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How To Change Uniform In Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How

How to WEAR GYM UNIFORMS | Customization ⺠Pokemon Sword & Shield

We’re taking a look at how-to change your uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield! This is a new type of outfit you can wear that lets you celebrate specific Pokemon type you might like! These are just a single set of clothing, so if you aren’t big on coordinating your outfit, they might be a fun option for you to wear instead!

How To Purchase Outfits & Clothes In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To purchase outfits and clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield, go into one of the boutiques in the game. As explained above, you can find them in certain cities, and you can simply move your cursor to a city to check if it has a boutique. Anyways, once you go into a boutique, speak with the person behind the counter. This will take you to the screen where youll be able to see what they have to offer.

Boutiques sell a wide array of shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, socks, shoes, hats, glasses, and gloves. The only things you cant purchase from them are uniforms. Those you have to earn on your own, but thats a matter for another guide. Were just trying to help you look spiffy here.

How To Change Uniforms

You can pick a new uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield in one of the games clothing shops. Bear in mind that the new uniform will be displayed everywhere apart from gym battles. During gym battles, your character will wear a standard white uniform. Follow the steps below to change your attire in the game:

  • Head to any clothing shop in the game and go to the changing room.
  • Navigate through the menu at the top to pick your new uniform. You can fully customize your look, selecting numerous tops, jackets, pants, socks, and other elements. Alternatively, you can choose one of the ready-made uniforms.
  • Confirm your selection by selecting Put On. Select Check Appearance if youd like to see how you look without changing your uniform.
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    Pokemon Sword How To Change Uniform 2020

    Pokemon Sword is an online game that takes you on a journey to fight against a variety of monsters. Once you get through the initial stages and level up you can join in battles and go from one stage to another. Each stage has its own set of monsters and challenges so you have to stay alive and continue playing.

    Once you complete all of the levels you can then proceed to join a tournament and challenge other players from around the world. Winning this will give you access to new stages and monsters as well as unlocking extra abilities for your character.

    Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Change Gym Uniform

    Pokemon Sword How To Change Uniform 2020

    The gym uniforms you can change into are exactly what they sound like, uniforms you earn by defeating different gym trainers in their respective Gym Challenges. You will unlock one for each gym type you beat on your Pokemon journey, so you likely already have a few to try on.

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    Alternatively, new clothing can be purchased from clothing shops for 18,000 Watts. While it will set you back some currency, you are able to purchase gym clothes for areas you haven’t been to yet.

    Once you have your outfit, you can’t just change at will. You have to visit one of the previously mentioned clothing shops and head into the changing room to put on one of your new gym uniforms. Once there, you will get a menu where you can completely customize your character with different tops, jackets, pants, socks, backpacks, hats, and more. If you want to wear a full uniform, though, go to the far right tab on the menu to cycle through all the gym leader outfits fully put together for you.

    The only downside to changing your uniform is that it does not show up when you are participating in a gym challenge. These events will always put your character in the same white outfit, which is somewhat disappointing. Still, you can freely make your own look and enjoy it while exploring the world and catching wild Pokemon in the field. Pick your favorite type and represent it with a flashy new look!

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    Check Out Everything You Need To Know To Change Your Uniform In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    by Nicholas Barth

    The new Pokemon games of Sword and Shield brought a variety of new features to the legendary franchise. One of these features is the ability to wear different uniforms you obtain from winning gym battles. Unfortunately, the titles do not paint a clear picture regarding how to change your uniform and where you can wear it. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know when it comes time for you to want to change your uniform covered.

    What Do I Do With The Gym Leader Uniforms I Can Buy/get From Beating Gyms

    This all begs the question: what the heck those Gym Leader uniforms you keep getting are for? You can wear them or buy the “types” that don’t have a designated leader from a vendor in each Gym, but ironically you can only don them outside of Gym matches. Simply go to a clothing store in a town like Hammerlocke or Motostoke and use the closet. You’ll see the items in your inventory.

    The good thing about the Gym Leader uniforms is that you don’t have to wear them in full. You can mix and match pieces just like any other piece of clothing. For instance, you can pair the ice-type leader’s shirt with the Fairy-type gloves and a bunch of other non-Gym Leader clothes. It’s a quick, free way to expand your wardrobe if that’s a part of the game you’re interested in.

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    Can You Change The Number On The Back Of Your Uniform

    While registering for the Gym Challenge in Motostoke youll get given your very own uniform. Youll even get to choose a jersey number for the back of it. Youll want to choose wisely though, as there is no way to change it after youve picked.

