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How To Connect Pokeball Plus To Pokemon Go

How To Connect Your Pok Ball Plus To Pokmon Let’s Go

How To Pair / Connect POKEBALL PLUS with Pokemon GO

When you first start Pokémon Let’s Go, you’ll be asked which controller type you want to use. You can manually Switch to the Poké Ball Plus at any time.

  • Launch Pokémon Let’s Go on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Press the X button on your Joy-Con.
  • Press the Y button on your Joy-Con.
  • Select Open Controller Settings.

  • Press the white button on the Poké Ball Plus. It may take a few seconds to connect.
  • Press the white button on the Poké Ball Plus again after the icon turns red.
  • Press the white button on the Poké Ball Plus again to confirm that you want to use it.

  • Once connected, your Poké Ball Plus can be used as a standard controller. Use the joystick to walk around. Press the white button on top of the joystick to select things. Press the red button on top of the Poké Ball Plus to open the menu or exit out of windows.

    Solution : Uninstall Spotify

    The Pokeball Plus is known to have issues with the Spotify application. You may encounter the error at hand if Spotifys application is interfering with the operation of the game. In this context, uninstalling the Spotify application may solve the problem.

  • Open Settings of your phone and tap on the Application Manager .
  • Now open Spotify and then tap on the Uninstall button. Uninstall Spotify
  • Now disable Bluetooth of your phone.
  • Again, open Application Manager and tap on Pokemon Go.
  • Now tap on Force Stop and then confirm to stop the application. Force Stop the Pokemon Go
  • Then restart your phone.
  • Upon restart, reenable Bluetooth and then try to pair the device through the games menu to check if the problem is solved.
  • Fix: Pokeball Plus Failed To Connect

    Pokeball Plus may fail to connect due to interference from other communication devices. Moreover, outdated controller/Pokeball firmware may also cause the error under discussion.

    The affected user encounters the error when he tries to connect the Pokeball Plus to his phone. The issue is reported to happen on nearly all makes and models of Android phones. Some users encountered the problem when setting up the new ball, whereas other users faced the error after using it for a long time. The issue is not country-specific.

    Before proceeding with the troubleshooting process, make sure you are not out of Pokeballs or Pokemon storage. Moreover, restart both the devices and then check if the problem is solved. Furthermore, make sure the OS of your phone is updated.

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    Frequently Asked Question About Pokeball Plus

    How long would the battery of Pokeball Plus last?

    Pokeball Plus uses a lithium-ion battery that sustains operation for around three hours when its fully charged. You could determine the charge level of Pokeball Plus if you press and hold the top button and control stick. That is going to cause Pokeball Plus to flash and the color should tell you how much charge is left .

    Is Pokeball Plus water-resistant?

    Pokeball Plus is not made to handle water so its best that you keep your ball away from water. If you accidentally let your Pokeball Plus come into contact with water, quickly move it to a ventilated place and give it time to dry. Hopefully, after a few hours, your ball may work again.

    Do I have to get Pokeball Plus to play Pokémon GO?

    You dont necessarily need to buy Pokeball Plus to play Pokémon GO as its an optional accessory. As long as you have a working smartphone with the Go app, you could play Pokémon GO.

    My Pokeball Plus reacts but I cannot catch Pokemon. What should I do?

    In the case that your Pokeball Plus reacts normally but you fail to catch Pokemon, its highly likely that your Pokemon Storage is full. Make some space in Pokemon Storage and you would be able to catch Pokemon again.

    How To Get Mew

    How to connect your Poké Ball Plus to Pokémon GO on iPhone ...

    To download Mew, you will need to get far enough in the game to unlock the “Communicate” option in the menu.

    After pairing your Poke Ball Plus, you will get the following message:

    A Pokemon is in your Poke Ball Plus. Its a present for you! Select Communicate from the main menu, and then select Mystery Gifts.

    Heres how to get Mew out of the Poke Ball Plus:

    • Bring up the in-game menu and pick Communicate.
    • Pick Get with a Poke Ball Plus.
    • You will get the following message: Its a present for you. Would you like to receive it? Pick yes.
    • You will then get a super scary warning about making sure both your Switch and Poke Ball Plus controller are adequately charged: Attention! If your battery runs out or youre disconnected while youre receiving a gift, you may no longer be able to receive the gift. Please check the battery of your Nintendo Switch and Poke Ball Plus. Please also make sure there is no communication issue. Say three Hail Marys and proceed.
    • You will get the following message: You will now connect to the internet. Your game will be saved. Is that OK? Pick Yes.
    • Watch the happy loading screen as your Mystery Gift is acquired. Do NOT turn off your Switch.
    • You will get the message: Mews data will be added to the Pokedex!

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    Pokmon Go: How To Sync And Catch Pokemon Using Pokmon Go Plus

    Pokémon Go Plus is a Bluetooth accessory that lets you interact with Pokémon GO from your wrist. You can catch Pokémon with Pokémon GO Plus, and you can gather items from PokéStops as well. In this Pokemon Go Plus Guide we’ll tell you how the device works and how best to use it. If you want to more easily catch Pokemon, this is the device for you.

