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How To Package Pokemon Cards To Sell

What Is The Best Website For Selling Pokmon Cards

How to ship Pokemon Cards CHEAP – eBay Standard Envelope Program

There are sites dedicated to selling Pokémon cards all over, and more are coming up by the minute. It would be best if you didnt always go with the first website that pops up when you search. Dave & Adams, CCG Castle, and Heritage Auctions are all good choices. Additionally, you can use the following to sell them safely:

Option One eBay

If you want exact control over selling your cards, its hard to beat eBay. This is the clear choice for anyone trying to sell several Pokémon cards at one time or list some of the rarer cards. In addition, eBay has a vast marketplace for people to auction cards to get the most out of each listing.

However, eBay wont help you figure out which values to list your cards at, so you should first get a list from Pokémon Prices to help determine where to list it. Then, all youll have to do is input the set name or the card, and the website will give you an estimated fair price. You can also offer a flat price or auction your cards, and eBay has rigorous seller protection in place.

Pokémon Prices is a fantastic resource to help you price your collection for personal use or sell it. It can also help you stay organized and keep track of your cards and how much theyre worth. You can also track the cards historical prices and see if the pricing trends are going up or down.

Option Two Troll and Toad

Option Three Cardmarket

Option Four Card Cavern

Option Five TCGplayer

Which Pokmon Cards Are Worth Money

You might not own any trophy-edition pieces unless you were an avid tournament participant. Still, your regular Pokémon cards can make you a fair amount of money if they have specific characteristics. Some collectors have earned hundreds of dollars if not thousands on a single Pokémon card exchange.

The first step toward making your little fortune is dusting off your old Pokémon cards and picking out the right ones to sell. Here are the most valuable Pokémon cards you might actually have:


Some Pokémon cards have special value, including:

  • Holographic cards: They have reflective and shimmery backgrounds.
  • Shining Pokémon cards: They are inverse holographic cards.
  • Full-art cards: Their illustrations extend over the entire front of the card.
  • First-edition cards: They are among the first to be printed and display the edition 1 logo on the bottom left corner of the Pokémon illustration.

How To Find The Value Of Your Cards

Taking your old cards out of the closet and researching to find their current value is the most common way people are getting back into Pokémon. When trying to figure out a cards value, make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1. Find the year of the card. Check the bottom year of the card.

Step 2. Find the set the card belongs to. If there is no logo on the right side, its Base. Every other set has an indicator.

Step 3. Identify the card with the name and number in the set.

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Attractive Offers Engage Customers

Some sellers sell the Pokémon cards on eBay as a complete pack, and some sell them individually. They set the price of one card and made it available for trading. You need to check if customers are mostly looking for individual cards or if packs have been selling more.

Offer a discount on the first purchase and give loyalty deals to your regular customers. Deals will help you get more customers, which maximizes your profit margins.

Ultra Premium Collection and Marnia Deck Box Storage

MicrosoftPokemo – Personal Card Storage

How To Tell The Rarity Of A Card

Pokemon Cards

If you can recall how you got your cards, that will help you determine how rare they are. Each collection has a different chance of having a rare card, so knowing how you got your cards will help you know if youre holding a rare one.

Normally, more expensive collections of cards, like those housed in boxes and tins, have higher chances of having rare cards.

Those that have a circle or diamond wont be worth much right now but could be worth a lot someday when theyre rare.

Cards with a star or a holofoil picture, a star followed by a letter or symbol, or secret cards .

Promotional cards are ones that are only given out during promotional events, which are marked with the word Promo and a black star. They vary in value some are common while others are incredibly rare.

First edition cards are rare and valuable, and the exact price depends on the collection they belong to.

Once youve assessed the condition and rarity of the cards, document these in your spreadsheet as well so you can see everything at a glance.

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How To Sell Pokemon Cards Tips For Sellers

It doesnt matter if youre wondering how to sell Pokemon cards online or want to sell Pokemon cards near you there are several selling tips to help make your life easier.

A lot of this has to do with simplifying organization, which helps you sell faster and also ensure you get fair prices for your cards.

Some tips for how to sell Pokemon cards more effectively include:

  • Trim The Collection: Start by separating cards that clearly have a lot of damage and wear out of your collection since its highly unlikely you can sell these cards anywhere.
  • Sort Cards By Set: Any website or local pawn shop that wants to buy Pokemon cards from you needs to know what set your cards are in. This is because some sets, like first edition cards, are the most valuable since they are the oldest cards in circulation and arent being printed anymore.
  • Sort Cards By Rarity: Once you group cards by set/edition, sort them into different piles based on rarity. This means organizing cards into holographic, reverse holographic, rare, uncommon, and common piles.
  • Record Your Prices: Once you have a PSA grade for the cards you want to sell, double-check card prices with websites like Pokemon Price. You should record each card and the corresponding price in a spreadsheet that youll use when selling online or in-store.
  • Thats a nutshell guide on how to sell Pokemon cards for cash.

    Hopefully, our list of the best places to sell Pokemon cards help you make some extra cash with your old collection of cards!

