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Can You Breed Pokemon In Let’s Go

There Are Two Areas You Might Find A Ditto

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! Pokemon Daycare and The Underground Path!

One of the more elusive Pokémon in Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! is Ditto. It tends to be pretty rare, but there are a couple of places in the games where you can find some.

The best place to look for Ditto is in the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. Ditto only has a 1% spawn rate in most of the Mansion, but it has a 10% spawn rate in the basement area, where you find the Secret Key that unlocks Cinnabars Gym. 10% is still pretty low though, so it might be a good idea to use a Lure, Super Lure, or Max Lure to help bring out some of the areas rarer Pokémon. With enough determination, you should be able to eventually find a Ditto.

The other area you can find Ditto in the games is in the post-game area, Cerulean Cave. Ditto can be found in any part of this cave, but only has a 5% spawn rate, so youll probably have more luck at the Pokémon Mansion. The Ditto that youll find in Cerulean Cave tend to be on much higher levels, however, so if youre more concerned with finding a stronger Ditto, you might want to consider checking Cerulean Cave.


What Does ‘shiny Lock’ Mean

Shiny locking is a new feature that was originally added to Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu, and Let’s Go, Eevee, and has been carried over into Pokémon Sword and Shield. This means that it is impossible to find the starter Pokémon along with the two legendary Pokémon in shiny forms out in the wild. Additionally, any Pokémon given as gifts cannot be shiny either, so the Charmander that you will eventually receive during your playthrough won’t be shiny either.

Can You Trade And Battle Online

Yes! PR confirmed with GameSpot that the Let’s Go games will have both local wireless and Wi-Fi online features. “However, the feature set will be somewhat simplified in comparison to previous games in that there is no GTS, Wonder Trade, or Battle Spot for example. Further details will be revealed at a later date.” A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for Internet-enabled features, but not local wireless.

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Pokmon Let’s Go: Route 5 And The Day Care Center

Route 5 is a relatively simple one, running from north to south from the southern edge of Cerulean City.

The bottom gate should take you to Saffron City – but for now that path is blocked, with there being some kind of commotion at Saffron City that’s causing the guards in all of the entrance gates to stop people from passing through. Although it sounds like they may be distracted by some nice refreshing Tea… .

Still, there’s a way around. The route itself is made up of a central area with several ledges with patches of grass between them, and open paths on either side. It makes for a kind of one-way area down that middle section, but it’s worth hanging around there for the rare Pokémon like Abra that can be found – note that Abra will teleport away if it sees you coming, so you need to approach it from behind if you want to catch one!

:: Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough and guide

At the bottom end of the route is the Day Care Center, a building where you can leave a single Pokémon to be looked after for a fee. There’s no breeding mechanic in Let’s, Go, so you can just leave a Pokémon here to have it be levelled up for you as you walk around the world – and it costs $100 for each level that’s been gained.

The Day Care Center is also the place you’ll find Mr Hyper, but he’s not of any use to you until much later in the game…

Available Pokémon

How Does Training Pokemon Work

Strange PC Games Review: can you breed in pokemon lets go

We’re still not exactly sure what training Pokemon will look like in Let’s Go. We do know that Pokemon gain experience when you catch another Pokemon and that you can use Experience Share to grant experience points to your entire team. It was revealed during E3 that you can also use Candies to strengthen your Pokemon later in the game, you will be able to send Pokemon to Professor Oak in exchange for these Candies. This sounds similar to Pokemon Go.

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How Does Flaaffy Learn Moves In Pokemon Heartgold

Flaaffy can only learn these moves in previous generations. It must be taught the moves in the appropriate game and then transferred to Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver. Cat.

Im pretty sure you can find Ditto in four places: Routes 35 and 47, Cerulean Cave, and the Safari Zone. Youre browsing GameFAQs Q& A as a guest. Sign Up for free to be able to ask and answer questions.

How To Get The Pokemon Sword And Shield Shiny Charm

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Shiny Charm is a simple concept once you have it in your bag, the chance of each encounter being a shiny Pokemon is increased. Question is, how do you get the Shiny Charm? Youre going to want it before you even start shiny hunting, and its not easy.

To get the Shiny Charm, your first goal is to complete the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex. Yep, you need to catch every single one of the 400 Pokemon in the game. Youll need to do some trading to make it happen thanks to the various Pokemon Sword and Shield differences, but it needs to happen before you can get your hands on the Shiny Charm.

Once your Galar Pokedex is at 400/400, head to Circhester. Enter the west door of Hotel Ionia, go up the elevator, then enter the room on the far left. You shouldve spoken to the Director once before now in order to get the Catching Charm, but now youve completed the Pokedex, hell reward you with the Shiny Charm. Result.

