-raid update , the only way to obtain XL Candies of a given Pokémon is via the buddy system .

Lets assume the most favourable scenario to farm XL candies through the buddy system: using Poffins every single day on a L40 buddy .

To simplify the analysis, the following assumption will also be made: the player starts off with 0 XL candies of the species being analysed.

In case you didnt know, high-level Pokémon have a greater chance of dropping an XL Candy, per the following study from TSR Research Group.

Considering the findings from that same study, it can be roughly estimated that there is a ~75% chance of getting an XL Candy if youre walking a L40 Pokémon.

Now lets focus on Legendary Pokémon.

If youre the proud owner of the shundo Ho-Oh from the picture above, and you feed it a Poffin every single day, youd have a ~75% chance of getting a Ho-Oh XL Candy every 10KM when your buddy is excited. In order to reach the 296 mark, youd need to walk 2960 KM at the very least to get the XL candies required to max out your Ho-Oh.

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Pokemon Go Reduce The Xl Candy Level Requirement

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced that they will be reducing the XL Candy level requirement from 40 and above, to 31 and above.

The new Season of GO starts on June 1, 2022, at 10 PM and youll have a chance to enjoy all bonuses, features, shiny Pokemon, and much more until September 1, 2022. Just like every previous season, the Season of GO will last for three months full of cool stuff, new events, different Pokemon in Raids, and many bonuses.

Now, one of the very cool things they announced during the Season of GO, is the lowering of the XL Candy level. Only players who are level 40 and above can earn this type of Candy, but with this change players who are level 31 and above will be able to get XL Candy.

Here is the announcement:

Earlier Candy XL Access

Starting with the Season of GO and continuing beyond, we are reducing the level at which Trainers can begin earning Candy XL. Now, all Trainers level 31 and above will be able to earn Candy XL!

The XL Candy was introduced in Pokemon Go back when they launched the GO Beyond feature in the game. The XL Candy allows Trainers to power up their Pokemon beyond level 40. Only Trainers that have reached level 40 can start using this type of Candy. Now, things are changing, and Trainers who reach level 31 or above will be able to get XL Candy.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you like the change? We would like to hear from you so please leave us a comment below.

What Is The Most Efficient Method Of Obtaining Xl Candy In Pokmon Go

How to get XL candies in Pokémon Go and how this bonus works now ...

In light of the above, catching Pokémon in Pokémon Go is the most efficient means of obtaining XL Candy, particularly if they are evolved, Legendary, or Shayarim, since XL Candy is almost always obtained. Its still possible to capture an unevolved Pokémon based on early user experiences in the Australian test ahead of a global launch, theres a 15 percent to 25 percent chance that each catch will result in one to three XL Candy for the Pokémon youre catching. Because of these changes, as well as the fact that catching is the quickest and most straightforward technique on the above list, this is by far the most effective option for obtaining XL Candy.

In light of the introduction of guaranteed XL Candy for developed animals , its worth attempting to take advantage of Raid Hours and other events to assist you in powering up creatures beyond level 41. Additionally, it makes the prospect of opening the Meltan Mystery Box all the more enticing. There are also promos for unevolved animals that would reward you with more Candy XL when you capture them than you would normally get. For example, during the Season of Legends, some encounters are part of the Go Battle League prizes.

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Know That The Trick Is The Trade

XL Candy Yield: 1 pieceGuaranteed: No

Trading your Pokémon with friends or other trainers might leave a sad feeling, especially if you have been fond of your pocket monsters. Nonetheless, each trade with a friend who is 100-km or farther from where you are is the trick to occasionally getting one XL candy. In long-distance trades, you and sometimes even your friend may get a piece. If it is a short-distance trade, whether you will receive one XL candy is not guaranteed.

If you find it easy to engage in long-distance trades, initiate and accept trades regularly for the Pokémon you want to improve. It can keep your XL candy stock going, albeit slowly.

If you cannot find trades or afford to give away some of your strong Pokémon, the best alternative is to transfer them. Transferring one to Professor Willow, usually to free up slots for more Pokémon, might yield an XL candy. Now you might be thinking that this alternative process is also slow, possibly gaining only one piece per transfer. Thankfully, Pokémon Go lets you transfer many Pokémon simultaneously. If you try that, you might get more XL candy quicker.

Walk Walk Walk As Much As You Can

XL Candy Yield: 1 pieceGuaranteed: No

Walking with your Pokémon does not only give you rewarding experiences in the real world . It also yields in-game rewards such as the coveted Pokémon Go XL candy.

The odds of getting one along with your regular candy earnings are not always high and cannot be boosted by a Pinap berry. That said, you are more likely to receive a piece when your buddy is past level 31, according to Pokémon Go expert forums. So, pick a strong walking buddy and walk as much as you can. This is how you get XL candy without feeling you are grinding for it.

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How To Farm Xl Candy In Pokmon Go

Pokemon GO players at level 40 can move up to level 50 by using XP Candy. Here are some tips to finding and farming more.

Pokémon GO recently updated its candy system. Players who would normally either catch, hatch, or transfer their Pokémon would be rewarded a few candy pieces. Each piece of candy could go towards either improving the player’s Pokémon or help evolve it into something stronger. However, Niantic has now included XL Candy, which has a few differences from the candy already in the game.

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XL Candy can be extremely helpful for players who want to increase the strength of their Pokémon. Unfortunately, farming it can be a little tough. Players who are looking to increase the amount of XL Candy have come to the right place!


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