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How To Get To Kala E Bay Pokemon Sun

Seaward Cave & Kala’e Bay: Melemele Island’s Hidden Gems

How to get to Kala’e Bay! Pokémon Sun and Moon Tutorial!

You don’t have to go to Seaward Cave or Kala’e Bay at all – they’re sort of hidden slices of Melemele Island that your island challenge won’t actually bring you to… but they’re worth exploring.

You reach the Seaward Cave by heading to Melemele Meadow. Look out for a tiny hole in the wall on the western side of the area among the tall flowery grass. Crawl through that hole with a press of A and you’ll be in seaward cave. Come out the other side of the cave to end up in Kala’e Bay.

Both have some new Pokemon to catch and items to find, though for the latter you’ll need a Lapras ride to get into the bay’s watery areas. Here’s what you’ll find.

When Should I Evolve Shellder

No need to wait to evolve it since Cloyster doesnt learn any strong moves past level one. All you have to do is bring it to the Move Reminder at any Pokémon Center, so dont waste your watts on Hydro Pump at the Trader. The ideal move-set for this Pokémon would be Iron Defense, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump and Blizzard.

Seaward Cave Pokemon Sun And Moon

Seaward Cave is a side area in Pokemon Sun and Moon where players can find Pokemon like Psyduck and the very rare Barboach. There are also some decent items in here such as Expert Belt, Never-Melt Ice, and a Heal Ball. Getting here isnt a simple matter of walking to the entrance, though. As its name suggests, Seaward Cave is a cave by the sea, so youll need to have Lapras at the very least to reach this area.

Head on over to the Kalae Bay which is located on Melemele Island after gaining access to Lapras in your Poke Ride system. Youll then be able to surf right on over to the entrance. Once inside youll still have use for Lapras as well as Tauros to make your way around and grab all of the items waiting inside.

Theres a chance to obtain a Gyarados in here as well, so youll definitely want to do a bit of fishing and bring some Dive Balls along for the adventure. Once you got what you need, its on to the next trial.

If youre looking for more guides, tips, tricks, and information concerning Pokemon Sun and Moon, make sure to check out our constantly expanding wiki.

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How To Get To Kalae Bay Pokmon Sun And Moon Kalae Bay Location

Search for a small opening to crouch inside Seaward Cave. When you enter in to Seaward cave, first turn left and then descend down. As you descend down the stairs, you will see the cave exit. Exit the cave from there and you will reach Kalae bay, but you need Lapras paddle to surf around and explore the bay.

Melemele Meadow: Oricorio Land And Rival Face

Pokémon Sun and Moon: How to get to Kala

Melemele Meadow is where you’ll find Lillie – the next objective in your story. Your first task there will be to find Nebby, who’s hiding in the far side of the meadow.

Battle you way through the wild Pokemon in the meadow which includes all new Pokemon Oricorio, grab Nebby, and head back to Lillie. Here’s what you’ll find on your way to find Nebby…

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Battle The Route’s Boss Trainer To Get A Red Card Item

Just south of the entrance to Melemele Meadow is a character who’ll refuse to battle you unless you beat everybody else on Route 3. There’s not that many trainers, so do so – he’ll then be willing to let you challenge him to a Pokemon Battle.

This guy is Rising Star Joshua and boasts a single Pokemon: A level 13 Growlithe. It’s weak to water. Hit him hard, take his Pokemon down and you’ll get the Red Card item in return.

The game’s story will guide you towards Melemele Meadow, and who are we to argue?

A Lake From Another World

There’s a lake in Alola whose name depends on your version of the game: It’ll be named Lake of the Sunne if you’re playing Pokémon Ultra Moon, and Lake of the Moone if you’re playing Pokémon Ultra Sun.

While the “original” version of the lake can be accessed at some point in the story, you can go to a parallel world to visit the lake opposite to your original. Just pass through the Ultra Wormhole at the final Altar after you’ve beaten the Elite Four and then go to the Ula’ula Meadow, there you will find an entrance to the lake opposite your original where you can have an additional Cosmog if your game’s flagship legendary is in your team.

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Route : Wrapping Around Melemele Island

Route 3 is a pretty simple route, picking up from the edge of route 2 at the top of the island, wrapping right the way back around the island and down to the south. It actually links right back up with Route 1, making Melemele Island’s routes a little circuit.

Along the way you’ll find trainers, items and wild Pokemon, plus an exit to Melemele Meadow, an area which leads to seaward cave.

How Do I Get To The Mahalo Trail

How to Get to Kala’e Bay – Pokémon Sun and Moon Kala’e Bay Location

Feel free to explore the town and talk to the residents but there are no secrets to be found here. Continue walking north, up the stairs, past the wooden stage, and into the darkened path at the back of the town. This takes you to the Mahalo Trail, which leads to Plank Bridge, and eventually to the Ruins of Conflict.

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How To Reach Kala’e Bay

Kala’e Bay can only be reached from Melemele Meadow.In Melemele Meadow, go southwest through the flowers to find a hole in the wall. Go into the hole, then go south.

Go southwest to some water and Surf across it to find TM79 FrostBreath. Then go south and go down a series of one-way ledges. From there, go northeastuntil you reach some more one-way ledges.Keep following the path to find a cave exit. Go through it to reach Kala’eBay.

What Pokemon Can You Find In Seaward Cave

The Seaward Cave is a cavern in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon accessible through Melemele Meadow on Route 3. To the right of the cave entrance will be an Escape Rope. Continue into the cave and you will find Nebby the Cosmog along with the weird duo now known as Dulse and Zossie, the Ultra Recon Squad.

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