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Is There Anything Else You Can Do With Your Pokmon

Youll be able to bond with your Pikachu or Eevee by playing, feeding, and petting them in the style of Pokémon Refresh from Sun and Moon and Pokémon Amie from X and Y. Youll also be able to dress up your partner Pokémon in various outfits and even change its hairstyle.

Update : Unlike with previous games, youll be able to change wild Pokémons natures by visiting a fortune teller NPC. The natures raise and lower stats and are a crucial part of competitive battling.

Update :Dressing your trainer and your partner Pokémon requires navigating to the Clothing Trunk inside of your bag. From there, you can select outfits and accessories. You start off with a Sporty Outfit set for both you and your partner and as you travel through Kanto, youll encounter NPCs who will bequeath you some new threads.

Changing your partners hair requires playing in handheld mode. Youll have to enter the Play menu and stroke the screen in various movements with varying amounts of fingers in order to get the desired hairstyle.

Update : You can select a Pokémon to walk around with you in addition to your partner Pikachu or Eevee. And if that selected Pokémon is big enough, you can even ride on it.

Fight The Same Pokemon To Improve Odds For Hunting In The Wild

How to get EASY SHINY POKEMON in Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee – EASY Shiny Hunting Guide

The game will track the total number of Pokemon of a certain species caught or defeated by the player. As this number increases, the chances of the player encountering a Shiny version of that Pokemon will increase accordingly. However, running away from a battle with that Pokemon will prevent the number from increasing.

Number caught/defeated in a row Shiny encounter rate change
6x 1/683

For example, if a player catches or defeats Eevee 500 times any time during their playthrough, their chances of encountering a Shiny Eevee will be multiplied by 6, for a total odds of 1/683, or equivalent to that of the Masuda Method. Unlike some previous games which featured a Chaining mechanic to improve the rate of encountering Shinies, this method references the total number of battles with that Pokemon.

As this method relies on catching Pokemon in the wild, it can be said to be more effective for hunting for Square Ultra Shinies.

Check your number of encounters from the Pokedex

On the Pokedex screen from the menu, you can check the number of times youve encountered every Pokemon in the Number Battled field. This number is the same one used by the game to calculate the Shiny rate, so its a useful reference for hunting.

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Explore The Power Plant

Go into the Power Plant. In here, you can catch Voltorb, Magnemite, and others.

Go north from the entrance and look to the right to find a Max Revive.

To the north, you can battle Coach Trainer Mable, who has a level 44 Omastar,a level 45 Aerodactyl, and a level 44 Kabutops. You get 4500 Pokédollars forwinning. After the battle, you get 5 Rare Candies.

Go east from here, then southeast, then east. There are two paths goingeast. Use the upper of these two paths. Go east and check on the last redbarrel in the southern row of barrels to find a hidden Voltorb Candy.

Keep going east and check on the last red barrel in the northern row ofbarrels to find a hidden Voltorb Candy.

Go east, then north, to find a Max Potion.

Go west along the northern path, and check the first red barrel to find ahidden Voltorb Candy.

Go west. The item that looks like a Poké Ball is actually an Electrode.Check on it if you want to try to catch it .

Go west and check on the last red barrel to find a hidden Voltorb Candy.

Then go east, then south, then west to leave this area, then go south whenyou can. Go east to find an X Sp. Def.

Go southeast from there, then go southwest. In this room, go east to finda Rare Candy.

Then go west, then north. Then go east, then south when you can, to find TM38 Thunder.

You can go to the east side of this room to find another Electrode that you can try to defeat and catch.

Go south from that Electrode, then check the blue chair on the right to finda Pretty Wing.

Repeat Steps Until Desired Stats Obtained

After hatching the new Level 1 Pokemon, check its Nature and check its IVs. If the Pokemon has the desired Nature, your breeding has in part been a success.

Replace parents with offspring that has higher IVs

Check the IVs of the newly hatched Pokemon to see if they have better IVs. If they are better than that of the parent’s, replace the parent with the newly hatched Pokemon, so that you can continue to get better offspring. You’re free to do this until you produce the Pokemon you want with better IVs across the board.

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Giving Egg Moves To The Other Parent

Starting in Generation VIII, there’s a new way to obtain egg moves on a Pokemon. If two Pokemon of the same species are placed in the Nursery, and one of them knows an egg move for that species, it can transfer it to the other Pokemon, so long as the second Pokemon has an open move slot. This can be done even with Pokemon of the same gender.

This can be very useful when trying to build a Pokemon with certain stats, a certain ability, and more.

Let’s say you have a shiny Inteleon that you want to use in the competitive scene, but you want it to know Haze. In our example earlier, we bred an Inteleon with Haze. Delete one of the shiny Inteleon’s moves so that it has an empty slot. Then, simply place the Haze-knowing Inteleon and the shiny Inteleon in the Nursery together, and the move can be transferred.

If the Inteleon that knows Haze knows other egg moves, they are transferred in the order they appear in the Pokemon’s moveset. So, if you just want Haze moved over to the shiny Inteleon, be sure to swap it into a higher spot on the move list.

