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What Time Is Raid Hour Pokemon Go

How Many Raid Passes Can You Get In A Day


Technically, there is no limit to how many Raid Passes you can acquire each day, but there is a limit depending on which Raid Pass type:

  • Raid Pass You can only get one per day for free by spinning a Gyms PokeStop.
  • Premium Raid Pass You can have as many Premium passes as you can purchase and hold in your inventory.
  • Remote Raid Pass You can only hold up to three at a time, but can buy more after using one.

Genesect Raid Hour At Pokmon Go January 19 2022

Today, January 19, 2022, the Mythical Pokemon Genesect Raid Hour will take place. The event will start at 6 pm and end at 7 pm local time. This event will increase the number of five-star raids with Genesect, a Generation 5 Pokémon. It will appear on many towers. Raid Hour Mythical Pokemon Genesect Event details below: Beginning Read more

Regice Weaknesses And Counters

Regice, as its name would imply, is an Ice-type Pokemon. There are no other types to worry about, it’s Ice and Ice only. Because of this, Fire-type Pokemon are going to be your best bets for these encounters. If you captured a Heatran during a previous January Raid Hour, this raid could be its time to shine. If you missed it, you can still bring Chandelure, Darmanitan, or Charizard and be good.

Fire isn’t Regice’s only weakness, as Steel, Fighting, and Rock-type attacks will also chip away at its icy exterior. Lucario and Machamp would be perfect choices for Fighting types, while Metagross and Zacian could offer some Steel-type options.

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Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Wind Raids

Wind raid hours will take place from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 to 3:00 PM. During the Wind raid hours Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Latios, Latias, Regigigas, AF-Giratina, Cresselia, Virizion, and TF-Tornadus will be appearing in Legendary raids. The Shiny variation of Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Latias, Latios, Regigigas, AF-Giratina, Cresselia, and Virizion will have increased rates to be encountered.

How To Beat Entei

Legendary Raid Hour

For a complete breakdown for how to beat Entei, check out our full raid guide. In short, youll want to go in with a strong group of Rock, Ground, and Water attackers who can take the boss down quickly if you have a few trainers with you. Watch for weather boosts though, with Sunny weather making Entei tougher to beat. Check out the rest of the guide for more tips though.

And thats all you need to know about the upcoming Entei raid hour in Pokémon GO. Check back next week when Raikou should be in the spotlight.


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Raid Hour started as an experiment in March 2019. Initially called Legendary Lunch Hour, Niantic set aside an hour on Wednesdays for Pokémon GO Trainers to find 5-Star Raids easier by increasing the appearance rates. After further testing, Raid Hour was renamed and rescheduled to evenings .

Since then, Raid Hour has been a near-weekly event in Pokémon GO. There have been instances of Raid Hour being canceled due to technical issues and being rescheduled later, as well as canceled completely due to other issues. The most notable cancelation was back in March 2020, where select regions Raid Hours were canceled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, followed by no Raid Hour sessions in April worldwide. In May 2020, Raid Hour returned and Trainers could participate with a new Raid Pass the Remote Raid Pass . This new item allows Trainers to battle in raids remotely from home instead of being within battle-distance of a Gym.

Tour: Johto Event And Raids

Tour: Johto looks to celebrate Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver fans in a special way. It will take place on February 26, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. local time. The ticket for the event will cost $11.99 and give players the option of Silver or Gold which will feature specific Pokemon and Special Field Research. Be sure to pick the version opposite your friend so that you can trade Pokemon after.

You can, of course, enjoy Tour: Johto for free with not as many perks. For the full list of what free will give you and what buying the ticket will give you, . Just to hype up your excitement, the event will feature different Pokemon appearing in the wild every hour, Timed Research that will give you encounters with Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, and Legendary Pokemon in Raids.

The Legendary Pokemon you can find in Raids during the Tour Johto times are shiny versions of Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, and Ho-Oh. Especially if youre an Old Pokemon fan, you have a lot to look forward to.

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Best Moves For Regice

Although Regice is primarily a defensive Pokemon, it can also be a solid attacker, especially if you teach it ice attacks to take advantage of the same-type attack bonus it gains. Frost Breath is your best bet when it comes to Regice’s Fast Attack, while Blizzard is the ideal Charged Attack. Alternatively, you can teach it the Fast Attack Rock Smash to help it take on rock and steel Pokemon.

Regice is appearing in raids until Feb. 1. You can catch up on everything else going on in Pokemon Go this month in our .

What Are Raid Battles In Pokemon Go

Cresselia Raid Hour Live | Pokemon GO

Raid Battles occur when a Boss Pokemon takes over a Gym. You can find them by walking around local Gyms and keeping an eye out for eggs that are about to hatch, or Boss Pokemon that are part of a currently ongoing Raid.

These Pokemon are very powerful, so its recommended that you team up with a few other trainers in order to secure a victory. There are four tiers: 1-Star, 3-Star, 5-Star, and Mega Raids. The higher the tier, the harder the battle.

