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Where To Find Sandshrew In Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee

The Nostalgia Bucket Loads Of Charm

HOW TO GET Sandshrew in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu (Version Exclusive)

Its really hard not to feel the pull of enchanting familiarity as you play.

Newcomers and those who have been out of the Pokémon loop for a few years will likely enjoy Lets Go as a gradual way to get back into the games. The Pokédex only has slots for the first 151 Pokémon from Gen 1, so youll start off with what youre already familiar with. This also keeps the type system from getting too complicated for newcomers who are unfamiliar with Pokémons current combat system. As expected, some of the Pokémon are exclusive to one game or the other, so youll have to trade with someone who has the other version in order to complete your Pokédex.

Youll also face off against all of the original gym leaders, including Brock and Misty. And of course, Team Rocket is up to their old tricks with Jesse and James popping up throughout the land. This addition makes the games feel even more like a Pokémon Yellow remake. Its really hard not to feel the pull of enchanting familiarity as you see these gorgeous renditions of an 8-bit game you played as a child.

Go On A Shopping Spree

After facing allthose Trainers, you probably have some extra cash burning a hole in yourpocket. You’ll certainly spend some of it on Potions and Ultra Balls, but whynot take this opportunity to pick up a few things that you might not have beenable to afford at the start of your journey?

Your partner Pokémon can be a true king of bling with this Crown, but it’ll cost you!

The CeladonDepartment Store in Celadon City is a great place to drop a little coin.Inside, you’ll find vendors selling powerful TMs and the previously mentionedEvolution items. There are also stands where you can purchase a wide variety ofaccessories to make your partner Pokémon look its finest. Hats, bows, glasses,and more are all available to deck out your Pikachu or Eevee in the latestfashion. Want to prove you’re a real big spender? Deck out your partner in theglamourous Crownit’ll only cost you a whopping 999,999 in cash.

Be sure to swing bythe Pokémon League to talk to the Mega Stone Seller as well. He’s got a goodselection of Mega Stones that you’ll need to help select Pokémon reach theirfull potential in battle.

Missing Pokemon Let’s Go Pokemon To Catch Now In Pokemon Go And Trade Later

BySam Loveridge09 November 2018

Fill out your Pokedex by getting ahead in Pokemon Go now, based on the knowledge from Pokemon Yellow

One of the most exciting things about the inbound pair of Pokemon Let’s Go games is that they’re an amazing recreation of the much-loved Pokemon Yellow: Pikachu Edition. It was basically the third game in the series, like ever, and played on the idea that you were your very own Ash Ketchum, complete with buddy Pikachu that followed you around. Obviously with Let’s Go, you get the choice of having Pikachu or Eevee as your buddy, but that nostalgia factor is still there.

That extends to the fact that Pokemon Let’s Go lovingly recreates the entirety of Pokemon Yellow’s storyline , which means you might want to start planning for its release… in Pokemon Go.

From launch you’ll be able to trade Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let’s Go to add to your Go Park, which seems to be Pokemon Let’s Go’s version of the Safari Park from the original game. Any Pokemon you trade from Pokemon Go will live inside the Go Park, and you can go there and attempt to catch anything you find to add to your Let’s Go Pokedex and general collection.

So then, it might be time to try and catch yourself some extra Pokemon to add to your Let’s Go collection in Pokemon Go and get ahead of the game. That should be a little easier now that Pokemon Go is mixing up the spawn points more. Based on the original Pokemon Yellow, these are the Pokemon that are hardest to get:

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No Random Battles With Wild Pokmon

One of the biggest changes between Pokémon Lets Go and Pokémon Yellow is the change in how you capture wild Pokémon. In the new Nintendo Switch titles, you will see the wild Pokémon wandering around on-screen. This makes it easier to have encounters only with those Pokémon you are interested in capturing.

Once you encounter a wild Pokémon, you do not need to battle it to weaken it before throwing a Poké Ball. The capturing mechanic is like that of the Pokémon Go mobile game. You simply throw a Poké Ball at the Pokémon as the circle indicator shrinks.

Some long-time fans may dislike this change, while others may embrace it. While it does make it less time consuming to capture Pokémon, it is a radical departure from the main-series Pokémon games.

Eevee can be your partner Pokemon instead of Pikachu.

Screenshot captured by Jennifer Wilber

Is There Trading And Do They Connect To Pokemon Bank

Pokemon Lets Go Eevee

Masuda confirmed that you will be able to trade Pokemon between the Lets Go games. Transferring Pokemon from Go only works in the one direction. When asked about Pokemon Bank, he said he could not comment he also did not comment on whether the Lets Go games would be compatible with present or future Pokemon games.

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Lets Go Pikachu: Your Starting Partner Pikachu

This might seem obvious, but picking this version means youre going to be choosing your true partner as Pikachu from the beginning. Unlike other mainline Pokémon games, you dont choose between a selection of Grass, Fire, and Water-type Pokémon in this one. Instead, you have one Electric-type Pokémon ready and waiting to journey with you.

