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What Are Electric Pokemon Weak To

Relations With Other Types

  • They have no effect against the Ground-type because in real life, the ground is a natural sink of electrons hence the term “grounded”. Also, electrical appliances don’t work when dirt gets into them.
  • They’re strong against the Flying-type because while in the air, they don’t make contact with the ground, so they can’t divert the electricity, so they’re susceptible to strong electrical currents, and lightning is most likely to strike what’s highest above the ground.
  • They’re strong against the Water-type because water is a natural electricity conductor, and if one is in the water, it gets electrocuted as well.
  • The Dragon-type resists them because, in old legends, dragons were immune to the natural forces, electricity included.
  • The Grass-type resists them because plants and trees are made of materials that don’t conduct electricity, like wood and rubber. Also, trees divert the electricity to the ground with their roots.
  • They resist the Steel-type because all kinds of metal alloys are great electrical conductors, positive magnetism attracts metal to the point of trapping it, and negative magnetism can repel metal. Something interesting about this is the Steel-type isn’t weak to them.
  • They resist themselves because adding electricity to another source of electricity increases the source.
  • There are electrical fly swatters in real life that are used to kill bugs. However, the Electric type isn’t super effective against Bug types.

No Concept Of Immunities/no Effect

Every attack in Pokémon GO damages an opposing monster in the mainline games, a small number of type matchups actually result in no damage i.e. immunity, usually with the message X has no effect. These matchups are:

  • Normal and Fighting immune to Ghost
  • Flying immune to Ground
  • Ghost immune to Normal and Fighting
  • Fairy immune to Dragon

These special cases still exist in Pokémon GO, however, they do around a third normal damagerather than doing no damage at all. In our type chart, these type immunities are bolded and placed in square brackets. REMEMBER – in the mainline games like Pokémon Sword and Shield, these attacks will have no effect whatsoever!

All Pokmon Types Weaknesses & Strengths In Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Understanding Pokémon types is a crucial part of battle. Here’s every types’ strengths and weaknesses in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Understanding the ways different Pokémon types interact with each other is a crucial part of battle in any Pokémon game, and this is no exception in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. To be successful in fights, players are supposed to pick their active Pokémon based on what best counters the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents, meaning players should have a basic understanding of the different Pokémon types and how they work.

There are 18 different Pokémon types in Pokémon BDSP, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This means rather than simply using the same strong Pokémon over and over again, players are encouraged to build a well-rounded team of different types of Pokémon that can be prepared for any situation. Heres a breakdown of every Pokémon type in the new game, along with its strengths and weaknesses.

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Is Grass Weak To Steel

Understanding Pokémon types and attack types is an essential part of becoming a skilled Pokémon Trainer. From an attacking perspective, Grass-type attacks are strong against Water-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokémon and weak against Bug-, Fire-, Flying-, Grass-, Poison-, Dragon-, and Steel-type Pokémon.

Weak Pokmon With Great Abilities

Competitive Spotlight: Luxray

Abilities play an important role in Pokémon battles, though some of the best abilities are given to some pretty weak Pokémon.

There is an abundance of useful abilities within the Pokémon games, which makes the gameplay much more interesting since it gives players one additional element to focus on during battles. These exceptional abilities can make strong Pokémon stronger, and even manage to make weak Pokémon more viable.

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There are many weak Pokémon with abilities that would be better on stronger Pokémon, but due to what the Pokédex says about their lifestyles, habitats, and bodies, these moves are surprisingly fitting choices for them. The abilities are so good that it makes it worthwhile to evolve these Pokémon if that’s a possibility.

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Hippopotas Has Sand Stream To Start A Sandstorm

All of this Pokémon’s base stats are only in the double digits, but it has one of the most annoying abilities in the game. Instead of sweating, Hippopotas expels sand from its body. This sand enshrouds the Pokémon and protects it from germs.

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Considering all the sand it releases into the air, it is easy for it to start up a Sandstorm using its ability, Sand Stream. Sandstorms deal damage to all Pokémon at the end of five rounds except for Rock, Steel, and Ground-types.

What Type Is Super Effective Against Electric Type

Ground is the only type super effective against Electric, and is super effective against five types in total, tying with Fighting for the most super effective matchups. Because Ground is so useful offensively and resisted by so few types, Ground often provides good coverage when combined with another type of attack.

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Who Is Better Dragonite Salamence Or Garchomp

Salamence. It’s ability is the best out of the three, IMO. Not only that, but it can fill several roles on your team and pack a powerful punch each time. Garchomp is rather limited in its diversity Dragonite is pretty much outclassed by Salamence when it comes to offense, whether it be physical OR special.Mar 21, 2007

Alolan Raichu Four Weaknesses

Electric Weakness| Pokemon Shield Surpriselocke Part 15

Alolan Raichu is the first and only member of its kind, being an Electric/Psychic-type combination with a spectacular boost to its offensive stats. This can make it a great fighter, but it, unfortunately, carries all the weaknesses of Psychic-type Pokemon with few new resistances, adding weaknesses to Bug-, Dark-, and Ghost-type moves.

