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Can You Get Old Pokemon Games On Switch

Pokmon Lets Go Pikachu And Lets Go Eevee

“ALL Pokemon Games Available On Nintendo Switch In 2021, No Gen 9.”

The Kanto region was the first and arguably the most popular in Pokémon history. Of course, there had to be a game taking fans back here on Nintendo Switch and Lets Go! Does an awesome job of doing this without feeling like a one-for-one remake.

With its Pokémon Go-style encounters, the main battling youll do in these games is against other trainers. This might not be for everyone, but once you give it a try the games charm compensates for any grievances you may have with this system and once you see the classic Pokémon and trainers from Kanto youll be fully locked in.

New Super Lucky’s Tale

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a colorful 3D platformer starring an adorable fox. It harkens back to early 3D platformers like Spyro, offering simplistic gameplay that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, regardless of skill level. Like the games it pays homage to, New Super Lucky’s Tale has heaps of collectibles that emphasize exploring every nook and cranny of each level. To spice things up, there are also 2D levels thrown into the mix, which complement the more open 3D areas quite well. For kids who love Mario, New Super Lucky’s Tale is a good bet.

Pokmon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Ever since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were released on the 3DS in 2014, fans hoped that the original DS classics, Diamond and Pearl, would one day receive the same treatment as well. If youre a Switch owner whos looking for a more traditional Pokémon experience, then Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl may be right up your alley.

Set in the mysterious Sinnoh region, one of the biggest strengths of these games is that they feature a large amount of side quests and endgame content. Once youve defeated the Elite Four, there remains a long list of things for you to do. Its easy to sink a lot of hours into this game, so even if you played the originals, the remakes are well worth a look.

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Pokmon Sword & Shield

Taking the typically portable mainline series to consoles for the first time is a daunting trial, but Game Freak delivered a decent effort with Sun & Moon. Yes, it doesnt have all the Pokémon from the past series, but thats okay with a generation of Pokémon that feels unique to the region of Galar . The game felt truly inspired by the United Kingdom as battles took place in large arenas similar to football games across the country. As a Brit myself, I loved all the different references.

The new open fields of Pokémon Sun & Moon had the developer Game Freak dip its toes into what a big open-world RPG based on the series would be. It is a tantalizing taste of whats to come, as there was plenty to find if you looked in-depth enough.

In addition, the legendaries have an amazing design, with one carrying a sword and the other having a shield. Their attacks are badass like many other Pokémon in the game. It might be disappointing for some, but Sword & Shield is a grand stepping stone for the future of the series. Oh, and did we mention that you can make your Pokémon giant? Thats a neat feature.

Featured Favorite: Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

Pokémon Lets Go! Switch: 10 Features Fans Demand

Choose from seven different character classes and embark on an epic loot-hunting journey to save Sanctuary from the Prime Evils. Diablo 3 Eternal Collection features a single-player campaign, but you can join up with friends to make things easier. Once you beat the game, the mission is to find the best gear, and the end-game content pushes you to your limits. Eternal Collection includes DLC and the new Necromancer class.

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Release Date: June 23rd 2020

Developed by Genius Sonority and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Café Mix, just like Pokémon HOME, is completely free. Its not your average Pokémon game where you have to catch Pokémon. Instead, its a puzzle game.

You and Eevee own a Café and serve customers, who are Pokémon. Every time an order is placed, a puzzle is triggered. You must clear matching icons on a screen by linking them in a ring, with a particular focus on items that the customer has just ordered. Every time you complete an order successfully, youre given the means to upgrade the café, which will, in turn, attract more kinds of Pokémon.

The art style is great, but players have criticized the longevity of the game to some extent. If these kinds of puzzle games that generally appear on mobile arent your thing, this game isnt going to change your mind. But with a price tag of free, its worth a try anyway.

Another Classic Fantasy: Final Fantasy Ix

Join Zidane and friends on a unique adventure and learn the secrets of the Crystal. Give your team members various jobs and have them learn new skills and abilities by equipping items. When you’re done with items, you can even synthesize them with other items to create something new and powerful. This port has high-definition cutscenes, a new booster system, and helpful game modes to speed up the game.

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Bulletstorm: Duke Of Switch Edition

During the Xbox 360 and PS3 era, the developer People Can Fly introduced us to Grayson Hunt and his profanity-laden, raucous journey to get some good ol fashioned revenge. The game featured fast-paced first-person shooting action akin to games like Doomor the Unreal Tournament franchise.

Bulletstorm prided itself on the number of ways one could eliminate the opposition. If you wanted, you could kick an enemy into a meat-eating plant and watch the poor sap be devoured! The game is currently not available for the Switch, but will be this fall. Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition will feature Duke Nukem, famous for his own set of games.

The Best Pokmon Nintendo Switch Games Ranked

Nintendo Switch Game BAN Hits The News! + New Pokemon Horror!