    Check out our Pokémon GO hub for more guides and tips that’ll help you level up faster, earn more Candy, get more Stardust, and lots more!

    Catching Pokmon With Pok Ball Plus In Pokmon Let’s Go

    To catch a pokémon with the Poké Ball Plus in Pokémon Let’s Go, when you encounter a wild pokémon, choose “Get Ready”, then raise the Poké Ball Plus over your shoulder, then swing itdownward . You will throw a Poké Ball in the game. If you didn’tcatch the pokémon, you can choose “Get Ready” and try again.

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    How To Collect Items From Pokstops With The Pokmon Go Plus

    When you’re in the vicinity of a PokéStop, your Pokémon GO Plus will vibrate and blink blue. Press the button to collect items. The light will blink multicolor for successful retrieval, and will shine red if the PokéStop is out of range.

    After a recent update, Pokemon Go Plus will interact with Gym Photo Discs, and you can push the button to collect items.

    If your bag is full and you can’t collect anymore items, your Pokémon GO Plus will vibrate and show a white light.

    Update Your Pokmon Go App


    For iOS users, you’ll need to make sure that your device has the latest Pokémon GO update. Check the Updates tab in the App store.

    For Andriod users, if you go to settings, then applications, you’ll find the Pokémon GO app in your list of applications. When you tap on the app, it should give you the version number. If it is below 0.37.0, you’ll need to go to the google store to update the app from there.

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    How To Use Pok Ball Plus In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    • 0

    First released alongside Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Lets Go Eevee!, the Poké Ball Plus offered a unique way to play that game one-handed. Designed to resemble the Poké Balls used to catch Pocket Monsters, its a cute little controller with a built-in accelerometer which adds a fun flavour to playing through the remakes of Pokémon Red and Blue, the original Pokémon games on Game Boy.

    But can you use the Poké Ball Plus to play Pokémon Sword and Shield? Well, although it doesnt work as a controller in this game, the little Poké Ball Plus device is compatible with Pokémon Sword and Shield, albeit in a more limited way. It is the only way to unlock the mythical Pokémon Mew in Pokémon Sword and Shield, although youll probably need a brand new Poké Ball Plus. Its also a handy accessory when paired with Pokémon GO .

    Below is a list of questions and answers pertaining to the Poké Ball Plus and Pokémon Sword and Shield. Read on to find out exactly how you use the little device with the latest in the mainline series of Pokémon games.

    Solution : Update The Controller And Pokeball Through The Nintendo Switch

    This issue also occurs if the ball and controller are not on the latest firmware. In this case, updating the controller and the ball to the latest firmware may solve the problem.

  • Open System Settings of your switch.
  • In the left pane of the window, click on Controllers and Sensors.
  • Now in the right pane of the window, click on Update Controllers. Update Controller of Nintendo Switch
  • Then attach Pokeball Plue in the Lets Go of the switch.
  • Now open the Pokemon Go application on your phone and check if the failed to connect issue is resolved.
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    Solution #4 Disable Bluetooth Scanning

    You may not know it, but your Bluetooth may continue to scan for nearby devices. It keeps on interfering in your Pokeball Plus connection.

  • Launch the Settings of your phone.
  • Go to Location.
  • Under the Mode setting, disable the Bluetooth Scanning. If it is not available, choose the Device only option.
  • Now, try pairing your Pokeball Plus.
  • Disable the Bluetooth and open your Pokemon Go app.
  • Enable the Bluetooth back. Do not connect.
  • Go to the game and connect the ball.
  • How To Transfer Pokemon To Poke Ball Plus In Pokemon Lets Go

    How To Connect Pokeball Plus To POKEMON GO

    Using your Poke Ball Plus, you can train your mons and earn candy even when you arent playing Pokemon Lets Go. If you dont know how to do it, heres how to transfer your Pokemon over to the Poke Ball Plus.

    Your special accessory acts as a secondary Joy-Con for your game, giving you new ways to enjoy catching mons and other activities. If you want to carry your favorite mon around with you wherever you go, you can transfer them over to the Poke Ball Plus.

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    Pok Ball Plus: Everything You Need To Know

    Alongside the announcement of Pokémon: Lets Go for Nintendo Switch, the company unveiled a new controller that you can use instead of your Joy-Cons to catch em all. With the Poké Ball Plus, you can also use it to catch your favorite Pokémon GO characters similar to the way the wrist-worn Pokémon GO Plus works. If youre wondering how it works, how much it costs, and when you can get one, youre in the right place.

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    How To Pair Pok Ball Plus To ‘pokmon Go’

    Along with the release of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, Nintendo is releasing the Poké Ball Plus, a new peripheral and successor to the Pokémon Go Plus.

    However, if you’re looking to use it with your Pokémon Go account you’ll need to pair it to the popular mobile game. What are the benefits of using the Poké Ball Plus? Like the Pokémon Go Plus, it will track your steps without having the app open. This is great for inclement weather and for battery-saving purposes.

