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How To Get All Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon Go

What About Vaporeon Jolteon And Flareon


Unfortunately, the original three Eeveelutions are still random. Once you’ve used the nickname trick, you’re pretty much stuck to the random number generator. Fortunately, Eevee is very common and has been around since day one, so most players have entire teams of Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, but if you’re having trouble getting the one you want, you can always trade another player.

Pokmon Go How To Get All Eevee Evolutions

Eevee and its evolutions have always been hot topics in Pokémon GO. In the classic series, this nice little monster of the normal type has several evolutions, some based on the use of certain objects, on the level of happiness and even on the night and the day.

If you choose to evolve the Pokémon without tricks, then the process will be random , on the contrary, you should know that users have discovered that by renaming Eevee with a certain proper name, it will be possible to obtain the desired evolution.

  • Rename Eevee as Linnea to get the grass type Leafeon
  • Rename Eevee as Rea to get the ice type Glaceon
  • Rename Eevee as Sakura to get the psycho type Espeon
  • Rename Eevee as Tamao to get the dark type Umbreon
  • Rename Eevee as Rainer to get the water type Vaporeon
  • Rename Eevee as Sparky to get the electro type Jolteon
  • Rename Eevee as Pyro to get the fire type Flareon

Once you have renamed your Eevee with one of the above names, you will need to exit and restart the app to verify that the name is actually saved. This is very important, considering that servers may fail at certain times. Once you have checked everything, you just need to feed the Pokèmon with the required candies and make it evolve.

Aside from Sylveon, all evolutions are available in Pokémon Go.

Please note that this trick will work once for each evolution, so we advise you to select only your most powerful Eevee.

Evolving Eevee Into Glaceon In Pokmon Go

Glaceon is the second Eevee evolution from the Sinnoh region and #471 in the Pokedex. As the name suggests, it is an ice type, ideal for battles with grass, ground and dragon type as well as flying Pokémon like Spearow.

To evolve Glaceon, you just need to rename the Eevee Rea and use 25 candies. You can also place a special lure module such as the Glacial Lure Module in a Pokestop.

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The Latest Eevee Evolution: Sylveon

Sylveon, one of the best Fairy-type Pokémon from Generation VI, is the latest Eevee evolution to make its debut in Pokémon Go. Acquiring one takes relatively more work than the other Eevee evolutions, but its all worth it since Sylveon has impressive base stats and combat stats.

To evolve Eevee into Sylveon, youll need to earn 70 hearts with Eevee as your Buddy. Earning that many hearts might take you around a week since the maximum number of hearts you can earn per day is normally 12. However, if you keep your Buddys mood at Excited, you can earn up to 20 hearts a day, and you can get a Sylveon in as early as four days. Some of the ways you can do so are by walking with Eevee as your Buddy, giving it treats, taking a snapshot of it, going to battles with it, and visiting new places together. Remember as well to interact with it as frequently as possible since doing so increases its mood.

Once youve acquired enough hearts, you can then evolve Eevee into Sylveon for 25 Candy.

Just like with the other Eevee evolutions, check that the silhouette on the Evolve button is the correct one before tapping on it.

How To Evolve Into Espeon And Umbreon

Eevee Evolution Guide: Name Tricks, Buddy and Lure ...

The first time you want to get your hands on Espeon and Umbreon, you can use the name trick detailed above. Evolve an Eeevee called Tamao to get an Umbreon, or an Eevee named Sakura to evolve it into Espeon. After that, you’ll need to evolve them the old-fashioned way, by completing certain goals.

For Espeon and Umbreon, you can also evolve into them based on their in-game method of evolution in Pokemon Gold and Silver back on the Game Boy – based on the time of day. In order to do this, you’ll first need to build a relationship with your Eevee. Set them as your buddy Pokemon and walk with them as much as you can.

Once you’ve walked 10km with that Eevee as your buddy Pokemon, it’s ready to evolve into either Epseon or Umbreon. Just evolve in the day for Espeon and night for Umbreon – and this isn’t limited, you can do it as often as you like!

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How To Use The Eevee Evolution Nickname Trick In Pokemon Go

First off, make sure that youve got an Eevee and the 25 Candy that youll need to evolve it. Once you do, simply tap on it from your list of Pokemon and then tap the pencil icon just next to its name. You can now nickname your Eevee whatever you want.

As great as an Eevee called Jebediah would be, wed suggest using one of the above nicknames to net yourself the Eevee evolution you want. Once youve done that, simply tap the Evolve option when viewing that particular mon. After the evolution cutscene has finished, you should be left staring at the Eevee evolution that you wanted.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Sylveon Espeon Umbreon Leafon And Glaceon In Pokemon Go

  • Vaporeon: Nickname Rainer or evolve your Eevee to randomly receive it
  • Jolteon: Nickname Sparky or evolve your Eevee to randomly receive it
  • Flareon: Nickname Pyro or evolve your Eevee to randomly receive it
  • Sylveon: Nickname Kira or select Eevee as your Buddy and complete the evolution tasks Earn 70 Buddy Hearts
  • Espeon: Nickname Sakura or select Eevee as your Buddy, walk 10km and evolve it during the day
  • Umbreon: Nickname Tamao or select Eevee as your Buddy, walk 10km and evolve it at night
  • Leafon: Nickname Linnea or evolve Eevee while near a Mossy Lure
  • Glaceon: Nickname Rea or evolve Eevee while near a Glacial Lure

We have to warn you that the nickname trick works only once.