Which Pokémon game should you catch first?

Image via Nintendo

The world of Pokémon is always a lovely place to spend a day with, and while we all wish it was real, the next best thing is to play the games on the Nintendo Switch. The best Pokémon Nintendo Switch games exude the personality of the series and bring a unique charm that other franchises wish they could. Pika-t-this list and find yourself on a Pokémon journey sometime soon.

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Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Dx: 67/100

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is a remake of 2005’s Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue and Red Rescue Team. It stands as the first Pokémon game remade outside of the main entries and features a new art style, as well as additional features like Mega Evolution and auto-mode. The title reintroduces fans to a spruced-up version of the first entry in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeonspin-off series, which saw players take on the role of a human who is turned into a Pokémon, undertaking mission-based jobs rescue Pokémon and deliver items.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX has style but doesn’t rise above the sum of its parts. Originally received as an average game, the remake scores similarly to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue and Red Rescue Team. The new take on art and an improved story help the title, not enough to propel it to new heights. Critics were quick to point out dated and repetitive gameplay under a fresh new coat of paint, in addition to frustrations with an overall unremarkable experience.

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Emulating Nintendo 3ds Pokemon Titles

The 3DS Pokemon titles vary from mainline games to interesting spinoffs, but theres something for every type of gamer. 3DS emulation used to be sub-par, but the emulation community has worked hard to improve their products. As such, emulating Pokemon X and Y is a walk in the park today.

Before picking out an emulator, keep in mind that you might have to invest in a powerful computer, as 3DS emulation requires more computer resources.

These are the 3DS Pokemon games available:

  • Pokedex 3D
  • Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

With hardworking developers, these emulators were born:

3DS emulation has seen lots of improvement, but it remains a problematic platform for developers to crack. Citra is the best option, with R4 3DS Emulator coming in second. Even though its free, Citras best-selling point is how you can use it on all three popular computer operating systems.

Citra also supports 3D graphics if you wish to turn them on. However, many players dont enjoy the 3DS enhancements.

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Release Date: Late 2021

One of the other games announced in celebration of Pokémons 25th anniversary was Pokémon Brilliant Diamond& Shining Pearl. It will be an enhanced remake of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl which is a fourth-generation game that was released on the Nintendo DS in 2006 in Japan .

The return to Sinnoh is highly anticipated amongst fans. The Diamond& Pearl games were a key turning point in the Pokémon series because they were a step up from previous games and showed fans what the future of the franchise would be. Fourth-generation is where online battling and trading was first introduced so its only fitting that it comes back around here. Aside from the obvious graphical changes, the remakes are believed to be faithful.

Interestingly, the games are being developed by ICLA and overseen by Game Freak, when usually the latter is the main developer. This makes this the first time a main series Pokémon game where Game Freak is not the lead developer.

Pokmon Sword And Shield

Best Nintendo Switch Games For Young Kids In 2020

Pokémon Sword and Shield are the latest installments to the Pokémon series. Youre welcomed to the Galar region, where new Pokémon are hidden. Youll be able to pick a new starter, face off against Team Yell, and unravel the mystery of legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta. There is a wide Wild Area to explore as well, where Pokémon roam free. Youre even able to team up with other players either locally or online to engage in new multiplayer co-op Max Raid Battles. In these battles, players will face off against giant and crazy strong Pokémon who have the Dynamax power.

Youll have a chance to power up some Pokémon with the Gigantamax power. This comes with a new look and a whole new set of moves. The game offers a wide variety of things that previous games offered and some things that are brand new to the series. You can pick your clothing and hairstyle, which players have been able to do in recent renditions of the game. But you can also interact with your Pokémon in certain areas, such as the Pokémon Camp. Players new to the series and series veterans will have a good time exploring the new region.

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Nintendo Will Reportedly Bring Game Boy And Game Boy Color Era Games Over To Nintendo Switch Via Online Subscription Service

Nintendos premium Switch Online subscription service is reportedly getting games from the original handheld duo that dominated the late 80s and 90s.

Nintendo Switch Online will soon expand to include Game Boy and Game Boy Color platforms, sources tell Eurogamer. While the roster of included games is unknown, its possible we could see heavy-hitters like the original Pokemon games cross over, complete with Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, as well as later iterations like Silver, Gold, and Crystal.

Theres also talk of other old-school Nintendo platforms coming to Switch Online, including the Nintendo 64.

Instead of offering a Virtual Console digital storefront on the Nintendo Switch, the games-maker is locking specific old-school titles behind a recurring subscription paywall. The concept isnt newboth Sony and Microsoft do it with PlayStation Plus and Xbox LIVE Gold freebiesand Nintendo has frequently promised to increase the value of Nintendo Switch Online over time. Adding new legacy platforms and games is the best way to do this and ensure subscriber retention.

