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How To Trade A Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Add Trainers To Your Friends List


Interacting with other players in Pokémon Go often requires you to add them to your friends list, and this is no different when it comes to trading. Depending on the level of friendship that you have with the player you are trading with, you may receive extra bonuses, such as the opportunity to have the traded Pokémon become Lucky, which will allow it to grow much faster. Adding friends requires access to your Trainer Code, which can be found by accessing the Friends section of the character menu, then tapping Add Friend.

Unfortunately for players, Pokémon Go only allows friends within 100 meters to trade with one another, though this distance is occasionally lengthened during specific events.

Prepare To Use A Lot Of Stardust

When you tap a friends portrait in your friends list and you have met the distance requirements, you will find the option to trade. Youll quickly notice that depending on the Pokémon you wish to trade with one another, however, the amount of Stardust youll be using to do so may be large.

To maintain the amount of trades and what Pokémon are sent between players, Pokémon Go requires a certain amount of Stardust for each trade depending on the type of Pokémon, as well as the friendship between the players. If both Pokémon being traded are in both players Pokédex, the trade will only cost 100 Stardust regardless of friendship level.

There are also Special Trades which further limit how much players may trade with one another, as well as exponentially increase the Stardust cost. These types of trades can only be done once per day. If both Pokémon are Legendary or Shiny and in both players Pokédex, or neither normal Pokémon is in either players Pokédex, the trade will cost 20,000 Stardust for Good Friends, 16,000 for Great Friends, 1,600 for Ultra Friends, or 800 for Best Friends. And if both Pokémon are Legendary or Shiny and are not in either players Pokédex, Good Friends will be set back a whopping 1,000,000 Stardust Great Friends 800,000 Ultra Friends 80,000 and Best Friends 40,000.

Pokemon Go Wiki Guide

In this Pokemon Go trading guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the trading system, which allows you to trade Pokemon with players on your friends list. In addition, we’ll detail the different types of trades available, how giving Gifts to Friends works, and how players can increase their friendship level for trading benefits.

As mentioned above, trades are only possible with players on your friends list, and only if you’re within 100 meters of one another. Players also need a minimum trainer level of 10 in order to participate in trades. You can add a player by sharing your 12-digit Trainer Code with them. This code can be found in the Trainer section, under the friends tab.

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Whats The Latest Pokemon Trading Discount

The amount of Stardust required for trades in Pokemon Go depends on many different factors. For example, the Stardust cost to trade with friends will be much lower than dealing with strangers because your friend is part of your friend list for 90 or more days.

Moreover, you can also save some money by ensuring that both Pokemon are roughly equivalent to strength, so no one loses out due to differences in level. However, it could take a long time to accumulate Stardust if you wish to trade with a player who you have recently befriended. Still, you can get discounts and prizes in Pokemon Go trading.

Depending on the friendship level, you can receive the following Pokemon Go trade cost discounts:

Friendship Level
96% discount, 10% damage bonus, and 100,000 XP reward for the game.

Yeah No Problem Do I Get Any Other Rewards For Trading My Pokmon

The Ultimate Stardust Guide: Farming, Trading, Second ...

In honor of giving away one of your monsters, youll get additional candy from a complete trade. The amount is based on the distance between where the trade is taking place and where the Pokémon was caught. So if you caught your Pikachu all the way in London but you live in New York City, youll be getting the maximum of three candy.

You can also potentially get a Lucky Pokémon, which you can only receive through exchanging one with a friend.

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Which Pokemon Can You Evolve With Trading

Evolution is one of the most important aspects of the game Pokemon go. You can evolve several pokemons just by trading them. There are several pokemon that you can evolve using trading. Given below is the list of the different pokemon that can benefit from evolution.

  • Kadabra
  • Karrablast
  • Shelmet

However, trading Pokemons in Pokemon go could be slightly tricky without having at least one close friend in the games who is also of a considerable level. Only then, you will be able to evolve your pokemon by trading.

How Do You Catch A Mythical Pokemon In Pokmon Go

  • Step One: Find a Raid Pass. You cant just walk up to a raid boss and pile inyoull need a Raid Pass.
  • Step Two: Find a Legendary Raid Boss. Raid bosses appear exclusively at Pokémon Gyms.
  • Step Three: Team Up and Choose Your Pokémon.
  • Step Four: Take Down the Boss.
  • Step Four: Catch the Legendary Pokémon.
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    What Do You Mean By Trading Pokmon

    Pokémon is, in its most basic form, a collect-a-thon. The point is to catch em all, but the rub is that its impossible to do so without help from your friends. If you have a Pokémon your friend needs for their collection and vice versa you can help each other out by connecting and trading the ones you need back and forth.

    How To Trade Your Pokmon

    HOW TO TRADE IN POKÉMON GO! (Trading Update)

    You can add any other Pokémon Go trainer from anywhere in the world to your Friends list, provided you have their code. While you can send them gifts from wherever you are, to actually trade with them, you have to be physically close together the same goes for when you raid or battle a gym together.

