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Sugoi Mart Pokemon Lucky Bag

What Are Lucky Bags

Sugoi Mart Pokémon Lucky Bag Unboxing

Lucky Bags are closed mystery bags filled with products. They are oftentimes sold in price tiers, such as $25, $50, $100, etc. per bag. When you buy one, you wont know whats in it until after youve purchased it. Normally, you do get a theme for the items. Some theme examples include anime, beauty products, clothing brands, or even something like Pokémon.

Its almost always the case that the individual value of all of the items in the bag are above, sometimes 2-3 times the value amount of what you paid for the lucky bag. In that sense lucky bags are a really great value however, you dont always get items you may have wanted as the selection is random. In some cases, the items are a Sometimes you get do lucky though, pun intended, and get something really good. Half the fun of a lucky bags is the mystery.

Days Of Japan Advent Calendar Had Some Issues

I bought the 30 days of Japan Advent Calendar. For the most part, I really enjoyed the experience! However, there were some things that I think could be improved.First, all of the items were in Japanese but had no translation guidelines. I worry that some items, such as bath powders and bath melts, could be mistaken for food by someone who isn’t sure. It could be good to include a note about what those items are.Second, the gacha items were very, very difficult to remove from the compartments on the advent calendar. I ended up having to open a door for a day I had not reached yet in order to get one of them out!Lastly, there were several items that were Korean, not Japanese. I know that Sugoi Mart sells Korean items as well, but this was labeled as a 30-day of JAPAN calendar.Other than that, I think this item was really worth the money! It was a lot of fun, and the items span a variety of subjects and interests, so it was a fun way to explore.

Date of experience:October 11, 2022

Unpacking The Deluxe Lucky Bag

I was super excited to give it a go and couldnt wait to open my Lucky Bag when it arrived. While there are several themed options that really tempted me, I miss many things about Japan and went with a bag that can contain items from a variety of categories including food, cosmetics, stationery, collectible soft toys and novelty items. If you have a particular thing you enjoy or collect you can choose a themed lucky bag such as Pokemon or Starbucks.

The primary item in the Sugoi Mart deluxe lucky bag is a large, character plushy toy. These toys are official merchandise and can be characters such as Pokemon, Hello Kitty or Nintendo. Anyone who knows me is going to know I was slightly disappointed not to get a Pokemon, or maybe Hello Kitty but that is what lucky bags are all about, you roll the dice and see what comes up. My Super Mario will find a good home, hes child-safe, fully fabric with no plastic or removable parts so he wont miss out on someone to cuddle him.

The next item I pulled out I was excited about. I love Japanese stationery and while I think I will always be true to the original travellers notebook for my planning and daily carry, I had been toying with trying out a B6 notebook as my next memory keeping or travel journal. Now I have one ready and waiting.

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Is The Sugoi Mart Lucky Bag Worth It

When it comes to Lucky Bags, worth it can be quite subjective. For me who has seen a lot of these products at my local stores in Okinawa, they are less exciting. However, for many, the idea of going to Japan is a dream and an expensive dream at that. Services like Sugoi Mart allow people to experience some Japanese culture through realistic everyday products, and can be a great choice that many people find very valuable.

People could especially find this worthwhile if a visit to Japan isnt feasible any time soon. I also think that going for more specific lucky bag sets can make them even more worth it. If you know you like Pokémon or Demon Slayer, then you can get more items that you are going to enjoy and it increases the likelihood youll get tons of items youll love.

Sugoi mart does offer some these specific lucky bags like a Pokemon, Demon Slayer, Sanrio, or Jujustu Kaisen Lucky bag. You can check out their full list here and see if anything looks appealing to you.