Even though it floats on its tail in battle, it fully lacks the Levitate ability to prevent Ground-type moves from hitting it. This can result in Raichu being very easy to take down, especially since it still doesn’t move fast as many overpowered Dark- and Ghost-types.

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Pokmon Go Types Strengths And Weakness

Pokémon also has its own set of weaknesses and strengths. For example, bug-type Pokémon are weak against fire-, flying-, and rock-type moves. Bug-type moves are strong against dark-, grass-, and psychic-type moves. Fire-, flying-, and rock-type moves will do double damage against a bug-type, like Caterpie.

Some Pokémon have two types, which means they can have a doubled weakness or have their strength and weaknesses cancel out to just take normal damage. Rayquaza, a dragon- and flying-type, takes four times the damage from ice-type moves. On the flip side, Shuckle, a rock- and bug-type, takes normal damage from fire-type moves, since rock-type is strong against fire-type.

Strengths and weaknesses also arent necessarily just opposites of each other. Though fire-type move deal less damage to water-type Pokémon and water-type moves do doubled damage against fire-type Pokémon, this isnt the case with every type. For example, fighting-type moves are strong against normal-types, but normal-types just do regular damage against fighting-types, rather than do reduced damage.

Knowing what Pokémons strengths and weaknesses are is an important aspect of raiding and battling. To do the most damage you can, you should make sure that your Pokémons moves are strong against what its battling.


Memorizing all of that can get confusing, so heres a chart to help you out.

Magby Has Flame Body To Burn Enemies

Being a baby Pokémon, Magby is at the lowest stage of evolution, preceding Magmar. Although it is small and timid, it has blood as hot as magma, and according to the Pokédex, its body reaches temperatures over 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. It makes sense for Magby to have Flame Body, an ability that has a 30% chance of burning enemy Pokémon who use physical moves against it. However, judging by the ridiculously high temperatures of its body, it should have a 100% chance of inflicting a burn.

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What Is Electric Type Pokemon Weak Too

There are comparatively few electrical Pokemon in truth solely four were else within the third generation. Most are supported rodents or inanimate objects. Electric Pokemon are excellent defensively, being weak solely to Ground moves. Eelektross is the only Pokemon to own no kind disadvantages thanks to its ability, Levitate.

Dark Pokemon Strength And Weakness

25 Best Pokemon images in 2020

The Dark-type was introduced in Generation II. Despite the name Dark, the Pokemon with this type isnt necessarily evil. It is just a name, and before the changes in Generation IV, Dark-type moves were all classified as Special Attacks.

Currently, Dark-type moves can be Special of Physical depending on the move. Know the different Dark Pokemon strengths and weaknesses will give you an advantage in battle.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield: Every Types Weaknesses And Strengths

There are 18 different types of Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield, which means there is also those same 18 types of attacks in the game as well. Every Pokémon and every attack in the game has a type , and different types react to certain moves a different way. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses is going to make you a better trainer and allow you to use the right attacks against the correct type of Pokémon. Heres everything you need to know about Pokémon and attack types in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Pokémon Sword

Welcome to the Galar region

Pokémon Sword features new Pokémon to tame and a legendary Pokémon exclusive to this version. Therell be plenty of things for trainers to explore and do that havent been seen before.

Pokémon Shield

Welcome to the Galar region

Pokémon Shield features new Pokémon to tame and a legendary Pokémon exclusive to this version. Explore, discover, and catch em all.

Mudbray Has Stamina To Raise Its Defense

Despite the Pokédex’s claims that Mudbray can carry up to 50 times its own body weight, Mudbray only has one base stat in the triple digits, and that is its base Attack of 100. Stamina is a great ability that would be absolutely terrifying on a Pokémon with a high base Defense, as getting hit by a move raises a Pokémon’s Defense by a single stage. This ability is better on its evolved form, Mudsdale, which has 30 more base Defense than Mudbray.

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Pokmon Go Battle League Season 9 Special Cups And Leagues Explained

There are a number of special cups and leagues for you to partake in throughout Season 9 of the Go Battle League. Some of these cups, like the Halloween Cup, have already run in previous years.

The first is the Great League Remix, which runs during the first Great League from Monday, 30th August to Monday, 13th September. For this cup, youll be unable to select the Pokémon which were most used in the Great League by players at the Ace Rank or above last season.

The second special Cup is the Ultra League Remix, which, like the Great League Remix, bans a selection of Pokémon that were most used in the Ultra League by players with the Ace Rank or above last season. Youll be able to compete in the Ultra League Remix from Monday, 13th September to Monday, 27th September.

Next is the Master League Classic which runs during the first dedicated Master League period for Season 9 Monday, 27th September to Monday, 11th October.

If you want to partake in this league you must ensure none of the Pokémon in your team have been powered up with Candy XL.

The Little Jungle Cup is the first new special cup for Season 9 and will run from Monday, 27th September to Monday, 11th October.

