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Just Give Me The Darn Equation

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Yessir! Here is the equation that determines catch probability. To check if a Pokemon is caught, the game generates a random number between 0 and 1. If that number is lower than the value given by the equation, you caught the Pokemon! Since this equation includes every catch bonus, we call it the Grand Unified Catch Theory :

$$Probability= 1- \left^$$


That’s quite a mouthful! Let’s piece it together. Inside the parenthesis, you see

This formula is the probability of catching a pokemon with just a Poke Ball, no fancy bonuses. BaseCaptureRate is a number which depends on the species. And CPMultiplier reflects how high level / how high CP the Pokemon is. The value of BCR/2*CPM can go from about 2.7% for a level 30 Dragonite, to 298% for a level 1 Magikarp, in which case it is just reduced to 100% catch rate.

Let’s continue. Since 1 – x gives the probability that x doesn’t happen, we can rewrite the equation more simply:

Check it out: If Multipliers=2, then the equation equals the chance that you don’t fail twice in a row with a Poke Ball catch. Since Multipliers is determined by which bonuses are used, this means that:

Applying any kind of bonus effectively gives you the chance to throw more than one Poke Ball per try.

So bonuses will definitely increase your catch rate. But if you didn’t have a 100% catch chance with a Poke Ball, you will never reach exactly 100% no matter what bonuses you have.

Best Autocatchers To Use In Pokmon Go

Catching Pokémon has never been so easy.

Pokémon Go stands out from the larger Pokémon series as a whole.

The game broke the mold by being the only Augmented Reality game the franchise has released to date, compared to the older games primarily being RPGs. Pokémon Go has players actively go out and capture Pokémon using their phones GPS device as a map and tracker to capture different kinds of Pokémon depending on the location they go to.

As such, there were certain tools developed independently over time which made the Pokémoncollecting experience easier.

These tools are called Autocatchers and they make a lot of processes in Pokémon Go easier to get through by automating them.

Wait How Do You Find Rare Pokmon To Catch In The First Place

Fair question! Before you can catch any Pokémon you first have to find them. And that can be easier said than done, especially for rare Pokémon like Chancey, Togetic, Unown, and more. In large part, your best bet to finding rarer Pokémon is to just play as often as you can, wherever you go.

There are some Map Trackers that still work, but they are laregly based on player reports. They work much better for finding Raids than spawn. Likewise, there are plenty of groups on social sites like Facebook who regularly chat and let each other know when especially rare Pokémon pop up.

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Pokemon Go How To Catch Ditto 2022

Pokemon Go released Ditto, the Transform Pokemon in November 2016. Ditto disguises itself as other Pokemon, more commonly as ones that are shown to frequent on a monthly basis. This page acts as a comprehensive breakdown of what Pokemon Ditto currently disguises itself as, how to catch it, and more.

Tl dr: Give Me The Highlights

MEGACOM Dual Catchmon Pokémon GO Pokémon Catcher for sale online

If you don’t want the details though you really should read them at least once! here’s a quick cheat sheet!

  • ABC. Always be curving. Once you can nail Curve Ball every time, you’ll get a 1.7x bonus every time.
  • Max out your medals. Some are easier to get than others but they consume no resources like Great or Ultra Balls or Razz Berries, so once you get them, that 1.1x to 1.3x is automatically applied each time.
  • Consistency counts. Aim for the smallest target you can nail every time. If that’s Nice, it’s nice. If that’s Great or Excellent, even nicer. But better the bonus you get then one you miss, and that extra 1.3 to 2x also doesn’t consume resources and can make a difference.
  • Razz for real. Use Razz Berries when you need to. Unlike Great or Ultra Balls, you can’t miss with a Razz Berry and its 1.5x bonus will last until you hit. For Golden Razz Berries, it’s 2.5x!
  • Bump them Balls. Use Great and Ultra Balls to maximize your odds. You get an extra 1.5x for a Great Ball and 2x for an Ultra Ball so use them to get those super rare or hard to catch Pokémon.
  • Pinap Power: Use a Pinap Berry to get double Candy for any Pokémon you really want to evolve or power up. You can’t use a Razz Berry as well, so use an Ultra Ball to make up the difference.
  • Nanab ain’t nothing: Ostensible a Nanab Berry calms a Pokémon down, making it easier to hit. In the current game, though, it seems to make little to no real difference.
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    Mythical Pokmon Encounter Screen

    The encounter screen for Mythical Pokémon, rewarded for Special Research tasks, differs from the regular encounter screen. In case of Mew and Celebi, it requires using AR mode that can be disabled only if there is no gyroscope sensor in the device .

    Moreover, there is no option to choose or use Poké Balls or Berries from the item bag. The player instead has an infinite number of regular Poké Balls to use and the First Throw bonus is always given, regardless of the number of throws used.

    Additionally, in case of catching Mew, the Pokémon becomes invisible and can be slightly seen between throws, and in case of catching Celebi, it teleports between various random spots.

