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How To Get A Sinnoh Stone Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stone: How To Get A Sinnoh Stone For Evolution

EASY Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon GO!

The Sinnoh Stone is an all-new item in Pokemon Go, though mercifully it’s obtained in a set, reliable way – and unlike other evolution stones, you don’t have to rely on the random chance that it will crop up as a field research mission reward or drop from a Pokestop.

In order to get your hands on a Sinnoh Stone, you simply need to complete seven days worth of Field Research rewards. It doesn’t matter what missions you’re actually undertaking to get there – you simply need to complete seven days worth of quests, a regular goal for trainers anyway in catching that month’s limited-run field research Pokemon Encounter. When you do this, there’s a chance a Sinnoh Stone will drop as part of the reward. That means you’ve got four chances a month to do this if you’re fastidious about those field missions – and then you also have the low chance of a drop from a Pokestop.

The Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stone is likely to become available through other means later on, but for now this is the only way to obtain it..

Which Pokmon Evolve Using Sinnoh Stones

There are many Pokémon from the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn region that have Sinnoh evolutions from Sinnoh Stones. Heres the current list:

  • Budew Roselia Roserade
  • Ralts Kirlia Gallade
  • Snorunt Froslass

Each new Sinnoh evolution also costs 100 candy, but if youre still catching up on earlier evolutions, the good news is that some basic evolutions now require less candy .

How To Get Sinnoh Stones To Evolve Murkrow Into Honchkrow In Pokemon Go

Sinnoh Stones are required to evolve some Pokemon Go species, but theyre not easy to come by. Heres how to collect more Sinnoh Stones and evolve your Pokemon from the Sinnoh area, including Honchkrow.

Catching em all has always been the name of the game in Pokemon, and its no different in Pokemon Go. The majority of species may be caught in the wild or discovered in Raid Battles, while others must be evolved after collecting enough Candy.

However, some Pokemon require more than Candy to develop they require unique materials that are difficult to come by. The Sinnoh Stone, which was released in 2019 and aids in the evolution of Pokemon into forms first seen in the Sinnoh region of Gen 4, is one of these goods.

You may be wondering where to look for Sinnoh Stones, what theyre used for, and which Pokemon may be evolved using them. In our Sinnoh Stone guide, weve answered all of your questions.

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How To Get An Unova Stone In Pokemon Go

Get on those research tasks and make sure you complete one a day as you will have a chance to get an Unova stone once every seven days if you do.

They tend to drop the most commonly from these research tasks, specifically when you collect the rewards for completing seven days worth but, and this is frustrating, it is no guarantee. You could also end up with a Sinnoh stone but the best advice is to just keep doing these and hope that you get lucky.

The word is that you will also be able to get one from PVP battles at some point but right now that hasnt been added so we just have the research tasks at the moment.

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Hoenn Pokemon That Evolve With A Sinnoh Stone

Sinnoh Stone Evolutions

Finally, were onto the Hoenn Pokemon. Fun fact: none of the Pokemon that originate in Sinnoh need a Sinnoh Stone to evolve. Weird! Theres probably some weird lore reason surrounding this, but its too early for me to even begin to hypothesise.

  • Snorunt > Froslass
  • Dusclops > Dusknoir
  • Kirlia > Gallade

Now there are two standouts here. Snorunt and Kirlia need to be a specific gender in order to evolve with a Sinnoh Stone, and these are the only two gender restricted Pokemon of this kind. Froslass can only be obtained by evolving a female Snorunt, and Gallade can only be evolved from a male Kirlia both rarer than their counterparts. Lets hope youve managed to catch one before now!

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‘pokmon Go’: How To Get 5 Guaranteed Sinnoh Stones And Evolve Mammoswine This Community Day


Ever since November I’ve been questing after Sinnoh Stones. The new-ish items in Pokémon GO are the key unlocking the untapped potential of your Pokémon, as well as Niantic’s grindy item of choice for the past few months. Gen 4 is full of evolutions of Pokémon from previous generations, and Sinnoh stones are how Niantic kept long-time players from evolving as soon as those evolutions were made available. They’re required for all of those particular Gen 4 evolutions, and they only come from 3 places: trainer battles, gym leader training and Field Research 7-day rewards. The drop rate has been low enough to make them pretty annoying, too. I train with my gym leader and do three trainer battles every day, and I only recently got enough to evolve all of the currently available creatures. That grinding is looking a little futile right now, because the game is giving away a bunch of Sinnoh Stones this Community Day.

First off, it’s more complicated than it seems. To start with, let’s get you your 5 guaranteed stones. You can get those from training with a gym leader seemingly any time on the calendar day that is Community Day in your region. It turned on at 12:00 AM on February 16 in the Americas, and I can confirm that I got 5 stones from 5 training sessions.

Regardless, you only need 1 Sinnoh Stone to get your Mammoswine, or maybe two if you want one regular and one shiny. If you’re still trying to fill out the rest of your Pokédex, however, be sure to load up.

