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What Are Water Type Pokemon Weak To

How Does The Types Work In Pokmon Up To Pokmon Legends Arceus

Top 10 WEAKEST Water Type Pokemon

In the recent Pokémon installments we can find 18 Pokemon types. The latest one, Fairy type was introduced in Generation VI to balance the Dragon and Dark types. Since 2013, things have remained fairly stable in terms of Rates. Each Pokémon can have 1 or 2 types. They can have up to 4 moves, or attacks, that also have types. The type of moves is the one that interacts with the type of the defending Pokémon.

When fighting, players should use Pokémon moves that have an advantage over their opponents type so they cause more damage to the rival creatures. If done, they will inflict double damage . It is important to note that some Pokémon are double-type, so their resistances and weaknesses stack. For example, using a Grass-type move against a Groud-Rock type Pokémon will inflict a x4 modifier in the damage since it causes a x2 in each type.

There is another feature to take into consideration when ordering a Pokémon to attack. The STAB or Same Type Attack Bonus implies that when a Pokémon has the same type as the move it is using, it will have a 1.5 damage multiplier. For example, a Grass type Pokémon using a Grass-type move. This can be stacked with the previous mention advantages.

What Pokemon Is Strongest

Charizard Charizard is one of the most powerful and popular Pokemon of all time. It just happens to have a secondary Flying-type. Dragonite Dragonite was the first pseudo-legendary and maintained its status as one of the best Pokemon around. Rayquaza Rayquaza is one of the more powerful Legendary Pokemon.

Poison, Steel Dragon

Technically, Fairy types werent in the original Diamond and Pearl DS games, but were including them here in case you trade something in or in case the game offers more types once you unlock the national Pokédex near the end of the game.

Whats Good Against Water Pokemon

Battling against water Pokemon can be tricky because there are so many of them in fact, there are more water type Pokemon than any other type! That makes for a lot of different battle strategies!

And, water typing has now been paired with every other type which further complicates their weaknesses and resistances.

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Scizor Is Weak To Fire Type Attacks

Scizor is one of 6 Pokémon that are Bug and Steel types. Even its Mega Evolution retains these types. Scizor and Mega Scizor are superior to their first form, Scyther, because they are only weak to Fire.

Scizor has a body as durable as steel, and it uses its wings to keep its body from overheating and melting, which is crucial since even the Pokémon’s muscles are comprised solely of metal. As long as a trainer isn’t fighting a Fire type Pokémon, Scizor is a great pick.

Pokemon Go Type Chart: Strengths Effectiveness Weaknesses And Resistances Explained

Water Type Pokemon Strength &  Weakness

In Pokemon Go, Every type of Pokemon has four different relationships with other types any trainer should be aware of. That is:

  • Strong Against: represented on our type chart as Strong Vs, attacks from the listed type against the type listed here will deal additional damage to your opponent. This is ‘Super Effective’.
  • Weak Against: represented here as Weak Vs, attacks from the listed type against these types will do less damage to the enemy. This is ‘Not very effective…’
  • Resistance: listed as resist, taking attacks from this type will do much less damage to you.
  • Vulnerable: your type’s weaknesses. Attacks of these types will deal more damage – watch out!

So, for instance, Offensively a Ground-type Pokemon/move is Strong against Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire and Electric types, dealing double damage to them. It only does 50% damage against Flying, Bug and Grass Pokemon. Defensively, that same Ground-type Pokemon will take reduced damage from Poison, Rock and Electric Pokemon but also take double damage from Water, Grass and Ice – which is vulnerable to.

With that explained, let’s get into the Pokemon Go type chart in full.


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What Pokemon Type Beats Psychic

Ghost type pokemon attack are super effective against Ghost, Psychic type pokemon. Ghost type pokemon attacks are not effective against the Dark type pokemon. Ghost type pokemon attack are weak against Ghost, Dark type pokemon. Ghost type pokemon are immune to Normal type pokemon. Ghost Type Super Effective Against : Psychic.

What’s Good Against Water Pokemon

Battling against water Pokemon can be tricky because there are so many of them in fact, there are more water type Pokemon than any other type! That makes for a lot of different battle strategies!

And, water typing has now been paired with every other type which further complicates their weaknesses and resistances.

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What Type Of Pokemon Is Good Against Water


Type chart, effectiveness and weakness explained in Pokémon Go


Also Know, what is good against flying types? Fighting Bug Grass

Beside above, what is dark Pokemon good against?

Psychic Ghost

What is water weak too?

Although water-type Pokemon are not weak against dragon-type Pokemon, dragon-type Pokemon have a built-in resistance to water-type attacks. You should focus on ice-type moves, as ice attacks are incredibly strong against dragon-type Pokemon.

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Pokmon Types & Type Chart

Water types, they are totally weak against fire types!!! Brock was right all along. Pokemon.

We created a table chart showing all Pokémons types, which types they strike hard, and which types strike them. Plus, we also added resistances, because some types take less damage from others and Dr. Oak forgot to tell you. Below the chart, theres an explanation about single and double-type Pokémon and how attacks behave in these situations.


