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Why Are Pokemon Cards Sold Out

Gotta Catch Em All: Retailers Deal With A Shortage Of Pokemon Cards

Why Are Pokemon Cards SOLD OUT Everywhere? How We Can Fix It

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – During the peak pandemic days, people had a lot of time on their hands while they were stuck inside during hunker down orders and closures. A lot of people spent that time buying and collecting a ton of Pokemon Trading Cards.

However, it got so popular that theres now a shortage of cards.

The Pokemon Company knows about the shortage, and the company released a statement online saying that it is planning to maximize production for new expansion releases in the future to increase product availability.

In fact, the shortage got so bad at one point over the last year that Target took them off the shelves because people were getting into fights over them. However, the retailer recently tweeted that theyre back in the stores.

The shortage trickles down to hit local retailers the hardest, according to Jean Kingslien, owner of Tier 1 Cards and Games in South Anchorage.

Pokemon cards are sold in different sets of cards. Some are smaller, in the form of booster packs which have certain cards in them that one cant get otherwise. Booster packs are the least expensive, but there are fewer cards, according to Tier 1 staff.

They also have big boxes with complete decks, more cards, and also certain cards only available in there. Those could be well over $100 each on the shelves at Tier 1 right now. Kingslien said right now they have to raise the prices up to make up for the extra money they have to pay to get them.

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Southern Islands Reverse Holo Mew: $200

When the second Pokemon movie was released in Japan, the makers of the Trading Card Game decided to release a special edition set of cards to mark this occasion. The Southern Islands card series was born, featuring just two sets of nine cards apiece that were unique to any other set in the game.

Full sets of these cards can sell for a lot, but the absolute highest value is undoubtedly the Southern Islands Mew, which has a rare reverse foil treatment where the frame around the art is the only part thats shiny. Troll and Toad is currently selling copies for just over $200 right now, making it even more valuable than the elusive and stylish Ancient Mew mentioned earlier.

The Pokemon Company Apologizes For Pokemon Card Shortages

In May 2021, pre-orders for upcoming expansions Chilling Reign and Eevee Heroes sold out within seconds. Sellers using bots have made it nearly impossible for TCG fans to order online. Brick and mortars have not fared any better, with retail shelves across North America being emptied.

On May 11, The Pokemon Company finally broke their silence and addressed the issue in a letter to fans. The overall product of Pokemon Card Game has been well received beyond expectations and is currently out of stock. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who were not able to purchase items,a rough translation of the post read.

The Japanese creators explained that they have become overwhelmed by the demand for Pokemon cards, and promised to increase production: We will give top priority to delivering the desired products to our customers, continue to strengthen our production system, and promote the reproduction and shipment of missing products.

Interestingly, TPC issued a second statement following their apology and revealed they would also be implementing a lottery system moving forward for Pokemon cards being sold online.

Creature Inc. arent the only ones having to change policy to combat the scalping problem. In May, popular retailer Target had to start selling cards on one day a week. The store is now even willing to call the police on scalpers camping out at locations.

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What Is The Story Of Pokemon Black And White

The protagonist of Pokémon Black and White is a teenager who sets out on a journey through Unova to become the Pokémon master. The players primary goal is to obtain the eight Gym Badges of Unova and ultimately challenge the Elite Four of the Pokémon League, and its Champion, to complete the main story.

Ex Deoxys Gold Star Rayquaza

Why Are Pokemon Cards SOLD OUT Everywhere? How We Can Fix ...

Sold in December, 2020 for $45,100

Among the most powerful of any Pokémon, Rayquaza is a large, serpentine creature that gained a considerable boost in notoriety after serving as the box art mascot for the Pokémon Emerald video game.

EX Deoxys was the 24th set in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and its symbol is that of a shooting star.

The set consisted of 108 cards, three of which come with a gold star variant, including the Rayquaza Holo.

You’ll notice that next to the “Rayquaza” name in the upper-left, there is a foil gold star that sets it apart as the gold star variant.

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Pokemon As An Alternative Investment

Before we dive too into the weeds of strategy, pricing, and acquisition, lets first make sure we are on the same page regarding Pokemon as an actual investment.

Yes, I know, it sounds absurd BUT you can buy and trade Pokemon cards just as you would stocks.

Think of cards the same way you would think about investing in fine art. Why do people pay MILLIONS for a specific piece of art by a particular artist?

Supply and demand.

There are a finite number of works by that artist. If there is more demand than supply available, the price will increase.

That art holds value over time due to the fame or notoriety of the artist in question. There will always be people clamoring to buy original Van Gogh paintings. Over time the painting will become rarer just as more people enter the market. As demand increases the price goes up.

The same logic applies for trading cards and sports cards. First edition and rookie cards that had one print run will become valuable as time passes because there are only a finite number in existence.

