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Where To Find Dratini In Pokemon Let’s Go

Where To Find Dratini Location In Pokemon Lets Go

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee – How To Catch Dratini

The Pokemon Lets Go Dratini location obviously isnt the Celadon Game Corner, but where is it? Well, it seems that players can actually encounter Dratini in the wild, but only in a single location: Route 10.

Route 10 is located to the east of Cerulean City. After learning the Chop Down technique and defeating Lt. Surge in Vermilion City, the player will need to go to Route 10 in order to access the Rock Tunnel. The Rock Tunnel is the infamous Kantonian area that links Route 10 to the tiny route above Lavender Town, which is the next area players need to go in order for the story to progress.

However, you cant catch Dratini just yet. Later in the game, around the time youre going for your fifth Gym badge, youll be in Fuchsia City. To the north is the GO Park, which is where you can import Pokemon from Pokemon Gointo Pokemon Lets Go. However, to the west of the GO Park is a trainer with his beloved Lapras.

Dratini evolves into Dragonair at Level 30, which evolves into Dragonite at Level 55. Catch a Dratini early in the game and you might just have the latter in time for your first Elite Four run!

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Pokemon Let’s Go Guide: How To Catch Dratini

Here’s a guide to Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! revealing where trainers can catch Dratini and its evolved forms.

As loyal Pokémon trainers expand their Pokédexes in Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee!, here’s where to find and how to capture the elusive Dratini in the Kanto region. While catching the original 151 Pokémon is sure to be the first mission on many players’ list, the likes of Dratini, the original three starter Pokémon, and the Legendary Birds can only be found in specific areas of the game. With this in mind, here’s where Dratini and its evolutions are hiding in the Let’s Go games.

Anyone who’s played the first generation of Pokémon games will know that Dratini may be small in size compared to its evolutions, but given that it turns into the ultra-powerful Dragonite, it’s well worth tracking down. Sadly, it’s not as simple as pulling out an old copy of Pokémon Yellow and heading to the same spot to find Dratini in Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee!.

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How To Catch A Rare Pokemon

How many Pokemon do you have in your collection? Better still, how many rare Pokemon have you caught? If youve been keeping up with you might already know this, but turns out, its not that hard to find and catch them, you just need to know where to look!

There are a ton of great rare Pokémon spawns for players to find and uncover in Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee. While weve already shown you how to find a few of these special Pokémon spawns, weve got another for you today telling you how to get Dratini in Pokémon: Lets Go. This article will show you how to find and catch Dratini in Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee so you can get your hands on the rare Pokémon.

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Can You Evolve A Dratini Into A Dragonite

Once youve caught your Dratini, you can start training it to eventually evolve it into a Dragonite. Dratini can be used in a variety of party builds, thanks to its speed and Dragon-type attacks. To get the most out of your training, make sure to check out this guide on managing EVs, which can greatly affect the way your Dratini plays.

Pokemon Lets Go: How To Catch Lapras Chansey Dratini Snorlax And Porygon In The Wild

Where to get Dratini in Pokémon: Let

POKEMON LETS GO changes things up from previous games heres where you can catch all your rare favourites out in the wild in the new Nintendo Switch games.

  • 15:50, 2 JAN 2019

Pokemon Lets Go is quite different to Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow in quite a lot of ways.

You can see the main changes outlined in our Pokemon Lets Go review, but some of the smaller tweaks involve the Pokemon youll be able to encounter in the wild.

The original games wouldnt let you encounter certain Pokemon in the overworld special rare Pokemon like Lapras, Porygon or Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan were one-off gifts from other trainers.

Now, however, Game Freak has opted to let these Pokemon run free and you can catch them in the wild. Heres where you can get some of the more notable Pokemon.

Chansey: Chansey is actually available in many parts of the game versus the little patch of grass outside Fuschia City it could be caught in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. You can find the pink healer in Route 5 and 6, Routes 8 through 18, Route 21 and 23 and Mt. Moon. Inside the Pokemon Tower, the Power Plant, the Pokemon Mansion and Victory Road will also house Chansey who appear to be slightly more powerful than their route-based counterparts.

Lapras: The water/ice tank is no longer just offered by an NPC in the Silph Co. Instead, it appears as a rare encounter on Kantos Route 19 and Route 20. Be patient, its a very rare spawn.

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Pokemon Lets Go Dratini Location Guide How To Catch Dragonite Evolution

Dragonite is considered one of the strongest Pokemon currently in the game. However, in order to evolve into a Dragonite, you are first going to need Dratini. Dratini in itself is an extremely rare Pokemon so our Pokemon Lets Go Dratini Guide will be helping you in your quest to locate and capture Dratini.

How To Catch Dratini In Pokmon Let’s Go

The most important thing players must do to catch a Dratini in Pok émon Let’s Go is to make sure their Pikachu or Eevee learns the move Sea Skim from the Lapras trainer in Fuschia City’s GO Park. Sea Skim is this generation’s replacement for the HM move Surf, which Pok émon use to help the trainer surf across bodies of water.

