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Where To Find Lapras Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: Lapras Raid Guide Best Counters Pokemon Weakness

How to Get Lapras in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee | Gift Lapras Location!

Find out how to defeat and catch Lapras in raids! The best counters, weaknesses, and everything else you need to know!

The newest Pokemon GO event is the Water Festival, bringing new Pokemon, raids, and more!

One Pokemon thats returned to raids is Lapras, the lovable aquatic dinosaur Mon from Pokemon Red and Blue. Fans will be able to catch Lapras wearing a scarf dubbed Drip Lapras by some fans!

To catch Lapras, trainers will need to first defeat it in a raid battle. This means you have to battle an incredibly strong Pokemon with other trainers.

Once the Pokemon is defeated, its CP will drop to a lower level, and trainers will have the opportunity to catch it. We recommend stocking up on Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries, as Lapras is a difficult Pokemon to catch!

If youre in need of Golden Razz Berries, try the Free Daily Box Trick to get some rare items!

Of course, in order to catch Lapras, you need to be able to defeat it. Heres our expert guide to defeating Lapras in a raid!

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What Lapras Does In Battle

Lapras is a decent Water and Ice-type tank. It can have the Ability Water Absorb, which makes it great for switching into a Water-type foe. If you think your Fire or Ground-type is about to get hit with Surf, swap Lapras in. It will take the hit, take no damage, and even heal a little bit.

When it Gigantamaxes, Lapras can use G-Max Resonance, which reduces all damage for five turns. Overall, Lapras is a great support/tank for your team when used right.

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All Lapras Weaknesses And Best Pokmon Counters In Pokmon Go

Chill out.

Image via Niantic

Lapras can be a difficult Pokémon to defeat in Pokémon Go. If youre looking to battle against it in a raid, youll want to bring a reliable team of Pokémon with you to ensure that youre properly equipped to defeat it. Several players also use Lapras in the Great and Ultra Leagues of Pokémon Go, requiring players to be more equipped to defeat it. This guide details all of Lapras weaknesses and the best Pokémon to counter it in the game.

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Pokmon Go: How To Get Gyarados Snorlax Lapras And Other Rare Pokmon

The best ways to find rare species in Pokémon Go.

Guideby USgamer Team, Contributor

21 September 2017

This Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon guide will show players how to get rare species of Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Characters like Gyarados, Snorlax, and Lapras are among the rarest species currently available in the game. Other well-known legendary Pokémon, such as Mew, have not become available in Pokémon Go just yet.

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In Pokémon Go, your trainer level greatly influences your ability to find high quality Pokémon. As you level up, you should start finding a better range of wild Pokémon with higher CP. Ideally, you will want to find Pokémon who are already in their evolved form so that you can conserve their Candy for power ups instead of evolutions.

Theres no sure-fire way to guarantee finding a rare Pokémon, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances. Most Pokémon can generally be found in climates that match their type. For example, water Pokémon are usually found near real-world bodies of water. You may not directly find a Gyarados or Dragonite at the beach or lake, but you might find enough Dratini or Magikarp to make their evolutions happen.

Pokmon Go: How To Defeat Team Rocket Boss Sierra


In addition to the big boss Giovanni, three other leaders have invaded Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GOs villainous Team GO Rocket has apparently failed at their diabolical plan to steal free items from Pokéstops using grunts alone, because now they have sent in the team leaders. In addition to the big boss Giovanni, three other leaders have invaded Pokémon GO.

One of these leaders is Sierra, a mini-boss who can be quite tough for the unprepared player. Below is a list of the possible Pokémon that might appear in Sierras repertoire, and how to counter them effectively.

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What About Dragon Pulse

Dragon Pulse was made a legacy move starting February 21, 2017, and now available through Elite TMs. Demanding 60 energy to use, its slightly slower than Ice Beam, but does offer the perk of neutral damage against opponents that would resist Water or Ice-type attacks . Its also handy in the Lapras mirror match, and easier to get to than Skull Bash, but does not offer a DEF self-buff.

