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How To Power Up Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Travel Far And Wide Go Crazy For Special Events

Pokemon Go: How to power up and evolve your Pokemon

This might not be possible for some, but going to as many places as possible will help you gather more types of Pokemon. Your home town is likely to be dominated by a certain variety, so make sure you go to new places to find more.

That might mean getting off the bus early and walking, or taking the weekend to head to a different area. Perhaps visit the family or distant friends, then say you want to see all the local sights so you can gather Pokemon, find Gyms to take over and so on.

Special events are now fairly frequent and introduce some less common Pokemon or previously unseen Pokemon – including some of the region specific characters you might not have seen. Make sure you look at the news section of the Pokemon Go app to see what’s happening.

Pokemon Go: How To Power Up Your Pokemon

Pokemon GO isnt just about catching the lovable creatures in the real-world, youll have to power them up and battle them too. Heres how to power level up your Pokemon.

First off, youll need the right equipment. All you have to do is tap the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen and then click on the Pokemon option. From here, select the Pokemon that you want to power up and tap on them. Youll now be brought to a Pokemon details screen, and should be able to see a Power Up button.

Next to this are what you need to start off the process. This will be a combination of both Stardust and Candy. You acquire Stardust and Candy by catching Pokemon, hatching Eggs, or transferring a Pokemon to the professor.

Once you have enough of each of these, the Power Up button should now be filled in green. Simply tap the button and confirm you want to power up this particular Pokemon. After a quick process your Pokemon will now have an increased CP and HP, making it a much fiercer opponent in battle.

Have you powered up many of your Pokemon yet? Let us know in the comments below.

What’s In A Nickname Change It

Changing your nickname is easy-peasy. Just tap the Pokeball on the main screen at the bottom > Settings > tap Change Nickname. You’ll get a warning that you can only change your nickname once, so choose wisely, and make it count! And make sure it’s at least PG-rated because other Trainers are going to see it.

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A Note About Evolving Eevees

Unlike in the main Pokémon video games, which require you to give Eevee a special elemental stone to evolve it into either Flareon , Vaporeon , Jolteon , Umbreon , or Espeon , Pokémon Go randomizes your Eevee evolution. However, there is a trick to evolving your Eevee into what you want it to be. By naming your Eevee one the names of the Eevee characters in the Pokémon anime series Sparky , Rainer , Pyro , Sakura , or Tamao you can force them to evolve into the Eeveelution corresponding with their nicknames element. The naming trick only works once, so if you already got a Vaporeon by naming it Rainer, you wont be able to get a second using the name. A separate trick lets you evolve Eevees reliably into either Umbreon or Espeon. It requires you make the Eevee you want to evolve your buddy. You then need to walk 10 km with that Eevee and earn three Eevee candies while doing so. Finally, while the Eevee is still your buddy, evolve it if you do the evolution during daylight hours, youll get an Espeon at night, an Umbreon.

One more thing: Transferring Pokémon is not reversible. You wont be able to get transferred Pokémon back. Only deposit the weaker extras of the same Pokémon, and hold on to your strongest one.

How To Manage Motivation

Best Pokémon to Evolve, TM, and Power

So youve captured the gym and put your best team in it. Youre set, right? Theres no way someone is going to take it from you. That used to be the case, but with the latest update things have changed. Now you have to take into account motivation, which is your Pokemons willingness to fight translated in combat power. Every day you hold a gym, the CP of your Pokemon drops. Once it hits zero, your Pokemon get kicked out of the gym unless you feed berries to each one holding it. To make matters worse, Pokemon with CP above 3,000 lose motivation faster. This ensures a more dynamic map, but also makes it harder to hold gyms. Thats why youll want to keep yourself well stocked with berries so you can keep your Pokemon in fighting shape.

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How To Train And Evolve Your Pokmon

Your goal may be catching one of every Pokémon, but you need to grab many Pokémon to be successful in Pokémon Go. The only way to power up and evolve your Pokémon is by feeding them candies and Stardust, which are collected by catching Pokémon, hatching Pokémon, making a Pokémon your buddy and walking with it, and by transferring them to Professor Willow. You can transfer Pokémon you dont want by highlighting them on the Pokémon Menu Screen and choosing the Transfer menu option, and you can evolve Pokémon by choosing Evolve when you select one on the Pokémon Menu.

Evolving your Pokémon is one of the main goals of the game, but it takes effort. In order to evolve, say, an Eevee, you will need 25 Eevee candies, which only come from catching or hatching Eevees or from Pokémon that evolve from Eevee. Every Eevee you catch nets you three candies, and transferring them grants you another per transferred Pokémon. So, for each extra Eevee you catch and transfer, you get four candies, meaning youll need to catch seven Eevees in total to evolve just one.

Different Pokémon evolutions require different amounts of candies. Evolving a Ghastly to Haunter, for example, only requires 25 Ghastly candies, whereas evolving a Haunter to a Gengar will require another 100 Ghastly candies. If you want to evolve a Magikarp to a Gyarados, youll need a whopping 400 Magikarp candies.