After teaching Pikachu or Eevee Sea Skim, the player must go to Route 10 and use Sea Skim on the waters outside of Cerulean City.

Route 10 will be filled with Tentacool and Magikarp, but players should find a Dratini in the water, too, though it won’t be easy. Dratini only has a 4 percent spawn rate, so it will be helpful to use a lure in order to increase the chances of getting the Pok émon.

Dratini will evolve to Dragonair at level 30 and will reach its final evolution, Dragonite, at level 55.

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo

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What Is Pokmon: Lets Go

Pokémon: Lets Go is available for your Nintendo Switch and comes in two versions either Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee!

The game sees players return to the Kanto region where the first generation of games were set and includes all 151 original Pokémon, along with their Mega Evolved and Alolan forms.

A simplified version of Pokémon Yellow, Lets Go follows the traditional RPG format but the training, breeding, catching and fighting gameplay have all been updated.

And some great news for Go fans you can transfer all of the creatures youve caught in Pokémon Go into Lets Go by heading to the Go Park Complex in Fuchsia City.

All you need to then do on your phone is select Nintendo Switch, choose the Pokémon you want to transfer before picking it up at the receptionist.

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Are Shiny Rates Boosted During Spotlight Hour

Pokemon Let’S Go Dratini Location AND how to get GREAT stats!

Shiny rates do not appear to be boosted during Spotlight Hours, based on data gathered by Pokémon community The Silph Road. However, the sheer number of Pokémon that spawn during the hourlong weekly event will give you an improved chance of clicking on a random shiny. The more Pokémon you click on, the more opportunity you have to catch a Shiny Pokémon.

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Pokemon Lets Go Dragonite Location

The final form in the line, Dragonite, is found in Routes 18, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. It is however a Rare Spawn that has a less than 1% chance of spawning. To better your chances to get Dragonite you will have to build you Catch Combos. Dragonite can be found in the level ranges of 7-46 depending on the route.

Dratini evolves into Dragonair at Level 30, which then evolves into Dragonite at Level 55.

Personally Dragonite is one of my favorite Pokemon and will easily be one of the, if not the, strongest Pokemon in your party.

Where To Look For Dratini In Pokemon Go

Dratini has graced Pokemon GO with its presence since launch day in July 2016, and it remains a fan-favorite for both new and old Pokemon fans.

Trainers searching for Dratini may have their hands full, as its status as a Dragon-type Pokemon makes it a significantly rare find in the wild. However, the love the community has for this Pokemon and its evolutions ensures it never stays out of the spotlight for long.

There are a few ways to find Dratini in Pokemon GO, but only a few can be enacted this September.

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How Catch Combos Work In Pokemon Lets Go

Okay, so, before we get down to the rewards for this new system, lets just define how a streak works and how it can be broken. Thered be nothing worse than breaking a catch combo accidentally and having to start over to get the benefits and rewards from the combo so lets lay it out nice and simple in that time-honored tradition, a list.

  • Your Catch Combo builds each time you catch the same Pokemon in a row.
  • The catch combo chain can be broken by the following:
  • Running from one of the Pokemon species youre currently in a combo for
  • Letting a Pokemon run away from you, which happens if you take too long to catch it.
  • Catching a Pokemon of a different species to the one youre currently chaining
  • Saving and exiting the game
  • To be clear, your catch combo is retained when you move from area to area, and that makes matters rather intersting in terms of rewards more on that in a second.
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    Pokemon Lets Go Dratini

    Where to find and catch Dratini in Pokémon Let

    For most trainers, it is best if they are able to get their hands on Dratini early since that will allow them to train it into a Dragonite. Dragonite is quite strong and the pseudo-legendary Pokemon can take on most Pokemon in the game quite easily.

    The main problem with Dratini in the new Pokemon Lets Go is the fact that it is not found in the same location that people of the classic Pokemon games may have expected.

    Therefore, for all of the old as well as the new trainers currently making the rounds in Kanto, this guide can be incredibly beneficial as it can guide you on how to capture Dratini.

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    Okay So Lets Have That Cheat Sheet Again But With Explanations

    The first set are the Pokémon that dominate Gym battles as either entrenched defenders or elite attackers. In a perfect world, you want as many as possible, with the best movesets possible, powere dup as much as possible. And that takes candy. Walking any of them isnt fast, especially the 5 KM ones, but more is more and faster is faster.

