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How To Spot Fake Pokemon Games Ds

The Circuit Board And Pins

How to Spot a Fake Pokemon Nintendo DS Game Cartridge!

Super Mario 64 DS , Pokémon Platinum

Have a look at the game’s circuit board. At the topmost part of the visible area of the board, you can see some white numbers and letters that can vary from game to game. Notice how the left game in this picture shows numbers, but the right one doesn’t. The contact pins of genuine games are a golden color as well, while reproduction cartridges’ contact pins are often made of a cheaper tin, which can wear out more quickly. Given that the contact pins are what allows your system to read the game, you always want to have the best quality to ensure longevity.

How Do You Tell If You Have A Fake Ds Game

Two things you can quickly check without having a Nintendo DSi handy is the quality of the cartridges construction. First, with any Nintendo DS cartridge youll notice a seam down the middle of the side. If you tug on this with a fingernail, the cartridge should not separate at all. If it does, youve got a bootleg.

How To Spot Fake/counterfeit Pokemon Games

There are many Counterfeit Pokemon games and I want to teach you how to watch out for them so that you dont get ripped off.

Not only are the counterfeit games illegal, but they are also missing key features. The counterfeit Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold games on the bottom are grey and do not have the Infrared sensor and without it there is no way to connect the Pokewalker to the game, taking out one of the best parts of the game. The authentic ones pictured above are translucent black and includes the infrared sensor. The text font is also incorrect on counterfeit games.

The most obvious flaw in the counterfeit Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games pictured on the bottom appear darker than the authentic ones. Pearl is pretty distinct missing almost all of the red hue that the real one above has.

Counterfeit Pokemon Platinum games have a red Nintendo symbol instead of the authentic Pokemon Platinum games having a black Nintendo Symbol.

The back of Counterfeit Cartridges also look a bit different. The spacing is off and the text is bigger.

Be sure if you are purchasing a Brand New, Factory Sealed Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS that it has the Y fold like the Pokemon White Version 2 game pictured below:Pokemon games on the Nintendo DS that do not have the Y fold seal are either counterfeit or have been resealed

Here is a picture of the most popular Authentic Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS:

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The Esrb Rating And Nintendo Seal Of Quality

Pokémon HeartGold US version , Pokémon HeartGold EU version

If you’re purchasing Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS, you should know that you aren’t limited to games from your region. Nintendo DS games from Europe and Australia will work on systems from the North America and Japan regions. However, the language cannot be changed in most games, so make sure you can speak the language of whatever game you’ve bought.

If you’re purchasing an out-of-region game, you may notice that the stickers look different. Pictured here are my NTSC-U copy of Pokémon HeartGold alongside my fairly new PAL copy of HeartGold. Both games are genuine, but they both sport very different-looking stickers.

Here’s what you can look for in North American and European/Australian games:

NTSC-U games
ESRB rating in the bottom left-hand cornerCE marking in the bottom right-hand corner
Oval-shaped “Official Nintendo Seal” in the bottom right-hand cornerRound “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality” in the bottom left-hand corner
“The Pokémon Company” placed above the official Nintendo logo“The Pokémon Company” placed below the official Nintendo logo

The differences are subtle, but there nonetheless. In addition, games have a different three-digit code in the bottom right-hand corner of the sticker. North American games display “USA”, European and Australian games show “EUR”, and Japanese games feature “JPN”. If you see a game with a North American code that doesn’t have an ESRB rating, the game is fake.

Game Boy Advance Games

Learn How to Spot Fake Pokemon Game Boy Advance Games ...

The Game Boy Advance is also quite ripe with counterfeit cartridges, and some are getting pretty hard to tell the difference. Every GBA cartridge features the games unique logo, maybe a picture of a character. then the standard Nintendo logo, their Seal of Quality, the appropriate rating symbol, and a product number. So if you find a GBA game missing one of these features, its likely fake. This Power Rangers Wild Force is missing the Nintendo logo and product number, then we have this copy of Super Monkey Ball Jr.... This copy of may look a bit off to our US readers as the Nintendo Seal of Quality reads “Original” not “Official, but that was actually the way Nintendo utilized the seal in PAL territories. However, the region code is still incorrect and should end with EUR instead of NEU6.

Images: Nintendo Life

Each and every authentic GBA game also has a number stamped into its label, which can be hard to spot at a glance, but if you catch the cartridge in the right light itll appear nicely. Take these copies of Pokémon FireRed. The real version actually has two sets of characters stamped on the right side, where the fake doesnt have an. And aside from that, this is a pretty convincing fake. The label doesnt shine as well as the real deal, the placement of the swirls in the background arent the same and its pretty worn out up top, but to the naked eye, its disgustingly close.

Image: Nintendo LifeImages: Nintendo LifeImage: Nintendo LifeImages: Nintendo Life

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Quick And Easy Ways To Spot A Bootleg Nintendo Ds Game

by Richard Cook – February 13, 2011, 8:31 pm EST Total comments: 11

Don’t be fooled by counterfeit imitations when completing your game library.

Bootleg games are illegal copies of legitimate games. There are four quick and easy ways to spot if a Nintendo DS cartridge is a bootleg. If suspicious, check multiple items not all bootlegs will have the same flaws.

#1 Cartridge won’t boot in a Nintendo DSi unit:

As the newest version of the DS system on the market, the Nintendo DSi includes a newer version of the operating system from the manufacturer that does a better job at detecting bootleg software and rejecting it with an error message. After launching the game, you’ll see the message below displayed on the bottom screen.

