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What Does Iv Mean In Pokemon Go

Does Iv Really Matter In Pokemon Go


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Based on the way IVs affect damage output, the difference that 100% IVs make compared to 0% IVs is around 10%, i.e. they will last around 10% longer, deal around 10% more damage, and resist around 10% more damage.

De plus, Which IV is most important Pokemon go?

In Pokémon Go, IVs are given a value out of 15 for each stat, so a spread of 15/15/15 across Attack, Defence, and Stamina would be considered perfect IVs.

Ainsi Does IV or CP matter more? IVs become more important when comparing high-level Pokemon and those of the same species. Essentially, Giratinas base stats are so superior that the IVs each of Pokemon are irrelevant. CP, shown at the top, can range anywhere from 10 to more than 4,000 in some rare cases


Pokmon Iv Calculator In Pokmon Go Info

This calculator forms an educated guess for your Pokemon’s IV based on your input information. Multiple IVs can generate the exact CP and HP values hence the range of a specific type of Pokemon can be quite large. For example, a Charizard could either be a powerful pokemon with a maximum value of IVs or a weak pokemon of merely 35%.

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Pokmon Go Appraisal And Cp Meaning Explained: How To Get The Highest Iv And Cp Values And Create The Most Powerful Team

Much like the main Pokémon games, alongside the standard combat modifiers like Type advantages and weaknesses, it turns out Pokémon Go has a whole secret layer of stats for every creature in the game, with hidden values for a Pokémon’s Attack, Defence, and Stamina that’s linked to their CP. And like the main Pokémon games, it’s possible to expose these values and maximise them to make your Pokémon as strong as possible.

Stronger, higher CP Pokémon – along with Pokémon that have the most powerful, highest DPS moves, means winning more battles, winning more battles means taking more Gyms, allowing you to get free PokeCoins in the process.

So what exactly are all these hidden stats, what do they mean, and how can you use them to get the best, strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go with the maximum CP possible? Thanks to the work of Pokémon Go community The Silph Road, we know how.

On this page:

They Are Different From Evs

Pokémon Go: How to check your Pokémons IVs

IVs are different from EVs. While IVs stand for Individual Values, EVs stand for Effort Values. While Pokemon have IVs the moment they are hatched or caught, EVs stat increases that are gained through battles in addition to experience points.

IVs can affect EVs, as EVs gained usually go into the strongest stat that is determined through IVs. There are also a lot of items that can increase EVs like Vitamins.

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How To Use The Judge Function

In Pokemon BDSP, using the Judge Function is relatively simple, but understanding the IVs is what the game doesn’t necessarily explain well.

Open up your boxes and hover over any Pokemon you want to check their IVs. Press the + button on your Nintendo Switch this will reveal your Pokemon’s current stats on the right side of the screen. Pressing the same button once more will show the Judge Function and that Pokemon’s IVs.

You’ll notice that each of the six stats is represented by a word instead of numbers. These are judging statements, and they mean a different range of numbers depending on the ones you have.


Tips To Catch 100 Iv Pokemons In The Game

Since 100 IV Pokemons are so sought-after, catching them can be a tough job. Apart from using a Pokemon Go 100 IV map, here are some other tricks that you can implement.

  • If you are fortunate, then you can end up catching a âluckyâ Pokemon. Though, the chances of a lucky Pokemon having 100 IV are 1 in 64 presently.
  • A boost in weather also improves the chances of catching a 100 IV Pokemon .
  • Trading between friends would also boost your chances. Presently, it is 1 in 3375 for good friends, 1 in 2744 for great friends, and 1 in 1331 for best friends in the game.
  • Although there is just a 0.0244% probability of catching a 100 IV Pokemon in a standard way, you can do some research to improve your chances.
  • Catching a Pokemon from a quest, hatching it from an egg, or catching it by defending a raid might also result in a 100 IV Pokemon .

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How To Check A Pokmon’s Ivs In Pokmon Go

The first stage of checking a Pokémon’s IVs is to have them appraised by your Team Leader. To do so, tap on the Pokéball, tap on Pokémon, then on the Pokémon you want appraised. Now, tap the three lines on the bottom right of the screen and hit Appraise.

Your Team Leader will now give you a bunch of cryptic clues as to the Pokémon’s IVs. The first set of clues relate to a Pokémon’s IV Range, which is the score out of 100 for a Pokémon’s potential. A score of 100 means that your Pokémon has a maximum score of 15 for each of its IVs.