  • Chansey: Blissey is the toughest Pokémon in the game right now, so the more you can evolve and the higher you can power them up, the better. Since Chansey has no nests and is a rare hatch, walking can help you get the candy you need.
  • Snorlax: Snorlax is almost as tough but has no lower, slightly more common form it evolves on. So, youre left with ultra rare spawns or hatches or walking to get the candy you need.
  • Magikarp: Magikarp no longer hatch so, if youre not near a water biome with frequent spawns, and you want Gyarados to sit on top of Gyms, youll need to walk.
  • Larvitar: Tyranitar is the new Dragonite, so Larvitar is the new Dratini, only it spawns and hatches far less frequently and has no water biome for you to stake out. That makes walking the only consistent way to get candy.
  • Machop: Machop is the most damaging attacker against several of the most powerful defenders in the game if you get the right moveset. That means, even though Machop nests, you might need a lot of candy to build your Machamp strike force.
  • Chikorita, so you can evolve Meganium.
  • Cyndaquil, so you can evolve Typhlosion.
  • , so you can evolve Amphoros.
  • Rare Pokemon In The Sky

    Theres another set of rare spawns youll find on your journey: Sky Encounters but theres an important caveat to these. You wont run into Pokemon in the sky until youve become the Pokemon Champion, so dont spend your time trying to find Moltres on Route 2 until then.

    • Charizard: Routes 2-4, 7-8, 10-25
    • Dragonite: Routes 2-4, 7-8, 10-25
    • Articuno: Routes 2-4, 7-8, 10-25
    • Zapdos: Routes 2-4, 7-8, 10-25
    • Moltres: Routes 2-4, 7-8, 10-25

    With these Pokemon easier to obtain than ever before, youve got even more options to build your favorite team with. Let us know in the comments what your team looks like, and be sure to check out our other Pokemon Lets Go! guides!

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    How To Get Mewtwo In Pokmon: Lets Go

    The best way to catch the uncatchable Mewtwo in Pokémon: Lets Go.

    In Pokémon: Lets Go, players have been wondering where to get Dratini. As a rare spawn in Pokémon: Lets Go, theres only one area where Dratini can be found in the wild. Alternatively, you have the option to use the GO Park Complex if you have a Dratini available in your Pokémon GO inventory. For more information, read on to find out where to get Dratini in Pokémon: Lets Go!

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    Which Are The Most Important Nests To Find

    Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee – Where to Find Dratini

    There are a few Pokémon that stand above the rest when it comes to fighting in Gyms, in Raid battles, or simply getting enough candy for next-generation evolutions.

    For attackers, you want:

    • Machop to get 125 candies and evolve to Machoke and then Machamp counters all the Normal- and Dark-types, including Blissey, Chansey, Snorlax, Slacking, Tyranitar, and many of the Raid Bosses, including Legendaries.
    • Exeggcute to get 50 candies and evolve Exeggutor counters Water- and Ground-types.
    • Geodude to get 125 candies to evolve Graveler and then Golem counters all the Fire-types.

    For Gen 4 evolutions, you want:

    • Rhyhorn to evolve into Rhyperior.
    • Electabuzz to evolve into Electivire.
    • Magmar to evolve into Magmortar.
    • Aipom to evolve into Ambipom.
    • Yanma to evolve into Yanmega.
    • Misdreavus to evolve into Mismagius.
    • Sneasel to evolve into Weavile.
    • Swinub to evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine.
    • Ralts to evolve into Galade
    • Nosepass to evolve into Probopass.
    • Duskull to evolve into Dusknoir.

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    Where To Catch Dratini

    First, Dratini can not be obtained prior to learning the secret technique Sea Skim, which is Lets Gos version of Surf. Sea Skim can be taught to either Pikachu or Eevee in Fuchsia City at the southern most point of the map. You will find a man standing next to a Lapras outside of the Pokemon Go Park who will teach Sea Skim after engaging in conversation with him.

    Once you have this ability, its time to head back to Rock Tunnel, which is located just east of Cerulean City. This is the cave you traveled through to reach Lavender Town just a few badges ago. Before entering Rock Tunnel, youll notice an area of water in the top right corner of the map, use Sea Skim and move along the water. Dratini can be found in this small river, but its chance of appearing is only 4%, and you can find its evolution Dragonair, but that is only 1%.

    Use a Lure or Super Lure from your inventory to increase the chance of one of these Pokemon appearing. It may take some time to find one of them, but be patient and youll eventually find Dratini.

    For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee Wiki.

    Here are some other guides you may find useful.

    Where Is The Rarest Pokemon

    Top 7 Pokemon Go Locations for Catching Rare Pokemon

    • 1) Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia.
    • 2) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States.
    • 3) Big Ben or Savoy Hotel, London, United Kingdom.
    • 4) Central Park, New York, United States.
    • 5) State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
    • 6) The Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

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    Pokehunter For Pokmon Go

    PokeHunter is another reliable resource that runs very well. You can get a lot of detailed information about Gyms, including the Team that has current control, how many spaces remain in the Gym as well as the raids that may be happening. But it will only be useful to you if you live in certain US states including California, Minnesota and Oregon.


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