Raid Battles are worth the time and effort to complete, though. As well as earning special items, youll also get a chance to catch the Pokemon you beat. In the case of 5-Star Raids, these will be Legendaries you cant get anywhere else.

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What Are Raid Battles Raid Tiers And How Do Raids Work

Raids see trainers team up with other nearby players to take down “extremely powerful Pokémon” known as Raid Bosses under a time limit. These can have a massive amount of CP, up to 10 times as powerful as regular creatures, requiring a group to stand a chance of winning.

Some Raid encounters will be easier than others. Each one is graded from one to five – one could be a Magikarp, four has you face off against many of the best Pokémon such as Tyranitar and Snorlax, and five takes you up against a Legendary.

Each Raid Boss fits into one of four tiers, one being the easiest and five the most challenging, with each tier being distinguished by egg colour. This also includes Mega Raids, which allow you to battle the Mega Evolutions of certain Pokémon and will reward you with Mega Energy.

Originally there were five raid tiers in Pokémon Go, but, with the introduction of Mega Evolution and Mega Raids, both the two-star and four-star raids were removed. Without effecting the difficulty, the rewards for two-star raids were merged with one-star raids and the same with four-star to three-star.

Once you have completed the Raid, you can then catch the creature using Premier Balls. You only have a certain amount, so make every throw count!

Plus, there are invite-only Raids, named EX Raids, which see another type of very exclusive creature spawn. There are a number of hidden mechanics behind joining one, so visit the link to read more about it.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Frost Raids

Frost raid hours will take place between 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. During the Frost raid hours Articuno, Suicune, Lugia, Regice, Kyogre, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Palkia, and Kyurem will be appearing in Legendary raids. The Shiny variation of Articuno, Suicune, Lugia, Regice, and Kyogre will have increased rates to be encountered. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azlef will be spawning in their respective regions so make sure you have international friends if you want to raid all three.

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Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Day 2 Raids

On Sunday, July 18th, Pokemon Trainers will have the opportunity to raid against Legendary Pokemon. Ticketed Trainers can receive up to 10 standard raid passes from gyms. Trainers who complete Timed Research can earn up to 8 remote raid passes. Additionally, a free event bundle will be available granting 3 additional remote raid passes. All Pokemon drawn by incense on Saturday will be drawn by incense on Sunday. Trainers will receive an additional 10,000 XP for completing a raid battle, so make sure you use your lucky eggs for double experience!

The second day of Pokemon GO Fest 2021 is divided into four attributes the four attributes are Wind, Lava, Frost, and Thunder. Trainers will have a chance to encounter Shiny variations of Legendary Pokemon. Mythical Pokemon will not be appearing in Five-Star raids.

Raid Hour In Pokemon Go

Rayquaza Raid Hour

Raid Hour occurs in Pokemon Go every week on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the Raid Hour begins from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. During this time period, legendary Pokemon will begin to appear much more frequently in raids, making it the perfect time to collect these elusive creatures. Now with Remote Raid Passes, players can participate from the safety of their own homes. Hopefully, once the situation around COVID-19 is a problem of the past, players will be allowed to participate in Raid Battles in person once again.

Pokemon Go is still an extremely fun and addictive game even though it released back in 2016. There is no experience quite like fusing the real-world and Pokemon hunting into one experience. Not only is it fun, but it makes for some excellent exercise. The game even keeps tracks of the number of steps the player takes during the week and rewards them with in-game items. New Pokemon generations are introduced to the game every few months. Currently, the fifth generation of Pokemon has been introduced to the game, allowing trainers to capture creatures like Snivy or Tepig. With more Pokemon generations to introduce in the future, the game still has a long life ahead of it.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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Pokmon Go Raid Rewards Explained

Meanwhile, completing the battle can reward players with exclusive new items. You can get any item regardless of difficulty tier, but the higher you go the more youll receive:

  • Rare Candies When used on a Pokémon, will turn into that Pokémons Candy. One Rare Candy will equal one Candy for that creature.
  • Golden Razz Berries Greatly increase Pokémon capture rate in the wild, and can be used in Gyms to fully recover Motivation.
  • TMs Available in Fast and Charged varieties, these Technical Machines will permanently teach a new Fast Attack or Charge Attack respectively. Its essentially move re-rolling, ideal for a high powered creature with weak Moves. This is the most uncommon reward of the set.
  • Mega Energy Only from Mega Raids and allows you to Mega Evolve a specific Pokémon. If battled Mega Charizard, for example, you will recieve Mega Charizard Engery.

As well as the above, youll receive 3000 Trainer XP for a standard Raid and a whopping 20,000 XP for Legendary Raids Stardust whether you win or lose, plus 1000 Gym Badge XP, a chance at some standard Revives and Potions.

Lake Trio Raid Hour Pokemon Go

You will be able to participate in this event today, September 15th, from 6 to 7 pm your local time. During this one hour timeframe, you will be able to locate Uxie, Azelf, or Mesprit depending on where you are from at any gym. This Lake Trios spawn location is dependent on where you live. So, during that time, they will appear in the following locations:

  • Mesprit will spawn in: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India.
  • Uxie will spawn in the region of Asia Pacific.
  • Azelf will spawn in the Americas and Greenland.

