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What Is The Weakest Pokemon Type

A Lot Of Them Have Painfully Average Stats

Top 10 WEAKEST Fire Type Pokemon

In some cases, stats are the deciding factor in whether or not a trainer will keep a Pokémon on their team or swap them out for another. Sadly for Normal-Types, a large portion of them tend to be limited when it comes to stats. It’s not necessarily that they’re bad, it’d be more accurate to call their stats “average.”

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Thankfully, this isn’t the case for every single Normal-Type. Some like Snorlax and Blissey are known to have core strengths, but there are many Pokémon, like Spinda for example, who just don’t excel at anything. Not exactly weak, but not exactly strong either.

They Scale Poorly And Their Final Evolutions Are Weak

This isn’t true for all Bug Pokemon, but it is true for a lot of them. Many of the Bug-type Pokemon that reach their final evolutionary stages early on — like Weedle, Wurmple, or Caterpie — tend to be very weak no mater which stage of advancement they’re in.

This would be forgivable if it weren’t compounded by the fact that they don’t really scale properly like other Pokemon types do. Bug Pokemon often don’t learn powerful moves until very high levels, long past the point when most trainers would be willing to use them. Which leads me right into my next point…

Every Pokmon Type Ranked From Lamest To Strongest

What’s the best Pokémon type? 18 types dominate the Pokémon world. Here’s how the rank, from the weakest Pokémon types to the strongest.

When Pokémon first premiered in 1996, the type-matchup chart looked a lot different. Generation II introduced the Dark and immensely useful Steel-type and nothing was ever the same. Fifteen years passed before a new addition came, with Fairy arriving to balance out the seemingly overpowered Dragon-type.

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Nowadays, eighteen types dominate the Pokémon world. Some definitely rank higher, especially those with the coolest Pokémon on their ranks or the most resistances and immunities. Others are stuck at the bottom of the barrel, whether because of their frailty or lack of memorable mons. All of them create the perfect balance, though, providing color and variety to the 898 Pokémon species that currently exist, but which of these is really the strongest Pokémon type?

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The Worst Pokmon Type Going Into Generation Viii

Its no secret that Pokémon has issues with balance. Thats why fans needed to create Smogon tiersunlike in most other major franchises, where balancing issues are managed by the developers themselves. This issue goes all the way back to Gen 1 with the madness of Mewtwo and Psychic-type Pokémon.

When I thought things couldnt get worse after the Mega Gengar and Aegislash antics in Pokémon X & Y, Game Freak proved me wrong: they gave us Mega Rayquaza. M-Rayquaza was so ridiculous it got banned from the Uber tier , and then proceeded to create a new tier aptly named Anything Goes. A typical match in this tier mainly consists of players trying to take down their opponents M-Rayquaza. The player who manages that feat wins.

Rayquaza broke multiple laws of physics in the Delta Episode, but, then again, he just beat Arceus, God of the Pokémon universe, 1-on-1. Why not show physics some defiance while hes at it?

But theres always a silver liningGame Freak released a trailer on the 16th of August for Pokémon Sword & Shield. This trailer showcased some new items that seem specifically designed for competitive, which could be taken as a sign that GF is trying to manage competitive Pokémon. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I am hereby presenting the idea that

The Worst Pokemon Of Every Type Ranked By Weakness

Who Is The Weakest Pokemon Ever

Each generation, there are amazing Pokemon who get created, and also some that are pretty lackluster. In fact, some are so weak that they’re nearly impossible to use in battle – or just so offensively bad for other reasons that few people want to use them. For this list, we’re counting down the worst Pokemon of every type.

Every Pokemon is someone’s favorite, and every Pokemon has its own strengths that can be brought out with the right strategy. This list focuses on Pokemon who are weak and therefore difficult to use in battle, with a few exceptions who are there because of terrible designs. But if you see a Pokemon you love on this list, don’t stress. Everyone has a different take, and that’s a good thing. If you do see a Pokemon who you think is terrible on this list, go ahead and vote it up. Vote down the ones you think are being unfairly criticized.

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If You Catch A Bug Pokemon In The Wild It May Not Get Any Damage

This is a big issue with Bug type Pokemon that doesn’t seem to appear as often with other types. If you catch a Pokemon like Cascoon, Silcoon, Metapod, or Kakuna in the wild, it’s likely that it will only know Harden or some similarly useless move. And depending on what level it is when you catch it, it may never learn any other moves that are actually useful — unless you’re able to evolve it into something worthwhile.

Of course, you might argue that you can just get a Bug type earlier on so it’s a lower level and you can train it to your liking. But if that’s the argument, refer to my points above. Catching an early Bug type and trying to train it into a useful, powerful Pokemon is basically a non-stop grind until it’s almost too late for that to matter.

Besides, this is just cruel to first-time players or children who don’t know enough about the game to strategize. They might fill up their party with easy-to-get Bug types or waste EXP sharing trying to level them up without any real payoff.

Good luck evolving that Metapod without EXP share or annoying party-switching.