Nintendo has yet to make an official announcement and theres no telling if or when thatll happen.

What About The Older Games

As this is a rumor, and still in its infancy at that, details beyond what we shared above are unknown. The selection of titles is interesting given no games from either Gen 1, 2 or 4 are listed.

However, given it is being referred to as a Master Collection it is difficult to believe at least some of these wont be included in some form. If the likes of Red/Blue , and any other games pre Pokemon X and Y were included, they would surely be popular.

There may be a simple explanation behind their apparent exclusion, though. Gen 1 may come in the form of the GBA versions of the game or might be excluded entirely to encourage the use of Pokemon Lets Go.

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Best: Pokmon Lets Go Eevee And Pikachu

While this game is one of the most controversial titles in the Pokémon series for its use of Go-like mechanics, theres still a lot to love in this semi-remake of Red and Blue. It has a cute chibi art style that will melt your heart, and for any fan of the first generation, theyll be enthralled by the familiar yet completely remade towns and cities they grew up with. The beautiful renditions of classic bit-tune songs from the Game Boy era will also give you goosebumps as theyre wonderfully reimagined. Add in the ability to see all the Pokémon in the field, standard battles, and a story that takes place after the initial games, and youve got a ticket on the S.S. Awesome.

Emulating Nintendo Game Boy Pokemon Titles

Pokemon Emerald for Nintendo Switch

While the Pokemon series spans several Game Boy handheld consoles, you only need one emulator to play all of them. It includes the oldest internationally released titles, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Subsequent titles like Pokemon Emerald are also easy to play with Game Boy emulators.

Game Boy titles include:

The best choice is Visual Boy Advance or VBA. Its a lightweight program and performs well on various PCs. It also doesnt have many problems emulating titles.

Most emulators are free to download, and some are even open-source. If you get your hands on a ROM for your favorite game, you only have to load the file with your emulator. After some loading, you can start playing immediately.

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Classic Games You Should Revisit On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic hybrid handheld and home console, and it’s one of our favorite video game systems. Ever since it debuted in 2017, hundreds of the best Nintendo Switch games have released on the system, and many of them are high-quality ports of amazing games. While some may yawn at the idea of playing old games, there are some amazing classics on the console, and having the ability to play them on-the-go in handheld mode is quite an achievement indeed. Here are some great classic games that you should consider revisiting on your Nintendo Switch.

Feudal Sinnoh: Pokmon Legends: Arceus

Players control a trainer from ancient Sinnoh times tasked with creating the first-ever Pokédex. To do that, they will need to explore a gorgeous open world. You can even catch Pokémon in the overworld by throwing an ancient Poké Ball. You also fight right in the overworld instead of going into a different battle mode. Pokémon Legends: Arceus releases for Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 was one of the more surprising games of 2019. While the original was good, Dragon Quest Builders 2 refined the formula to create one of the best action-RPGs for Switch. The adventure takes place across a large open world and combines a variety of ideas to create an engrossing experience. You spend a fair amount of your time building a village from the ground up, Minecraft-style, but you also embark on adventures, slaying monsters and warding off invaders while gathering resources. It’s bright and colorful and would appeal to kids who like Minecraft but want some more traditional questing to balance out the experience.

Generation 1 And Generation 2

Three Pokemon Games Launch Today On Nintendo Switch And 3DS


The first two generation of games are fairly alone if you have the originals. Generation 1 and 2 could trade with each other on Game Boy via a link cable. It was pretty revolutionary at the time but, sadly, Generation 2 couldnt link with Generation 3 so that lineage sort of died there.

Now, I will say that the 3DS made downloadable versions of these games that you could then transfer to Pokemon Bank and then to Pokemon Home. But be warned, while its cool to have older Pokemon, trading it from these games doesnt mean too much and, honestly, the early games were an absolute SLOG. So, do it if you want but oh my god its so boring.

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Three Pokemon Games Launch Today On Nintendo Switch And 3ds

September 22nd should be a magical day for Pokemon fans. Three new Pokemon games are releasing one on the Nintendo Switch, and two on the Nintendo 3DS!

On the Nintendo Switch, we have the definitive version of Pokken Tournament DX, which is going to send so many of you spiraling down a new funnel of addiction and competition. On the Nintendo 3DS, old-school Pokemon fans are going to spend their weekends starting up brand new adventures in Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Silver.

Pokken Tournament DX

If youre playing Destiny 2 right now, you may want to hold off on Pokken. I, like many of you, have a competitive spark burning in my belly, and Pokken Tournament DX will challenge you right from the beginning to choose a Pokemon and train it to be the best it can possibly be. Of course, in Pokken, youll train that Pokemon by training yourself. Master its combos, master the countering system, hop online, and prove that youre the very best, like no one ever was.

If youd like to learn more about Pokken Tournament DX, you can read our full review right here, which concludes in part:


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