Get Sinnoh Stones Through Pvp Battles

It’s very rare but there’s a small chance to obtain Sinnoh Stones during PVP battles. Players have reportedly received them both as a reward for winning and as a consolation prize for losing. Though it’s a smaller chance than via Research Breakthroughs, you’re able to play several PVP rounds to earn rewards per day.

To play PVP, enter the main menu and click the option in the top right labeled ‘Battle.’

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Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stone Evolution

There are 22 Gen 4 Pokemon who can be evolved from previous generations using the Sinnoh Stone

As long as the Sinnoh Stone, youll also need to use 100 candy to evolve each creature.

Heres a list of all the Pokemon you can evolve and who they evolve into:

Gen 1 evolutions

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How To Evolve Misdreavus Into Mismagius


Evolving your Misdreavus intoMismagius works in the same way aswith the other evolution above:

To evolve your Misdreavus intoMismagius, you will need to havea Sinnoh Stone with you in your bags.You will also need to have all 100 candy, in the same way as with a normal evolution.

On your Misdreavus pokémon’s screen, select theevolution through the usual in-game menu. The Sinnoh Stone and candywill be consumed, and you’ll have a newMismagius.

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How To Use The Rocket Radar In Pokmon Go

To use the Rocket Radar, equip it from the items bag, then tap the icon in the upper right corner of the map screen. Using it will change the appearance of the overworld map in Pokémon Go.

This new version of the map will highlight the location of the Team Go Rocket Leaders, allowing you to track them down.

PokéStops that have been invaded by a Rocket Leader will have the red Team Rocket ‘R’ hovering above them.

When you approach an invaded PokéStop, the Rocket Leader inhabiting will appear on the map, just like a Grunt.

If you don’t fancy fighting that particular Rocket Leader – their location is randomised, but fixed for the day – you can walk to the next invaded PokéStop and see who you find.

When you find a Rocket Leader that you wish to battle, simply enter the PokéStop and confront them just like a Grunt.

All Sinnoh Stone Development In Pokmon Go

Pokémon GO contains a total of 22 Pokemon, and you can only develop them using Sinnoh stones. You can continue development as usual by clicking the corresponding monster in the Pokémon series and then clicking the Develop button.

With the exception of Sinnoh stones, you always need a certain amount of candy to make a Pokémon. In the list below, you can see all monsters with rare items that can only be developed in PokémonGO.


Pokémon GO: Overview of Xinnuo Stone Development

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How To Evolve Snorunt Into Froslass

Evolving your Snorunt intoFroslass works in the same way aswith the other evolution above:

To evolve your Snorunt intoFroslass, you will need to havea Sinnoh Stone with you in your bags.You will also need to have all 100 candy, in the same way as with a normal evolution.

On your Snorunt pokémon’s screen, select theevolution through the usual in-game menu. The Sinnoh Stone and candywill be consumed, and you’ll have a newFroslass.

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stones: Eligible Pokemon

Sinnoh Stone Evolutions

There are a whopping 18 Pokemon that use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve, but since some of them are meta-relevant, youll potentially need even more than that.

Heres a full list of which Pokemon evolve with a Sinnoh Stone:

  • Lickitung Lickilicky
  • Dusclops Dusknoir
  • Snorunt Froslass

Important note: These Pokemon still require candies to evolve, as well. The Sinnoh Stone does not replace the candy cost, unfortunately.

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Are There Any Other Ways To Obtain Sinnoh Stone

For now, at least, the only confirmed way to obtain a Sinnoh Stone is by completing the Research Breakthroughs. It looks like there are more ways to do this, according to the Pokémon GO community manager on Twitter. As you can see in the Tweet below, there will be more ways to get Sinnoh Stone in the future. If you managed to get one using a different method, let us know in the comments below.

Nicholas Oyzon November 14, 2018 Manage cookie settings

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How To Use The Sun Stone In Pokemon Go

Whats with all these choices? Is Niantic trying to make this as hard as possible? You decide. Not only will Sun Stone let you evolve Gloom into Bellossom, but also the adorable Sunkern into the equally delightful Sunflora. The latter here is the easiest of the two if youre blessed with a local garden or even golf course.

Gloom evolves into Bellossom with Sun Stone and 100 Oddish candy

Sunkern evolves into Sunflora with Sun Stone and 50 Sunkern candy

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What Is The Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon Go

The Sinnoh Stone is a special evolution item that lets you transform many of the games Pokemon into their Gen 4 versions.

The likes of Rhyperior, Magmortar, Electivire, Mismagus, Gliscor, PorygonZ, Honchkrow, Weavile, Roserade, Togekiss, and Dusknoir cannot be caught in the wild like regular pokémon and wont evolve using just candies so you need the stone to get catchem all.