    The Future Of Pokmon Cards

    Given this is vintage, the original high graded cards, sealed boxes and packs are scarce. The probability for further profits is strong. Due to demand, desire and drive, the Pokémon Game appears to be safe. Over $10 Billion in card sales since 1996 is staggering.

    Long term investing paid off in a short term for collectors in 2020. Prices have come back down a bit since, due to population growth and declining recent exposure from celebrities and influencers. Its a winning proposition due to Pokémon culture being bigger than any competing market. Pokemon is the #1 ranked media franchise on the planet, slightly besting Hello Kitty. They flat out win. Television, video games, cards, it’s still going strong. The children collecting today know all about the original cards and they covet them. Can you name the top 10 sports cards to own pre-1980? The children collecting today can name the top Pokémon Cards from 1999.

    Even though prices have fluctuated a bit, if you zoom out and look at the growth over the last five years, it has been astronomical. The main concern moving forward is liquidity drying up, but that has also impacted the entire card market, crypto, the stock market, the NFT market, and more.

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    How To Get Your Tcg Pokmon Cards Graded

    In order for a Pokémon card to be worth a lot of money, the TCG collectible needs to first be scored by a grading company. A card’s value can literally jump up by thousands of dollars depending on its grade. Because it costs money to send Pokémon cards in for grading, players should first determine whether the card is actually worth submitting. The easiest way to do this is to examine the card under a good source of light. The TCG collectible may not be worth submitting if it has scratches on the holographic, whitening on its corners, or the artwork is off-centered.

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    Players can use graded Pokémon card databases such as Pokémon Price and Price Charting to get an idea of what the TCG collectible has been selling for graded in past auctions. Fans looking to buy graded TCG collectibles can also take advantage of eBay’s Pokémon cards Authenticated service, which confirms the authenticity of both the Pokémon card and its grading slab. Below are the steps on how to get your Pokémon cards graded.

    • Go to a card grading company such as PSA, Beckett, or CGC and look at the service’s pricing.
    • After choosing a grading company, the website will then give players instructions on how to ship cards to them.
    • Once cards are shipped off, there could be a long wait time due to increased demand in grading.
    • Eventually, the graded Pokémon cards will be sent back with a score.

    Better In Single Card Sleeves

    How To Package Pokemon Card Singles – Ebay and TCG Player

    Pokémon cards are printed on cardstock with a shiny surface, and therefore very susceptible to damage from bending, water, and scratches.

    If youre trying to figure out how to sell Pokémon cards for high margins, you must purchase card sleeves to hold them.

    You can purchase a 100 pack of card sleeves for less than ten dollars, and theyll protect what youre selling and make it look more professional.

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    How To Ship Pokemon Booster Packs

    Shipping a Pokemon Booster Pack is kind of similar to shipping Pokemon Cards.

    What with booster pack tampering being a hot topic in the Pokemon Trading Card Game community at the moment, its wise to actively try and avoid any physical damage occurring to the booster pack to prevent suspicions being raised .

    To safely and securely ship a Pokemon Booster Pack, place it on a semi-rigid protector, and then place enter it into a protective bag to hold the protector and the Pokemon Booster Pack in place.

    The image below displays this method. In more detail, simply place the Pokemon Booster Pack against the rigid card protector and then place them both in the protective bag.

    If you want to purchase the rigid card protector and protective bags I am using in the image above, follow the links below:

    Variables That Can Affect A Cards Value

    1. The Grading Company

    PSA is the king of Pokémon card grading with BGS a close 2nd. Both companies command top $ for their graded cards and have proven that grades do matter in the Pokémon realm, with a BGS 9.5 1st Edition Charizard selling for nearly $73,000.00 in July of 2021.

    2. Supply of the card

    Pokémon cards have low populations compared to sports cards. The number of graded cards can be the biggest indicator of value, but some cards, such as Pikachu or Charizard, have insane demand regardless of populations. Supply is outmatched by current demand, and after two decades since these cards were produced, that wont change. Check the PSA 1999 Pokémon Game Population report to get more info on how limited the Base set cards are.

    3. Buying Raw vs. Graded

    Thanks to modern technology, getting clear photos of cards is easier than ever. That said, until you hold a card, you dont know how clean it really is. Graded cards are the safest indicator that youre getting what you want. When buying graded cards, think of the price paid for the grading and that there is no wait time besides shipping. There is much less risk buying graded cards, but raw can be the best bet to make profits faster. You never know what you can find in a binder someone is selling, but be careful and do your best to inspect those cards.

    4. Surface, corners, edges, creases & centering

    5. Your negotiation tactics

    6. Nostalgic elements

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    Use Two Pieces Of Cardboard For Added Protection

    Find some firm cardboard , and cut two pieces of cardboard measuring roughly 5 inches in height and 4 inches in width.

    Simply then lay the Pokemon card, which is already in a penny sleeve and rigid card protector, on one piece of the cardboard youve cut out .

