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How To Get To Power Plant Pokemon Lets Go

Finding Zapdos & The Power Plant

How to get to the Power Plant in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee

First of all, you’re going to want to have Pokemon Lets Gos identical of Surf or Fly. Fly is known as Air Dash and Surf is known as Sea Skim. Then, you’re going to want to use either Special Technique to get to the Power Plant island from Route 10.

Once youre there in Pokemon Lets Go, stroll in the course of the front door, youll start seeing Wild Pokemon. Youll come across the likes of Koffing, Weezing, Electabuzz, and Magnemite. You will even see a load of Poke Balls lying across the Power Plant, but many of those will likely be Voltorbs disguising themselves.

If you keep walking forward, youll see a Coach Trainer, who will use an Omanyte, Kabutops, and Aerodactyl, and will provide you with five Rare Candies. Youll then head round to the best, while youll likely see a wild Electrode.

If you stay to the left and then flip right and head down the hall, youll to find the TM for Thunder just in the back of some blue and brown luggage, near some barrels. Then, go all the manner to the right of the lengthy hall after which up on the flip, which will be the side of the construction. Keep following this round, going left, then up once more, then left again, then down right into a room with computer systems as soon as the corridor ends.

Then, go neglected of this room, right into a room with loads of colored barrels, some electrified equipment, and Zapdos, on the far finish of the room, of course. Simply walk over to it and press A, which will see a cutscene play.

How To Get To The Power Plant In Pokemon Lets Go Eevee & Pikachu

Before you are able to reach the Power Plant off Route 10, you need to have either the Secret Technique that allows fly, or the one that allows you to surf. You need this because there is no clear path to the Power Plant. Once you have learned the Secret Technique required, head to the Pokemon Center on Route 10.

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Just to the East of the Pokemon Center is a small stream. You can either follow it while flying or surf down it. If you follow the stream a short distance around the corner, you will arrive at the entrance to the Power Plant.

Chia s

How To Acquire Sea

Before you proceed to locate Power Plant, you will need to acquire Sea-Skim ability. Without this, you cannot reach the target location. Go to GO Park located in the northern corner of Fuchsia City. Find a man standing next to Lapras, he will teach Eevee/Pikachu Sea-Skim ability. This allows you to surf on water.

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Where Is The Power Plant In Pokemon Lets Go

If youre not sure what were on about because you havent found the Pokemon Lets Go Power Plant yet, let us explain. The Power Plant is on Route 10, east of Cerulean City and north of Lavender Town. If you open up your Town Map, you can see it right there. The problem is that even though you know where it is from the very beginning and you can almost touch it after you pass through Cerulean City, you cant get in there till much later.

How To Get To Power Plant Lets Go Eevee

Pokemon Let

Want to explore the Power Plant on your Pokemon Adventure? Follow this guide to learn How To Get To The Power Plant In Pokemon Lets Go Eevee & Pikachu so you can check out some really powerful electric Pokemon and maybe even net yourself a legendary bird.

The Power Plant is a special area in Pokemon Lets Go and features in both Eevee and Pikachu versions. You can find it on Route 10, which is an area you explore very early in your adventure, but you wont be able to reach the Power Plant until much later.

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Level Your Pokemon To Level 50 & Above

Zapdos will be at Level 50 when you encounter it and will have strong attacks that may knock out Pokemon lower than its level. Aim to at least get your team to match its level to beat it.

Zapdos’s Basic Statistics

Use Screech to significantly lower Zapdos’ defense to make it easier to take down with attacks.

How To Catch Moltres In Pokemon Let’s Go

Where to find Victory Road

Moltres is the only Pokemon in the world of Kanto in a place that you absolutely must visit in your pursuit of the main story. The fire-type legendary bird can be found in Victory Road to the west of Viridian City, the cave-like system that provides the ultimate final challenge to Pokemon Trainers before they tackle the Elite 4. This place is crawling with little puzzles that use many of your secret techniques, but you’ll only need the one to reach Moltres.

Find the area where Officer Jenny is hanging out – you met her earlier on in the story and probably picked up a naughty Squirtle from her. She’s also the only cop you’ve seen – Kanto is rough. Anyway, she heals you up here, but to the right of where she’s hanging out is a Strong Push block. Move it and head down the ladder – on this floor you’ll find Moltres.

Moltres is a fire and flying type mix, which makes it weak to Rock, Water and Electric-type attacks. For this encounter you could use Zapdos – but not Articuno – but if you want to batlte with non-legendary Pokemon another water type Pokemon is a solid bet, as are rock-type Pokemon, who’ll resist fire damage and dish out double damage to Moltres.

Once you catch Moltres, it’ll be at level 50.