How Long Does It Take For An Order To Arrive In Australia

Best Sugoi Mart Pokemon Lucky Bag

With Japans borders still closed, the 7th wave of infections posing logistical issues at both ends, limited flights and Australias postal and courier system significantly impacted by recent floods I was expecting the box to take some time to arrive. To give you an idea, my order was placed on Tuesday the 12th of July, it was packed and dispatched in Tokyo on the 25th and arrived at our door in regional Australia on Friday 29th of July. Normally you might expect it to take just over a week.

My order contained two items, the Deluxe Lucky Bag and the Kit Kats variety pack. They were contained within their individual bags and packed together inside a heavy-duty cardboard box. A fair bit of compression must have been applied to close the box as it was tightly packed but everything appeared to have survived well, there was a tiny dent on the packaging of one item that was barely noticeable and it didnt impact the contents.

The order was despatched via DHL which provides excellent tracking from the origin. You can follow it the whole way by the app if you want but I received both a text and an email the morning it was due to arrive to let me know it was coming and my options if we werent going to be home. The delivery arrived late morning.

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Whats In The Sugoi Mart Lucky Bag

In my Sugoi Mart Lucky Bag, I got a lot of cool goodies. A lot of my bags content were Japanese snacks, along with a very cool looking retro Mario washcloth, and a little flying pink Doraemon toy. Many of the snacks are ones that I recognize from walking around Japanese convenience stores.

My favorites were the kinoko no yama , and the bag of specially flavored KitKats. I happened to get the wheat biscuit flavor. Out of all of the fantastic KitKat flavors, wheat biscuit doesnt sound like it would be all that appetizing however, Ive tried around 40 or so different KitKat flavors and wheat biscuit is one of the best and probably in my top 3. My bag sells for $50 and is valued by Sugoi Mart at $100.

Here a full list of exactly what I got:

  • Flying Sakura Doraemon Toy
  • Kinoko no Yama DIY Snack kit
  • Mini Wheat Biscuit KitKats
  • Spy x Family Sticker pack
  • Bebiisutaa Mini Ramen Snack
  • Crispy Chocolate Snacks
  • Yamagata Cherry Blossom Gummy Snack

Sugoi Mart Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag

Der Online Shop Sugoi Mart war so freundlich uns eine Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag zum Rezensieren zur Verfügung zu stellen. Nach einer kleinen Odysee mit dem deutschen Zoll, kam unser bis oben hin vollgestopftes Paket nach nur drei Tagen mit DHL Express an. Und wenn ich vollgestopft sage, dann meine ich vollgestopft! Mit den über 10 Artikeln konnte mir Sugoi Mart ein riesiges Grinsen ins Gesicht zaubern und ich habe mich bei jedem einzelnen gefreut, wie ein kleines Kind. Aber schaut doch mal selbst, was wir so bekommen haben!

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In Conclusion: Our Sugoi Mart Review

We had a fun afternoon unboxing, tasting the snacks, translating the packaging and reminiscing about the memories it brought up for us of many fabulous travels, people and places in Japan.

Could we compile a similar bag if we wanted to from the Asian Supermarkets in bigger cities, EB Games, Amazon and the like? Yes, we probably could but thats not the point of a Lucky Bay, its the surprise and what that brings up for you.

In retrospect for me, food is always my biggest memory trigger so in future, I might gravitate towards lucky bags featuring more snack items or particular interests like Japanese stationery or maybe Starbucks as I already collect the Japanese regionally released coffee mugs.

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Sugoi Mart Pokemon Lucky Bag June 2021

I bought a pokémon lucky bag valued $150. worth?

So I just discovered in Japan, mystery boxes are called lucky bags instead. Beyond my slight distraught that Ive been missing years of special Nintendo New Years bags, I discovered Sugoi Mart offers an unofficial Pokemon substitution. There was normal and deluxe, but as shipping is $20! I chose the smaller cheaper one.

I will protect it I want to see it grow up healthy I want to tell my friends and neighbors about it

Memes aside, its so cute! According to the box its part of the sleeping Pokemon set. The instructions also happily illustrated how you can instead use the cushion as a wrist rest or a phone screen cleaner, although Im not sure why youd want to do that.

