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How To Get Perfect Iv Pokemon

Changing Nature & Ivs Has Gotten Easier But Breeding Is Still Necessary

HOW TO BREED PERFECT IV POKEMON – Pokemon Sword and Shield

Although the breeding process in Pokemon Sword and Shield has gotten slightly easier compared to previous games in the series, it’s still a very time consuming process. Breeding still plays a huge role in creating strong Pokemon in order to win Ranked Battles.

Change Nature With Mints

You will be able to modify the stats affected by a Pokemon’s Nature by using an item called a Mint. However, you need a lot of Battle Points to do so. Breeding is also necessary to create strong Pokemon with which to farm BP in the first place.

Use Hyper Training To Max Out IVs

You can use Hyper Training to max out a Pokemon’s IVs but you need to get Bottle Caps, which require a lot of BP. You also have to level your Pokemon to 100 to use Hyper Training.

How Do Evs Work

In Generation VII, Pokémon are limited to a total of 252 EVs per stat, and 510 EVs in total. As a result, the maximum amount of additional stat points that can be acquired by EV-training for a given stat is 63, in comparison to a Pokémon that is uninvested in EVs.

Just for reference, this is how a stat is calculated:

Pressing the Y button on a Pokémon’s Summary screen will show a graph depicting the EVs it has accumulated so far stats that have reached 252 effort values will sparkle.

What Are Pokmon Go Ivs

Pokémon Go IVs are hidden stats that are randomly generated when a Pokémon is caught or hatched. These values are between 0 and 15, with a separate value for each stat. If youre lucky, they can increase a Pokémons base stats by roughly 10 percent.

Just like in classic Pokémon titles, each type of Pokémon has base stats. In Pokémon Go however, there are only three stats: Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Attack and Defense are obvious, but Stamina affects both HP and how long a Pokémon can defend in a gym before needing to rest.

While every Squirtle might have the same base stats, their final stats vary. These are Squirtles base stats compared with perfect IV stats:

  • Attack 94 vs 109
  • Defense 122 vs 137
  • Stamina 88 vs 103

These stats are then put together into CP , which is main way a Pokémons strength is displayed in Pokémon Go. However, CP also takes Pokémon levels into account, so a 500 CP Squirtle may not have better IVs than a 150 CP Squirtle. The only way to know the true potential of a Pokémon is to check their IVs.

Its also worth noting that IVs remain the same through evolution, so feel free to evolve that perfect IV Squirtle into a Blastoise.

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How Do I Use This Tool

Step 1: Choose your Pokémon that you want to use in the calculator.

Step 2: Fill in the following values as shown on the image:ACPBHPCDust required to Power Up the Pokémon

Step 3: If you have just caught this Pokémon, and not powered it up, then check the ‘just caught’box as it will help narrow down the results.

Step 4: Click ‘Calculate’. The calculator will run and give you the possible IV combinations for your Pokémon below.If the range of possible combinations is too large, you can further refine with the Appraisal system.

Pokemon Lets Go: How To Catch Perfect Pokemon Flawless Iv


Catching Pokemon is just the beginning of Pokemon Lets Go. There are perfect or flawless IV Pokemon in Pokemon Lets Go, and you can catch them with a little luck and doing the right things to increase your odds. If youre setting out to catch these perfect Pokemon youre going to want to stock up on Pokeballs and hit the areas where you know the species you are looking for will be. Once you do, youre going to need chaining catch combos.

There are certain IVs that are guaranteed when catching a certain amount of the same Pokemon in a row. If you catch between 1-10 of the same Pokemon you are guaranteed 0/6 Flawless IV. If you catch between 11-20 in a catch combo, you are guaranteed 2/6 Flawless IV. If you catch between 21-30 you are guaranteed 3/6 Flawless IV. With a catch combo of 31 or higher you are guaranteed to get 4/6 Flawless IV.