With the Isle of Armor expansion, you can feed Max Soup to a Pokemon whose species is capable of Gigantamax to unlock that particular ‘mon’s Gigantamax Factor. However, without this method , this is the only way to get egg moves on a G-Max-capable Pokemon, since Pokemon cannot be bred with the Factor.

Whats New About Pokmon: Lets Go

Strange PC Games Review: can you breed in pokemon lets go

The biggest difference between the original games and Pokémon: Lets Go! is the catching system. Unlike the usual turn-based battle mechanics from the older games, Lets Go! has a catch system reminiscent of Pokémon Go, where the player will use the Joy-Con controller to throw the Poké Ball.

Additionally, wild Pokémon appear visibly, instead of surprising the player in the tall grass.

Regular fights between NPCs and other players, however, will have the same turn-based battle system of the regular games. There will be a variety of difficulty in the trainer battles, according to director Junichi Masuda.

There will also be a two-player co-op that will allow another player to join and assist in the Pokémon adventure by simply picking up the second Joy-Con controller. You can battle wild Pokémon, trainers, and take on gyms in co-op mode.

Second players can join as Support Trainers by waving a second controller at any time even after a wild Pokémon encounter. Throwing the Poké Balls in sync at a wild Pokémon will increase the likelihood of catching it and increase the Exp. points earned.

Side events, where you can help people and Pokémon, will be present. A gameplay demo at the Nintendo Treehouse at E3 showed the player character watching an NPCs Slowpoke in order to receive an item.

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How To Breed Shiny Pokemon

The rates when breeding a Shiny Pokemon are the same as when trying to catch a Pokemon but there is an additional method: Breeding with Pokemon from two different language games.


Using two Pokemon from different language games increases your Shiny Pokemon odds from 1/4,096 to 1/682. If you have the Shiny Charm, this increases even further to 1/512. Read How to Get the Shiny Charm for more information.

How To Breed Shiny Pokmon

Breeding a Shiny is a little bit different. A lot of people will use the Masuda Method, which was named after Game Freaks Junichi Masuda. Masuda was the director who added the feature to the game. This method requires getting a parent Pokémon from a player who plays the game in another language and breed it. When using Pokemon from two different language games, a Shiny Pokémon is six times more likely to hatch from the eggs. However, there is still some debate as to what effects this Shiny rate. Some players feel its not necessarily language, but rather region that is the determining factor. However, the Masuda Method definitely increases the chances of hatching a shiny.

The easiest way to hatch a Shiny Pokémon is to get your hands on a foreign Ditto. Catch a Ditto from your region and find someone in another country with a Ditto theyre willing to trade. This way, every Pokémon you breed from here on our will have the Masuda Methods chances behind it.

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Ev Training With Jobs:

When you get to Hammerlocke you unlock new Poké Jobs that let you send your Pokémon to gain EVs, the amount of EVs depends on how long you send them out.

  • A little while: 1 hour = 4 EVs

  • Very short: 2 hours = 8 EVs

  • Short: 3 hours = 12 EVs

  • Long: 4 hours = 16 EVs

  • Very long: 8 hours = 32 EVs

  • Half-day: 12 hours = 48 EVs

  • Whole day: 24 hours = 96 EVs

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How Egg Groups Work

HOW TO TRADE in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

Breeding in Pokemon, and probably in Pokémon GO also, is done through egg groups and is not limited to the same species, as shown by the Alola Egg groups image.

There are two things that get passed down with trading:

  • Moves
  • IV values
  • In other words, a 100% Gyarados may actually become a very valuable breeding tool, as the Magikarp family belongs to two egg groups: Dragon egg group and the Water 2 egg group.

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    Inheriting Stats And Natures

    Hatched Pokémon inherit some of their parents IVs , the values determining how quickly a Pokémons stats grow. IVs range from 0 to 31 , and youll want to make sure the stats your Pokémon inherits are as high as possible. IVs are also hidden until you reach the post-game Battle Tower and unlock the Judge function, so its best to make sure youve got this far in the game before you try a breeding project.

    Generally speaking, a Pokémon inherits three IVs from its parents two IVs from one parent and one IV from the other. The specific stats inherited and the number inherited from each parent are randomized, but certain items can make the inheritance process a little less unpredictable. You can also use items to pass down the Nature of one of the parents otherwise, the hatched Pokémon will have a completely random nature. Controlling the Pokémons Nature is essential if youre trying to raise a competitively viable Pokémon as a Pokémon’s Nature affects how quickly it grows in particular stats, you’ll want a Nature that boosts the stats you’ll be relying on the most. You’ll particularly need to watch out for Natures when breeding a Toxel, as this will determine which form of Toxtricity you’ll end up with!

    Heres a list of items you can use to influence how your Pokémon inherit their stats and Natures:


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