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How To Throw A Curveball In Pokemon Go

All About The Curveball Throw

Pokémon GO – How to Throw a Curveball

The center of the Circle will get you an Excellent Curveball throw, which has the highest XP, but making a great curveball throw will also be beneficial to your gameplay.

Here are the rewards depending on where you hit the target ring:

  • Basic Curveball throw- 10 XP
  • Nice Curveball throw 10 XP
  • Great Curveball throw 50 XP
  • Excellent Curveball Throw 100XP

So you can see that the more accurate you are, the higher your XP bonus will be.

Pokemon Go: How To Throw A Curveball & Tips To Throw Pokeballs

Now that you know how to catch more Pokemon thanks to our guide and you also have the complete list of Pokemon in the game, you might want to turn on the style and capture them using methods that will give you better rewards and make you look cool in the meantime as well. I am here to teach you just that: how to throw a Curveball in Pokemon Go and Ill also have a nice trick to help you throw the PokeBalls better and make sure that you get your aiming right.

The Curveball is an interesting technique you can use at all times one that is more difficult at first, but which gets a lot easier as you get the hang of it and well start with it. So here it is:

Pokmon Go: How To Make 50 Excellent Throws For The Skill Fest Challenge

The Pokémon Go challenges leading up to Go Fest 2020 have begun and there is only a day remaining for the Skill portion of the build-up. The three steps are fairly easy and straightforward to complete, but then there are the Elite objectives which are daunting with very little reward in return. One of the hardest Elite challenges requires you to make 50 excellent throws, and here youll discover some tips and possible tricks that have been shared by the community.

With Go Fest 2020 set to take place on July 25th and 26th, there are three weekly challenges prior to the main event. Skill challenges end today at 22:00 local time, and then Battle challenges will begin on July 10th with the final Friendship objectives commencing on July 17th.

However, before we discuss the other weekly challenges and eventually share the steps for Battle, below youll discover tips and tricks to possibly make 50 excellent throws before the Skill Fest challenge concludes.

  • POKÉMON:Which Kubfu evolution is better for Sword and Shield?

Tomorrow is the start of 3 weeks of challenges leading up to GO FEST!! Week 1 Skill

Orange Heart

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Can I Always Make Great Curveball Throws

The L-Technique is the best when it comes to making great curveball throws all the time.

It is quite a simple process and can be mastered with a few tries.

You may also spin the ball in an anticlockwise direction, but in this case, you move it to the far right side of the screen and then release as shown before.

Whats The Deal With Sirfetchd

å¿å¸ï¼?Pokémon GO å¥½ç¨ AR 調æ´å¤§æ³ï¼?èµ°é? çå°?ç²¾é?ä¹è½ç«å?³æåä¾ï¼?

Galarian Farfetchd is a regional variant version of Gen Is Farfetchd. Instead of a Normal and Flying type, Galarian Farfetchd is a Fighting type and its evolution, Sirfetchd is one of the top Fighting types in Pokémon Go. In the core games, Sirfetchd requires a particularly unique method of evolution. It must make three critical hits in a single battle. This really wouldnt translate well into Pokémon Go, so instead, to evolve Galarian Farfetchd, you have to set it as your Buddy Pokémon and make ten Excellent Throws.

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How To Get An Excellent Curveball In A Row

In addition to a traditional Pokeball throw in Pokemon GO, you should also learn how to throw a curveball to acquire extra XP. Throwing a curveball has several benefits. First of all, it gives you additional bonus points, and secondly, a curveball increases the odds of capturing the Pokemon.

To master your skills while throwing a curveball, itâs worth noting that the ball will always go in the opposite direction to where you spun it. For instance, if you spin the ball clockwise, itâll go to the right and if you spin it anti-clockwise, itâll go towards the left.

Like getting three excellent throws in a row, thereâs also a hack to always catch a Pokemon while throwing a curveball. Hereâs how to throw a curveball in Pokemon Go to quickly catch the Pokemon.

Step 1: Hold and release the Pokeball when it reaches the excellent size.

Step 2: Wait until the pokemon taunts you.

Step 3: Spin the ball in the clockwise direction.

Step 4: Now, take the ball towards the extreme left of the screen.

Step 5: Release the Pokeball when the pokemon gets to about 3/4 through its taunt.

This is how to get an excellent curveball in Pokemon GO, to achieve better results, it’s better to practice more. Starts with a bigger and closer pokemon because they are big enough to make the practice easier.

Join Excellent Throw Competitions

One of the things that has helped improve my Excellent throws is the introduction of the Excellent Throw competitions within our Pogo Community. The First person to hit a set amount of Excellent Throws wins. Excellent with no curve is half a point and Excellent with Curve on a Weddle is 2 points.

A bit competition, pressure and focus goes a long way to improving that Excellent regardless of the outcome of the competition.

