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How To Find Friends On Pokemon Go

How To Battle In A Raid

POKÉMON GO FRIEND CODES! Make New Friends in the Comment Section!

Choose best counters, then accept the invitation and join the raid using the remote raid pass. Remote raid pass will not be consumed until you start the battle. Once the invitation is accepted you will be set to a lobby where all trainers joining the raid are available with a countdown to start the raid. If you do not have minimum battle group size required in the lobby it is recommended to leave the lobby at 10 seconds left so that your remote raid pass will not be consumed. Then the host has to invite again when more trainers are available for the raid.

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How To Add Friends In Pokemon Go Using Your Trainer Code

Thanks to the friends update, you can now add your friends in Pokemon GO. You’ll need to do so in order to send and receive gifts and trade pokemon with others. Here’s how to add friends in Pokemon GO

  • Load up the app and tap on your trainer icon
  • Select “Friends” which is located up in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • You can now either Add a Friend, or have someone add you
  • To add a friend, select “Add Friend” and then enter your friend’s Trainer Code
  • You can choose to share your Trainer Code over social media or messaging apps, or simply read it out to the person that is adding you
  • Enter the code and wait for a notification to pop up on your friend’s screen
  • You can now see your friend in your Friends List, alongside a Friendship Level

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Are There Any Limits

While the idea of being able to send out an unlimited number of presents to an unlimited number of players all around the world is appealing, sadly, there are some limits. Currently, the limits are:

  • You can have a maximum of 200 Friends.
  • You can hold up to 10 presents a day.
  • You can send out 20 presents a day.
  • You can collect 20 presents a day.

Keep in mind that during some events, the limits on the presents you can hold, gift, and receive are temporarily raised.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes List

Pokémon Go: Where to find your Friend Code

Here are some working Pokemon Go Friend Codes to use in November:

  • 6970-7305-0959
  • 2108-6450-1938
  • 1707-4001-5282

These codes all belong to members of the Dexerto team, so if youre looking for more Friends to complete tasks or take advantage of in-game bonuses like extra Gift rewards, feel free to add us!

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How To Camp With Friends In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To camp with friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to swap cards with each other. Also, you have to be in the same place in one of the Wild Areas. Exchange link codes, and make sure that you pick some weird number that you can agree on. Otherwise, you might join some strangers camp by accident. If, on the other hand, you want to camp with several friends, its probably best to appoint one person Camp Master or something. Let them send cards to everybody that way, itll be much easier to get everyone on the same page. If at first you dont succeed, try and try again the servers are still a little wonky, so expect some problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Each Friendship Level

Reaching Best Friend status with another player isnt just a point of social pride. It also grants players several bonuses, including some impacting another new feature, Trading.

  • Good Friends get a three percent damage bonus during Raid battles with friends. They also receive 3,000 experience for reaching this status
  • Great Friends get a five percent damage bonus, as well as one extra Premier Ball to use during Raids. They get 10,000 experience upon unlock as well, alongside a 20 percent trading discount on the amount of Stardust required to exchange Pokémon
  • Ultra Friends get a seven percent damage bonus and two more Premier Balls for Raids leveling up awards both players 50,000 experience, and also offers a 92 percent discount on the amount of Stardust needed to trade Pokémon with each other
  • Best Friends get a 10 percent damage bonus and four added Premier Balls they receive 100,000 experience and a 96 percent discount on the Stardust needed for a Pokémon trade

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How To Make New Friends In Pokmon Go

Make new friends in Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic Labs

There are multiple challenges for you to complete in Pokémon Go that will have you traveling around your local neighborhood to catch various Pokémon that appear. If youre looking to complete one of the more notable tasks, you may need to add new friends to your friendslist, so long as you have room. Heres what you need to know about adding new friends in Pokémon Go.

When it comes to adding new friends, youll need to make sure to reach out to another player you dont already have added to your Pokémon Go friends list. You can share your friend code with them or input their friend code to play in a request to become friends. Youll find this underneath your profile when you click your Avatars head on the lower-left portion of the screen and then go to the Friends tab. Youll have your friend code displayed there, and you can input the other players friend code at this location.

There are multiple ways to find new friends to add to your friends list, such as finding Pokémon Go dedicated Discords, sharing it on Twitter with other Pokémon Go players, or even checking out the Reddit pages for some of the more popular Pokémon Go communities, such as Silph Road. All it takes is to add someone who has not been on your friends list before and add them to your list. After completing the challenge, you can choose to remove that friend if youd like to free up your list.