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New Encounters And Egg Hatchlings

When you complete your Field Research, you have an increased chance to find Water-types such as Dewpider, Binacle, and of course, Scarf Lapras. In addition, when you hatch 7km Eggs, you have an increased chance to find specific Water-types.

  • Common: Psyduck , Azurill , and Mantyke.
  • Uncommon: Mudkip, Feebas, and Binacle
  • Rare: Staryu and Clamperl

Dont forget to stock up on Egg Incubators before the Festival kicks off to try and track down these rare additions to your collection.

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How Do You Beat Gyarados In Pokmon Go Jolteon

Gyarados, the great water dragon-that-isnt-technically-a-dragon, has seen its CP buffed to the point that its now frequently placed in Gyms in hopes of lasting long. Both flying and water type, its weak to rock but double weak to electric. Electric isnt exactly well represented in the current game, but its represented well enough to give Gyarados some serious problems.

  • Best counter: Jolteon with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt.

  • Other options: Other Jolteon still do exceedingly well, as does Amphoros with volt switch and zap cannon. Any other electric type also works, especially Magneton. Tyranitar, Snorlax, and Dragonite can also all power their way through.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Get Lapras And How To Surf Tutorial

How to beat Lapras in Pokemon Go

Unlike most Pokemon games you do not need to learn the move Surf!

Pokemon Sword And Shield breaks the mold of the franchise, whether by adding Pokemon to the Pokedex, implementing Gigantamax battles or customising your player this game is full of exciting new features. One of the biggest changes may be the way you Surf, along with the changes made to all other forms of what used to be traditional HMs. In order to get Lapras, the famous Generation One Pokemon, you will need to head out into the waves, so youre going to need to learn how to use the new systems.

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Poni Island Special Research Tasks And Rewards

Though it outlasts this event, we also recommend completing these Poni Island Special Research Tasks! For these, you have until June 1, 2022.

A Poni Adventure Step 1 of 4


  • Catch 10 Pokemon Rewards ten PokeBalls.
  • Power Up Pokemon 5 Times Rewards five Razz Berries.
  • Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts Rewards three Hyper Potions.

Complete this step for 500 XP, 500 Stardust, and an Alolan Raticate encounter.

A Poni Adventure Step 2 of 4


  • Catch 3 Water-type Pokemon Rewards a Tentacruel Encounter.
  • Take a snapshot of a Water-type Pokemon Rewards a Wailmer Encounter.
  • Use 5 berries to help catch Pokemon Rewards a Wingull Encounter.

Complete this step for 500 XP, 500 Stardust, and a Fast TM.

A Poni Adventure Step 3 of 4


  • Walk 2 Kilometers Rewards a Miltank encounter.
  • Catch 15 Pokemon Rewards a ten Great Balls.
  • Spin 5 PokeStops or Gyms Rewards a Stufful encounter.

Complete this step for 1,000 XP, 1,000 Stardust, and a Premium Battle Pass.

A Poni Adventure Step 4 of 4


  • Send 5 Gifts to Friends Rewards ten Great Balls.
  • Catch 15 Pokemon Rewards seven Pinap Berries.
  • Win a Raid Rewards a Alolan Exeggutor encounter.

Complete this step for a whopping 8,000 XP, 3,000 Stardust, and 15 Ultra Balls.

Ice Shard* + Surf And Ice Beam* Or Skull Bash

Ice Shard is more useful than Frost Breath or Water Gun. Ice has better coverage than Water, and Ice Shard’s energy generation makes it more important than Frost Breath’s damage. Bummer that it’s Legacy, though.

Surf is 100% mandatory on Lapras, providing very solid and consistent Water-type damage. Your secondary move of choice will depend on the format. Skull Bash is at its strongest in Great League and Ultra Premier, where you’re likely to run into Pokémon that would resist a Water/Ice moveset . Ice Beam mostly sees play in the Open Ultra format, letting you really need that Ice-type nuke to hit Giratina.