So Youve Fallen In Love With A Type How Many New Friends Do You Have

Now that you have decided what type of Pokémon will always be at your side, how many options do you have? Out of 721 Pokémon, how many are your type? The following waffle chart shows how common each type of Pokémon is: every square represents one percent of the total Pokémon population.

As can be seen from the waffle chart above, the most common type of Pokémon, by a significant margin, is the Water type representing eleven percent of all Pokémon. Types such as Fairy, Ice, and Ghost are much more rare at only three percent of the population each. Does rarity add to the value of a Pokémon? Or only add to the frustration involved in finding it? That is for you to decide!

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Articuno Has Poor Speed For A Legendary Which Immediately Puts It At A Disadvantage

Articuno has a lot of disadvantages that instantly make it one of the weakest Legendary Pokémon. Its Ice/Flying typing leaves it susceptible to Stealth Rock and sun team tactics that utilize enhanced Fire-type moves. While its base Special Defense and Special Attack stats are promising at 125 and 95 respectively, it will still be on the back foot from the start with its poor 85 Speed.

A Pokémon with so many weaknesses and disadvantages isn’t appealing to catch or use as a reliable member of a team, despite its cool designs, useful move-set, and interesting Galarian variant.

Pokmon Strength And Weakness Chart

Top 10 WEAKEST Fighting Type Pokemon

The chart below will let you know which attacks to use and which to avoid based on Pokémon type.

For instance, a bug-type Pokémons bug attacks are super effective against grass-, dark-, and psychic-type Pokémon. However, bug-types take increased damage from any fire-, flying-, or rock-type moves.

Keep this chart handy whenever youre facing off against any trainers and especially during your Gym Challenges, as each of those trainers specializes in specific Pokémon.

As an example, the first major trainer you fight in Pokémon Sword and Shield is Milo, who specializes in grass-type Pokémon. Looking at the chart below, youll want to make sure that you have some Pokémon that can do bug-, fire-, flying-, ice-, or poison-type attacks in your roster. You may also want to take any ground-, rock-, or water-types out of that match sorry Sobble starters!

Knowing type match ups will be helpful in just about any battle, especially when youre trying to catch Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon.

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Tornadus Is Fast But Too Weak To Stay In A Battle For Long

Considering both the Incarnate and Therian forms of the Cyclone Pokémon Tornadus, its HP, Defense and Special Defense are all considerably inferior to its Speed and offensive stats, making it especially vulnerable when facing strong moves, particularly if they are Rock-, Electric-, or Ice-types.

Tornadus can learn a mixture of physical and special moves but with most of them having poor accuracy percentages, it makes Tornadus highly temperamental in battle and often overlooked, regardless of which form it takes.

Uxie And Azelf’s Main Stat Weaknesses Are Polar Opposites But Both Are Problematic

The two stronger of the Lake Guardians, Uxie and Azelf, are still not great in terms of overall stats and usability, despite arguably being better than Mesprit. Uxie has substantial Defense and Special Defense stats, but sub-100 Speed means that it won’t always outpace opponents and even if it does, its poor Attack and Special Attack are unlikely to do enough damage in the grand scheme of things.

On the flip-side, Azelf has 125 base speed, which will normally allow it to attack first with 125 Attack and Special Attack. However, if it can’t end the battle quickly, then it’s susceptible to opposing attacks due to its fragile Defense and Special Defense.

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What Is The Weakest Pokemon Ever

The 20 Weakest Pokemon Of All Time1 Geodude. There are all kinds of candidates and descriptors for the weakest Pokemon.2 Smeargle. Smeargle deserves at least one mention because, at its core, its exceptionally weak compared to nearly every Pokemon. 3 Wimpod. 4 Delibird. 5 Magikarp. 6 Metapod. 7 Igglybuff. 8 Slakoth. More itemsMar 25, 2021

The 30 Weakest Pokmon You Probably Shouldnt Catch

Who Is The Weakest Pokemon Ever

This list of weakest Pokémon and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as The Gamer& The Top Tens.

This list is based solely on the Pokemon mentioned, and not their evolutions. Some of these Pokemons evolutions might be powerful, but it might take some hard work to get them there.

These are the 30 weakest Pokémon you probably shouldnt catch:

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Who Can Beat Mewtwo

However, heres the best Pokemon you should be using to take down Mewtwo.Tyranitar. Tyranitar is your best option for taking on Mewtwo. Mewtwo. If you are lucky enough to already have a Mewtwo, hes your second best option to take down Mewtwo. Gengar. Houndoom. Rayquaza. Scizor. Pinsir. Banette.More itemsSep 11, 2018

Moltres Looks Great But Can Be Quickly Undone By Super

Moltres has arguably the best design out of the three Legendary birds, with its Galarian regional variant somehow looking even cooler. However, due to the original Moltres being dual Fire/Flying type, it can be easily swept aside in battle by Rock-type moves and more specifically Stealth Rock, which will cause it to lose at least a quarter of its HP when brought into the battle.