Which eeveelution is your favorite? How many eeveelutions do you have?

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Generation Ii Eevee Evolutions: Espeon And Umbreon

Unlike the Generation I Eevee evolutions, you have more control over which of the later evolutions you get. To obtain another Espeon or Umbreon, you need to make Eevee your Buddy and walk 10 km with it. Once youve done that, evolve Eevee using 25 Candy during the day to get Espeon, or evolve it at night to get Umbreon. However, there are times that the actual time in your area and the time in the game are not in sync. Thus, youll have to check the color of the sky in the game rather than just looking out the window to make sure that you get the Eevee evolution you want.

How To Evolve Eevee In Pokemon Go


There are actually a number of different ways to evolve Eevee and get all of its various evolutions in Pokemon GO. Some of these depend on which evolution youre after, while others can only be used once to get a specific one. To help you digest all of this information, weve broken all this information down for you step-by-step below.

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How To Get Eevee Evolutions

So, now that you have all the candy you need, how do you evolve Eevee? You can simply tap the evolve button to get a random Eevee evolution. However, if you want to get Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon or Umbreon specifically, you can use this simple trick. Rename your Eevee before evolving it using these nicknames:

  • Rainer for the Vaporeon evolution
  • Pyro for the Flareon evolution
  • Sparky for the Jolteon evolution
  • Sakura for the Espeon evolution
  • Tamao for the Umbreon evolution
  • Linnea for the Leafeon evolution
  • Rea for the Glaceon evolution

Its important to note that you can only use nicknames for your desired evolution once. Every following one will be random, so make sure you only use Eevees with a high CP and IVs. You should also know that Sylveon is not available in Pokémon Go yet.

Are there any other ways to guarantee certain Eevee evolutions in Pokémon Go? Unfortunately, the answer is no for Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. But the good news is that the same doesnt apply for the rest of the gang. Espeon and Umbreon can be acquired by walking with Eevee as your buddy. Once youve walked 10 km together, you can evolve it during the day for Espeon or at night for Umbreon.

Buddy Method For Espeon And Umbreon

This method is only used for getting the Generation 2 Pokémon:Espeon and Umbreon.

  • You must have walked at least 10km with the Pokémon as your buddy, and have collected at least 2 candy.
  • The Pokémon must be your buddy when you evolve it.

You can then choose between Espeon and Umbreon depending on whether you evolve your Eeveeduring the day or at night.

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How Do You Evolve More Umbreon Or Espeon In Pokmon Go

If you’ve already used the nickname trick, and want to get another Umbreon or Espeon, these two Eeveelutions can also be controlled in Pokémon Go. If you just hit the Evolve button, you will get either Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon completely at random. To get Umbreon or Espeon, you need to raise your Buddy Pokémon’s Friendship level:

  • Make the Eevee you want to evolve your Buddy.
  • Walk with your Eevee Buddy for at least 10 KM and earn two Eevee candy.
  • While that Eevee is still your Buddy, hit the Evolve button during the day to get Espeon, or at night to get Umbreon.
  • You can swap out Eevee for another Buddy, but you’ll have to swap Eevee back to being your Buddy before you try to evolve Umbreon or Espeon.

    Keep All Your Shinies

    Pokemon GO Eevee: how to get every Eeveelution in the game ...

    There are lots of Eevee evolutions to collect, and if youre a crazy collector youll also want to have both male and female versions.

    After using the Eevee name trick, you cant always choose which evolution you get. So make sure to collect plenty of shinies so you can have another shot if you get any doubles.

    Also, who knows what Eevee evolutions there will be in the future? Keep plenty of shinies in your Pokémon storage to future-proof your collection.

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    Pokemon Go Eeveelution Names Trick

    Using the nickname trick in is simple, but you can only do it once per Eeveelution, meaning every following evolution will require a slightly different approach.

    To rename your Eevee, simply tap the pencil icon next to its name while in the Pokemon menu. You need to call it something specific to get the evolution you want, so make sure you input it right before you click Evolve.

    The nicknames youll need to rename your Eevee to for each evolution is as follows:

    • Flareon: Pyro

    Which Is The Best Eeveelution Eeevee Evolutions Ranked

    If you’ve got your hands on only one or two Eevee, you’re thus faced with a difficult choice: which of the five Eevee Evolution forms you can currently get is the best one to have? Several of the Eevee Evolutions rank decently in our list of the Best Pokemon for battles in Pokemon Go – in Attack Espeon is ranked 13th and Flareon 18th, while in Defense Umbreon clocks in at 16th. Vapoeron ranks a respectable 10th in HP and Stamina, too – but those are just basic stats. What about beyond that?