If you dont manage to get them this week, they will also repeat, with the same Pokemon in the same locations, on and , too.

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Is Shiny Therian Landorus Available During These Raids

Like the other Therian formes, the shiny variant of Therian Landorus should not be making a public appearance alongside his normal version.

Most likely it is being reserved for a future release alongside the other Therian shinies regardless, the Shiny is locatable in the game files, so we can show you how it looks at least.

That doesnt help us knowing when well be able to get it for ourselves, but well all just have to wait on that one.

Pokemon Go Regice Guide: Best Counters Weaknesses And Moves


The legendary ice Pokemon is back until Feb. 1.

Regice is appearing in five-star raids again from Jan. 24 to Feb. 1.

Regice is back in Pokemon Go for a limited time. The legendary ice Pokemon is appearing in five-star raids until Feb. 1, making this your first chance to catch one since Pokemon Go Fest 2020. Here are some tips to help you beat and capture Regice before it leaves raids again.

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No More Four And Two Star Raids In Pokmon Go

Prior to Mega Raids being released, Pokémon Go had two other Raid types: Four Star Raids and Two Star Raids. Four Star Raids were combined with Three Star Raids, while Two Star Raids were combined with One Star Raids. The difficulty remained at Three and One Star levels, while increasing the rewards, making all of these battles more accessible.

The Pokmon Curiem Raid Hour Takes Place On January 5 2022

Trainers, today, January 5, 2022, Pokemon GO will host an hour of raids by the legendary Pokemon Kyurem, who lives in the Unova region. Raid battles with him will begin at 6:00 and end at 7:00 pm local time. Boss Kurem raid will appear on many towers during this period. Don’t miss another chance to win and catch this pocket Read more

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Can Entei Be Shiny

Shiny Entei will be available for the upcoming raid hour, making it possible to get the ultra rare color variant for your collection. The shiny odds for a Legendary raid are on in twenty, so you may have to burn through a lot of raid passes if you want one, but the chance is there. But to get one, you need to beat the high CP foe. Weve got tips for you there.

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What Is A Raid Hour

Lake Guardian Raid Hour

Raid HoursRead this article to learn more about Raid Battles

  • Ensure your device is set to automatically detect your timezone.
  • If you’re using an Android device, enable the Improve Location Accuracy setting.
  • Ensure your internet connection is as strong as possible. We recommend disconnecting from Wi-Fi so your connection stays stable as you walk around.
  • Collect your daily free Raid Pass by spinning the Photo Disk at any Gym.
  • Raid Hours usually feature difficult Bosses, so its best to take them on with a group of friends.
  • Check the Raid Hour Pokémons types and prepare a Battle Party in advance to ensure your attacks are super effective and your Pokémon resist attacks.
  • From the Map View, tap Main Menu button
  • At the top right, tap Settings
  • Scroll down to Push Notifications and tap Events, Offers, and Updates
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    I think out of all of these that your Bite/Crunch Tyranitar will reign supreme, as even after all this time, hes the best psychic counter out there most of the time. As a pure psychic, Deoxys has no double weaknesses, and keep in mind that its stats change between its different forms, but not its overall type.

    This will be a great time to farm Deoxys where once upon a time, it was only available in EX raids. This hour in particular could net you anywhere between 5-10 depending on your raiding speed and how many raids you can find in your area. I would definitely plan on driving unless you live near like, Central Park or something.

    I would try to go for one of each type just to diversify your roster going forward. Each are useful in different situations, and it doesnt hurt to try and get as high as IVs as you can for each form. No telling just how useful a roster of various Deoxys will be in the future.

    See you out there are 6 PM.

    Follow me , and . Read my new sci-fi thriller novel Herokiller, available now in print and online. I also wrote The Earthborn Trilogy.

    All Pokmon Go Fest 2021 Raid Day Raid Hour Rotations And Legendary Pokmon In Pokmon Go

    Whos ready to hit a raid?

    Image via Niantic

    Pokémon Go Fest 2021 is a big event in Pokémon Go. Its a two-day event that will be happening from July 17 and 18. The first day is all about catching various Pokémon while several habitats rotate each other. Like the habitat rotations, the Raid Day event will feature four unique hours with various legendary Pokémon available in five-star raids. In this guide, were going to break down all Pokémon Go Fest 2021 Raid Day raid hour rotations and all legendary Pokémon featured in those hours.

    On July 18, its all about completing raids and fighting against exclusive five-star raids. These raids feature legendary Pokémon, which means you and several friends will want to work together to take them down, giving you the best chance to defeat them. If youre worried about going after specific legendary Pokémon, we have you covered. These are all of the legendary Pokémon in each raid hour during Pokémon Go Fest 2021s Raid Day. These raid hours happen twice on July 18.

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