This is what those clues mean:

It’s stats don’t point to greatness in battle. Its stats are not out of the norm, in my opinion. Its stats are all right, but kinda basic, as far as I can see. 0 – 7

Unless you clearly have a max IV score of 15 for all three stats, this appraisal system merely gives you a rough estimate of your Pokémon’s total IVs. It’s a good place to start though, as you sort out the wheat from the chaff. Then you can go on to getting the exact IVs using an IV Calculator if you deem the Pokémon worthy.

Cp Explained In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go – What are IV’s?

A Pokemons combat power is an aggregated statistic that gives a rough idea as to how powerful they are. It is based on IV scores and that Pokemons current level.

Generally, a Pokemon with higher CP will perform better in battle than one with a lower stat. There are other factors such as types, moveset, and weather bonuses that alter this paradigm, though. Nonetheless, it is a good way of determining a Pokemons strength at a base level.

This does mean that a Pokemon with a high CP can have terrible IVs and vice-versa. While high CP Pokemon dont need to be leveled up as much they can still be weak.

Conversely, a Pokemon with a low CP can have perfect IV values. As a result, its important to check a Pokemons IV using the appraisal feature Niantic introduced, or with an IV calculator such as PokeGenie if going into more detail.

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Should I Evolve Perfect Iv Pokemon

If you have a Pokemon that is in the highest or second highest IV tier, it really is not that far away from perfect Max CP. So evolving a Pokemon with IVs in the first or second tier is a good idea, you dont need to wait for the perfect IVs. Never power up a Pokémon before evolving it!

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What Stats Are The Most Important In Pokemon Go

Stamina is in many senses one of the most important stats for Pokemon Go your Stamina determines how much HP Pokemon will have once theyre placed in gyms to try to control them, and so the Pokemon you find on this stamina ranking top list will all have huge amounts of HP that make them damage sponges and absolute

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Bottles Caps & End Game Iv Maxing

For those of you who are at the end of the game, there is one more option for you to get high IVs. You can Hyper Train your level 100 Pokemon at the Daycare to max out one or all of their IVs. After beating the game youll be able to speak to Mr. Hyper at the Daycare to do this in exchange for bottle caps.

  • Regular Bottle Caps allow you to max out ONE of your level 100 Pokemons individual values
  • Gold Bottle Caps allow you to max out ALL of your level 100 Pokemons individual values

Of course, this is only relevant for people who have both beaten the game, have bottle caps, and level 100 Pokemon. If youve beaten the game but arent yet level 100 and one to power level yourself, feel free to check out my guide on power leveling with Chansey farming.

Natures Can Influence How These Stats Grow

pokemon go

There is more to a Pokemon’s personality than just flavor text. For example, if your Pikachu has a Lonely nature, then its Attack stat is increased while its Defense stat is decreased. Natures make subtle differences in how IVs grow. Due to this, some breeders only seek a certain nature depending on the Pokemon and their moveset.

Recent games have even given players the ability to change Pokemon natures by trading in BP.

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How To Check Ivs In Pokmon Go

Appraisal is a function in Pokémon Go that lets you get an idea of how strong an individual Pokémon can become beyond just its “CP,” or Combat Points. While Combat Points can tell you how strong a Pokémon is at the moment, they don’t give the entire picture. You need to understand something called “IVs” to know how strong they can become over time. Appraisal lets you do that.

IVs, or “Individual Values,” are invisible stats that determine how much a Pokémon’s stats will rise each time they are Powered Up. Each Pokémon has a different IV for each of the three stats, and the best and strongest Pokémon have “100%” IVs, meaning all of their IVs are at the highest they can possibly be. Short of trading a Pokémon away forever, you cannot change its IVs either, so most players will choose to send low IV Pokémon off to Professor Willow in exchange for candies.

Evolving Low Iv Pokmon

A higher level Pokémon with poor IVs will often deal more damage than a lower level Pokémon with high IVs. While it wont have as much potential as the one with higher IVs, sometimes its worth investing candy into evolving a top tier attacker that only has average IVs, ifyouve caught it at a level that you would be unlikely to ever power one up to. For example, if you caught a level 35 Larvitar with 33% IVs, and then hatched a level 20 Larvitar with 96% IVs, you may be better off evolving the level 35 one as it would cost you 137,000 stardust and an extra 130 candy to Power the level 20 one up to the same level but only gain a marginal difference in CP.