    Step 1: In order to initiate a trade when youre physically near a friend , open the Friend tab and select the person you want to trade with.

    Step 2: Hit the Trade button in the bottom-right corner, then wait for the other person to connect.

    Step 3: Pull up your Pokémon and pick what you want to trade, and Pokémon Go will tell you what itll cost you.

    Youll also see a CP range of the Pokémon will change when the trade goes through. The range is affected by your trainer level and the level of whomever youre trading with so if theyre a higher level than you, their super-strong Pokémon will probably get their CP lowered as well as your Friendship level with that person.

    Step 4: Select Trade.

    Step 5: When you finish the trade, your new Pokémon gets a new, random CP level from within the range.

    Youll also get something for trading other than a new Pokémon: candies. How many candies you receive from a trade is determined by where the Pokémon being traded were caught. The farther away you are from wherever the Pokémon was nabbed, up to 100 kilometers , the more candies the trade will dish out.

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    How To Grow Your Friendships

    Now that youve made some friends, you need to increase your level of friendship with them. You can do that in three ways: Trading together, playing raids and gym battles together, and giving gifts. Gifts are items that sometimes appear randomly when you spin a PokéStop out in the world. Theyre not objects you can keep or use, but you can give them to someone on your Friends list. Giving and receiving gifts increases your friendship with that person through four different stages: Good Friend, Great Friend, Ultra Friend, and Best Friend.

    The good news is that, despite all these levels of friendship, you only need to be Good Friends with someone to start trading Pokémon. It only takes one gift passed between friends to make you Good Friends, and once that happens, youre only barred from trading Mythical Pokémon such as Mew.

    What Has Pokmon Go Said About Trading Pokmon

    From Pokémon Go:

    If you’re near a friend and have a Trainer Level of 10 or higher, you can trade Pokémon you’ve caught with that friend. Completing a trade earns a bonus Candy for the Pokémon you’ve traded away, and that bonus can increase if the Pokémon you traded were caught in locations far apart from each other! All trades are powered by Stardust, and some trades require more Stardust than others. As you build your Friendship Level with the friend you are trading with, you’ll find that you can complete the trade with much less Stardust.

    Certain Pokémon, such as a Legendary Pokémon, a Shiny Pokémon, or a Pokémon not currently in your Pokédex, require a Special Trade to complete, so keep that in mind before trading away that golden Magikarp! Special Trades can only occur once per day with a Great Friend or Best Friend, and it often requires a lot of Stardust to complete a Special Trade. Special Trades are a great way to show a friend how much you care!

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    Technical And Hidden Machines & Technical Record

    Technical Machines and Hidden Machines , commonly abbreviated as TMs and HMs, can be used to teach moves to Pokémon, including some moves that they would otherwise not learn by increasing in level. TMs are commonly found in the field, in shops, and as rewards for defeating a Gym Leader. HMs are often vital to game progression as they have important effects outside of battle, allowing the player to traverse certain obstacles. For example, Pokémon who learn the HM move Surf can transport the protagonist over water, which is necessary to reach island locations. When a Pokémon learns an HM move, the move cannot be deleted or replaced unless the player uses the services of an NPC known as the Move Deleter.

    Prior to Generation V, TMs could only be used once. However, from Generation V onwards, TMs could be used infinitely. HMs could be used indefinitely even before Generation V when TMs can be used more than once. In Generation VII, HMs were removed and the usage of HMs outside of battle were replaced by other means such as the Poke Rider, which summons a Pokemon to do things that formerly HMs did such as surf across water.

    Generation VIII also introduced the introduction of TRs, or Technical Records, which work similarly to the TMs, but they can only be used once. Once a TR is used, it will break.

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    How To Evolve A Pokemon By Trade

    Pokemon Go Unown Trade A

    After trading the Pokemon to your friend, they should see a checkmark on the trade icon. This means that they can now evolve the Pokemon for free. Unlike Pokemon that evolve with stones and candy, all Pokemon that evolve by trade can be evolved for free using this method.

    However, you should note that traded Pokemon cannot be given back. Once you trade a Pokemon to another player, you cannot get that Pokemon back from them. You will need to catch another one. This is why players usually trade their more common Pokemon to their friends. Some even keep a stockpile of weaker Pokemon just to trade to their friends to increase their friendship level.

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    Kyogre Master League Pvp

    Kyogre is a Legendary Water Type Pokemon with a max CP of 4652 at Level 50. Hailing from the Hoenn region , Kyogre tops the chart as one of the best Water Type Pokemon in Go Battle Master League due to its insane Max CP and a very good overall stat. While, most other Pokemon have always been in and out of the META in the Go Battle League, Kyogre is only one of the few Pokemon to have consistently stayed close to top. All this, without any exclusive move whatsoever.

