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What To Do After You Beat Pokemon Shield

Evolution Methods For Eevee In Pokmon Go: Stones And Bait Modules

10 Things To Do After You Beat Pokemon Sword and Shield | Guide | Endgame

Once the trick no longer works for us, we will have to resort to the conventional method: subjecting Eevee to the exposure of a evolutionary stone O bait modules. Depending on the desired evolution, getting any of the evolutions in Pokémon GO strictly depends on the stone we use and the context in which we do it. Lets take a look at each case individually so you can understand it at a glance.

Catch More Pokemon In The Wild Area

Once you’re the champion, every Pokemon in the Wild Area will be above level 60, and of course you can capture all the powerful Pokemon you’ve yet to catch. Try doing Raids, too, if you haven’t in a while–the five-star ones are super hard, but you can get some excellent Pokemon from them. Check out our guide to finding cool and rare Pokemon if you’re trying to complete your Pokedex, too.

Pokmon Go Gyms: How To Defend Attack Earn Coins Get Stardust

While many aspects of Pokémon Go are fairly straight forward, such as finding and catching Pokémon and spinning Pokéstops for items, the Gym system is a little complicated and has changed quite a bit since Pokémon Go first launched. Every aspect from how you join Gyms to how you defend Gyms, how you attack Gyms, to how you get Stardust, Poké Coins, items, and yes! Candy can be confusing to keep track of. Fortunately, weve done the research and tested out every aspect of Pokémon Go Gyms. Heres what you need to know!

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Field Research And Special Research

Professor Willow, your guide throughthe world of Pokémon GO, needs collaborators to help with his research as heinvestigates mysterious events all over the world. There are two types ofresearch that Trainers can help with: Field Research and Special Research.Field Research tasks can be found by spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops andGyms. You will receive objectives to complete, such as discovering and catchingcertain Pokémon or engaging in battles. Professor Willow will present theSpecial Research himself with story-driven activities that will take youfurther into the world of Pokémon GO than ever before!

Theres no limit to the number ofresearch tasks that can be completed each day, and they grant rewards such asuseful items. The more difficult the task, the greater the reward, sohard-working Trainers will benefit quite a bit.

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Catch Zacian And Zamazenta

Can i beat Pokémon Sword & Shield only using Sobble? (no ...

The mascot Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta can only be captured after you have beat the game. This is also the case for all the Legendaries in Pokemon Sword and Shield. When you beat the game, you will battle Hop in Slumbering Weald, where you get your first glimpse of the Legendary Pokemon in the very beginning of the game.

This will initiate a storyline quest which has many events leading you up to battling Zacian/Zamazenta, including many Dynamax battles. Both Pokemon will appear in both games but you can only catch the mascot Pokemon of the game.

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Where Can I Sell My Pokemon Cards For Money

There are approximately thousands of unique Pokemon trading cards and prices change over time as people buy, sell, and trade these cards. The best places to do your research are eBay, Pokemon Prices, and TCGPlayer Price Guide, CardMavin Pokemon Price Guide.

Look in the bottom right corner of the card to find the rarity symbol, next to the card number: A circle means the card is common, while a diamond marks uncommon cards. These are easy to find, and not usually worth much unless the card was printed in 1999 or 2000.

About two weeks ago, 34-year-old Oregon resident Kalvin Foley wanted to buy a rare Pokémon card on eBay. It was a rainbow Vmax card featuring Charizard, one of the most popular Pokémon. He was attempting to win it at the end of an auction, one of the most adrenaline-inducing parts of bidding. The card, which started off at $100, began to steadily increase. It jumped to $250. Then $300. Then $375.;

Im just watching it throughout the day, Foley recounted. When the 1-minute countdown; began, he entered in his max bid of $425. And as soon as I did that, I think everybody else did, because it went from $375 all the way up to, like $550, he said.;

Now, he thought, hed never be able to get the card. Foley said that only a year ago, it might have been worth around $250-$300 roughly half the price.

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Master Battery Saving Mode

Pokemon Go is a battery killer on all phones. Battery saving mode in Pokemon Go will let the screen shut off when the phone is upside down, meaning youre not spending all that battery life on illuminating the screen when you dont need to. Youll need a phone with an accelerometer in it to work which may exclude some entry-level Android phones.;

Once its on, you can often put the phone in your pocket upside down, the screen will turn off, but it will still be live, tracking your distance to hatch eggs and vibrating to alert you to Pokemon.