    So thats it, you cannot change the uniform you wear during Gym Challenges in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on the Rotom Bicycle. Elsewhere theres also our look at catching Sirfetchd.

    Pokemon Sword How To Change Uniform For Gym Battles

    How to Get All Uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

    One of the oddest limitations in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the inability to change trainer uniform during gym battles. You can unlock new uniforms when defeating gym leaders, and you can wear them everywhere except gym battles. This seems counterintuitive, yet you can at least pick your name and number at the back of your white trainer T-shirt.

    Youll be asked to select the preferred number before you enter the Gym Challenge in Motostoke for the first time. Choose your number wisely because you wont be able to change it later in the game.

    Note: Your hat will also disappear in gym battles. However, you get to leave any eyewear you had on before starting the match.

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    It’s Just Not Possible

    Many attempts have been made to change the Gym Challenger Uniform, but it seems it’s just not possible. This is an odd choice in mechanics given that a new uniform is rewarded from every Gym Leader defeated. It’s incredibly peculiar considering the advances to character customization in the game overall.

    For many trainers who only care to wear these uniforms while competing in challenges, this missing feature means every uniform won from a Gym leader will just junk up the wardrobe. Though trainers who could care less about outfit coordination could find these to be a fun alternative to other clothing options. Being they’re one-piece outfits, there’s no matching required to rock one of these type-specific looks.

    All in all, not being able to cycle through challenge uniforms isn’t a huge deal, but it is rather unhygienic. Less fashion-conscious trainers may not even notice the lack of options in the changing room. However, a collection of trophy uniforms will only clutter the wardrobe and serve as a repetitive let down every time players scroll past them- especially if money was spent on store-bought uniforms.

    Let’s just hope the Gym League staff are keeping on top of the laundry.

    If You Like Fashion Gym Battles Are A Bit Boring

    Clothes have played a big part in the Pokemon experience for some time, and that continues in Sword and Shield. The latest entries in the long running and hugely popular franchise feature a bunch of fashion options for out in the overworld. But you also wear a uniform while participating in the epic gym battles that cap each section of the game. When you win, you receive a new uniform, and theres a shop outside that sells uniforms of various types. But theres no changing room or option in the menu, leaving many wondering how to change uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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    Can You Change Challenger Uniforms

    You cant change your trainer uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Challenge mode. We dont know why such an odd limitation, but players can only wear white challenger uniforms. However, you can pick your uniform number before the start of your first match. Bear in mind that you wont be able to change it later.

    Where Can You Wear Gym Uniforms In Pokemon Sword

    How To Change Your Uniform In Pokemon Sword &  Shield ...

    You can wear alternate gym uniforms in a clothing shop. Gym uniforms also come with separate accessories. So, you need to buy all of them to get a full set. Or, you can buy the full gym set for 18000 poke dollars.

    Although you can buy a complete set of gym outfits, you cannot equip them while battling the gym leaders. You will be wearing the default white jersey during battles. I tried to change uniforms in all of the gyms. But, it always shows a message saying only authorized people are allowed to enter here.

    On the other hand, you can show off your gym outfits in the city or Wild Areas.

    Check our awesome guide if you dont know how to get mew on pokemon sword and shield.

    You may ask:

    Can You Change the Number on the Back of Your Uniform?

    No, you cannot change the number on the back of your jersey. But, the number can be chosen while registering the gym. So, be careful while choosing the number because its fixed.

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    How Do You Change Your Outfit In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    There are so many options to buy when it comes to buying clothes in this game. Money is the one thing you are constantly getting in the game, and so you have to invest that money too. Buy new clothes and change your avatar appearance immediately. Fix Frozen Pokeball in Pokemon GO easily in 60 seconds.

