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How To Appraise Pokemon In Pokemon Go

How To Get The Highest Cp And Ivs In Pokemon Go

How To Appraise in Pokemon GO

The best Pokemon in Pokemon Go is the Pokemon with the highest possible CP when it’s at maximum level. If you want to get the highest CP and IVs in Pokemon Go, here are some guidelines.

  • Pick from the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

  • Go and catch it! There are locations where the chances of Pokemon with higher IVs tare better.

  • Hatch your eggs and use your incubators. The eggs you collect or get from gifts help you get some Pokemon. They also help gain XP and boost candies if you put them through an incubator and walk the required distance.

    • Use your 3x incubators for 10km eggs.
    • Use your infinite incubator for short 2km eggs.

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  • The skill of your Trainer depends on the XP you have. You need more XP each time to level up.? Once you do, you can evolve and hatch Pokemon at a higher level. You can also power up to higher levels.

  • There are two areas of the game to save your Pokemon

    • The bag has the Pokemon available to you.
    • Pokedex has all the Pokemon you’ve caught, seen, and details the evolution paths.
  • Turn off AR mode and play in the game world. It is easier to catch Pokemon when the environment is always the same.


Pokemon Go’s New ‘appraisal’ Feature: What It Is And How To Use It

Find out your Pokemon’s fighting strengths and weaknesses with this new feature.

Your team leader will tell you all about your Pokemon’s fighting qualities.

Pokemon Go has finally gotten another update and those elusive team leaders finally have a job after a couple months of rumors and hopeful wishing from players.

Team leaders now teach players about a Pokemon’s attack and defense capabilities. Niantic calls this new ability a “Pokemon appraisal.” Luckily, you don’t need to find a gym to speak with your team leader.

Pokemon Go Iv Appraisal Changes Explained

First, for those who arent familiar with IVs, heres a quick breakdown. Every Pokemon in the game has individual values for their HP, Attack, and Defense stats. The maximum IV number is 15, and the closer each stat is to that maximum, the stronger it will be when compared to the same Pokemon at the same level.

These values cant change unless a Pokemon is traded and the numbers can only be found through a third-party app or appraisal.

Its also important to keep in mind that a low IV Mewtwo will still be much more useful and powerful than a Dunsparce with perfect IVs. Its best to use IVs as a way to decide which Bidoof youll evolve and power up and which one youll transfer for candies.

Never use them to compare two different Pokemon until youve spent enough time with the game and understand how different species compare without IVs.

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How To Check A Pokmon’s Ivs Using An Iv Calculator

An IV Calculator of which there are many can give you an accurate reading of your Pokémon’s IVs, its level, and the power of its skills. It achieves this by looking at your Trainer Level, the Pokémon’s CP , and the amount of Stardust required to power it up.

This provides a rough estimate, which increases in accuracy the higher the level of your Pokémon. You can also combine this with an Appraisal to get a more accurate reading.

IV Calculators, much like cars, come in two different flavours: automatic and manual. Automatics scan a screenshot of your Pokémon and calculate its IVs based on that, while manual requires you to input the information yourself.

The automatic method is not only the fastest but the most foolproof, as getting the IV range in the correct position can be particularly tough. If that’s the method you want to go for, you’ll need to download an app on your mobile. Here are our favourites:

How To Purify Shadow Pokemon

Dees Pokémon GO guide to IV Appraisals

Purifying Shadow Pokemon is a lot easier than in the spin-off games where they first appeared.

  • Open your storage
  • Choose the Shadow Pokemon you want
  • Then choose Purify
  • Shadow ‘mon have a purple flame next to their icons. You can find the Purify option near the Power-Up and Evolve options.

    Also, you don’t actually have to Purify. If you use Shadow Charmander to turn into Shadow Charmeleon, that’s certainly possible to do.

    But if you do choose to Purify, it costs a set amount of Stardust and Candy that’s related to the specific Shadow Pokemon. This is where Purifying early comes in handy since it requires more Candy to Purify evolved Pokemon.

    Purified Pokemon have a blue star next to their icon in your storage.

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    How Do You Check Pokmon Ivs

    Within Pokémon Go, you can check IVs by opening the menu on a Pokémons screen and clicking Appraise. Your chosen team leader will show you how your Pokémons stats fare.

    A 100% IV would mean that Attack, Defense and Stamina are all at 15. Everything below that works out to being a percentage of the maximum possible stat of 45. For example: A Gengar with 10 Attack, 10 Defense and 12 Stamina would have an IV of 71%. In other words, 71% of 45.

    The team leader will tell you how your Pokémon ranks using stars and a pretty easy to understand graphic using bars. If your Pokémon has three stars and a red stamp, it means that it has 100% perfect IVs. If it has three star with an orange stamp, it has around 80-99% perfect IVs. Two stars means 66-80% IVs and one star means 50-65% IVs.

    Each tick of the stat bar is five stat points, so you can eyeball it out and see how good your Pokémons individual values are.