    In case of capturing Jirachi there is no AR feature required, few other Pokémon appear in the background behind sleeping Jirachi and they start singing before Jirachi wakes up and is ready to be caught. These background, singing Pokémon are: Chimecho, Kricketot, Bronzong, Loudred and Jigglypuff.

    In case of Victini encounter, the encounter screen is closest to the regular Pokémon encounter screen, as only difference is the infinite number of Poké Balls, no Berries access and First Throw bonus given regardless of the number of the successful throw and catch.

    What Do Pokemon Go Auto

    Pokemon Go auto-catchers are devices you wear on your wrist like a watch or clip to your backpack. They connect to your Android or iPhone smartphone to assist you with catching Pokemon and collecting items. Its as simple as pressing a button on the auto-catcher. You dont need to get your phone out of your pocket at all, preserving the devices battery.

    Nintendo has Pokemon Go Plus, which alerts you by vibrating when a Pokemon appears nearby and emits a green light signal on the wristband. If the mon in question is something you have not caught before, the light will be yellow.

    You need to press the button on your Pokemon Go Plus and the app will try to catch the Pokemon automatically for you. White pulses will appear on the wristband during this, and two different outcomes are possible:

    • If successful, the Pokemon Go Plus will start vibrating and will emit seven different-colored lights.
    • If the catch attempt is a failure, you will see a red light

    Another cool feature of a Pokemon Go Auto-catcher is that you can get items from PokeStops! If you stumble across a PokeStop while wearing the Go Plus, the light will flash blue and you just need to press the button in order to get the items. Sadly, youll need to get your phone out in order to see what youve actually got.

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    What Are Pokmon Go Auto

    Auto Catchers are a great addition to the market that spin PokeStops, catch Pokémon, collect items and so much more without needing the player to interact with it. Though it might not be 100% optimized, players have always been using this without any serious complaints.

    These items might be categorized as cheating due to the auto features it offers players, these items replicate the software side of the Pokémon Go Plus to perfection, allowing you to go ahead and use them. Some of the best auto catchers are:

    Cloned Blastoise Charizard And Venusaur

    Pokemon GO Episode #1 – CATCHING POKEMON!

    Similar to Armored Mewtwo, cloned versions of Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur were available in specific raids. These were considered costumed Pokémon as they did not have any notable stat improvements, but they looked widely different from the standard versions. They were only offered for a limited time and have yet to return.

    How can you be sure whether the Pokémon in your Pokédex are the originals or clones? Look closely! Clone Pokémon can be identified by their mysterious markings.

    Pokémon GO

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    Can I Make Pokmon Go Auto Catch

    If you have a Pokémon Go Auto Catch device, then it is possible to catch a Pokémon automatically. Auto Catch is a feature that was introduced shortly after Pokémon Go was released. The tools with this feature provide on-screen alerts and notification about the Pokémon and other items available nearby. And by clicking on the Auto Catch button, the players can grab the items available.

    Such devices are available on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms at reasonable prices. With the help of these devices, you don’t have to look at the app screen to track Pokémon around it. The device will alert you that a Pokémon, PokeStop, Gym, Candy, etc. are present nearby, and you can catch them with just one click.

    How To Improve Catch Rate

    Unlike previous titles, Pokemon GO gives players ample tools to improve their chances of catching a Pokemon. Some of these “tools” will require players to grind medals, while others will need basic knowledge of Trainer Items which most beginner player should be aware of. But players should keep in mind that there’s always a chance that a Pokemon flees even if a player has the highest Catch Rate multiplier.

    To start, players should aim to Platinum all the type-specific medals as it’ll increase the Catch Rate Modifier. This means catching 2,500 of each type-specific Pokemon, meaning players must strive to catch every Pokemon they see on their map.Players should also practice throwing curveballs, even if they’re not Excellent throws. Doing this will increase the chances of catching the Pokemon while gaining a decent amount of XP.

    Furthermore, players should always use Razz Berries on regular Pokemon and Silver Pinap/Golden Razz Berries on Pokemon that are tougher to catch, like Legendaries. Most importantly, players that want to make the most out of the Catch Rate modifiers should not use “Auto-Catchers” since they only use Poke Balls to catch Pokemon and nothing else.

    Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android.

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    Join A Team And Battle

    At a certain point in the game,you’ll be asked to join one of three teams. Once you join a team, you’ll gainthe ability to assign your Pokémon to open Gym locations or to a Gym where ateammate has already assigned a Pokémon. Each player can place only one Pokémonper Gym, so you’ll need to work together with other members of your team tobuild up a strong defense. Like PokéStops, Gyms can be found at real-worldlocations.

    If a rival team has claimed a Gym,you can challenge it by using your Pokémon to battle the Pokémon defending theGym. You choose which of your Pokémon will join in the battle. Each Pokémon hastwo kinds of attacks, and can also dodge the defending Pokémon’s attacks if youswipe left or right. If your Pokémon win the battle, the motivation of thedefending Pokémon is reduced. When the motivation of each defending Pokémondrops to zero, the defending team loses control of the Gym, and you or anotherplayer can then take control of it by assigning a Pokémon to defend it.