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What Rewards Do You Get

Every friend will give you different types of rewards and bonuses. These rewards include various trade bonuses. To get better rewards you will have to participate in gym battles and raid battles with all your friends. This increases the connection level between you and your friend, giving you better rewards in the long run.

This is everything you need to know about how to use and redeem Pokemon Go Friend Codes. Now that you are here you can also have a look at some Pokemon Mystery Home Gift Codes.

How To Nail An Excellent Throw In Pokmon Go So You Can Evolve Sirfetch’d


Every Pokémon Go player has had that moment where you’re staring deep into your screen, waiting to see if your latest catch actually stays in the ball. Whether it’s another Pidgey for your next power-leveling session or you’re staring at a Legendary Raid boss with one Premiere Ball left, that elusive Excellent Throw feels great as soon as it lands.

Landing an Excellent Throw not only increases your chance of catching a Pokémon, but now evolving Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d requires ten Excellent Throws, it’s all the more important that you land as many as possible. Read ahead for all our tips and be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories so you can be fully equipped on your Pokémon Journey!

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Types Of Throws In Pokemon Go

To throw effectively in Pokemon GO, its important you know each of the different types of throws you can land.

The game will often set a Trainers challenges to make a specific throw to gain some extra XP, and as an added bonus, going for the more difficult throw increases your chances of capturing a Pokemon.

  • Great!
  • Excellent!

Nice! throws are the easiest to land, with Excellent being the hardest. Players will gain a large chunk of extra XP for making the more difficult throws, but it comes at the risk of using more Pokeballs.

How To Make An Excellent Throw In Pokmon Lets Go

With the release of Pokémon Lets Go Eevee and Pikachu we are starting to see just how similar they are to the mobile game Pokémon GO. In particular, the way you catch Pokémon in the wild is much more in line with Pokémon GO than any other game. You throw the Poké Ball at just the right time to catch the Pokémon, and because of that it also matters how well you throw the ball.

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Why Cant I Throw Pokeball Far In Pokemon Go

You cant throw your Pokeball far because you are not curving the ball enough to get it past the threshold. Bounce the ball up and down once or twice and drag your thumb from the left side of the screen to the edge.

There are multiple ways to throw a Pokeball far enough in Pokemon GO. One of the easiest methods I found effective is aligning the ring to the center for an excellent throw. The most annoying pokemons to catch are Kyogre, Celebi, Kangaskhan, Pidgeot, Rapidash, and Golbat. Some pokemon move a lot, some jump a lot, while the others either taunt much or spawns farther.

Check our epic guide on how to fix pokemon go error 0.

To catch these pokemons, align the center ring to an excellent region, let the ball bounce once or twice, and then spin the ball twice and let it go while the pokemon attacks or taunts being in the center region.

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Pokemon Go: Curveballs By The Numbers

Pokemon Go Excellent Curveball Throw

To figure out just how Curveballs benefit Pokemon GO players in their catch encounters, The Silph Road has tested thousands of Pokemon encounters accounting for things like accuracy and CP total. However, they did implement a number of control factors in order to accurately record their data without outside factors interfering. Specifically:

  • Pokemon samples studied were collected before the Type Catch Bonus implementation from Niantic went live. The Type Catch Bonus improves catch rate towards Pokemon of a certain type based on how many a trainer has cumulatively caught in Pokemon GO. These can be tracked by the medals attained on the trainer’s profile tab.
  • The only Pokeballs used were the base Pokeballs. Since Great and Ultra Balls offer a significant increase in catch rate, this is a no-brainer.
  • The study excluded Pokemon attracted via Incense and Lure Modules.
  • The only Pokemon used in the study were those with the same base catch rate. At the time of the study, these included Rattata, Pidgey, etc.
  • Percentage of maximum CP was used in order to correlate a Pokemon’s approximate level.

Below are the charted results for straight normal throws. The colors emphasize the percentage of a Pokemon’s maximum CP. The left axis represents the percentage of samples that were caught successfully.

While by contrast, this chart shows the same with regards to Curveball Throws:

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Get Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon Go

There is a certain procedure that you need to know before you expect to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go. The game has a protocol and once you fulfill it, you get your stone instantly. Here is what you must do to get the Sinnoh stones.

  • You get a chance of receiving a Sinnoh Stone when collecting your seventh day Field Research reward
  • You also get the Pokemon Go evolution stone by completing PvP Trainer Battles
  • One can also receive the Sinnoh Evolution Stone by defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader
  • Another possible way is through the Mystery Item in Go Battle League reward

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Pokemon Go Guide: When To Throw Your Pokeball

Pokemon Go is all about finding and catching Pokemon. This makes Pokeballs, and how you throw them, one of the core principles of the entire game. You can track down and find the toughest, most rare Pokemon of them all, but if you dont know how to throw the Pokeball well, hes just gonna get away. There are many aspects to the Pokeball throwing process, but were gonna focus in on one that seems like a big question for a lot of players. Were gonna tell you when to throw your Pokeball in Pokemon Go.