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Encounter : Energy Plant


When you arrive in Hammerlocke, you and Hop both go through and try to help Leon. However, it’s too strong for Leon so you have to battle it, but when you take it down it changes into a new form. You and Hop challenge it in a Max Raid battle but it doesn’t work, so you and Hop both use the Rusted items to summon Zacian and Zamazenta in order for them to come and help. You face off in a Max Raid Battle against Eternatus with Hop, Zacian and Zamazenta. Then, you catch it

What Is The Name Of Pokemon Sword

32 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Zacain is the Legendary Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Sword. In its weakened state, Zacain is a fairy-type Pokémon, but when it holds the Rusted Sword, which you find in the Slumbering Weald, it will become a fairy and steel-type Pokémon. This Rusted Sword becomes the fancy blade, which it holds in its mouth.

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Collect The Rival’s T

The rival’s t-shirt is extremely easy to miss because players have no idea that they can even obtain it. Klara and Avery added a lot of personality to the DLC, and players may want to commemorate their friendship with them by obtaining their personal t-shirt.

After defeating Mustard for the final time, players;can obtain this t-shirt by talking to the girl on the top left side of the dojo upon entering the building.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go currently has Pokemon from several generations and the most recent Eevee Evolution added to the game is Sylveon, a Pokemon added in generation 6. In the main Pokemon games, Sylveon evolves based off your Affection and Friendship stats, which maps to the Pokemon Buddy Feature that Pokemon Go has.

First of all, the nickname trick continues to work with Sylveon. To get it first, take an Eevee and rename it to Kira then evolve it. The first time you do this, youll get a Sylveon. After this, however, youll have to evolve into Sylveon in the traditional way, as this is a one-time trick per eeveelution.

For further chances to evolve Eevee to Sylveon, youll need to get 70 Buddy Hearts with an Eevee which puts your relationship with that Pokemon at the Great Buddy level. After this, you simply need to evolve that Eevee with 25 Eevee candy, and youll get the fairy-type Sylveon in return.

All of these work with the Flower Crown Eevee or Shiny Eevee so you can use these tricks to get yourself a Shiny Sylveon or a Flower Crown Sylveon.

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How To Evolve Multiple Leafeons And Glaceons With A Lure Module

Theres also another method to evolve Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon perhaps the most obvious way if youve had a look in the games shop.

Available from the in-game store for 200 coins apiece, the Mossy and Glacial Lure Modules work just like the ordinary Lure Modules in the game. Simply buy whichever one takes your fancy and use it on a nearby PokéStop.

  • Mossy Lure Module Used to evolve Eevee into Leafeon
  • Glacial Lure Module Used to evolve Eevee into Glaceon

Youll notice that it attracts specific types of Pokémon to your area, but click on one of the Eevees in your collection while within range of the PokéStop and youll see that its evolution button has changed to the respective target evolution. Hit the button and Eevee will evolve into Leafeon or Glaceon right before your eyes .

Make sure youre within range of the PokéStop and that the evolution button is indicating a new evolution before you press it, rather than displaying the usual Eevee question mark symbol.

Its also worth noting that these Lure Modules behave just like the ordinary variants within the game. This means that if another player has used a special Eevee Lure Module on a nearby PokéStop, you can swoop in and use it to evolve your own Eevee. .

How To Use The Sun Stone In Pokemon Go

Pokémon Sword & Shield: Things To Do After You Beat The ...

Whats with all these choices? Is Niantic trying to make this as hard as possible? You decide. Not only will Sun Stone let you evolve Gloom into Bellossom, but also the adorable Sunkern into the equally delightful Sunflora. The latter here is the easiest of the two if youre blessed with a local garden or even golf course.;

Gloom evolves into Bellossom with Sun Stone and 100 Oddish candy;

Sunkern evolves into Sunflora with Sun Stone and 50 Sunkern candy

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Pokemon Go Unova Stones: How To Get One

0.153.0 :new evolution item Unova Stone

Much like the Sinnoh Stone, you can get a Pokemon Go Unova Stone by completing seven days worth of field research. Those are the tasks you get from spinning Pokestops; complete one each day until youve filled in all the stamps, then claim your reward and theres a chance you might get an Unova Stone. Essentially, you need to cross your fingers and hope youve appeased the Pokemon Go RNGesus recently.

Theres a chance that youll be able to get Unova Stones from PvP battles later down the line but for now, thats not possible.

Battle & Trade Online

The online features of;Pokemon Let’s Go;allow players too battle and trade with friends or, if they’re so inclined, random people. When battling, all Pokemon get set to level 50 to keep things fair,;although it’s still possible to use the Key Stone to help things along.

Given the amount of hard work that goes into catching all of the game’s Legendary Pokemon and tracking down shiny gen 1 variants, the online areas of the games serve as a great place to show them all off. Of course, there are also plenty of challenging opponents there just waiting to be battled, making it a great training ground for those who’ve already defeated Red, Blue and Green.

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Challenge Green In Cerulean Cave

After players have caught Mewtwo and emerged from the Cerulean Cave,;Trace will appear and tell them to head back inside and look for a girl who was searching for them. Before doing so though, it’s a very good idea to heal up any injured Pokemon.