This is issue 1 of the Pokemon Adventures manga. Like everything in the bag its entirely in Japanese. I could certainly use the reading practice, Ive been letting my studies in Japanese slip lately. The only thing I know about the manga is that its darker than the other mediums.

Its a chocolate wafer, with a little Sobble/Zamazenta stamp? also inside the packaging. Never had a wafer, I dont enjoy the texture, but Mom likes it.

Squirtle stuffy with a metal loop on top. Nothing else to say.

A small booster pack of common Japanese TCG cards. The Absol is holo.

A cute Eevee bag for shopping or whatever youd like. The amount of Eevee merch really did triple with Lets Go.

A pink Pikachu pen. Had a protective cap on to keep the ink fresh.

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25% Off All Lucky Bags

Sugoi Mart sent this email to their subscribers onAugust 24, 2022.


Check out Sugoi Mart-exclusive Lucky Bags like Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Sanrio, and more! Take 25% off ALL these Lucky Bags from now until August 25th, 11:59 PM PDT.

Curious about “lucky bags” and how they became so popular in Japan? Read all about it in our blog post here!

Sugoi Mart Deluxe Lucky Bag


Sugoi Mart Pokemon Lucky Bag


Sugoi Mart Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag


Sugoi Mart Sanrio Lucky Bag


Sugoi Mart Starbucks Japan Lucky Bag


Sugoi Mart Demon Slayer Lucky Bag


Sugoi Mart Jujutsu Kaisen Lucky Bag


Who Is Sugoi Mart

Sugoi Mart is part of the Japan Crate subscription service, an online Japanese store based in Tokyo that ships around the world. They offer boxes with a variety of themes including anime characters such as Pokemon, Super Mario and Hello Kitty, Japanese candy, noodles, stationery, and more.

Use our promo code AUSSIE15 for 15% off at Sugoi Mart

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What Is Sugoi Mart

Sugoi Mart is an online Japanese marketplace where you can buy all kinds of Japanese products and have them shipped straight to your doorstep. There is a wide assortment of products such as candies, anime and manga merchandise, beauty products, and a lot more. There is a lot of cool stuff on the site and it can be hard to choose where to start. However, if you want a wide selection of Japanese products from Japan for the best price, and dont mind taking a chance on what you get, then a lucky bag from Sugoi Mart might be the right product for you.

Make Good Use Of Google Translate

Best Sugoi Mart Pokemon Lucky Bag

If you dont read or speak fluent Japanese you may find Google Translate a useful tool in unpacking something like these lucky bags and when travelling in Japan. Language is more of an art than a code so it wont give you an exact translation but enough to get by.

We use it regularly in checking signs, menus and packaging when we travel. It can also be useful for translating spoken conversations with locals but you will need to keep your phrasing simple for that.

With written words like on this packaging you select the camera icon and hold it over the writing you want to translate. It will impose the translation in place of the existing script as shown above. In this example, the flavour of this KitKat has a direct translation of red sweet potato but in English, this flavour is called purple yam, it was a regional special release in the prefecture of Okinawa and is commonly purchased as a souvenir from the area which is also shown on the bottom of the packet.

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Finding Lucky Bags Online

Not everyone can be in Japan for Fukubukuro especially with the challenges of the last few years so Lucky Bags have gone online. No longer restricted to the New Year, Sugoi Mart has opened up Lucky Bags year-round while keeping that surprise element, each bag is different and there is some great value.

You can choose from a range of lucky bags to treat yourself or someone special in your life.