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You’ll Need Some Special Maneuvers

While roaming the world of Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee is easy throughout most of the adventure, later areas of the game are locked off. One of these is the Power Plant, which hovers just outside of your normal reach, at least at first. Later in the game you will learn moves and abilities that help get you places you couldnt otherwise reach. Were here to help explain them, so heres how to get to the power plant in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee.

Just in case you forgot already, or havent seen it at all, the power plant is on Route 10. This is the route thats just north of Lavender Town and east of Cerulean City. Once youre close, the key to being able to get to the power plant is having the ability Sea Skim. This allows you to surf around with your Pikachu, Eevee, or other Pokemon and its the best way into the power plant.

You can learn this technique in Fuschia City, from the surfer who hangs out near the GO Complex. If you havent made it here yet, just keep working on the main quest and youll arrive eventually. Once you learn the technique you can head back to Route 10 via the east path out of Cerulean City. Keep heading east and youll see a small river in the northeast corner of the road. Jump in and ride it all the way to the power plant.

And thats how to get to the power plant in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee. Of course, getting there is just half the battle. Once youre there youll want to know how to catch Zapdos.

How Do I Find Zapdos

Pokemon Let’s Go – How to Get to Power Plant (FAST GUIDE)

To find Zapdos, youll want to firstly head to the northern section of Route 10, above the sole Poke Center in the area. Make your way over to the small river, and use Sea Skim to surf down south. You only need to go a short ways south before you can hop onto dry land, and find the doors of the Power Plant dead ahead.

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How To Get To The Power Plant In Pokmon: Lets Go

As stated above, the Power Plant is located just outside Route 10 in the Poké Center area where you first encounter Lorelei in Pokémon: Lets Go. You cant walk over to the Power Plant, instead youll need to learn the Secret Technique called Sea Skim in order to travel by water. To learn Sea Skim, make your way over to Fuchsia City and talk to the man with his Lapras outside the GO Park Complex.

Once he teaches you Sea Skim, you can double back to Route 10 and make your way to the Power Plant. Note, youll want to heal your Pokémon at the Poké Center first. To reach the Power Plant, head North around the grassy area, then use Sea Skim to surf down to the Power Plant. Before you head inside, be sure to pick up the Thunder Stone thats sitting outside the Power Plant.

Inside the Power Plant youll find a variety of Pokémon to catch including Weezing, Koffing, Voltorb, and Electabuzz to name just a few. There are also Electrodes disguised as dropped Poké Balls that you can catch. Youll know youre dealing with an Electrode as the dropped Poké Ball will appear with the white side up, rather than red. Keep exploring the Power Plant and youll eventually encounter Zapdos.

Instead, be sure to save your Master Ball for when you head off to Cerulean Cave to catch Mewtwo. There are various strategies you can employ to catch Zapdos. For example, you can use Berries to make Zapdos more pliable, including Golden Nanab Berries to make Zapdos sit still.

How To Get To The Power Plant

To get to the Power Plant, first travel back to Cerulean City via Sky Dash and head east onto Route 9 and Route 10.

Make your way back through this area until you come to a body of water to the northeast in Route 10, just north of the Pokemon Center in front of the Rock Tunnel entrance. Use Sea Skim and surf all the way down to the large building in the south of the area.

If you’ve defeated the Elite Four, you can reach this area by other means. You’ll know what that is if you’ve unlocked it!

You will face a single trainer when you get out of the water :

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Where Is The Power Plant In Pokmon: Let’s Go

The Power Plant is located near Route 10. Visit this section of the map and journey to the Poké Centre. Head north to the edge of the water by the long grass and use your Sea Skim technique to surf on the water.

Now, follow the river south until you reach a lake. Head west and get back on dry land as soon as you can and you’ll find the Power Plant nearby.

What Happens To The Power Plant In Pokemon Pocket Monsters

How to get to the Power Plant in Pokémon: Let

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga, Red and his Pokémon visited the Power Plant in Regain the Deserted Power Plant!. Like many places that he visits, the Power Plant ended up being destroyed by Reds Clefairy . This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring the Power Plant in the Pokémon Trading Card Game .

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Explore The Power Plant

Go into the Power Plant. In here, you can catch Voltorb, Magnemite, and others.

Go north from the entrance and look to the right to find a Max Revive.

To the north, you can battle Coach Trainer Mable, who has a level 44 Omastar,a level 45 Aerodactyl, and a level 44 Kabutops. You get 4500 Pokédollars forwinning. After the battle, you get 5 Rare Candies.

Go east from here, then southeast, then east. There are two paths goingeast. Use the upper of these two paths. Go east and check on the last redbarrel in the southern row of barrels to find a hidden Voltorb Candy.