You cant go back to 1999 and print more 1st Edition Charizards right? Similarly, you cant go back to 1999 and prevent your 8 year-old self from flushing the 1st Edition Charizard you did have down the toilet.

As demand and popularity for Pokemon continue to increase 1st Edition cards will also increase in value. Thus, investing in Pokemon could be a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio or try something new.

Holographic Shadowless Mewtwo: $20000

While the other Kanto starters dont come close to Charizard in the realm of First Edition cards, its hard to ignore the second-place winner off of its fame in the series. Most Pokemon fans are plenty aware of Mewtwo from the original Pokemon movie, and as a result cards featuring the character will often go for record-high prices in any set.

Much like the First Edition Charizard mentioned earlier, Mewtwo has its own Holographic and Shadowless version that PSA Collector has seen sold for at least $20,000, putting it far above Venusaur and Blastoise but still far below everyones favorite Fire-type tyrant of the skies.

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Holo Gold Star Rayquaza: $4500

Rather than many cards on this list, this Shiny Rayquaza from the EX Deoxys set is a rare Pokemon card thats mostly just mythical pull from a standard set. During this expansion, Pokemon with a Gold Star in your deck, making them just as powerful as they are gorgeous with unique colors and art exiting the frame.

Costs can vary massively, but spaces like Troll and Toad price the card at just under $4500. It simply combines all the great aspects of a standard card in the perfect combination, and the rarity of it in packs of this small expansion set make it one of the most valuable original Gen 3 cards, and one of the first major shiny cards to hit record prices before other shinies would catch up.

Pokemon First Edition Hitmonchan

Pokemon Cards Are Sold Out Everywhere!

Sold in November, 2020 for $23,100

Packing tremendous punching power, the fighting-type Hitmonchan is another collector favorite who can strike with extreme quickness and precision.

Ken Sugimori delivered an excellent design for this card as Hitmonchan’s boxing gloves, shoulder pads, and five protrusions on the top of its head create an aura of a Pokemon that you don’t want to face.

Hitmonchan cards were some of the most commonly used cards in competitive play, making them tough to find in top condition.

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How To Get Evolution Items In Pokemon Go

Now, I dont want to sound like a nagging Poke-parent ironic given how lax parents are in the main games but its time to up your game and start playing Pokemon Go every day. Yep, on your feet soldier. If you arent already, this small step will guarantee you a Pokemon Go evolution item every seven days from your seven day Pokestop streak and increase your odds of finding a Sinnoh Stone.

Regular special items such as Up-Grades and Kings Rocks sometimes even drop from regular Poke Stops but making sure to spin a Poke Stop every day and working towards your streak will ensure you get at least one every week. Bear in mind though that its impossible to predict what youll get so you might have to see a few Metal Coats before you find the Sun Stone you want.

The Sinnoh Stone, introduced with Gen 4, is a significantly trickier find but not impossible. There are two main ways to find a Sinnoh Stone. The first is to complete your seven day research breakthrough tasks. This essentially means earning one stamp each day until you earn a legendary Pokemon encounter. If youre lucky, at the same time, youll earn a Sinnoh Stone but they are not guaranteed. The second way to find one is to take part in trainer battles via PvP. Sinnoh Stones have been known to drop for both winners and losers. Good luck!

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Why Pokmon Cards Are So Popular Again

There are a couple of factors to consider when it comes to explaining the skyrocketed values of Pokémon cards. The first is nostalgia. The kids who grew up with these cards are now adults with their own money, so they’re looking to complete their old collections and perhaps even relive some of those magical childhood memories. Nostalgia and sentimentality can be especially high in tough times, and the COVID-19 global pandemic is certainly another reason the cards may have risen in value since last year.

The pandemic has affected pricing in several collecting markets, most notably when it comes to card trading and retro gaming, as prices for older titles, like Nintendo DS games, have soared. This could be explained by the pandemic also. As more people are indoors, they’re getting back into their collections at home, and they’re spending more time shopping online and hunting down rarities.

This, combined with the steady increase in value of Pokémon cards over the last decade, can perhaps help explain why some of these cards are now selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. For now, that means Pokémon cards have become a hot commodity once again – and only time will tell if this upward trend in values will continue once the pandemic has waned.

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Th Anniversary 24k Gold Ginza Tanaka Japanese Pikachu Card

Sold in November, 2020 for $28,100

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the storied franchise, the Pokemon Company partnered with Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka to produce this stunning card made from 11g of 24k gold.

Technically not a playing card, the imagery features none other than one of the most lovable Pokémon of them all: Pikachu.

Available for order for just twenty days, the cards were housed in impressive acrylic stands and shipped in beautiful boxes.

Given that 11g of 24k gold is worth around $600 or so by today’s standards, there’s no risk of anyone buying one of these to try and turn around and melt it.