Please view the Damage Mechanics and CP Mechanics pages to learn more about the roles that IVs play in those areas of the game.

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What Are Ivs And Evs In Pokmon

Learn these statistical nightmares if you ever want to go pro.

Pokémon games may look simple at first, but there are a bunch of secret mechanics that competitive players use all the time to get the most powerful creatures possible.

Individual Values and Effort Values are just two of these hidden gameplay mechanics that, when used correctly, can strengthen your Pokémon to ungodly levels and make them competitively viable if done right.

To help you understand each mechanic, weve created this handy guide to explain how to use them.

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What Does 100 Iv Mean In Pokemon Go

What does IV Stand For in Pokémon GO? How Do IVs Work In Pokémon GO?

IV stands for Individual Value, which depicts the overall performance of any Pokemon in the game. Ideally, not all Pokemons of the same species have the exact efficiencies. Any Pokemon in the game is measured by three tactics â attack, defense, and stamina. A value from 0 to 15 is allocated for all these parameters. A Pokemon with 15/15/15 perfect stats would get a 100 Individual Value.

  • A Pokemon with 45/45 stats is known as a 100 IV Pokemon as it can reach the maximum CP for its species.
  • These Pokemons have a higher HP, base stats, combat value, and just perform better than other Pokemons of lower IV.
  • You can just tap on the Pokemon to check its attack, defense, and stamina stats to know its IV.

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What’s In The ‘advanced’ Section

If you’re still getting a range of results and want to know what your exact IVs are, you can use this feature.This is a further way in which you can narrow down the results, but at the cost of powering up your Pokémon.

To use this feature, enter the stats as normal, but then power up your Pokémon one time, and enter the new stats in this advanced section.This tool will then re-calculate based on your new data, and will help to further narrow down your results. You can do this several times ifyou are still getting multiple results.

How Should You Use The New Appraisal Feature

The new Appraisal feature is a great way to quickly discover how powerful your new Pokemon are. Finding out that an old favourite has a three star rating is incredibly gratifying.

It’s especially useful for when you’re comparing a bunch of the same Pokémon, as you can keep the stat appraisal screen open as you move between Pokémon. This allows you to quickly compare stats and star rankings as you try to decide which Pokémon to keep and which ones to release.

You can even search for Pokémon by their specific star tier, just like how you can search for them by name. To do this, you’ll need to search:

  • 0* = 0 Stars
  • 3* = 3 Stars
  • 4* = 3 Stars with a red background / 100% Pokémon

The new ranking system makes it a lot easier to decide which Pokémon are worth investing your Stardust and Candy in. Though it’s still important to remember a Pokémon’s rarity and whether it’s one of the best Pokémon in the game.

Though by and large the closer to 100% this is the better, depending on the Pokémon, some individual stats are more important than others – so it isn’t the be all and end all.

For example, if you have a Snorlax – one of the best creatures to put in a gym with its high health – with a low HP stat, that makes it a less attractive proposition. But then again, because it’s rare, you might not have any alternative Snorlax to rely on. Of course, an average Snorlax will still perform better than others in its field, so it could still be worth Powering up.

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How Do You Check Pokmon Ivs

Within Pokémon Go, you can check IVs by opening the menu on a Pokémons screen and clicking Appraise. Your chosen team leader will show you how your Pokémons stats fare.

A 100% IV would mean that Attack, Defense and Stamina are all at 15. Everything below that works out to being a percentage of the maximum possible stat of 45. For example: A Gengar with 10 Attack, 10 Defense and 12 Stamina would have an IV of 71%. In other words, 71% of 45.

The team leader will tell you how your Pokémon ranks using stars and a pretty easy to understand graphic using bars. If your Pokémon has three stars and a red stamp, it means that it has 100% perfect IVs. If it has three star with an orange stamp, it has around 80-99% perfect IVs. Two stars means 66-80% IVs and one star means 50-65% IVs.

Each tick of the stat bar is five stat points, so you can eyeball it out and see how good your Pokémons individual values are.

What Is Pokemon Go Iv Calculator

Pokemon Go 100 IV: How rare are perfect stats and how do you get them ...

All pokemon types have a base set of attributes, and every Pokemon is “born” with semi-hidden qualities called IV. The IV of a pokemon is how strong it will be when it reaches its maximum potential. For example, the worst Squirtle has all IVs as zero, and the best Squirtle will have a higher score than the base attributes of a Squirtle.

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