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How Do You Beat Blissey In Pokmon Go Machamp

Blissey is a wall. A giant pink wall with HP so high most Pokémon cant come close to beating it, much less before time runs out. That makes it the uber-defender, and an incredible pain in the game to counter. This super-mons only kryptonite is fighter-types. And, if youve been reading down, you know what that means.

  • Best counter: Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch. Again, it doesnt do as much damage and needs to do more of it than against Tyranitar or Snorlax, so youll have to dodge charge moves or double up on Machamps, but youll get it done.

  • Other options: Other fighter-types with double fighter-type movesets, which gives them same type attack bonus . That includes Machamp with lesser, legacy movesets, and even Haracross . Tyranitar can beast its way past Blissey, as can Dragonite, especially with dragon tail and outrage. Perhaps surprisingly, Exeggutor, Flareon, and even Rhydon can either do enough damage or last long enough to take out Blissey as well.

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How Strong Is Lapras In Sword And Shield

Pokemon Let

Lapras is a powerful Pokemon both offensively and defensively. Lapras has combined base stats of 535, comparable to those of fully evolved starting Pokemon like Charizard and Blaziken. It has a particularly high base HP and solid offensive and defensive stats. Though it has below-average speed, its not prohibitively slow with 60 base speed.

The combination of high HP and strong base defenses makes it a strong bulky option. This is complemented by a solid water-ice typing that gives it just a few weaknesses and no double-weaknesses. While thats strong on its own, the cherry on top that transforms Lapras from a bulky option into a legitimate wall is its Gigantamax move, G-Max Resonance which deals damage and leaves an Aurora Veil that protects the team.

Offensively, Lapras is powerful without any investment thanks to its excellent coverage. Lapras is a legitimate boltbeam attacker that can also use Sparkling Aria, Psychic, Ancient Power, and Sheer Cold. Its physical attack offering is even more diverse, with powerful moves including Ice Shard, Outrage, Megahorn, Iron Head, Drill Run, and Body Press.

Its the Lapras nuzzle for us

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Whats The Best Way To Beat A Lapras

The trick with Lapras and all WATER type pokemon is to use a GRASS or Electric Pokemon. GRASS Pokemon have a defensive and offensive advantage against water Pokemon making them by far the best to take them on. In previous games WATER attacks were cut in half when used against a GRASS Pokemon and the effect of GRASS Attacks were DOUBLED!!!

Pve Offensive Moves Explanation

  • Frost Breath and Ice Shard are both great go-to Ice-type options for offense.

  • Water Gun should be paired with Hydro Pump, but is undesired, as Laprass niche is in its STAB Ice-type moves.

  • Blizzard is on par with Ice Beam the choice is down to personal preference.

  • Hydro Pump performs similarly to Surf, akin to the above Ice-type charge moves.

  • Dragon Pulse and Skull Bash are clearly the worst options due to lack of STAB and meaningful coverage.

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Ways To Catch Drip Lapras & Get Encounters

There is no foolproof or set strategy for catching this form, though there are certain things you can do to increase your chances. So, lets run through where it can be found, and what you can do to make things easier!

If you are looking to increase your chances of catching Lapras wearing a scarf in Pokemon Go, use the following tools at your disposal:

  • Take advantage of the Event bonus: Rainy Lure Modules can be activated to attract wild Pokemon to PokeStops. These last up to 30 minutes at a time, increasing your chances of copping a Drip Lapras.
  • Three-star Raids: Lapras wearing a scarf will be featured in Three-star Raids during the Water Festival.
  • Activate Incense: It goes without saying, but the Incense can attract more Pokemon Lapras included!
  • Field Research task encounters: In rare cases, Drip Lapras will appear in Field Research task encounters.
  • Pick the right Pokeball: We would recommend Ultra Balls for catching Lapras, but an Excellent Throw with a Great Ball should do the trick.

For more information regarding the Water Festival event in Pokemon Go, stick with Dexerto And good luck on your hunt!