    For Pokémon Let’s Go, you can use it as a controller to make you feel more like a Pokémon trainer as you toss the peripheral towards the screen to catch wild Pokémon. It’s also great to take a Pokémon from Let’s Go with you. The longer you have a Pokémon in the Poké Ball Plus the more experience it gains. You can even get helpful items.

    The Poké Ball Plus is sold separately for $49.99 and you’ll need to pair it with your Pokémon Go to get the most out of it. Here’s the steps you need to do just that.


    • Turn phone’s bluetooth on.
    • Got to Settings and scroll down until you see Poke Ball Plus.
    • Tap the button on the Poké Ball Plus once so it blinks white.
    • When the Poké Ball symbol appears in Pokémon Go‘s settings, tap it to start the pairing process.
    • Once the Poké Ball symbol is colored in, it’s connected.


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    How To Reset The Pokeball Plus

    If there is a problem with the PokeBall Plus, such as it not charging properly even with a new power source, you can try resetting it. To reset the PokeBall Plus, locate the tiny, black button to the right of the base of the strap and press the button once with the tip of a pen or small object. The PokeBall Plus will briefly vibrate if reset.

    You can also reset the device by going into support mode by holding down the top button and control stick for five seconds when not connected to anything, according to HiHoSilver99 on the Pokemon Go Subreddit. The flash of the LED will let you know how full the battery is. Press the top button once so that the LED turns blue and then press the control stick to reset pairing information with the Switch, which you can do if you want to pair the device with a new Switch system. Press the top button twice so that the LED turns white and then press the control stick in to delete all user data on the device.

    Caution: If the PokeBall Plus is reset while data such as scores, save data, etc is being written to it, then it may be erased forever.

    Checking The Charge Of Pok Ball Plus

    How to Use Pokéball Plus with Pokemon GO App (Syncing with Pokeball Plus and Controls on Pokemon GO)

    To check how much charge the Poké Ball Plus currently has, press andhold both the control stick and the top button for at least three seconds.If the area around the control stick glows red, the battery is 33% or lower,if it glows yellow, the battery is between 33% and 66%, and if it glowsgreen, the battery is 66% or higher.Press the control stick again to turn off the charging indicator light.

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    Connectivity Issues Between Pokmon Go And Pok Ball Plus

    The information in this article can help you when:

    • The connection between the Pokémon GO app and Poké Ball Plus is not working or is unstable.
    • Error message: “Unable to connect to Poké Ball Plus.”
    • Pokémon GO connects to the Poké Ball Plus via Bluetooth.
    • Once connected, Poké Ball Plus functions exactly like a Pokémon GO Plus.

    Using It In Pokemon Go As A Pogo+

    Much to the pleasure of Pokemon Go players, the Poke Ball Plus also acts as a Pokemon Go Plus in Pokemon Go. It operates almost identically to a POGO Plus. To connect it to your phone, follow these steps:

  • Open Pokemon Go
  • Go to the main menu via the Pokeball icon in the bottom center
  • Go to the settings via the menu option in the top right
  • Scroll down to the bottom part of the settings where youll find Poke Ball Plus and tap it
  • Hit a button on your Poke Ball Plus so that it begins searching for a device
  • When the Poke Ball Plus appears on your screen, tap it
  • It will begin attempting to connect
  • If successful, it will immediately begin working
  • Its worth noting this process tends to be a little buggy, and may not work 100% of the time. You may have to make several attempts.

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    How To Connect Your Pok Ball Plus To Pokmon Go On Iphone And Android

    Similar to the Pokémon GO Plus wristband, the Poké Ball Plus can be used to help you catch ’em all in Pokémon GO on your iPhone and Android device. It’s really easy to set up. You don’t even have to open your Bluetooth settings. Here’s how to connect your Poké Ball Plus to Pokémon GO on iPhone and Android.

    You Can’t Use The Pok Ball Plus With Two Systems At Once

    Pikachu Images: Nintendo Switch Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu ...

    The Poké Ball Plus can only be connected to one system at a time. So it can either be connected with Pokémon GO or Pokémon Let’s Go. So you’ll need to unpair the Poké Ball Plus from your Nintendo Switch before it can be discovered in Pokémon GO .

    To unpair the Poké Ball Plus on your Nintendo Switch, press the Home button and reconnect to your Joy-Con controller.

    To unpair the Poké Ball Plus in Pokémon GO, Tap the Poké Ball icon in the upper right corner of the game. When it’s unpaired, the ball will be dimmed.

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    How To Disconnect Your Pok Ball Plus From Pokmon Go

    If you didn’t already know this, you can’t have the Poké Ball Plus paired with two devices at the same time. Luckily, it’s easy to unpair your Poké Ball from Pokémon GO. Here’s how.

  • Launch Pokémon GO on your phone.
  • Tap the Poké Ball icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • When disconnected, the Poké Ball will dim.


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