Trade Lots Of Pokemon To Get Lucky Ones

From now on, when you trade Pokemon, there’s a chance for them to become Lucky. That means they require less Stardust to power up than regular Pokemon. This makes them easier to train up to become powerful. Every trade won’t result in a lucky Pokemon, but there’s always a chance to get one, so there’s no better time than now to add a friend and try your luck.

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Find The Right Pokmon

The most important part of training Pokémon in Pokémon GO is selecting which ones you’d like to power up.

It takes a lot of Stardust andCandy to power up your Pokémon, so select which ones you train carefully. SomeTrainers choose to power up Pokémon that are important to them for sentimentalreasons, such as being the first Pokémon they captured. Others focus on thePokémon’s potential by selecting particularly powerful members of sought-afterspecies. Whatever your philosophy, you’ll perform best in battle if you focuson a handful of Pokémon.

Your goal in a Raid Battle is notjust to survive, but to deal as much damage as possible as quickly as possible.That makes Pokémon like Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Machamp king, while Pokémon thathave tons of HP but deal damage slowlylike Blissey and Snorlaxare bestavoided. It’s also useful to collect a variety of Pokémontaking advantage ofyour opponent’s weakness will allow you to deal more damage than you would by simplyusing Pokémon with high CP. Instead of just training a bunch of Dragonite andTyranitar, power up Pokémon like Exeggutor, Flareon, Jolteon, Rhydon, andVaporeon to increase the number of types at your disposal.

How To Get Xp Points In Pokemon Go

POKEMON POWER- UP GLITCH/TRICK! Pokemon GO How To Power-Up Past Trainer Level

To get more XP points in Pokemon Go, you should catch and evolve Pokemon, use items, and frequently visit PokeStops. Earning more

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Pokemon Go: When Should I Evolve Or Power Up My Pokmon

Are you actively playing Pokemon GO but don’t know when to spend candies on powering up or evolving your Pokemon collection? Here’s what to do.

With Pokémon Go becoming an overnight sensation, eager trainers have been out and about, walking around like never before. The viral GPS-based app has infected popular culture, growing even past the point of the franchise’s initial fanbase. With gamers and non-gamers alike answering the call to become Pokémon masters, many players have quickly found that the mobile game does not hold the user’s hand in regard to advanced or even basic instructions.

Aspects of the game such as evolving and powering up Pokémon are key for players who want to take on gyms for their respective teams and even for those who simply wish to collect all 151 creatures. The only problem is that many players do not truly know the proper time to do either of these tasks.

Knowing the right time to evolve your Pokémon is key, and luckily, it is also simple. The temptation for most players is to evolve a Pokémon as soon as they have enough candies to do so, but that might not necessarily be the best move.

Numbers Indicating Pokemon’s Stats & Level

A Pokemon’s Combat Power or CP indicates its statistics and overall level, determining how well it will do in battle. The higher the CP level, the higher the capacity of attack strength of a Pokemon.

CP Is Randomly Generated Per Pokemon

CP is randomly given per Pokemon. You can catch two same Pokemon and they can have different Combat Power numbers, therefore have different attack power capacities.

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Master The Field Research And Special Research

Research will setting you a range of tasks to complete to give the game more variety. It’s also the route to some of the rarer Pokemon, often appearing through special events. The Field Research is ongoing, letting you complete tasks you get from Poke Stops – like collect 5 Pokemon with a weather boost. Here are some top tips:

  • Delete field research that’s hard, like throw 5 great throws in a row – if you can’t do it, delete and get another task
  • Don’t claim your rewards all on the same day, just one a day
  • Don’t claim your final reward unless you know there’s a new Pokemon type available to catch

Who’s That Pokemon It’s Pikachu

Collecting, Powering

If you’re already a Level 30 trainer, then you may not care about this tip. But if you’re just starting out and you’re about to select your starter Pokemon , don’t! Like Lord Humongous says: “Just walk away!” Instead, walk away from the starters, and keep ignoring them, and eventually, the plump electric mouse himself will appear for you to recruit. Finally, you, too, can be just like Ash Ketchum.

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For Spinning Pokstops And Gyms:

  • Spin a PokéStop: 50 XP
  • Spin 10th PokéStop in a row: 100 XP
  • Spin a PokéStop for the first time: 250 XP
  • Spin 10th PokéStop for the first time in a row: 500 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym : 25 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym : 50 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym : 75 XP
  • Spin a rival Gym : 100 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym : 31 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym : 63 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym : 94 XP
  • Spin a friendly Gym : 125 XP
  • Daily Spin Streak : 500 XP
  • Daily Spin Streak : 2000 XP

Pokmon Go: How To Get The Most Xp And Level Up The Fastest

Like most any game, leveling up is important in Pokémon Go Levels aren’t just a way of charting your progress either. The higher your level, the more game elements open up to you, including Gyms, Pinap Berries, Max Revives, the level of Pokémon you can hatch and catch, and even the limits to which you can power them up. You can do most things in the game at level five, but to get the fullest experience in Pokémon Go, you’ll want to aim for level 40!