How To Get Sinnoh Stones

HOW TO GET A SINNOH STONE IN POKEMON GO! All New Gen 4 Evolutions Released in Pokemon GO!
7-Day Research Task
Team Rocket Go Leaders during Community Day
  • Dont stress yourself by searching for Sinnoh Stones at PokeStops or as an aspect of activities. Only on the seventh day of a Research Task or for participating in PvP can you obtain a Sinnoh Stone as a prize in Pokemon Go.
  • Unsurprisingly, theres no assurance that youll get a Sinnoh Stone at the close of your 7-day streak. However, the odds of a Sinnoh Stone from a regular Pokemon Go Legendaries incentive are quite high.
  • A Sinnoh Stone can also be found as a portion of your post-battle prizes in PvP mode. Trainers were credited for both W or L with Sinnoh Stones, so theres no definite indication of the probability of this. Itll be a situation of not getting too upset by the chances!
  • There is another way to obtain Sinnoh Stones, but it will take some time. The Pokemon Go Community Day occurs once every month, and depending on what activities are included, trainers could get up to 10 Sinnoh Stones!
  • If you dont want to play PvP, just complete your Research Tasks daily. After that, its just a matter of deciding which Pokemon to use it on!

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Getting It Through Trainer Battles

Trainer battles are a good way of getting Sinnoh Stones. All you need to do is to play against other players and hope that a Sinnoh Stone will drop. The drop rate varies depending on what Trainer Battle you are doing.

You could be participating in the Great League, Master League, Ultra League, or just regular PVP, you have a chance of getting a Stone.


PVP has the highest rate to get a Sinnoh Stone as a reward which is why some people will PVP their friends over and over again until they get the Stone.

In fact, some people will lose on purpose to end the battle quicker and have more chances to get the Stone.

Other Pokemon GO Topics

What Is A Sinnoh Stone

The Sinnoh Stone is the latest addition to Pokémon Gos evolution items. Similar to the others such as the Metal Coat, Kings Rock, Sun Stone, etc. It can be used to evolve specific Pokémon into their generation 4 evolutions. Unlike the other evolution items, the Sinnoh Stone can be used on quite a few different Pokémon. While the others only work on 1 or 2, the Sinnoh Stone can create 18 new evolutions.

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Pokmon Go Battle League Item Rewards

As you climb through each Season’s in the Go Battle League, you’ll find yourself being rewarded in a number of way. This includes set win rewards, Pokémon encounters and rewards for progressing to new a Rank.

The specifics of rewards, especially the Pokémon encounters, tend to change from season to season, so it’s always a good idea to read through this section at the beginning of each season, so that you know what’s waiting for you.

Rank rewards

Rank rewards are, as the name suggests, the rewards you receive for progressing to a new rank in the Go Battle League. These rewards often include useful items, like Potions, and Stardust.

Under the ranking system from Season 6 onwards, a number of ranks now only require you to complete one set of battles, be it win or lose, for you to progress to the next rank. These ranks have also been given specific reward tracks, which means you’re guaranteed a certain type of reward for completing them.

Below you can find these special ranks and the type of rewards you’ll receive for completing them:

  • Rank 5 – Mystery items
  • Rank 19 – Pokémon encounters and an Elite Fast TM

Go League set win rewards

Each set contains five matches, and you earn more rewards for each subsequent win, allowing you to win a total of five rewards if you win every match.

You can see what the rewards in both the basic and premium sets are before you begin, so you can make the call of whether you want to spend a Premium Pass or not .

How To Evolve Yanma Into Yanmega

" Pokemon Go"  Sinnoh Stone Evolution Guide

Evolving your Yanma intoYanmega works in the same way aswith the other evolution above:

To evolve your Yanma intoYanmega, you will need to havea Sinnoh Stone with you in your bags.You will also need to have all 100 candy, in the same way as with a normal evolution.

On your Yanma pokémon’s screen, select theevolution through the usual in-game menu. The Sinnoh Stone and candywill be consumed, and you’ll have a newYanmega.

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Ice Shard + Avalanche

Weavile was also blessed with a powerful set of Ice attacks. This dual utility contributes to Weavile being an excellent recipient of a Sinnoh Stone. However, Mamoswine outperforms Weavile in all Ice-related aspects.

Competitors: Mamoswine, Glaceon, Mewtwo

Highest DPS Rayquaza Counters:

Weavile has the most powerful Ice- and Dark-type movesets already, and would be a bit out of left field as an exclusive move target. If anything, should we ever see repeat Community Days, Tyranitar could use a boost with Foul Play to put it back on top.

How To Get A Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon Go 2021

| Oct 25, 2021

There are plenty of Pokemon with various evolutions in Pokemon GO, though a few will need some items to evolve, like the Sinnoh Stone. Hereâs how to acquire Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon GO.

Sinnoh Stones are necessary to evolve certain Pokemon, mostly those who originated from the Sinnoh Region. In addition to needing candies, the items must be used in conjunction, and consumed upon evolution. Itâs similar to how stones worked in the original Pokemon games, with players needing to find and use them.

The following Pokemon can evolve with the Sinnoh Stone:

  • Electabuzz – Electivire
  • Dusclops – Dusknoir
  • Kirlia – Gallade

Pokémon GOâs October community Day will star Duskull! It takes place October 9th, 11AM – 5PM local. * Evolve during event or up to two hours after for Shadow Ball on Dusknoir* 4 Sinnoh Stones available in Timed Research* Bonus: 3x catch Stardust


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