This game is meant to be similar to Pokémon Yellow, both by featuring Jessie and James from the anime and for having the token Pikachu be your destined partner like Ash Ketchum. If you want the classic Pokémon experience, Lets Go, Pikachu is the way to start.

Using Lures To Boost Shiny Spawn Chances

Lures are something that people use wrong all the time. Think of Pokemon Go: your drop a Lure at a PokeStop and wait for the Pokemon to come to you, dont you? Running around like a maniac just uses up the Lure. While youll encounter more Pokemon in a shorter period of time, youll burn through Lures like someone addicted to grapes burns through pants. Also, lots of Pokemon will spawn behind you after your trailblazing trajectory has already left them for dust. What if theyre your shiny?

Drop a Lure and be patient. If youre in a confined area like a cave, only move to dodge Pokemon that are annoying you. As well as being an effective shiny hunting method, this will teach you patience.The exceptions to this are surfing and flying. Unless you find a nice, narrow cove then youre better off actually moving with your lure on. The whole body of water is a spawn area, unlike patches of grass that are located beside paths. Youll find loads more Pokemon this way. Well worth the Lure. When youre flying, you can actually do some interesting things in relation to what Im about to get to next.

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Sandshrew For Alolan Sandshrew

This trade is version specific and can only be done in Let’s Go, Pikachu. To find this trade, you will need to make it to Celadon City and enter the center. Here you will find a scout type trainer named Nicholice sitting on the couch. The Alolan Sandshrew is level twenty-seven and comes with the moves mirror coat, fury swipes, swift, and ice punch.

Alolan Sandshrew is an ice/steel type Pokemon that be effective in battle both against fairy and dragon-type Pokémon.

Lets Go Eevee: Your Starting Partner Eevee

Where To Find Eevee In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

If you want a starting partner thats fully new to being a starter in the series, Lets Go, Eevee replaces that Pikachu with the normal-type Eevee. This furry fox was the starter Pokémon for your rival in the original Pokémon Yellow, but now you finally get your turn.

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Its important to know that neither the Eevee or the Pikachu in the Lets Go games can evolve, so if you choose this one be warned that you wont have access to Eevees eight evolutions. Nonetheless, if you want to start a Kanto adventure with a Pokémon thats never been given to you from the start, this game will suit you best.

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Pokemon Lets Go Shiny Guide

You may have entire teams of Level 100, max IV monsters in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, but are they shiny? If not, why not?

Shiny Pokemon are just like their regular counterparts except theyre, well, shiny. Rather than taking on a metallic glint, these special Pokemon are color-swapped. For instance, a shiny Cubone is green. Green isnt exactly shiny, but green Cubone is still shiny Cubone. These creatures are rarer – and so far more coveted.

Anyway, Pokemon Lets Go has completely reinvented shiny hunting because the game actually addresses it as a thing. The Shiny Charm that the Game Director in Celadon City gives you after you complete the Pokedex attests to this – it is designed to increase your chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

While shinies have always been available, Nintendo has finally decided to come out and say, Heres a thing for you shiny hunters. However, the Shiny Charm isnt the only thing you can use to better your chances of encountering shinies.

Here are some of the best techniques for catching shinies in Pokemon Lets Go:

Whats Better Pokemon Eevee Or Pikachu

Eevee suits me better, but Pikachu will inevitably be the best choice for a plethora of other players. So, while neither of the two is better, per se, one of the two will be better for you. This guide is designed to help you identify which one that is based on exclusive Pokemon, exclusive moves, and more.

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Lets Go Pikachu: Special Pikachu Moves

In addition to dressing your Pikachu up and having him ride on your shoulder through your journey, one of the big advantages to choosing Lets Go, Pikachu is that you can teach your partner Pokémon several moves that are exclusive to your special Pikachu.

There are move tutors in Cerulean City, Celadon City, and Fuschia City who will teach you these moves. The latter two also teach your Pikachu a flying and water move, attack types that Pikachus arent usually able to learn. Since its weaker and unevolved, moves like this can help you put out a little extra power.

If Your Rival Evolves Eevee Into Jolteon:

Pikachu Images: Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Guide Francais
  • Jolteon
  • Ninetales
  • Magneton

Regardless of which Eeveelution your rival chooses, they will have an incredibly powerful team. Given that your rival in Pokemon Yellow chose Eevee as their starter, it could be the case that both of the new versions will follow suit. Perhaps your rival in Pokemon Lets Go Eevee will choose Pikachu, and your rival in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu will choose Eevee. This would make perfect sense, given that your rival could either base their team around their Eeveelution, or around yours.

If this is the case, choosing Lets Go Eevee could give you a way of deciding your rivals team, whereas choosing Lets Go Pikachu will cause your rival to base their team on whatever final form of Eevee they get. This is just speculative, but Pokemon Yellow is the closest thing weve ever seen to the Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu vs Eevee games.

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Diglett For Alolan Diglett

Next up, you will need to head to Lavender Town to get an Alolan Diglett. Here you will need to head to the center where you will once again find a trainer sitting on the couch. The trainer, Digette, will be willing to give you her level twenty-five Alolan Diglett. The Pokémon will have a move set of slash, sucker punch, dig, and fury swipes.