Pokemon Lucky Bag A Dud Not Worth It

So I received my $50USD Pokemon Lucky bag in the mail today along with other items I ordered from Sugoi Mart. . Sadly to say, compared to the Lucky bag openings I had seen on YouTube or read about online, I got a dud Lucky bag again!! I am now certain that if you order at the end of the year you will get the most basic of items! I did NOT get the nicer items such as: the Pokemon toothbrush, the Pokemon tote bag , the Pokemon ziplock bags, a Manga, the Pokemon chocolate egg with figurine inside, the Pokemon pencil/pen, the Pokemon bath bomb, the Pokemon curry or the Pokemon cup. I instead got the least coveted and most basic items such as: Pickachu stickers, a small Pokemon cup noodle, a small stuffie, a few figurines, Pokemon cards- the small 5 card pack , a small hand towel, and a few Pokemon snacks. Definitely not the $100USD worth as they have stated! What a major rip off! This is disappointing as I have been ordering a lot of items from their website and I also subscribed to their Doki Doki crate which I will be canceling promptly.Again, warning to people thinking of getting the Lucky bag. They may be giving the nicer bags to YouTubers and the better items may be given out at the beginning of the year when there is more stock and hype to buy, which is very unfair. I will never be ordering Lucky bags or any other item from their site again. Beware!

Date of experience:November 04, 2022

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Was Ist Eine Lucky Bag

Eine Lucky Bag ist tatsächlich genau das, was die Übersetzung schon sagt: Eine Überraschungstüte. In Japan gibt es tatsächlich eine große Lucky Bag Kultur. Vor allem zu Neujahr gibt es in vielen Online Shops und Läden sogenannte fukubukuro zu kaufen. Hier werden viele verschiedene, meist über das Jahr hinweg übrig gebliebene, Artikel zu einem Paket geschnürt und verkauft. Der Inhalt ist jedoch geheim und das macht auch den Reiz aus. Oftmals ist die Überraschung nämlich sogar mehr Wert als man bezahlt hat. In den letzten Jahren gibt es sogar immer öfter limitierte Produkte, die es nur in solchen Lucky Bags zu kaufen gibt.

What Is A Lucky Bag


Fukubukuro is a Japanese word that translates to lucky bags and it is part of the New Year tradition in Japan. They are generally released on the 2nd of January when shops reopen from the New Year holiday and can generate massive queues, excitement and a lot of FOMO when there is a bag you REALLY want to get hold of. The release of the current years bag by a favourite store is anticipated and planned for by many with the same enthusiasm as the Black Friday sales and New Year sales in the USA and Australia.

Fukubukuro covers a huge range of price points and product types but the concept is that the exact contents are a mystery and they contain significantly more value than their price so there is a surprise element but you should also feel you got a good deal.

The concept seems to have started at Matsuya Ginza in 2003 but has exploded out to all areas of retail, services and even travel since then. In Japan on the 2nd of January popular stores like the Pokemon Centre and popular fashion labels can have queues snaking around the shopping centre well before opening time and they will sell out within hours.

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Our Lucky Bags Experience

For our lucky bags, we received the Sugoi Mart Lucky Bag and Sugoi Mart Deluxe Lucky Bag.

They came, we saw, and they conquered our hearts. It was a simple, straightforward bag that contained bits and pieces of surprises. We thoroughly enjoyed the unboxing as much as the snacks that came with it.

While some snacks were a bit damaged during the transportation period , having the taste of a few of them illustrious Japanese snacks made it worth the penny.

We am not proud of it, but Johanes and I honestly fought each other on who gets which and if it was shared or not. It was a battle but we came out of it happy and hungry for more.

The inedible things were a treat for the eyes as well, we got a koopa shell plushie, a few toys, a Totoro handkerchief, a Shiba Inu tote bag, a notebook as well as a bath bomb and a Rilakkuma rice mold to make your curry a little bit more like in the anime.

Of course, the lucky bags being a random mystery box type of thing, our review doesnt ensure that our experience with the bag of goodies would be the same as yours. But we can assure you that Sugoi Mart puts effort into each and every one of the bags they send out.

From our experience, were already planning when to order our next bags and which ones to get!


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