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Type Chart Effectiveness And Weakness Explained In Pokmon Go

Pokémon Go’s Types are exactly the same as those in the main Pokémon games, but the effect of those type matchups is slightly different: in brief, things like effective or resisted attacks have slightly different multipliers to the main Pokémon games – although a December 2018 update brought them slightly closer in line.

Here’s a Pokémon Go type chart to get you started on what’s effective against what.

Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark Flying, Poison, Psychic, Bug, Ghost, Fairy Rock, Bug, Dark
Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Steel Fighting, Poison, Grass, Fairy
Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric Flying, Bug, Grass
Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass
Bug Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Fairy Fighting, Ground, Grass
Normal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy Fighting, Ground, Fire
Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice Ground, Rock, Water
Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Dragon Ground, Water, Grass, Electric Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice
Ghost, Psychic, Dark Fighting, Bug, Fairy

April 2022 introduces the Silent Schemes event, which requires learning new Leader counters and Giovanni counters.Elsewhere, we’ve recently seen new Ditto disguises as part of the Season of Alola, which also introduced An Akala Adventure and more Gen 7 Pokémon including Fomantis and Tapu Lele.Elsewhere, off the back of the Go Tour Johto event is Masterwork Research Apex to complete.

General Strengths Of Water

Water-type Pokemon as we mentioned generally use water elemental attacks. They are primarily effective against Fire, Ground, and Rock-types. In terms of their defensive capabilities, Water-types are very resistant to Fire, Ice, Steel, and other Water-types. In terms of stats, Water-types are ranked number 6 when it comes to their Defence.

Water-types are usually the only ones that can use the Surf HM which is used outside of battle and is actually a powerful attack in its own right. One other thing is that there are a lot of buffs used by Water-types to increase the damage of their Water moves.

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Every Pokmon Type Weakness For Battle Strategy

Below is a list of every Pokémon type, what it is weak against, and the potential logic behind each weakness. Most of the weaknesses in the Pokémon games are based on theoretical interactions between each element in real life. However, there are some types added in later games which are less concrete, like the Fairy-type or Dark-type, so how they work in gameplay can be less straightforward. Despite this, the majority of types are fairly easy to remember after some practice.

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How Many Pokmon Has Ash Caught

FIRE strengths and weaknesses

Ash received his first Pokémon, Pikachu but Pikachu was less than thrilled to be paired with Ash. Pikachu would purposely sabotage Ash from catching other Pokémon.

However, after Ash risked his own life for Pikachu, a bond was formed and Pikachu began to trust Ash. The two have been traveling around the world catching and helping Pokémon ever since.

Throughout his and Pikachus many journeys, Ash has collected at least 96 different species of Pokémon. Ash views Pokémons as individuals and not just as tools or weapons to collect.

There have even been Pokémon that have allowed themselves to be captured by Ash all because he had befriended, helped, and believed in them.

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Sableye Is Weak To Fairy Type Attacks

Sableye is the only Pokémon that is a Ghost and Dark Type besides Spiritomb. Although it is a Pokémon that likes to keep to itself and consume gems, it is feared because it is known for stealing souls.

This Pokémon is only weak to Fairy types. When Sableye was initially introduced in the games, some trainers chose not to add it to their teams because it couldn’t evolve. Luckily, it can Mega Evolve now, and it still retains the same types.

What Pokemon Have A Good Defense Against Attacks From Water Pokemon

The following types have a good defense against water type.

Water Type Pokemon

As we said before, the water type is weak against itself. This means that the best option to use against a water type is itself.

The water type also resists water type attacks from their opponents. This makes them resistant to themselves.

Grass Type Pokemon

This is another type that is resistant to water type attacks.

This makes sense as well because, in the real world, grass soaks up water from the ground, which is probably the logic that the creator used when making up these counters.

The grass type also has a decent defensive stat against special moves, which makes them so good to use against all water type attacks.

Dragon Type Pokemon

This is another pokemon that has a good resistance against all water type pokemon. This resistance is because the dragon type is resistant to special attacks, making them suitable to use against all water types.

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What Type Can Beat Water Pokemon

Keeping this in consideration, which Pokemon can beat water type?

Pokémon Type Effectiveness and Weakness Chart

Fairy, Fire, Flying, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Steel
Poison Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock,

what type can beat Ghost Pokemon? Psychic Ghost

Similarly, you may ask, what can beat poison type Pokemon?

Grass Fairy

What can beat Psychic type Pokemon?

Fighting Poison

What Are Pokemon Weaknesses

Water Type Is Totally Weak Against Fire Type

Each Pokemon has strengths and weaknesses. Some are very strong against certain types but then very weak against others. For example, fire Pokemon are really strong against grass Pokemon. This matches the real world where fire burns things like grass and trees. As a result, grass is vulnerable to fire. On the other hand, fire Pokemon are really weak against water Pokemon. This matches the real world where water is used to put out fires. As a result, fire is vulnerable to water. Each specific type has its strengths and each has its weaknesses.

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Pokmon Go Type Chart: How To Remember Pokmon Types

For anyone who has invested years of play into this series, the type system becomes second nature. While in time your memory too will retain most of, if not the full set of relationships it is worth learning the logical relationships that do exist.