Upon re-entering the cave, players will;find Green waiting for them and she will challenge them to a battle. This is no ordinary trainer, however, with the sheer strength of her team meaning that she’ll likely cause quite a few problems for unprepared players.

Repeat It As Many Times As You Want

25 Things To Do After Finishing Pokémon Sword & Shield

In the tournament, 3 trainers will face off against you in succession. These trainers include the Gym Leaders, Hop, & the Champion Leon. Successfully defeating them will reward you with items.

Recommended For Farming Exp And Money

This method gives you over 10,000 per battle, along with a lot of experience points. We recommend selecting Leon since he gives you a lot of experience points.

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Catch Yourself A Legendary Pokemon

It wouldn’t be Pokemon without legendary or mythical Pokemon to catch – and though Sword & Shield do have a few less Pokemon of this type than some other games in the series, you’re still left with a gap in your Pokedex in the shape of Zacian and Zamazenta after completing the main story.

Sword users will have a chance to catch Zacian, while Shield players will get a shot at nabbing Zamazenta. To find your Legendary, head to the Slumbering Weald area and go to the shrine. There’s a little story sequence that takes place here whcih involves one more battle with Hop, and at the end of it you’ll have the chance to catch one of the two powerful legendary Pokemon of old. As we previously said, this might be a place to use your Master Ball.

Get The Catching Charm

Head to;Circhester. Enter the hotel on the left, and use the elevator to go to the rooms. Enter the last room down the hallway on the left. Inside, talk to the doctor in this room – he’ll give you a Catch Charm. This charm automatically applies and increases your chance of landing Critical Captures. Crit Captures occur when you capture a Pokemon and it captures after just one shake – it will wiggle in the air before doing this.

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Get The Master Ball And Beast Ball

Go back to your home in Postwick and step into the kitchen. A guest will arrive, which is Professor Magnolia. She will hand you a Master Ball. You only get one in the main game, so make sure to use it wisely. But if you are lucky, it is possible to win a Master Ball through the Loto ID.

You can also obtain a Beast Ball in Stow-on-Side. Just talk to the merchant on the right.

Encounter : Motostoke & Wild Area

Pokémon Sword & Shield: 15 Things To Do After You Beat The ...


After beating Kabu, when you go to leave the city to go to the Wild Area to head towards Hammerlocke, you will bump into Hop and the three Gym Leaders who come to see you off and give you encouragement. However, when you get into the Wild Area, Hop’s enthusiasm shows and he suggests catching more strong Pokémon as he’ll be doing that to fill in the next page of the tale of his Legend. However, Bede soon appears and starts belittling Hop, including how Hop throws a Poké Ball. He then challenges Bede to a battle. Hop insists that he’ll win, but when you reach Hammerlocke, you discover he didn’t.

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Trade Lots Of Pokemon To Get Lucky Ones

From now on, when you trade Pokemon, theres a chance for them to become Lucky. That means they require less Stardust to power up than regular Pokemon. This makes them easier to train up to become powerful. Every trade wont result in a lucky Pokemon, but theres always a chance to get one, so theres no better time than now to add a friend and try your luck.

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Take On Game Freak’s Developer

Once a day, you can fight Game Freak’s Morimoto! He is located in Circhester, inside the hotel . He’s waiting in a room on the 2nd floor! This is a double battle! It’s worth doing this every day for exp & money!

Get An Oval Charm The First Time You Beat Him

When you defeat Morimoto for the first time, you can get an Oval Charm from him! This item increases the chance of finding Pokemon Eggs at the Nursery.

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Other Ways To Earn Coins In Pokemon Go

Niantic have previously trailed splitting up the way of earning coins between Gym combat and completing daily research tasks similar to those we have currently.

An article from May 2020 can be found about it on the PokemonGoLive website here, and the summary of it seems to be a 30 coin cap on defending gym coins, while 20 were earned from tasks.

Personally, splitting up the 50 cap into two smaller caps seems silly to me, and likely to lower player earnings overall. If either one could contribute repeatedly up to the cap of 50 that would be a nice change.

Interestingly, the Pokemon Go wiki still lists this change as being tested, so its possible its still in the works in some Countries.

Thats about everything to know about earning Pokecoins trainers, good luck amassing a horde of treasure for yourself if you can avoid spending it first!

How To Use The Rotom Bike

11 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield | Post Game Features!?

The Rotom Bike can be used by pressing the + or button on your Joy-con. The bike also has a Turbo Function, allowing the player to travel faster after charging it up, which can be improved by upgrading it in the Wild Area.

The Rotom Bikes Surf feature also allows the player to travel to other areas which would not be accessible without it.

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