About Pokemon Go Friend Codes Daily Gifts


Using Pokemon Go Friend QR codes, you can get many free friends on your Pokemon Go network.

After getting these friends, you can then get a lot of gifts from them as well.

  • Earlier you could only hold at most five gifts in your inventory.
  • Then an update came later on, which lets you now hold upto 10 gifts.
  • And you could only open a maximum of 20 gifts on any given day.
  • However, a recent update came in February 2020 that changed it to a whopping 40 gifts per day.
  • Similarly, your friends can also send you up to 10 gifts in a day.
  • An important thing to note is that when you send a gift to a friend, he will know the locations you have visited.
  • You can get Pokemons like Eve, Pichu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.
  • All of this works with Pokemon Go international friend codes.

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What Is Pokemon Go Friends Limit

One of the most popular questions being asked by many Pokemon Go trainers is how many Pokemon Go friends can I have? Well when it comes to playing a game like Pokemon Go, its always fun to have as many friends as possible. But to keep things more organized in the Pokemon Go leaderboard, there is a limit of 200 friends that can be added by each Pokemon Go trainer.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes: How To Add New Friends

Pokemon Go is best enjoyed with friends, but if youve exhausted your real-life connections , Friend Codes can come in handy.

While most portions of Pokemon Go may be enjoyed alone, certain areas require a large group of players to bring out the best in the game for example, if you want to take down Legendaries in Raid Battles, youll need a large group of players.

Completing objectives, such as the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research tale, where players must add a new Friend to proceed, or evolving certain Pokemon that can be transferred to evolve, are other reasons for adding Friends.

Below are some working Friend Codes that you may use in November 2021, as well as information on how to locate your own Friend Code and where to get other Trainer Codes to use in the game.

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Where Do I Find Pokmon Go Friends

The easiest way to get friend codes is to ask your real-life friends! They can provide you with either a numerical or QR code so you can become Pokémon Go friends. If you dont know anyone that plays Pokémon Go in real life, you can use any of the methods we have listed for you:

  • Play together for seven days to receive this bonus
  • There is a small reduction in the trading Stardust requirement
  • Receive one extra Premier Ball when participating in a raid with your friend
  • Receive a small attack boost when Battling together

Ultra friend

  • Play together for 30 days to receive this bonus
  • Medium reduction in the trading Stardust requirements
  • Receive two extra Premier Balls when participating in a raid with your friend
  • Receive a medium attack boost when Battling together
  • Ability to share an EX Raid Invite with each other

Best friend

  • Play together for 90 days to receive this bonus
  • Large reduction in the trading Stardust requirements
  • Receive four extra Premier Balls when participating in a raid with your friend
  • Receive a large attack boost when Battling together
  • Ability to share an EX Raid Invite with each other

Thats everything you need to know about making Pokémon Go friends! We also recommend checking out our Pokémon Go promo codes list for some in-game freebies.

What Info Can Pokemon Go Friends See

Pokémon Go: Where to find your Friend Code

Theres rightly a lot of concerns about the information being shared with the Pokemon Go friends. Heres an answer to all those questions like can Pokemon Go friends see your location. Pokemon Go friends can see the following items once they are added:

  • Trainer profile
  • Pokemon that youve caught
  • Online status

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Trainers Can Now Add Friends Directly From Their Devices Contacts List


You can now add friends in Pokémon GO directly from your devices contacts list! Whether youre looking to find friends who are already active Trainers, or perhaps invite others to start their Pokémon GO journeys, connecting with people you know is now easier than ever before.

How to add friends in Pokémon GO from your devices contacts list

  • Go to the Add Friends screen and tap Add Friends from Contacts.
  • Tap on the button to find and add friends from your contacts list.
  • Once your contacts have been synced, you can browse them within Pokémon GO and either add individuals to your Friend List by tapping Send Friend Request or refer them to play Pokémon GO by tapping Invite to Play.
  • Note: Your discoverability and contacts list sync permissions can always be changed later in the games settings.

    If you invite someone to play whos new to Pokémon GO or hasnt played in a while, by entering your referral code theyll receive rewards like Pokémon encounters, Rare Candy, Incubators, and more as they hit milestones on their adventureand so will you! Learn more about adding friends from your contacts list in this help center article. You can also learn more about our referral program here.

    Discovering the world and playing Pokémon GO is always better with friends. Lets GO on this journeytogether!