    Then put the other piece of cardboard over the top, to make what I like to call a cardboard sandwich. All that is left for this step, is to make sure the Pokemon card doesnt slide out so just wrap some tape around each side .

    Not only does using the cardboard sandwich provide that ultra-layer of protection against bending, but it also could deter potential postal thieves especially if they cant see what is in the package or padded envelope, aside from cardboard.

    Top tip: if youre doing this for a lot of Pokemon cards, make sure to write what Pokemon card is within the cardboard sandwich might save confusion and time.

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    Costco Has An Exclusive Charizard Holofoil Pokemon Trading Card

    Pokemon Cards

    Costco is getting its very own exclusive Charizard Pokemon card to sell to customers. PokeBeach reports that Costco stores in Canada are now selling a Pokemon Trading Card package containing five Kanto Power Mini Tins along with four promo cards. Interestingly, one of these promo cards is a Charizard card from the Sun & Moon Team Up expansion with a new cosmos holofoil treatment. Other promo cards in the set include a Pikachu from Shining Legends, a Mewtwo from Unbroken Bonds, and a Dragonite from Unified Minds. The package costs $48.99 in Canadian dollars, or about $40 in US dollars. So far, the package has only appeared in Canadian Costco stores.

    Charizard cards tend to be hot commodities on the secondary market, and it wouldnt surprise us if this card quickly started appearing on eBay selling for $40 or more. A previous promo version of the same card, released as part of the pre-release for Team Up, is currently selling for about $45 on card seller stores. Given that the other Charizard promo card didnt require a Costco membership to obtain, and its possible that this could become a bit of a collectors item. The Pokemon Company also announced that it was re-printing the Base Set Charizard card as part of its upcoming 25th Anniversary set, which will be released in October in the US. Numerous other popular cards will also be reprinted, along with new cards using old mechanics from past sets.

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    Examples Of Valuable Pokemon Cards

    The table below includes the values of some of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world, i.e. ones that were acquired as prizes for winning competitions in the late 90s and early 2000s.

    These types of cards were never available to the general public, and they make headlines every so often by selling for six figures at auction. The table also includes some cards that were available publicly as part of the original base set prints. According to Pratte, these are the most commonly sold cards among hobbyists. And if you do have a rare card in your collection, its likely to be of this type. Note how the condition drastically changes the value.

    Whats The Best Way To Organize My Pokmon Cards To Sell Them

    Before you sell your cards, you want to organize them to make them easy for people to quickly look through before they make a purchase. To do this, youll:

    1. Sort the Cards by Sets

    Anyone who will spend a decent amount of money on these cards will want detailed information on whatever card they want to buy from you. This information includes which set a particular card came from.

    The small symbol youll find in the cards bottom right corner under the image on your older cards is what identifies which set your card came from. Pokémon cards from sets like HeartGold & SoulSilver Series can be worth more than others, so knowing this knowledge is very important.

    2. Sort By Circles, Diamonds, And Stars

    Once you sort your cards by set, youll take steps to figure out which cards are more valuable. It is possible to look up every single card, but its better to form a base to start. Circles are common cards, diamonds are uncommon cards, and stars are rare cards. You most likely wont make any money with circle or diamond cards.

    If you own a Japanese card with white symbols instead of the traditional black ones, this is an ultra-rare card. If the card has three stars, this is an ultra-rare Pokémon card. Try to put them in a soft sleeve at the very least to protect them.

    Here are the top rated soft sleeves on

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    Why Leave A Pack Sealed

    Many sellers refuse to open a pack before they sell them. Its a Schrodingers Cat situation where if the package is closed, it can gain value exponentially, but if you open it, you might be throwing all of that away.

    Many sellers elect to keep the pack closed and sell it as one unit as a mystery item. These rise and fall in popularity, but if you time it right, you could make a significant profit off of a small investment.

    How Much Are Pokemon Booster Boxes Wholesale

    How to Package and Mail Pokemon Cards – Tips & Tricks I’ve Learned

    Surprisingly, Pokemon booster boxes are not that discounted when you buy them wholesale. The average price that you can expect to pay will be $80 to $85. Of course, the retail price of the box will be around the $120 mark.

    This means that if you buy Pokemon booster boxes in wholesale, you will need to be selling quite a few of them to make any sort of profit.

    That being said, the Pokemon Company can offer discounted prices if you are a physical outlet. However, they dont really talk about what these discounted prices are .

    Did you know Pokemon booster boxes usually sell for more than the suggested retail? This is mostly caused by supply and demand. and you may be surprised at just how lucrative it is to hold onto booster boxes and sell them at a later date.

    These discounts will be limited, so they will not be a long-term thing. In order to gain these discounts, you have to meet the requirements laid out on this page.

    Basically, if you are a physical outlet and you run regular Pokemon tournaments , then you can get discounts on Pokemon card products. This will mostly be pre-release packs, but can also include prizes.

    The price that you pay, and the amount of stock you can get your hands on, will be dependent on how many people attend your events.

    These discounts will likely not be available through the distributor that you normally use. You will also not be able to enjoy these discounts if you are an online-only store.

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