Keep going east and check on the last red barrel in the northern row ofbarrels to find a hidden Voltorb Candy.

Go east, then north, to find a Max Potion.

Go west along the northern path, and check the first red barrel to find ahidden Voltorb Candy.

Go west. The item that looks like a Poké Ball is actually an Electrode.Check on it if you want to try to catch it .

Go west and check on the last red barrel to find a hidden Voltorb Candy.

Then go east, then south, then west to leave this area, then go south whenyou can. Go east to find an X Sp. Def.

Go southeast from there, then go southwest. In this room, go east to finda Rare Candy.

Then go west, then north. Then go east, then south when you can, to find TM38 Thunder.

You can go to the east side of this room to find another Electrode that you can try to defeat and catch.

Go south from that Electrode, then check the blue chair on the right to finda Pretty Wing.

How Do I Catch Zapdos In Pokmon: Let’s Go

If you followed our guide to the Power Plant above, you’re all set to catch yourself a Zapdos. Enter the Power Plant and reach the northwestern section, where you’ll find a lonely Zapdos chilling. Touch it to initiate a battle with the Legendary Pokémon.

You’ve got five minutes to defeat this dude before you can attempt to catch it, so we recommend whipping out any powerful Ground, Grass, Electric, or Dragon Pokémon you have sitting about to make this battle easier. Zapdos is level 50, so it’s worth bearing that in mind before you begin. You’ll need an equally powerful Pokémon to tackle this one.

If you manage to defeat it, it’s time to try catching it. Don’t worry, you won’t have to contend with a timer when you get to the catching phase, as just catching the bird is difficult enough. We recommend bringing a bunch of Great or Ultra Balls and some Razz Berries to give you the highest possible chance of catching Zapdos. Now go and give it a shot.

Did this guide help you catch the legendary Pokémon Zapdos? Are you having loads of fun with Pokémon: Let’s Go? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!

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How To Get Mew In Pokemon Let’s Go

There’s no secondary spawn for Mewtwo, but it is worth keeping in mind that the Pokemon that it’s cloned from, Mew, is available to players in a far easier way. Mew is included with every purchase of the Poke Ball Plus as a sort of bonus for players who go all-in on their Pokemon Let’s Go Experience.

Mew arrives at a low level and isn’t massively powerful, but as a pure psychic type it’s a type you don’t encounter often until later on in the game, so it’s a very useful bonus indeed.

Catching A 2nd Moltres In The Wild

How to get to the Power Plant in Pokemon Let’s Go

You can actually catch another Moltres in the wild – and more beyond that – if you’re patient and dedicated to your legendary-farming craft. As with the previous legendary birds, these extra appearances in the wild take place as a rare Pokemon spawn with some painfully low spawning rates.

After you’ve grabbed Moltres from Victory Road, it can be a rare spawn on Routes 1-4, 6-8, 10-19 and 21-25. You’ll need to be flying on a Pokemon of your own for a chance of catching up with it.

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Do You Need Surf To Get To Power Plant

Before you are able to reach the Power Plant off Route 10, you need to have either the Secret Technique that allows fly, or the one that allows you to surf. You need this because there is no clear path to the Power Plant. Once you have learned the Secret Technique required, head to the Pokemon Center on Route 10.

Pokemon Let’s Go: Zapdos Battle & Capture Tips

Before you try to approach Zapdos, there’s some important context you should be aware of – before you have the chance to catch Zapdos, you have to beat it in battle. You should’ve encountered this sort of wild Pokemon before with the sleeping Snorlax that were blocking the roads, but now it’s much higher stakes with a powerful level 50 legendary Pokemon.

Zapdos is a flying and electric-type mix, so that makes it most vulnerable to rock-type Pokemon and attacks overall. Ice-type Pokemon and moves work well too, but they’re harder to come by in Kanto. Rock-types are easily found, however, and you’d be surprised how well an evolved member of the Geodude or Rhydon evolution families can fare against this legendary. Onix is a great pick too.

Remember that if your moves aren’t cutting it you could bolster a Pokemon’s chances with some choice move TMs.

If you’re after a shiny Zapdos, keep in mind that the same shiny rules apply as outlined in our shiny hunting guide – you should abuse Pokemon Let’s Go’s catch combo system and possibly wait to earn the shiny charm before initiating this encounter if you’re desperate for a shiny form. As a warning, the pre-battle cutscene doesn’t display Zapdos as shiny – it’ll only appear as shiny in gameplay sequences.

Finally, the Zapdos stats, nature and so on are defined when you go to catch it – so if you save before the fight, you can indeed save scum to get favorable stats.

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