    So, if Kyogre doesnt have any exclusive moves, why bother Lucky Trade it? Well, simply because Kyogre has a lot of room to power it up due to its insanely high Max CP, which crosses the 4000 mark. The benefit here which trainers might look forward to gain is the reduced Stardust cost while powering it up, and maintaining a really decent IV mark even if its a Shiny Kyogre. So, if your PvP team lacks a great Water-Type Pokemon, Kyogre is one of your best shot!

    How To Get Lucky Pokmon

    You can get Lucky Pokémon randomly when trading Pokémon with friends. When you trade, theres a small chance that your Pokémon will become Lucky. Both Pokémon will always become Lucky if one does.

    According to research from The Silph Road, Pokémon are more likely to become Lucky if they were caught long ago. The research shows that Pokémon less than a year old have about a 5% chance to be lucky, Pokémon that are a year old have a 10% chance, and Pokémon that are two years old have a 25% chance. This means that holding onto rare Pokémon for a long time is probably worth doing, even if just to get a Lucky Pokémon.

    If you have Lucky Friends, which happens randomly with Best Friends, then your next trade will be Lucky, guaranteed. While Niantic hasnt announced the Lucky Friends chance, some researchers on The Silph Road subreddit note that the Lucky Friends odds are a little bit below 2% per exchange.

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    Trading Pokemon In Pokemon Go

    Trainers should note that Legendary Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon or Pokemon that are not currently in their Pokedex require a special trade. They also require more Stardust than usual.

    These kinds of trades can only happen once a day, so it is important to bear that in mind if there are many Pokemon of that nature to be traded.

    If both the trainer and their friend are at level 10 or higher, they can follow the steps given below to trade a Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

    Can You Trade Mythical Pokmon Like Mew

    How to trade ( exchange pokemon ) in Pokémon Go

    No. Mythical Pokémon, most of which are limited to one per account, cannot be traded at all. Of the Mythical Pokémon to be introduced to Pokémon Go, only one was not limited to a single Pokémon per account. Darkrai was part of Legendary Raids over Halloween, but Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi were all introduced as part of Special Research. Because every player can earn a single copy of these Mythical Pokémon, Niantic does not allow them to be traded.

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    How Special Trades Work In Pokemon Go

    When you gathered Stardust in excess, now follow the steps below to trade with the player:

    Physical Availability

    Both the Pokemon Go Special trade players should be present in the same area physically for trading. Either you are friends or not in the game.

    Search the Desired Trainer

    Then, search the Trainer Profile. Open the Map View of your screen. This profile is present on the left side of the bottom.

    Now, you can check your friends list.

    After that, click on the desired trainer whom you want to trade Pokemon with.

    Then, click on the trading icon and open the trading screen.

    Select the Pokemon for Trading

    After joining the session, now you can select your favorite Pokemon for trading. You can also check the detail of that Pokemon before trading. If you found any issue in the CP, HP of your Pokemon, they will be set automatically when you trade it. Now click the trade, and that Pokemon will send to your trade partner.

    BySam Loveridge, Ford James17 September 2020

    Pokemon Go trading guide: How to trade in Pokemon Go, how much trading costs, who you can trade with and more

    Pokemon Go trading is one of the key features in the game these days, because you can get some serious benefits from it. From getting lucky Pokemon to evolving specific Pokemon for free, trading in Pokemon Go only has one hurdle you need a friend to trade with! Once youve fulfilled that , the world is your oyster. Heres everything you need to know about Pokemon Go trading.

    Learn How To Truly Catch ’em All With Our Pokmon Go Trading Guide Though Do Be Warned There Are Some Pretty Tight Restrictions On Trading Your ‘mon

    Theres nothing quite like the great outdoors, getting fresh air, going on adventures, and, of course, catching adorable beasties in Pokémon Go. You didnt really think we were going on a walk for no reason, did you? Sure, were all for exercise. It just helps when it involves loveable mons. Speaking of which, the location-based game is full to the brim with Pokémon from multiple generations, meaning that there are hundreds of buddies out there for you to capture.

    This is quite the task, but were sure all you trainers out there like the challenge, and its rewarding when you finally grab that rare, elusive Pokémon. However, filling the entire Pokédex on your own is quite the task, and frankly, youd need to be a globetrotter to get them all. Moreover, you must trade some monsters to evolve them. Fortunately, thats where Pokémon Go trading comes in. As is customary with mon games, you can trade the monsters you have with other people. However, there are some restrictions, which well go over with you.

    If youre after more great mon content, we have plenty to keep you busy, such as Pokémon Gos Arlo, Pokémon Gos Sierra, and Pokémon Gos Cliff. We also have a list of the Pokémon Go legendary monsters, just in case youre curious about who the rarest beasties are. Oh, and dont forget to check out our Pokémon Go codes page to grab yourself some great freebies.

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