    Pokemon Types are of course absolutely vital in Pokemon Go, and an important thing to consider is how each Eevee Evolution ranks when compared to other Pokemon of its type – and also how easy they are to obtain compared to their powerful peers. Let’s take a look at that:

    The story behind Pokemon Go’s Eevee Evolution names

    If you’re wondering where the above names come from, they’re actually a deep-cut nod to fans of the Pokemon anime – a nice little easter egg for players who have been particularly dedicated in their following of the series.

    Rainer, Sparky, Pyro, Sakura and Tamao are actually the names of the ‘Eevee brothers’ that appear in the Pokemon anime. The first three Eevee evolutions and their owners – all siblings – show up in episode 40 of the show, meeting Ash and Pikachu. Each brother has a unique Eevee of his own, and it’s after the brothers that the Eevee take their names.

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    All Shiny Eevee Evolutions In Pokmon Go

    Eevee is one of the most interesting Pokémon in the game, simply because they can evolve into so many different things. There are about seven or eight Eevee evolutions that have been released in Pokémon Go currently. They include the following:

    • Shiny Jolteon in Normal, Shiny and Flower Crown Forms
    • Shiny Vaporeon in Normal, Shiny and Flower Crown Forms
    • Shiny Flareon- in Normal, Shiny and Flower Crown Forms
    • Shiny Umbreon in Normal, Shiny and Flower Crown forms
    • Shiny Espeon in Normal, Shiny and Flower Crown forms
    • Shiny Glaceon in Normal, Shiny and Flower Crown forms
    • Shiny Leafeon in Normal, Shiny and Flower Crown forms

    Pokmon Go: How To Evolve Sylveon

    How to get all of the Eevee Evolutions | Pokemon Go

    Sylveon is the Fairy-type evolution of Eevee and a very strong monster for PvP battles. To evolve it, you need to make the corresponding Eevee your Pokémon buddy in Pokémon GO this is easily done via your profile.

    After that, you need to earn 70 hearts with this buddy Eevee by feeding it, walking with it, and playing with it. Once thats done, you can trigger the evolution button for Sylveon just to be safe, dont release Eevee from its buddy role beforehand.

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    Are There Shiny Eevee And Eeveelutions Can You Control Those

    Like almost all other Shinies, you can only catch or hatch Eevee its Shiny form. If you want any of the Eeveelutions to be Shiny, you’ll need to evolve them the same way you evolve any Eevee. The nickname trick will work if you haven’t used it already. Otherwise, you’ll need to evolve them just like any other Eevee. The same goes for the flower crown costumed Eevee.

    How To Evolve Eevee Leafeon And Glaceon

    Finally Eevee evolutions got even more confusing in Pokémon GO with the addition of Gen 4s Leafeon and Glaceon. This time youll need an item, or someone around you will need to use one that you can access. To evolve Eevee into Leafeon you need to be within range of a Poké Stop that has an active Mossy Lure on it. You can see this on the map with flying leaves surrounding it. Glaceon requires the Stop to instead have a Glacial Lure on it, which will display with swirling ice. Most players have gotten these for free from various events, but they can also be purchased from the shop for 200 Poké Coins a piece. Once you have one just use it on a Stop and evolve an Eevee while standing nearby.

    And thats all Eevee evolutions and how to them them all in Pokémon GO. Sylveon may be added later, so check back for more when Gen 6 hits and after.


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    Raichu Event Costumes In Pokmon Go

    Just like Pikachu, there is a range of costume Raichu for you to collect in Pokémon Go.

    You cant find these Raichu out in the wild though. Instead, youll need to evolve one of your costumed Pikachu. This means its always a good idea to catch at least of each costumed Pikachu if you plan on becoming a costume collector.

    It costs 50 Pikachu candies to evolve a Pikachu into a Raichu.

    Only Straw Hat, Party Hat and Mimikyu Pikachu are unable to evolve into Raichu.

    Below youll find all the information you need about the various costumed Raichus in Pokémon Go:


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    Lure Method For Leafeon And Glaceon

    Pokémon GO Eevee Evolution Guide

    In order to evolve Eevee into the Generation 3 Pokémon Leafeonand Glaceon, you need to use one of the new Lure items:the Mossy Lure or the Glacial Lure.

    Approach a Pokéstop, and apply the lure to the stop:

    • To get Leafeon, use the Mossy Lure.
    • To get Glaceon, use the Glacial Lure.

    Ensure that you are within the radius of the Pokéstop , and find theEevee that you wish to evolve. Make sure that the evolve button contains

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    Eevee To Umbreon Or Espeon

    To evolve into Umbreon or Espeon, keep an Eevee as a buddy and walk this Eevee for 10km. Once you’ve reached 10km, your Eevee should show one of two silhouettes in its Evolve button. If it is daylight hours, you should see an Espeon. If it is nighttime hours, you should see an Umbreon. If you evolve your Eevee during the day, you’ll get an Espeon, if you evolve at night, you’ll get an Umbreon.

    This process will work as many times as you like. You could potentially evolve hundreds of Eevee into Umbreon if you’re willing to walk every one of them 10km and evolve in the daytime.


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