    Here are the steps to change clothes in pokemon sword and shield:

  • Head to a clothing shop at Motostoke or Wedgehurst.
  • Make your way to the changing rooms of the clothing store.
  • Select the uniform you want to wear.
  • Update the current uniform to your Pokemon league Card.
  • Exit the Clothing store.
  • How To Change Bike Uniforms

    In the Isle of Armor expansion, Pokemon Sword and Shield players can change the appearance of their bikes and characters. Heres how to do that:

  • During the game, head to the Dojo in the Fields of Honor area.
  • Talk to a Bike Lady standing next to the Dojo.
  • Select Yes, customize my bike when prompted.
  • Pick between two bike colors, sparkling white and glistening black. Highlight it and press the A button to confirm. Your bike uniform will automatically change to match the new bike color purple and white outfits for white bikes and purple and black outfits for black bikes.
  • Alternatively, you can change only your biking outfit without changing your bikes color. Follow the steps below:

  • In the game, head to the Bike Lady standing next to the Doo in the Fields of Honor area.
  • Select I want to change my outfit when prompted.
  • Pick the preferred outfit color and press A to confirm.
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    How To Change Uniform & Outfits In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    To change your uniform, and clothes in general, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first order of business is to go into a clothes shop, or boutique. You can find these in bigger cities . Theyre easily recognized by the mannequins in the window and the shirt sign above the door. Go inside, then walk over into the changing room. From there, pick out the outfit you want. To find the uniforms, go to the rightmost icon, the one to the right of the Glove section.

    You can check out the way you look by pressing Y, and put on items of clothing by pressing A. When youre happy with how you look, exit the changing room by pressing B. Confirm your choice, and be on your way.

    How To Change Uniform Numbers

    How to Change Clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

    Pokemon Sword and Shield players can pick their trainer uniform number the first time they start the Gym Challenge. Simply enter the desired uniform number when prompted to do so. Pick the number wisely, as you wont be able to change it later in the game. Additionally, you can pick your haircut, eye color, and makeup.

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    Can You Change Your Uniform For Gym Battles In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Youll earn replica uniforms based on the Gym Leaders you beat in Sword and Shield. And while these can be worn outside of the stadium battles, youll only have access to your default white uniform once you take on the Gyms. This is an odd oversight, especially seeing as youll quickly start to amass alternate outfits, but its unfortunately a limitation that has no current workaround. Once you speak to the event organiser at a gym youll automatically change into your white uniform.

    How To Change Uniform

    And this is where I have to give you the bad news. Despite all that I just said, and the game specifically giving you different types of uniform to wear, you cannot change the uniform worn during gym battles. Theres no secret room to go to to select a new one, and earning new ones doesnt actually give you any new choices. The uniform you wear at the beginning of the game is the one you will have to wear throughout every gym battle in Sword and Shield. Its a very odd omission, especially since the changing room is there and is even mentioned during the course of the campaign. So, why do they give you different uniforms?

    Because you can wear them everywhere else. Yes, the uniforms provided by the gym leaders and the gym shop are to be worn while exploring the overworld, not in battle. Weve already shown you how to change clothes so check that out if you just want to wear the cool type themed uniform you receive with each new victory. Thats the only true answer for how to change uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Hopefully a patch or update fixes that though.


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    How To Change Your Gym Outfit In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    So, here’s the catch I mentioned earlier – and boy, it is annoying. You can wear these special gym outfits where ever you like throughout Pokemon Sword and Shield, donning a themed gym outfit instead of the regular trainer getup that you usually wear. This has pros – such as the looks – and cons, because gym outfits are ‘all in one’, so you can’t mix and match or accessorise in the same way.

    But the catch is this: you can’t wear the different gym uniform outfits in the actual gym challenges themselves. Any time you take on a gym challenge you’ll be prompted to get changed, and when you do, it’ll be in the standard-issue white league uniform. That must be a league rule, I guess.

    If you want to change into your gym outfits naturally for exploring and battling outside gyms, just head to a clothes shop – there’s one in every town – and go into the changing rooms. There any clothes you own, including unlocked gym uniforms, will be available to try on and wear.

    How To Change Your Uniform In Pokemon Sword

    How to change uniform â Pokemon Sword and Shield â How To Game

    Aaron DonaldRead more October 18, 2021

    Pokemon Sword and Shield players can earn free trainer uniforms for defeating gym leaders or purchase new outfits from the clothing store. The tricky part is to find where to change the outfit, as this mechanic isnt available from the main menu. If youre wondering how to show off with your new attire in the game, were here to help.

    This guide will explain how to change your uniform and gym battle uniform number in Pokemon Sword. Additionally, well answer some of the most common questions related to new outfits. Read on to add a bit of personality to your appearance.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield: Can You Change Your Uniform

    Youll receive new uniforms for beating Gym Challenges in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But can you change into them for battles?

    Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

    Pokemon Sword and Shield gives the players new, sporty uniforms each time they beat a gym leader, but are they more than reward trophies? We’ll answer the question of can you change your uniform here, as well as what you can do in either case below.

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