The Diglett is a steel/ground type that will be an excellent ice and fairy type Pokemon, which have become more relevant in recent gens.

Battling Trainers And Gym Leaders Is Mostly The Same As Past Pokmon Games

Like in past Pokémon games, players will need to overcome other trainers and gym leaders to progress through the game. Players can take up to six pokémon into battle and take turns choosing their attacks. Pokémon have different elemental weaknesses based on their type and each gym leader focuses on a specific type of Pokémon. There are eight gym leaders in the Kanto region and beating them all will allow the player to challenge the Elite Four, the strongest trainers in the game.

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Rattata For Alolan Rattata

The first trade on our list happens in the Cerulean City Pokemon Center. The trainer Taitanna can be found sitting down on a bench in the center. She will request you to trade her a regular Rattata for her Alolan version. The Alolan Rattata will come to you at level twelve with the moves tail whip, focus energy, bite, and quick attack.

Unlike the normal Rattata, the Alolan version is a dark type Pokémon that give you an edge against both psychic and ghost types.

Pokmon: Let’s Go Takes Place In The Same Region As Pokmon Red & Blue With The Original 151 Pokmon

How To Get Alolan Vulpix & Sandshrew! – Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee

“Pokémon: Let’s Go” returns to the Kanto region from the first games in the series, “Pokémon Red & Blue.” This means that the original 151 pokémon will also be making a return, too, along with their Alolan variations from “Pokémon Sun & Moon” and a new legendary Pokémon, Meltan. Players will explore updated 3D versions of the same cities, forests and destinations from “Red & Blue,” and battle against the classic gym leaders like Brock and Misty. The notorious Team Rocket will play the role of villain once more.

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Is Shiny Sandshrew Even A Thing In Lets Go

I have seriously been hunting this little rat for what seems like forever.. I am on a catch combo of 230+ because I got so bored waiting around.. ugh.

All pokemon can be shiny so yhea its a thing just need to be patient :p

I went to a chain of 670 to get a ghastly. Just keep going

Why such a large chain? The cap for shiny hunting is a chain of 31. As long as you don’t quit the game to the title menu the chance of you catching a shiny stays at the lowest… So many pokeballs wasted…

Also once you reach 31 you can still encounter any Pokémon and run away. As long as a Pokémon doesn’t run from you the chain is active.

Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu And Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee Review

Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Lets Go, Eevee! are triumphs, successfully adapting to become more accessible while still remaining fun to play.

Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Lets Go, Eevee! have had their critics from the very beginning. As soon as Pokemon: Lets Go was revealed earlier this year, skeptics emerged, stating that simplified gameplay based around the Pokemon GO mobile title would inevitably reduce the quality of the series. In theory, the cynics certainly had a leg to stand on – Pokemon is a game that appeals to both young and old fans alike, and has possessed remarkable depth in gameplay for decades now, hidden under the surface for those who want to make the game into something more competitive and grindy.

In practice however, Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Lets Go, Eevee! are triumphs of a modern age that is less interested in repetition for hours on end and instead wants some more light-hearted fare. Pokemon: Lets Go is obviously meant to bridge the gap between those familiar with the series only through Pokemon GO and those who have already journeyed throughout the various regions of Pokemon handheld titles in the past, and it succeeds marvelously, with most of its simplified systems actually producing better gameplay experiences than they have achieved in the past.

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Meowth For Alolan Meowth

This is the Let’s Go, Eevee equivalent of the Grimer trade. You will need to find the same punk trainer who will have an Alolan Meowth in this version. This Meowth will be level forty-four and come with a move set of slash, nasty plot, screech, and play rough. Which once again isn’t a very strong move set, but that can be quickly edited by the player to make Meowth more effective in battle.

Alolan Meowth is only dark type making it one of the few single type Alolan forms available.

Lets Go Pikachu: Exclusive Pokmon

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee

The most common differences in any Pokémon game are the Pokémon themselves, as some species are only available in Lets Go, Pikachu that you cannot find in Lets Go, Eevee, and vice-versa. For Lets Go, Pikachu this includes the Sandshrew, Oddish, Growlithe, Mankey, Grimer, and Scyther families.

If you do wish to truly catch em all, you can always trade with friends to get these. But if any of them are your favorites and you want to include in your team, youll have to make some choices.

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Which Edition You Pick Will Affect More Than Just Your Pokmon

Just like the classic Pokemon games, like Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are two editions of this one to choose from: Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee! Besides the obvious youll get Pikachu as your partner Pokémon if you buy Lets Go Pikachu, and Eevee if you buy Lets Go Eevee is there really much difference between the different editions? Turns out that yes, there is. Some Pokémon will be exclusive to the individual edition for instance, Polygon reports Oddish, Sandshrew and Growlithe will only team up with Pikachu, whereas Bellsprout, Vulpix, and Meowth will only play for Team Eevee but your ability to travel is also affected. Pikachus nifty surfboard makes water-travel fun, but only Eevee can fly about with a balloon. Youll also get a different partner power, too!


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