Its Found On Routes 2 And 9 As Well As The Wild Areas North Lake Miloch And Lake Of Outrage

Pokemon Go Shadow Lapras Catch

Typically, Lapras is quite an elusive Water-type. You dont tend to find them bobbing along and interrupting you every darn half a second as you try to surf to the next route, like Tentacool in Gen I. Lapras is far harder to come by.

Its a lone wanderer on Route 2 in Sword & Shield, on the water after the Dark Badge has been acquired. Its also available through fishing on Route 9 , though the chances of this are very low indeed at 1%. Failing these, theres also a single Lapras wandering the Wild Areas Lake of Outrage, and another in the eastern section of North Lake Miloch.

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Pokmon Go Field Research Quests Explained

Field research are missions collected one at a time by spinning a PokéStop, and will involve finding certain creatures, engaging in battles and other activities.

Every day PokéStops will give you a new quest, and each type of quest can have one of many different rewards, from previously Raid-exclusive consumables such as TMs and Rare Candy and common items such as Poké Balls.

Examples of quest types include:

  • Catch one or two specific Pokemon
  • Catch specific Types
  • Hatch a certain number of Eggs
  • Battle in a Gym a certain number of times
  • Battle in a Raid a certain number of times
  • Evolve a certain number of Pokemon
  • Make a certain number of specific throws
  • Spin a certain number of PokeStops

Some of these quest rewards even give you the chance to catch a mystery Pokémon. Theres nothing exclusive here, but there does include uncommon and rare Pokémon, such as Tangela and Chansey, depending on the quest in particular.

As well as from a PokéStop, one additional research quest will also be added to your list at midnight local time. If you have a full roster of research, then youll receive a fourth regardless though if you still have four the following evening, no more will be added.

How To Win A Scarf Lapras Raid In Pokmon Go

Scarf Lapras has all the same stats as a regular Lapras, so in Pokémon GO, its raid boss CP is about 15,000, and it can be boosted by a rainy or snow weather boost. Scarf Lapras is a Water- and Ice-type Pokémon, and it’s weak against Fighting-, Rock-, Electric-, and Grass-type moves. With a strong team, players can likely win the raid alone, but Scarf Lapras will be defeated quicker with more trainers. Winning the raid quickly will award more Premier Balls to try to catch Scarf Lapras after the battle.

When Scarf Lapras is defeated, players will be awarded a set number of Premier Balls depending on their contribution to the battle. The number of Premier Balls players will get is determined by how quickly the raid boss is defeated, how much damage was dealt, the friendship level between participating players, and whether or not other trainers are on the same team. After defeating the raid boss in Pokémon GO, players can use items to make catching Scarf Lapras easier.

Regardless of how players find a Scarf Lapras, once an encounter starts, a Razz Berry or Golden Razzy Berry can be used to increase the chance of capturing it. Players can also use Ultra Balls if they encounter Scarf Lapras outside of a raid. Participating in the 2022 Water Festival event as often as possible will result in plenty of opportunities to obtain Scarf Lapras, and possibly the Shiny version, in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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It Almost Went Extinct Earlier In The Series

Pokémon fans, as we know, tend to have a very special place in their hearts for the original Kanto crew of critters. As such, you could imagine the reaction if one of the iconic 151 had actually gone extinct .

In earlier games, the Pokédex emphasized just how far Lapras populations had fallen. People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire ruined our day by stating. Its passive, gentle ways were its downfall, as it was exploited and hunted.

How To Get Shiny Lapras

Where To Find A Lapras In Pokemon Go

Shiny Lapras might be your reward, but the odds are still against you. So instead you simply need to encounter as many Lapras as you can while the shiny odds are boosted . Use Incense to increase your spawns, especially during the Kanto Celebration that takes place starting Sunday. Check any Lapras that appear and you may get lucky, but there arent too many other ways to increase your chances unfortunately.

So thats how to catch Lapras during the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto and Kanto Celebration events, and tips for how to get Shiny Lapras. The odds may not be in your favor, but good luck out there.


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