Simply put, the best way to have a shot at catching a perfect Pokemon with flawless IV 6/6 in Pokemon Lets Go is to increase your catch combo.

To check Pokemon IV you will need to have chatted with Professor Oaks assistant who will unlock this for you in the game. This guide can help you check your Pokemon IV.

There is no way to get Flawless 6/6 IV Pokemon in Pokemon Lets Go without a little luck. The best you can do is catch more than 30 in a combo and hope that a perfect IV Pokemon spawns in your location.


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How To Breed Perfect Iv Pokmon

get a Mimikyu with the nature and the five perfect IVs you want, even if it takes hours or even days of riding Tauros around in circles to hatch eggs. You now have the necessary things to start the breeding process.

Thats what were focusing on, which is how you can get that Perfect IV in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. saves a bunch of time getting parents in the friend safari.Pretty good guide Mantyke, thanks for throwing this together. But in competitive and online battling all Pokemon are the same level, and Pokemon without perfect IVs are at a serious disadvantage.It may seem complicated, but there are concrete rules that go into breeding, and it all makes sense in the end.When you drop two Pokemon off at the daycare theyll eventually make an egg, theyre in the same egg group. EDIT: Does the IV judge tell you all the perfect IV-stats if you have multiple? You’re only able to destiny knot one parent, right?

But when a breeding Pokemon holds everstone it ensures that the hatched Pokemon will have the same nature as the parent.

Breed that with the 5 IV Ditto, and keep upgrading the other parent when you get one with better IV’s.

Welcome to the world of Pokemon Emerald. God forbid you max out the EVs, IVs, and give an offense-centric Nature to a Shuckle knowing Power Trick.You can find Slugma with Flame Body in the Fiery Path.The process requires a Ditto with two perfect IVs.

Breed For The Best Ivs

Use The Destiny Knot

Eggs inherit 3 random IVs from their parents. By using the Destiny Knot, you can inherit 5 IVs! Keep in mind, you will inherit 5 from both parents, which means that if both parents have higher IVs, the chance of producing a better Pokemon will increase.

Destiny Knot + Power Items Effects

Combining a Power Item with a Destiny Knot does not guarantee you will pass down 6 IVs. It just means that you are guaranteeing one particular IV. It’s generally recommended to use the Destiny Knot + Everstone when breeding in most cases.

Other Useful Items For Breeding

5 Max IV Grookey

Dubwool is in the Field Egg Group, while Grookey is in Field& Grass. This means that the high IV Dubwool you got in a Raid Battle can actually come in handy!

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Second Step: Training The Effort Values

Once weve bred the Pokémon we want, we can go into the training of its Effort Values . These points will let us boost its stats.

The max points we can get in total for a single Pokémon is 510 EVs to share among the 6 stats however we decide but, always, without exceeding 252 EVs in each one.

There are two ways of distributing the EVs in our Pokémon: battling against wild Pokémon or using specific Vitamins.

Every single wild Pokémon we battle against will give a fixed amount of EVs into at least one of the stats of the Pokémon which defeated them. These amounts vary depending on each Pokémon species, always between 1 and 3 EVs.

There are two ways of maximizing the EVs you can get from battling wild Pokémon. One of them are the Power Items. These items let us get 8 EVs extra when we defeat a wild which would give us EVs in the same stat. There is a total of 7 Power Items:

  • Power Weight: Will add extra EVs in HP
  • Power Bracer:: Will add extra EVs in Attack
  • Power Belt: Will add extra EVs in Defense
  • Power Lens: Will add extra EVs in Special Attack
  • Power Band: Will add extra EVs in Special Defense
  • Power Anklet: Will add extra EVs in Speed
  • Macho Brace: Duplicate the EVs gained in any stat

The other way of training the EVs obtainable through battling Pokémon is by Pokérus, a beneficial virus that allows the Pokémon which suffers it to obtain double EV points than regular for each Pokémon defeated.

Vitamins are items which let us maximize the EV points of a Pokémon.