    How Does It Work

    In the new system introduced on July 16th, Pokemon’s IVs are displayed visually through a bar graph.

    The stars represent the “level” of IVs a Pokemon is at. Zero stars is 0 to 49%, one star is 50 to 64%, two stars is 65 to 80%, and three starts is 82 to 99%. All three stars and a red badge instead of orange means it has 100% maximum IVs.

    Four new search filters have been added as well that will filter your Pokemon based on the IV “star” system above. And you’re also able to scroll through your Pokemon from the IV checking screen itself, allowing players to mass appraise with ease.

    The bar graphs also show, albeit without numbers, exactly how many IVs your Pokemon have. Here’s a handy chart to show exactly where the cutoff marks are.

    To give you an idea of why this update is so impactful, lets briefly highlight the pain points of a trainer prior to this update:

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    How To Get Candy And Stardust In Pokmon Go

    In order to purify shadow Pokémon, players will need to collect stardust and candy to purify their broody catch. The total amount of stardust and candy needed to purify the Pokémon will be listed next to the Purify button in their profile. To collect stardust, players can complete multiple different tasks. The player can earn stardust by catching Pokémon, especially during seasonal events that increase the amount of stardust for each Pokémon captured, hatch Pokémon eggs through walking distances, using berries in gyms, and through catching Pokémon of a specific type during a weather effect boost. Other stardust boosts are available periodically due to different events and perks.

    Candy can also be gathered in a variety of ways. Players can earn Pokémon-specific candy by catching that Pokémon, hatching eggs of that Pokémon, transferring or evolving Pokémon, using Rare Candy, feeding Pokémon berries, or trading Pokémon. There are also many other ways for players to earn small amounts of candy through bonuses and rewards.

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    Do Your Own Individual Value Appraisal

    There are several calculators out there that allow you to figure out the strength of your Pokemon IV yourself. Some of the better calculators are Poke Assistant, Go Hub or PokeFind. All you need to do is put the Hit Points and other stats you find when you tap on your Pokemon into the calculator. The calculator does the rest of the work for you.

    Pokemon Go: How To Get The New Appraisal Feature

    Niantic Inc, the developer of Pokemon GO, has released an update with a new feature. The new appraisal feature allows your team leader to appraise you of your Pokemon skills, including attack and defense capabilities. This feature will give you a yardstick against which you can measure how your Pokemon will fare in battle. You may be wondering how to get this feature up and running. Lets get you started!

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    Pokemon Go Appraisal Star Meaning

    As the shared video shows, the new appraisal system will give each Pokemon a rating out of three stars. This is based on an average score of attack, defense and stamina, whereby an average of one bar is one star and so forth.

    The ratings are as follows:

    • Zero Stars: 50% or below
    • One Star: Between 51.1% and 64.4%
    • Two Stars: Between 66.7% and 80%
    • Three Stars : Between 82.2% 98%
    • Three Stars : 100% perfect IV

    What Do The Stars Refer To

    How to check your Pokémon

    The stars in the new appraisal relate to a Pokemóns total IVs percentage, so a Pokemón that has three pink stars would have fifteen IVs in Attack, Defense, and HP or 100% IVs. A Pokemón with three yellow stars has 82% to 99% of max IVs. A two star Pokemón has 66% to 81% IVs. One star means 51% to 65% and no stars is less than 50%.

    Even if they don’t dig to the level of hardcore Pokemón Trainers like Maxxetto, the new appraisal put in terms of IVs is incredibly useful for players because it allows comparison of Pokemón of the same type regardless of their level. So if a player catches two Bulbasaurs, one at level one with three stars and another at level five with one star they can now appraise them and keep the three star to level up and battle with and transfer the one star to Professor Willow for the always in short supply Pokemón candy. The new appraisal also lets players hold off on leveling up not that great Pokemón and prioritize their best fighters. In a game like Pokemon:GO, which can sometimes be a bit of a resource grind, any tool to help not waste resources is a welcome addition.

    Now if youll all excuse me I have a Pokemón collection to sort out.

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    Tips For Catching Pokemon

    iMyFone AnyTo can spoof your GPS location to anywhere in the world, which is beneficial to gain higher IVs in Pokemon. It can be used on multiple platforms like Android and iOS.

    AnyTo has many benefits, including

    • Reliable GPS location change.

    • It also works great with other location-based apps and other games.

    • No jailbreak or root is needed.

    To get the shiny Piplup, you have to catch as many Piplup as possible. When some Piplup appears around you, touch them to check if they are shiny or not. You must stay active and keep checking Piplups that appear near you to grab the shiny ones.

    Now, you see the catch? You have to move a lot. For this, your best bet is to use the iMyFone AnyTo for GPS spoofing.

    You can find how to use AnyTo on iOS and Android via the video below!

    Using AnyTo is very easy. Here are the simple steps.

    Step 1: Install and launch the AnyTo.