First off, before you even have a chance to throw a Pokeball, you need to find the Pokemon you want. We have a bunch of guides on this topic, so check them out here and here before proceeding on.

OK, now that you know how to find a Pokemon, lets get into the nitty gritty of catching them. First off, there are actually a few things to keep in mind when deciding when to throw your Pokeball in Pokemon Go. The Pokemon can attack at any time, so you must be wary of throwing your Pokeball, only to see it batted away to the ground.

Also, if you are using AR, you need to center the Pokemon on your screen as much as possible, otherwise it will be much easier to toss it to the side. You want your Pokeball to fly out and hit the Pokemon right in the middle of the contracting circle on your screen. In fact, you want this circle to be the smallest it can be, as this will increase your chances of catching the Pokemon, while giving you a shot at an XP boost.


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How To Make A Nice Throw In Pokemon Go

To land a Nice throw, simply follow these easy steps and youll be able to add the Pokemon to your collection in no time.

  • Enter an encounter with a Pokemon you want to catch
  • Ensure the inner circle is green or yellow by switching to a better Pokeball if its required
  • Hold the ball and wait for the inner circle to reach its largest radius
  • Throw your Pokeball at the Pokemon
  • Youve now added another Pokemon to your collection!
  • Although it may take you a few attempts to catch it, youll eventually hit the sweet spot, and the mon will be yours!

    How To Make A Great Throw In Pokemon Go

    How To Throw An Excellent Curveball In Pokemon Go || BULLSEYE METHOD

    As mentioned above, the only difference between landing a Nice and a Great throw is the size of the inner circle players have hit when catching a Pokemon.

    • For a Great throw, youll need to wait until the shifting inner circle reaches half of its maximum size. Then, follow the same process shown above
    • Landing this specific throw will grant you some extra XP and offers a multiplier of 1.5x
    • Feeding it a Razz Berry will also help to increase the odds of a catch by 1.5x

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    What Is An Excellent Throw In Pokmon Go

    When you throw a Pokéball at a target in Pokémon Go, there’s a target ring to help you aim. If you land the Pokéball inside that target ring, you’ll see a text bubble that says either Nice, Great, or Excellent as the ball hits. These three text bubbles let you know you have successfully scored a hit modifier in your throw.

    Separate from the bonus you get when throwing a Curveball in Pokémon Go, the Nice, Great, and Excellent Throw bonuses increase your chances of successfully capturing the Pokemon you are throwing at. A Great Throw will increase your catch chance higher than a Nice Throw, but the highest boost to your catch rating is the Excellent Throw. It’s not difficult to see why the target ring for an Excellent Throw is by far the most difficult to hit because of its size.

    Here’s how the multiplier bonus breaks down:

    • Nice Throw – 1.15X bonus
    • Great Throw – 1.5X bonus
    • Excellent Throw – 1.85X bonus

    On top of the huge bump to your catch percentage and the XP bonus when you land the catch, many of the Field Research and Special Research goals involve landing Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws, with Excellent Throws fulfilling the requirement for Great or Nice throws. That means you need to consistently land Excellent throws if you want to be able to capture a Mew or complete the other Research tasks.

    Pokmon Go Excellent Throw Hack Tips In 2021

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  • The hit augmented reality game Pokémon GO was released in July 2016 and is still a fan-favorite to this day.

    Whether you have recently started playing or are a veteran, you know how tough it can be to catch some Pokémons. Fortunately, throwing an accurate Pokéball can help you get the job done.

    Whether youre on the journey to becoming the next Pokémon master or just want to Gotta Catch Em All anime fans know what I did there an excellent throw will help you catch Pokémons easily.

    Read to learn about how you can achieve an excellent throw, its mechanics, and hacks because every Pokéball counts.

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    What’s The Deal With Sirfetch’d

    Galarian Farfetch’d is a regional variant version of Gen I’s Farfetch’d. Instead of a Normal and Flying type, Galarian Farfetch’d is a Fighting type and its evolution, Sirfetch’d is one of the top Fighting types in Pokémon Go. In the core games, Sirfetch’d requires a particularly unique method of evolution. It must make three critical hits in a single battle. This really wouldn’t translate well into Pokémon Go, so instead, to evolve Galarian Farfetch’d, you have to set it as your Buddy Pokémon and make ten Excellent Throws.

    How To Throw A Nice Curveball In Pokemon Go

    #pokemon go 2 nice curveball hashtag trên BinBin: 68 hình ...

    For doing a nice throw, you can follow these tips.

    • Pick and press your Pokeball to set a ring, then focus on the ring instead of the Pokemon.
    • Hold the Pokeball and wait for the inner circle to reach its largest radius.
    • Target the circle and throw your Pokeball at the Pokemon. You’ll will achieve a nice curveball.

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