Where Do I Buy Pokemon Cards

Most Expensive Pokémon Card Ever Sold Breaks Record

With the release of Pokemon X and Y, everyone is scrambling to get their hands on some new cards. Unfortunately, despite being a popular franchise with twenty years of history, there are not many good resources for buying Pokemon cards.

This guide will help you navigate the world of Pokemon card shops and help you understand where to look.

First, you need to know where the shops are. The best resource for finding stores that sell Pokemon cards is on . If you live in America, there are only 7 states which dont have at least one dedicated Pokemon card shop .

Once youve found a few within reasonable distance of where you live, its time to look at what each shop has to offer.

The first thing you should check when looking for a new Pokemon card shop are the prices. Unfortunately, most places will inflate their costs because they know that people will pay whatever is asked of them just to get their hands on some rare cards.

In order to make sure that you arent being ripped off, it helps to compare the costs of cards at different stores. If a store has a card for double the price of another, theyre most likely inflating prices and not worth going to again.

Next, you should look into whether or not a shop allows trading. If it does, this will be a good resource for finding rare cards and re-selling the non-rare ones you have for a profit. However, if a store doesnt allow trading then that is perfectly fine as well.

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Commando: Steel Disaster: $27

This hidden gem draws a great deal of inspiration from SNKs iconic Metal Slug series and brings some interesting 2D run and gun goodness to the Nintendo portable. Granted, it might be rather frustrating for the average gamer and might not have the polish of the Metal Slug series, but its an interesting game for hardcore 2D fans to add to their library.

Up through the end of 2015, Commando: Steel Disaster was pretty much a bargain bin oddity. You could easily find loose cartridges under $10 and complete copies for $20 or so. Carts havent increased dramatically but collectors have started to realize how incredibly rare a mint, complete copy of this game really is.

There are eBay sellers asking $500 for complete copies , but the $200 to $250 price range is where we typically see complete copies move.

Pokemon First Edition Venusaur

Sold in December, 2020 for $22,615

Venusaur, notorious for the large flower that protrudes from its back, is the final evolved form of one of the original starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur.

That flower serves more than just a decorative purpose, though, as Venusaur uses it to absorb energy from the sun’s rays.

Like Charizard and Blastoise, who derive extra notoriety for appearing on video game box art, Venusaur was the mascot of the Pokémon Green video game released for the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan in 1996.

As one of the most recognizable Pokémon, collectors are willing to pay hefty price tags for 1st edition examples of this card in high grade.

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Dragon Quest Vi: Realms Of Revelation

Description: Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation for Nintendo DS brings the classic console title into the handheld scene. Explore two parallel worlds while distinguishing reality from illusion and seeking to discover the true meaning of your very existence.

Why Its So Valuable: Even JRPG franchises as celebrated Dragon Quest dont see a ton of prints in the west. But because of their relative popularity and usually high standard of quality, these games are typically highly sought after.

Dragon Quest Vi: Realms Of Revelation: $82

Japanese Pokémon Cards SOLD OUT???

The Dragon Quest series has always had a relatively strong following in North America, but this is the first we can recall an entry in the series show up on one of our Rare and Valuable guides in a while.

This particular release is an enhanced remake of a Super Famicom title that never officially made it to North America before. The original SFC release is regarded as possibly one of the top 5 in the series and this remake received rather solid reviews overall.

While the series is huge in Japan, it didnt quite warrant a huge print run stateside. It seems like there is just starting to be slightly more demand than there is to supply.

Like many DS games, prices started int increase gradually in 2016 Dragon Quest VI, in particular was going for a $20 to $40 range, but started trending upward shortly after that.

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How Value Is Determined

The surge in Pokémon card prices doesnt necessarily mean every card is worth a lot of money or will be.

I think prices will rise for some cards, but obviously not all cards, which is what some people dont get, Caitlin Sidhu explained. If cards are still in print, they wont rise in price. Once the card is out of print it may go up in price, but its not guaranteed.

Jason A., a collector from East Tennessee who declined to give his last name, compared it to the stock market: You can take a bet on a cards value. Is it going to increase? Is it going to flop? Or is it just gonna stay steady?

There are plenty of cards out there that when they first got released are still the same price that they were back then, he said.

A cards scarcity, condition and the actual Pokémon on it all play a role in its value. First edition holographic cards released as part of Pokémons first print in 1999 command high prices especially Charizard.

Why is he always so coveted? In that first set, he was objectively the most powerful, with both the highest HP and the strongest attack. But maybe the reason for his appeal is more obvious than that.

I mean, hes a dragon. Kids love dragons, Garcia said. In the cartoon show, he was kind of rebellious, did whatever he wanted.

Kalvin Foley, after losing his eBay bid, said he was able to finally obtain his Rainbow Vmax Charizard in a private sale.

Only 39 were initially released through a Japanese comic contest in 1998.


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