With its Special Defense being poor in comparison to its other base stats, all it takes is an opponent exploiting its Water- and Electric-type weaknesses and this Legendary will go down rather easily.

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Top 5 Weakest Pokemon Types

Pokemon types have risen and fallen over time, and the weakest types have taken on different meanings. With eighteen total types in Pokemon by Generation VIII, the rankings are nearly set, and some types were neglected when compared to types such as Steel and Dragon.

Some of the types that are considered weak in Pokemon have had Generations where some of the strongest Pokemon sat in the category. But most of the types on the list are considered weak due to the amount of weakness that they have, and as Generations go on, it only gets worse.

Until Game Freak decides to revamp some of the weakest types in Pokemon, there are a certain handful that are always tough to use throughout a game.

Poison: Poison Sting 15

Top 10 WEAKEST Rock Type Pokemon

Poison sting is one of the weakest moves available, only rivaled by will o wisp, but at least this will hit for the most part in comparison. The only added benefit you would get with this move is occasional poison status on the opponent, otherwise, you’d be using this move hundreds of times before you knocked out an enemy.

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Is Grumpig Good For Pvp

PvP Moveset Explanation Extrasensory is generally favored for its superior STAB damage output, though Charge Beam has a slight edge in energy generation. All of Grumpigs charge moves cost the same amount of energy, which means Grumpig doesnt have to bait shields, however they are all moderately expensive.

Whats The Best Pokmon Type The Power Of Metrics

We all know what the best type is , but what does the data say?

Sometimes, Data Science is about making hard choices, or earning a company tons of money. Other times though, Data Science can just be a fun hobby in a rainy weekend.

This week Ive been very busy with a college assignment: a few classmates and I have had to code the PageRank algorithm the one Google used to use for searches, before AI and NLP ate everything else.

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The Type Chart Needs To Change

While the balancing issues in Pokémon go far beyond just the type chart, type chart is what I will focus on today.

Characters having powers over different elements is a common trope in video games. From a game design perspective, the elemental powers trope is very useful: e.g., it rationalizes why certain character types are strong against certain other types imagine how hard it would be to memorize the type chart, if what you need to recite is Type A is strong against Type B instead of water is strong against fire.

This trope helps enhance the games fantasy appeals as well. With the elemental powers tropes in play, players can imagine themselves being in control of various natural elements. What inevitably follows, however, is that some players prefer certain elemental powers, maybe just for purely aesthetic reasons. If a type is particularly weak, players who like that type for aesthetic reasons will be unhappy. Unhappy players mean less money for GF .

What Are Fairy Type Pokemon Strong Against

Top 10 WEAKEST Fire Type Pokemon

Fairy type moves in the Pokemon series are strong against dragon, fighting, and dark Pokemon.

The fairy typing was specifically added to the franchise in order to serve as a check to the numerous dragon-type pseudo legendaries that have proven to be overpowered, such as Dragonite, Salamence, and Hydreigon. Not only are fairy moves strong against dragon Pokemon, but fairy Pokemon are immune to dragon-type moves which is particularly helpful as Outrage and Draco Meteor are among some of the most devastating moves that players can come across.

Alongside being immune to dragon attacks, fairy Pokemon are resistant to fighting, bug, and dark moves. This allows fairy Pokemon to operate in a unique space that lets it have unique interactions with most of the non-elemental types. This is incredibly valuable in the main Pokemon games, as fairy types are resistant to some of the most common moves including Close Combat and U-Turn.

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Pokmon Strengths And Weaknesses

Fire, Ground, Rock Electric, Grass

Knowing your type match ups is one of the best tools youll have in all your battles. But what if you want to make sure your favorite starter Pokémon stays viable throughout your whole journey? Check out our guides for Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble to learn how to make your partner the best it can be.

Even more Pokémon Sword and Shield guides

Pokémon SwordShield

Everything You Need To Know About Fairy Type Pokemon

Though theyve been around for nearly eight years now, fairy type Pokemon are still relatively new and obscure. If youre looking for more information on them, we can help.

For returning players and even long-time fans, its difficult to remember how the fairy typing interacts with everything else. This isnt helped by the relative scarcity of fairy types, as there are still only a modest number of viable options available after three generations. Here is everything there is to know about fairy typing in Pokemon.

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Of The Weakest Pokmon Ever

While there are plenty of amazing and sort of terrible Pokémon out there, these are some of the weakest and most powerful Pokémon in the franchise.

As Pokémon competitive play becomes more accessible around the world, its important for players to know which Pokémon to put time into training. Many times, one’s favorite Pokémon may not be the best choice for competitive battles. Adorable Pokémon can end up having low overall stats, while cool-looking Pokémon may have three or four different type weaknesses.

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To keep it fair and interesting, Legendary Pokémon will not be considered for the “most powerful” category here. While there are plenty of amazing and sort of terrible Pokémon out there, these are some of the weakest and most powerful Pokémon in the franchise.


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