    Step 2: Now at the upper right corner of the screen, you will find the Teleport Mode. Select any location on the map by scrolling through the mouse. You can also enter the address or GPS coordinates.

    Step 3: When you select the spot, a sidebar will pop up with detailed destination information, including the place name, coordinates, and distance. Click Move.

    Voila! Your location will be changed immediately. In addition, all location-based applications will be changed to this location. Fake GPS is showed in Pokemon Go.

    Here is the location on iMyFone AnyTo

    This is the location on your phone.

    What Is Pokemon Go Iv

    Pokemon Go IVs stand for Individual Values. These are hidden statistics that show the strength of a particular Pokemon. They are generated when a Pokemon is caught or hatched. The value range is between 0 and 15.

    You can earn IVs through hatching eggs, completing field research tasks, and winning Raid Battles. Here are the three parts of Pokemon Go IV:


    Traditionally, it was a rather complex task to figure out a Pokemon’s IVs. You must interpret several factors about a Pokemon with its current CP or Combat Points, HP or Hit-Point, and Stardust cost. After so much calculation, this remains guesswork.

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    Why Do I Need To Use The Appraise Feature

    In all honesty, if you aren’t super-interested in gym battling, you don’t: It’s a feature primarily designed to help you figure out which of your Pokémon are worth investing Stardust and Candy into for leveling and evolution. But if you want to make sure that you’re spending your 400 Magikarp Candy on the right fish to turn it into a super-powerful Gyrados, it’s a huge help and one that doesn’t require you to search through the bowels of the internet for a secret stats calculator.

    Pokemon Go Update: All About Pokemon Gos New Appraisal Feature


    Another Pokemon GO update is here and surprisingly, this one has nothing to do with addressing bugs or resolving server issues. It is a brand new feature that allows players to ask their team leaders anything about the power, the attack and defence capabilities of any Pokemon in their possession.

    Niantic calls this new feature Pokemon appraisal.

    While Pokemon GO players will find this feature helpful, it is not clearly explained and if you dont know where to look, chances are you wont find it.

    Well, were here to walk you through the process.

    But first get the latest Pokemon Go update on your phone.

    Update your Pokemon GO app to 1.5.0 or 0.35.0 .

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    How To Use The Appraise Feature In Pokmon Go

    • User

    Pokèmon Go has received an update on both iOS and Android and a new feature called Appraise has been added. Appraisals tell you if the Pokèmon youve caught are any good or not. The Appraisals come from your Team Leaders and tell you if a Pokèmon has noteworthy stats, if its good for battle or attack, whether its stats are good, and if its size is of any significance. To use the Appraisal feature, you must have upgraded the Pokèmon Go app to version 1.5.0 on iOS and 0.35.0 on Android. With that done, heres how to get an appraisal for your Pokèmon and understand what it means.

    Skill Bars: Attack Defense Hp

    The new Appraisal System includes a set of three bars. Theres Attack, Defense, and HP . Each of the three categories includes a bar with three sections.

    The three sections are further divided into five levels, giving you a total of 15 levels for any one of the three categories of skill in which your Pokemon can be ranked. Look to the following example and see how well my Wheezing fares:

    My Wheezing is a pathetic example of a fighting Pokemon, but he excels at having one massive amount of hit points. Hes got mass going for him, to be sure. Both his Attack and his Defense are at 7, and his HP is at 15.

    My Snorlax is just about as perfect as a Snorlax can get. She has full attack, full defense, full HP, and a three-star rating. The star ratings each have a hidden range, starting with 100%.

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    All Appraisal Text Lines And Pokemon Iv

    It’ll also tell you what the highest IV stat is and whether or not it is matched by another stat. That means if you get the line that indicates 1+ stats have an IV of 15, and the lines that say all 3 stats are equal, then you have yourself a 100% Pokemon.

    Correct, in case you wonder, this is what Blanche says for my Seadra perfect IV:

    • Hello < name> . I am available to analyze your < PokémonName> , if you wish.

    • Overall, your < PokémonName> is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon!

    • I see that its best attibute is its HP

    • It is matched equally by its Attack

    • It is matched equally by its Defense

    • Its stats exceed my calculations. It’s incredible!

    • Your < PokémonName> is tinier than any we have on record. Astounding.

    • This ends my analysis. Farewell.


    So everyone griping that it doesn’t tell you exact IV’s just got rekt. Wonderful.

    This is what I was coming to ask, thanks very much.

    Wow, that’s awesome! I have one Pokemon that’s really close so far, with 2 15 IV stats! Thank you for the info.

    I agree this is true for integer values but I think there’s also some variance on CP within each integer.

    Blanche is telling me my hitmonlee is perfect 15/15 on attack and defense. After checking it on the silph road iv calculator it looks like the cp is only 625 out of 639 for that specific point of the CP curve.

    Personally I’m just happy that i can quick check if it’s 80%+ 😀


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