A Beginners Guide To Competitive Breeding In Pokemon Sun And Moon

How to Get Perfect IV Pokemon In Less Than 3 Minutes! (A.R. Required)

Figuring out the breeding system in every Pokémon game can be fun, but also a bit tricky. The introduction of the breeding system in Pokémon has created a new way for players to interact with their adorable creatures. Breeding Pokémon isnt too hard, but mastering the right way to do it absolutely is.

Mastering this system can take some time, but there are some benefits to using it. The main reason to master the Pokémon breeding system is to get the best stats for your Pokémon. There are several semi-hidden systems within the breeding system that can produce some of the best Pokémon youll find. Additionally, its easier to level newly hatched Pokémon than wild Pokémon, making it easy to have the strongest, fastest, and most powerful Pokémon possible.

The breeding system can be time-consuming and frustratingly random, but strategically breeding Pokémon is necessary for success. And the end result, a newly hatched, baby Pokémon, makes the process rewarding. Here are a few things about breeding Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon that you need to know!

Further reading

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Perfection Not Always Necessary

Mega Absol can use Special attacks on the side, but Volcarona isnt great Physically.

Often, you might find Pokémon with only five maxed IVs, or actually you want a Pokémon like this. The main reason is their Attack and Special Attack for offense.

Typically, people will engineer Pokémon in breeding so that the Pokémons higher of Attack or Special Attack in their base stats is favored by Nature, EVs, and IVs, often letting the other of the two go completely neglected.

Doing so can result in much saved time: since you dont have to work on one of the stats, EVs and such can be devoted to the other, time is very much saved, and you dont have to figure out which stat you want the Nature to detract from.

The main reason for this is that the Trainer will have an only-Physical or only-Special moveset. If you are opting for such a moveset, you are more than welcome to ignore the stat youre not even going to use whatsoever.

Other than Pokémon with varied movesets and certain other strategies, 6 IVs only has a use in influencing Hidden Power and for additional breeding with the Destiny Knot.

Option A: By Breeding In The Day Care

In order to get Pokémon by this way, first we must attend to the points previously mentioned:

  • IVs: Pokémon must hatch with them already at max in the required stats. Usually that would mean all of them although there are some cases when we could leave out one of them, for example the Special Attack on a physical user.
  • E.g.: Most of the time we wont pay attention to the Special Attack IVs on Gyarados since they will nearly always attack with their physical stat.
  • Nature: Pokémon must hatch as well with the correct Nature according to how their Effort Values are going to be trained.
  • E.g.: One more time, for Gyarados, we should be looking for a nature which boosts the Attack or Speed while dropping the Special Attack since we wont use it.
  • Ability: Pokémon must hatch also with the required ability from the start. Hidden Abilities are also inheritable.
  • Egg moves: If it is the case that we are looking for a specific Egg Move, our Pokémon must hatch with that move already learnt by breeding with other species in the Day Care.
  • Note: From the 8th Gen onwards all these attributes are modifiable after the Pokémon hatch, except for the Hidden Abilities which must be bred down.

    Nevertheless, these changes are done by items, which we can get after a certain quantity of Battle Points *. And that is why we will root for this other breeding method in order to save them better.

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    Tips To Catch 100 Iv Pokemons In The Game

    Since 100 IV Pokemons are so sought-after, catching them can be a tough job. Apart from using a Pokemon Go 100 IV map, here are some other tricks that you can implement.

    • If you are fortunate, then you can end up catching a âluckyâ Pokemon. Though, the chances of a lucky Pokemon having 100 IV are 1 in 64 presently.
    • A boost in weather also improves the chances of catching a 100 IV Pokemon .
    • Trading between friends would also boost your chances. Presently, it is 1 in 3375 for good friends, 1 in 2744 for great friends, and 1 in 1331 for best friends in the game.
    • Although there is just a 0.0244% probability of catching a 100 IV Pokemon in a standard way, you can do some research to improve your chances.
    • Catching a Pokemon from a quest, hatching it from an egg, or catching it by defending a raid might also result in a 100 IV Pokemon .