The classic example taught at the beginning of every Pokémon game is that fire is super effective against grass, which is in turn super effective against water, which is in turn super effective against fire. This is easy enough to follow fire burns grass, grass thrives with water, water puts out fire but finding similar relationships in the other 18 types is will help you remember the system.

Here are some other ideas to get you started:

  • Rocks effectiveness against flying is reminiscent of the phrase kill two birds with one stone
  • Similarly, psychic is effective against fighting because brains are better than brawn but psychic is vulnerable to dark and ghost because the mind cannot cope with the unknown and supernatural
  • Ground types are immune to electric attacks because being grounded is an important principle in electric circuits but ground can be swept away be water, cracked by ice and exploited by grass.

How Many Pokemon Types Are There

Throughout all of the Pokemon series, as you can see above, there are a total of 18 types of Pokemon. As also shown above, different mon have strengths and weaknesses against various types.

Fire-types are a good example of this, whereby they are effective against bug, grass, ice, and steel-types but weak against ground, rock, and water.

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Pokemon Go: Type Effectiveness Chart

Some type weaknesses in Pokemon GO are fairly easy to remember, such as the core weaknesses of Fire, Water, and Grass-types. Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, Water beats fire.

However, it become complex when it comes to less straightforward types like Dragon, Ghost, Fairy, Poison or Dark-types. Thanks to Niantic’s chart, as well as several produced by the Pokemon community on sites like Bulbapedia, these type advantages and disadvantages can be easily referred back to.

Breaking down this chart, the X-axis represents defending from a given move, while the Y-axis represents attacking with a particular move type. Green circles indicate super-effective damage, red triangles indicate resistance to damage, and empty spaces indicate standard damage. Lastly, the black X in some places on the grid indicate immunity to damage from that particular move type.

In written form, the type weaknesses break down as such :

It will likely take plenty of referencing and practice to keep many type advantages in mind, but fortunately for Pokemon GO trainers these resources are readily available.

Water Type Pokemon Strength And Weakness Chart

What Are Water Pokemon Weak Against


Water Type Pokemon

Water type is one of the eighteen types of Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe.

There are more Pokémon of this type than any of the other two because of the large number of marine creatures on which to base the species. Most Pokémon of this type also have another type, which represents the biodiversity of marine creatures. Water is in particular, the second type of fire / water Volcanion has completed all possible pairings.

Most water-type Pokémon look like creatures that live in the water or use water to get rid of them. Their attacks involve the use of water, otherwise attacks that can only be committed by creatures of the sea .

Misty, the second leader of Kanto Gym Wallace, the eighth Hoenn Gymnasium Leader, became champion and his replacement, Juan Crasher Wake, Sinnoh’s fourth gymnasium chief Cress, one of the three leaders at the Striaton City gym in Unova Marlon, eighth officer of the city of Humilau at Unova Siebold, one of the Kalos Elite Four and Lana, trial captain from Akala Island to Alola.

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Historical Changes To Pokmon Types In Mainline Pokmon Games

When using the type chart for older mainline Pokémon games bear in mind that the following changes were made to the type system. These changes applied to all subsequent games, including remake titles

Generation 6

  • Fairy type added
  • Ghost and Dark-type moves made neutral against Steel

Generation 2

  • Dark and Steel types added
  • Bug-type moves made ineffective against Poison
  • Poison-type moves made neutral against Bug
  • Ice types made not very effective against Fire
  • A programming bug that made the Ghost-type move Lick ineffective against Psychic Pokémon was fixed

With the addition of new types over the years, the Pokémon type system has got a little more complicated than Rock-Paper-Scissors, but once you’ve committed the above to memory , you’ll have no problem finding the right Pokémon for the right job.

Alolan Muk Is Weak To Ground Type Attacks

When Muk is in the Alola region, it experiences some surprising changes. It’s body changes from purple to a rainbow hue that resembles the sheen in oil due to the hundreds of poisons in its body, but it also grows claws and teeth that are crystallized poison.

Most importantly, Muk changes from a Poison type to a Poison and Dark type of Pokémon. This combination makes Alolan Muk weak only to Ground types, and unlike Kanto’s Muk, the Alolan version is immune to Psychic moves.

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Pokmon Type Effectiveness And Weakness Chart

Our type chart presents the 18 Pokémon types in attack and defence scenarios. To use it, simply find your Pokémons type to see what its attacks are strong and weak against, and what it is resistant and vulnerable to when defending.

  • Types bolded in square brackets are subject to a further cut in effectiveness in the mainline games these are outright immunities
  • If a type is not listed, damage is neutral
  • The strength of an attack is increased if the attack type is strong against both types of a dual type Pokémon
  • Type resistance and vulnerability effectively cancel each other out on dual type Pokémon
Pokémon Type Chart

Bug, Dark, , Fighting

Poison, Steel

Note that attack and defence type relationships are not identical e.g. types may be resistant to types when defending that they are not super effective against when attacking.

Remember, things get even more interesting when Pokémon of dual types crop up and you have to factor in additional strengths and weaknesses.


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