For this cup youre only allowed to use bug, dark, electric, flying, grass, ground and poison-type Pokémon or are a combination of these types. The Pokémon you choose must meet or be beneath the CP limit of 500 and can evolve. Its important to note, however, that you cant use Shuckle or Smeargle.

Pokemon Go: What Are Electric


Each Pokemon type has its own strengths and weaknesses in Pokemon GO.

Electric-type Pokemon have some serious strengths that trainers can take advantage of. In fact, they are only truly vulnerable to one type of Pokemon.

An Electric-type Pokemon is strong against Flying and Water-type Pokémon, such as Gyrados, Altaria, and Salamance. Therefore, if a player has an Electric-type Pokemon in their Pokedex, it will be best to use it against a Legendary Kyogre or an Aerodactyl.

Trainers also need to know how to successfully counter an Electric-type Pokemon as they are likely to encounter one in gyms, raids, field research tasks and events.

Hey, Trainers! A new batch of Field Research is now available, and I need your help! This time, Im focusing on researching Flying- and Electric-type Pokémon. Keep me updated and let me know what you find. Lets GO!

Pokémon GO May 1, 2018

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Weaknesses And Counters For Electric Types In Pokmon Go

Ground types are your best bet.

In Pokémon Go, each of the 18 different types of Pokémon have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

How each type interacts with one another greatly dictates the outcome of battles, with the Pokémon that has the type advantage usually coming out on top.

In this article, well be focusing on Electric-type Pokémon. This type is strong against Flying and Water-type Pokémon but is weak against Ground, Grass, Electric, and Dragon-type enemies.

While these types are the best choices to reduce the damage that Electric Pokémon can deal, theres one type that excels as the best way to deal with these Pokémon.

Here are some of the best Pokémon to help you defeat Electric-type enemies in Pokémon Go.

Milotic Is Weak To Grass And Electric In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Milotic is weak to grass and electric attacks.

Milotic is a pure water Pokemon, giving it relatively few weaknesses. On top of that, it has a very high Sp. Def stat, making it able to shrug off moves like Thunderbolt and Energy Ball from anything but the most heavily invested special attackers.

The best options available to players looking to take down Milotic are physical damage grass and electric moves. The best option that most players will have available is Luxray, which can use Spark and Wild Charge to take out Milotic without much trouble. Manectric, and a Torterra or Abomasnow that knows Wood Hammer can also deal with Milotic without incident.

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What Are Steel Type Pokmon Strong Against For Those Seeking To Know All Weaknesses Strengths And Resistances In Pokmon Check Our Type Chart

Pokémon fights in the franchise’s games involve understanding the different types, strengths, weaknesses and resistances amongst creatures. In order to help to understand which Pokemon types beat Fire creatures or what are the strongest against Ghost ones, we have prepared a type chart and an explanation on how they work. This chart is updated to the 8th generation in 2021 so players can use it to play Sword and Shield and also Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for Nintendo Switch.

Tips On How To Remember Pokmon Types

Pokemon Go Type Chart

For anyone who has invested years of play into this series, the type system becomes second nature. While in time your memory too will retain most of, if not the full set of relationships it is worth learning the logical relationships that do exist.

The classic example taught at the beginning of every Pokémon game is that fire is super effective against grass, which is in turn super effective against water, which is in turn super effective against fire. This is easy enough to follow fire burns grass, grass thrives with water, water puts out fire but finding similar relationships in the other 18 types is will help you remember the system.

Here are some other ideas to get you started:

  • Rocks effectiveness against flying is reminiscent of the phrase kill two birds with one stone
  • Similarly, psychic is effective against fighting because brains are better than brawn but psychic is vulnerable to dark and ghost because the mind cannot cope with the unknown and supernatural
  • Ground types are immune to electric attacks because being grounded is an important principle in electric circuits but ground can be swept away be water, cracked by ice and exploited by grass.

With the addition of new types over the years, the Pokémon type system has got a little more complicated than Rock-Paper-Scissors, but once you’ve committed the above to memory , you’ll have no problem finding the right Pokémon for the right job.

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Pokmon Type Effectiveness And Weakness Chart

Our type chart presents the 18 Pokémon types in attack and defence scenarios. To use it, simply find your Pokémons type to see what its attacks are strong and weak against, and what it is resistant and vulnerable to when defending.

  • Types bolded in square brackets are subject to a further cut in effectiveness in the mainline games these are outright immunities
  • If a type is not listed, damage is neutral
  • The strength of an attack is increased if the attack type is strong against both types of a dual type Pokémon
  • Type resistance and vulnerability effectively cancel each other out on dual type Pokémon
Pokémon Type Chart

Bug, Dark, , Fighting

Poison, Steel

Note that attack and defence type relationships are not identical e.g. types may be resistant to types when defending that they are not super effective against when attacking.

Remember, things get even more interesting when Pokémon of dual types crop up and you have to factor in additional strengths and weaknesses.


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