To level up, you need XP. To get XP, all you have to do is play the game. To get max XP and level up as fast as possible, though, you gotta play smart. Here’s how!

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Build An Army Manage Your Bag

There are two areas of the game that register the Pokemon you catch:

  • Bag: these are the Pokemon you actually have available to you.
  • Pokedex: this shows all the Pokemon you’ve caught, those you’ve seen and details the evolution paths.

There’s no need to carry every type of Pokemon as a growing collection in your bag – that’s what the Pokedex is for.

It’s better to keep only the Pokemon you need: that’s an army to fight with in Gym and Raid battles. You’ll need high power versions of Pokemon, but it’s better to have a number of powerful Blissey than one Blissey and a Caterpie, Metapod, Kakuna and so on, because those Pokemon – once registered and evolved – won’t really do much for you. So, learn your Pokemon’s skills and build an army of those who fight well, like Gengar, Blissey, Vaporeon.

You’ll also need to carry those you still need to evolve and hang on to those who need a special item to evolve, like Onix if you’ve not yet got Steelix.

Also keep your eye out for special edition characters – like the seasonal Pikachu. These evolve into special Raichu, so it’s worth having and holding these, just so you can put them in Gyms for others to be jealous of.

Best Pokmon For Pokmon Go Pvp

Top 40 BEST Pokemon To Power Up In 2021 In Pokemon GO! | Which Pokemon Are Worth Powering Up?!

There are three main leagues for GO Battle League : Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. The former limits Pokémon CP at 1,500, Ultra League caps CP at 2,500 and Master League is a free-for all. Each also sometimes offers a Premier Cup the same limits apply, but no legendary Pokémon can be used.

Season 6 changed the entire structure of GBL, but the basics remain the same, so if you havent played since then well get to the changes later. As of Season 7, Niantic has also removed the walking requirement that used to be necessary in order to unlock new battles, which had been temporarily paused during the pandemic. This has remained the case for Season 8.

The tactics for each league are roughly the same, pick a Pokémon to send out first your opener, a defensive Pokémon to take hits your safe switch, and a Pokémon to wrap things up your closer.

Generally, you should make sure that no two Pokémon have similar weaknesses so you arent swept by one Pokémon you dont resist, but that rule can be bent and broken on occasion. To start with though, make sure your safe switch has a resistance to attacks that your opener is weak to. Flying-type Pokémon are often used as a safe switch due to their resistances, and it is always recommended to have a flyer on your team.

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Should You Evolve And Power Up Right Away Or Wait For Better Pokmon

The longer you wait, the better chance you have of catching or hatching a base Pokémon with higher stats . The higher the stats, the higher the potential CP of you eventual Pokémon evolution. So, it makes sense to wait as long as you can before evolving. For example, if you’re going for a third stage evolution, don’t do the second stage right away. Wait and do both the second stage right before you’re ready to do the third stage. That way, if you get a higher stats later, you can evovle that one instead. You’re not stuck with your earlier evolution.

In other words, don’t evolve Dragonair until you’re ready to evolve Dragonite because you could get a much better Dratini by the time you get to 125 candies than the one you had at 25 candies.

And even if you get to 125 candies, if you don’t have a Pokémon with high stats to evolve, you can keep waiting until you do.

Dragonite Or Salamence To Counter Dragons

Though Dragonite’s use as an all-around attacker has dimmed as more types are introduced to the top Defenders, its powerful Dragon-type moves are still a fantastic choice to go after, well, other dragons. Outside Mamoswine, few Pokémon can survive its onslaught. Its best defensive moveset also doubles as its best offensive moveset Dragon Tail and Outrage.

That said! Even better is now Salamence, who with Dragon Tail + Meteor has outclassed Dragonite in almost every way for the same types of situations.

Evolve: 25 Dratini or Bagon candies to Dragonair or Shelgon, 100 more to Dragonite or Salamence.

Best movesets: Dragon Tail + Outrage or Draco Meteor

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How To Get Candy In Pokmon Go

Candy is one of the prime resources youll need to power up a Pokémon. There isnt a single type of Candy in the game, however. Each Pokémon type has its own Candy type. Every time you catch a Pokémon, youll be awarded three Candies of that Pokémon type, meaning youll need to catch more of them to power up. Like capturing a Pokémon, hatching them out of eggs will also award you with Candy.

Most of the Pokémon you catch wont make the cut to be powered up, but you can still harness some Candy from them while also freeing up your inventory slots. Sending Pokémon back to the professor via the Transfer feature will net you one Candy for that Pokémon. This is an excellent way of earning extra Candy since the Pokémon you send back would collect dust in your collection otherwise.

If youre in need of some desperate Candy for a Pokémon, you can also move them to your buddy slot and start walking with them. Youll earn Candy for them as you walk more. How long youll need to walk for a Candy will depend on your Pokémon of choice, though.


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