    Use Items To Change Stats After Breeding

    How to get PERFECT IV POKEMON EASY in Pokemon Go (NO HACKS ...

    Items can be used to manipulate your Pokemon’s IVs, Nature, or even a Pokemon’s Ability. This will allow you to create the ideal Pokemon without needing to breed again.

    Important Stat Changing Items

    More Efficient To Buy Vitamins With Money

    Vitamins can be bought with BP or money, but it is recommended you buy them with money at a Pokemon Center in Wyndon as BP is required for a lot of other end-game content. Money can also be earned faster than BP.

    Defeat Wild Pokemon To Earn BP

    Base Points can be earned by defeating other Pokemon. The type of Base Point the defeated Pokemon gives is different from species to species. For example, Diglett gives you 1 Speed Base Point.

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    How Do I Check My Pokemons Iv

    You will need the IV Judge and can be acquired in the guard tower Between Route 11 and 12 from Professor Oaks aide NPC. You need to have caught 30 species of Pokémon and you will acquire the IV Judge. You will start to see the words BestVery Good and others to describe your pokemon when checking the pokemons summary screen and pressing .

    Specific IV

    What Is An Iv In Pokemon Go

    Each Pokemon has 3 separate IVs: these are hidden values between 0 and 15 for the Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats. These values determine how powerful a Pokemon will be at its maximum level.

    Not all Pokémon are equal: two max-level Pokémon can have different IVs, resulting in one which will be more powerful then the others. For example, a level 40 Lapras can have a CP of between 2,229 and 2,603.

    This means that in the worst case, you could end up with a Lapras which is only 85% as powerful as it could be!

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    Pokemon Lets Go Stats

    There are a total of 7 Pokemon Lets Go Stats players should be aware of when choosing the right pokemon. Below we will explain how each one works and how they affect your Damage, Defense and ability to take damage from enemy pokemon.

    • HP The amount of damage a Pokémon can receive before fainting.
    • Attack The amount of damage a Pokémon deals when using a physical move.
    • Defense The amount of damage a Pokémon receives when it is hit with a physical move.
    • Special Attack The amount of damage a Pokémon deals when using a special move.
    • Special Defense The amount of damage a Pokémon receives when it is hit with a special move.
    • Speed Pokémon with higher Speed at the start of any turn will generally make a move before ones with lower Speed.
    • CP This stat that indicates a Pokémons capability in combat. CPs value is derived from all of the other stats combined.

    Pokmon Go Cp Explained: What Is Cp And How Is Cp Calculated


    CP, or Combat Points, is a measure of how strong your Pokémon will be in battle against another Pokémon, and is actually a combination of several hidden stats. Each Pokémon in Pokémon Go has a set of Base Stats for Attack, Defence, and Stamina, along with a hidden Level and a hidden modifier for those Base Stats, known as a Pokémon’s IVs.

    It’s not worth going into too much detail on how all of those stats work but they can essentially be explained with a nice little analogy about dogs:

    Greyhounds, often used for dog racing, are a naturally fast breed of dog. Bulldogs, not so fast. Just like Greyhounds are naturally speedy, Dragonites, as a Pokémon species, have naturally high Attack – or, in other words, a naturally high Base Stat for Attack – contrast that with Machokes which, despite having decent Attack, are somewhat puny by comparison.

    However, every now and then you might get a Greyhound that is so slow, and a Bulldog that is so fast, that out of these two individual dogs the Bulldog is actually faster.

    So, in Pokémon Go, you might get such a naturally low-Attack Dragonite, and naturally high-Attack Machoke, that you’ll hit the point where the Machoke actually has a higher overall Attack than the Dragonite. That’s because the Individual Values of the Machoke – basically its genes – are considerably stronger than those of the Dragonite.

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