    Be Careful When Using An Auto

    MEGACOM CATCHMON GO  Pokemon Go auto catcher

    Use these features carefully, as if you’re using an auto catcher near rare Pokemon you might lock yourself out of being able to catch them. Auto catchers work by using a single red Pokeball and applying that catch rate. If it doesn’t get caught, that’s it, and you can’t try again. That Pokemon will flee immediately and be lost to you.

    Auto catching isn’t cheating and you run no risk at all of being banned. Just be smart not to buy shady products or software and turn it off if you’re getting close to a Pokemon you really want.

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    Brook Auto Catch Lightning

    Compared to the previous entries, the Brook Auto Catch Lightning is a humble device. It is not as big as the Poké Ball Plus and it does not have as many LED light indicators as the Pokémon Go Plus, but its simplistic design and easy-to-use model are definitely the selling points.

    Like the Pokémon Go Plus, this device fits snugly on your wrist and functions in the same way as the Pokémon Go Plus would, minus the visual indicators. It is waterproof though, which is one advantage over the other options provided. This makes the device ideal to use during those rainy day walks or in locations with high humidity in general.

    If there was a major disadvantage with this device, it would be the price.

    For being a more simplistic device, it just does not make financial sense for it to be more expensive than the two other choices.

    The developers state they are working on a new, more advanced model which will be coming out soon, however. Hopefully, the new model will tackle that pricing issue as well as add some quality of life changes.

    How Do You Catch A Wild Pokmon In Pokmon Go

    This is the basic catch mechanic in Pokémon Go:

  • Tap the Pokémon you want to catch.
  • Wait for the catch screen to load and the Pokémon to come into view.
  • Touch and hold on the Poké Ball.
  • Flick the Poké Ball at the Pokémon on the screen.
  • If you hit the Pokémon and it doesn’t hit the Poké Ball away, it’ll get sucked into the Poké Ball. From there, it’ll try to fight its way out for a couple of shakes. If it can’t, you’ll get a “Gotcha!” notification and the Pokémon is yours. If it’s tough enough, though, it’ll break free and either give you another chance to catch it, or flee.

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    Which Pokmon Go ‘auto Catch’ Companion Device Is Best

    Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

    The launch of the Poké Ball Plus has given Pokémon GO players yet another option when it comes to expanding their gameplay experience and making it easier than ever to catch those monsters, boost those levels and spin those Pokéstops.

    The first unit to hit the market – the much-delayed Pokémon GO Plus – has been joined by other notable options over the past couple of years, and we’re going to run through all of them to see which one should get your vote.

    Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

    The 10 Rarest Pokmon In Pokmon Go

    Catching The MOST EXPENSIVE POKE?MON in Poke?mon GO (Regigigas Colossal Discovery)

    These are some of the rarest Pokémon you can find in Pokémon Go.

    Image via The Pokémon Company YouTube

    There are multiple rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go, and you will have difficulty trying to add them to your collection. These Pokémon might have only been available for limited times, from special events, or they only spawn from eggs with a small chance of appearing. Heres what you need to know about the 10 rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

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    Find Out Which Auto Catcher Will Work Best For You In Pokemon Go

    If youve been a long-time Pokemon GO player, the Pokemon GO Plus was almost a revolution when it first launched. While it is still a very viable option for those looking to get their hands on more Pokemon and items without having to bring out their phone, there are some more options to help you get ahead even faster.

    Enter the world of Auto Catchers, devices that can spin PokeStops, catch Pokemon, and more without even needing to interact with them. While there are some issues with using them, mainly as stated in the Niantic Terms of Service, players have been using these devices for years without serious repercussions. While auto-spinning and auto-catching are technically considered cheating, these items replicate the software side of the Pokemon Go Plus to perfection, allowing you to go ahead and use them.

    With all of that out of the way, lets dig into what makes these great, and which one would be the best fit for you on your Pokemon GO Adventures!

    How Do You Catch A Raid Boss In Pokmon Go

    While the catch mechanic for Raid bosses is the same, first you have to win the Raid. Luckily, that’s pretty straight forward too!

  • Find a Gym on the map currently hosting a Raid. Note: You can also find a Gym that will be hosting a Raid soon indicated by a giant Egg on top.
  • Get a group of players together to battle. Note: Different Raid bosses require more or fewer players to beat. If you’re going up against a very tough Pokémon, make sure to have a big enough group.
  • Select a team of strong Pokémon with type advantages.
  • Battle the Pokémon.
  • If you win, you will be rewarded with EXP, items, and Stardust. You’ll also get an encounter with the Pokémon you just beat. The Pokémon available in Raids changes pretty often, but Raids remain one of the best ways to catch Rare Pokémon.

    Keep in mind, however, you don’t get to use your own Poké Balls for Raid Bosses. You have a limited number of special Poké Balls called Premier Balls. The number of Premier Balls you get is based on how well your team did when fighting the Raid and can be boosted if you battle with better Friends.

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