    The Pokémon GO team

    How To Join A Remote Raid

    To join a remote raid, you need a Remote Raid pass on Pokémon Go. First stay online in Pokémon Go app, add the host as a friend if they are still not your friend and wait for the remote raid invitation from the Pokémon Go trainer who hosts the raid. Once the invitation is received you will be notified from app. Click on the invitation and then use your remote raid pass to join the raid remotely. There is no distance restriction to join a remote raid. You can join a remote raid anywhere in the world as long as you have an invitation to join.

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    Pokemon Go Friends Codes

    If you are looking for Pokemon Go Friends Codes to add Pokemon Go friends from all over the world, then you are exactly at the right place

    Latest Pokemon Go Friends Codes Updated Daily:

    Use our Pokemon Go trainer codes list to find out all the recent and updated friend codes for Pokemon Go. Adding more friends will help you get pokemon go friends to exchange gifts and perform better in the game. More friends mean more exchange of gifts and XP so this will surely benefit you in the game.

    You can also add your own Pokemon Go Friend Code and that will be added to the list once approved. This will help people from all over the world find your Pokemon Go trainer code and add you to the game.

    Here are all the latest Pokemon Go Friends Codes updated every day:

    0085 6408 6234

    Where To Find New Friend Codes For Pokemon Go


    One way to find new Friend Codes is to visit a dedicated subreddit like r/PokemonGoFriends. Here, youll be able to find plenty of working codes and share your own Friend Code with other Trainers.

    There are also subreddits for specific activities, such as r/PokemonGoRaids which allows you to find Friend Codes specifically for Raids. Be aware that Trainers will often remove you once a Raid is over. Its not personal!

    Always use caution when adding Friends in Pokemon Go. Make sure you dont have any personal information in your username or profile and avoid sharing Gifts with people you dont know.

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    Referral Program For Pokmon Go Explained

    The Referral Program for Pokémon Go is available to both new and returning players, with the latter being people who haven’t played the game in over 90 days.

    As of Wednesday, 31st March, the Referral Program is available worldwide after completing the trail in Australia.

    Giving a player your Referral Code will allow them to access the Referral Program rewards which will reward both of you as the referred player completes specific feats in Pokémon Go.

    If you want access to the Referral Program rewards, however, you must ensure that both you and the referred player, or vice versa as may be the case, are in-game Friends and stay this way until you’ve unlocked all of the Referral Program rewards. If you don’t, then these quests and the Referral Program rewards will not be available to you.

    The Friends Cap in Pokémon was increased to 400 on Tuesday, 6th April, which is great for players who’ve previously filled their Friend’s List. You can also open 30 Gifts per day.

    Trainers, we’re happy to share that we’ve increased the maximum number of friends you can have in Pokémon GO to 400!

    Niantic Support

    Finally, there is also a new medal dedicated to the Referral Program, titled the Friend Finder.

    Where Is My Friend Code Anyway

    Now that you know how beneficial friendship in Pokémon Go is, I bet you’re eager to add as many friends as you can. Fortunately, finding your code to add friends is super easy and can be done in two different ways.

  • From the main screen, click on your avatar in the bottom left corner to open the profile screen.
  • Select Friends from your profile screen.
  • Select Add Friend.

  • Select to post your code directly to any social media or messenger app already installed on your phone.

  • Or select Copy my Trainer Code to copy the code to the clipboard where you can then paste it elsewhere.
  • Or select QR Code to generate a QR Code that can be scanned within the app to add friends in person.

  • Voila! You have your friend code in a number of easy to share forms.

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    Make Way For Friends Trading And Gifting In Pokmon Go


    Were excited to share brand-new ways to interact with your friends in Pokémon GO! The Friends feature will start rolling out to Trainers later this week, allowing you to connect with your real-life friends and keep track of their adventures in Pokémon GO. Youll be able to send them items, earn bonusesand even trade Pokémon!

    In order to add a friend in Pokémon GO, you must first ask them to share their Trainer Code with you. To invite a Trainer to become your friend, simply enter their Trainer Code and then send them a request. If they accept, youll become friends, and youll see them in your Friends List.

    When you spin a Photo Disc at a PokéStop or Gym, you have a chance of receiving a special Gift. Although you cant open the Gifts you receive from PokéStops, you can send them to a friend on your Friend List. Inside the Gift will be a stash of helpful items, which your friend will receive along with a postcard showing where you picked up your Gift. Gifts can also include a special surprise: an Egg that, when hatched, will contain an Alolan form of a Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region!


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