Non-booting DS screen

Power down the system, remove the cartridge and re-insert it. Power the system back on and try to launch the game. If you receive this error again, it’s very likely you have a bootleg game.

#2 Cartridge Construction is of low quality:

Two things you can quickly check without having a Nintendo DSi handy is the quality of the cartridge’s construction. First, with any Nintendo DS cartridge you’ll notice a seam down the middle of the side. If you tug on this with a fingernail, the cartridge should not separate at all. If it does, you’ve got a bootleg.

Back of cartridge

#3 – Matching the Serial Numbers:

Serial numbers

#4 The Case of the Odd Case:

European vs. US case

How To Spot Fake Nintendo Video Games

Bootleg video games have been plaguing the industry for a while, but as time goes on it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between an official cartridge released by Nintendo and a fake. Take these copies of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen on Game Boy Advance. To the naked eye, they look strikingly authentic, but only one of them is the real deal.

Image: Nintendo Life

For those of you unaware, bootleg video games are knock offs, counterfeit versions of the real thing. They usually play about as well as the original, but sometimes youll encounter bugs, translation errors and compatibility issues. Plus, when it comes to collecting, its like having a fake first edition Charizard card in your Pokémon TCG collection. Its just not the same.

While bootleg cartridges have been infiltrating the market for a while now, theyre starting to become more prominent with the help of online storefronts and the fact retro games are becoming harder to find and are more expensive than ever. Some sellers online are even trying to pass them off as the real deal as well, and many consumers are falling victim to them. So if youre going to shell out some cold hard cash for your favorite classics, youll want to make sure theyre legit.

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You Can Judge A Game By Its Label

Labels are hard to fake. I mean, yes, anybody can print out a sticky piece of paper that says EarthBound on it and affix it to a copy of Madden 93. Labels are hard to fake well, and theyre basically impossible to fake perfectly.

The printing on official labels of classic games should be of very high quality, as they were produced on expensive offset printing machines. Examine a Super Nintendo label and youll find that the illustrations are crisp and clear, and even the tiniest text is sharp and readable. On a fake label, youre going to see blurrier photos and text.

Labels should be precisely machine-cut, usually with nice rounded edges that were stamped out. If it looks like somebody cut it with scissors, thats a bad sign.

Close-up details of a hand-made, unauthentic Super NES game label and an official one . Note that the fake label has a blurry Nintendo Seal of Quality, blurry text thats cut off one side of the label, and an incorrect font. Its also not properly cut or centered on the cartridge itself.

Now, what if a run of fakes is professionally printed in a factory? A few years ago, fake labels were most often printed on some scammers inkjet printer. Today, there seem to be factories printing out professionally-made fakes by the thousands, if not millions. In these cases, since the quality of the labels might be hard to discern, you probably want to start looking at the design of the label.

Nintendo & Nintendo 64

How to spot FAKE Pokemon DS Games – Pokemon Fakes Part 3

Over the years NES and more recently N64 games have also fallen victim to bootleggers. Now unfortunately we dont have our hands on an example to show off, but if we take a simple browse through sites like eBay, theyre easy to find. Sellers often label them as “Brand New” and sometimes will note that their copies are reproduction carts, but not all sellers are created equally.

If you encounter one in person that youre worried about, you can always open up the board with the same style tool used for SNES carts to check the board’s authenticity.

Image: Nintendo Life

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First Learn All About The Real Thing

A fake will always have tells that should clue you in to its fakeness, but many of those will be discrepancies between the fake and the original. You dont necessarily need to learn what a fake game looks like. You only need to learn everything about what a real game looks like. Then, if you spot a fake, youll know it, because it wont look like what you know to be real.

The next time you go to a game store, a flea market sellers booth, or a game convention, really look at everything. Understand the feel of the plastic shell on a Super Nintendo game or the thickness of the card stock on an NES games box. If theres a particular game youre after, try to find it at the show. What artwork is on the label? Is there an ESRB rating? Where on the label is it? What does the copyright line say, and where is it? Where are the company logos?

On any given fake, many of these things might be wrong. Take any opportunity you can to check out the real thing. That accumulated knowledge will arm you when a fake strolls into your life.

Are There Any Fake Games For The Nintendo Ds

Fake Game Boy and Nintendo DS games do exist, however, fake Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch games currently do not exist. The Nintendo DS made its debut in 2004 with sales of over 100 million units, and during the time since its release, gamers have worked tirelessly to expose fake games and inform each other.

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The Visible Exposed Pcb


I dont know the format, but from looking at my various games, it seems to be XX X-X XXX-XX where each character is within each rib, including the spaces.The first XX after isnt always two characters, sometimes only one. Other than that I have no idea what the characters represent and could just be manufacturing batch information.

The color of the PCB should be Green, with no visible test pads, traces or anything other than the contact pads that the Nintendo DS system will read. I cant give an accurate color value as it all really comes down to lighting conditions as well as scanner differences, but generally speaking its a somewhat darker green, fairly basic green, you could take a look at the various real images Ive used throughout this document as a rough estimate.

The blank bits under the contacts , the color of that area is a very dark yellow or very dark swamp-green color.

Can A Fake Pokemon Platinum Cartridge Work On A 3ds

How to Spot Fake Pokemon Games!

I actually ended up with 2 fake Pokemon Platinum from ebay, one actually worked on the 3DS and the other didnt, but did work on the DS. I am not 100% on the technical details since I no longer have the carts and cant check the ROMs on them, but I am guessing it works on the same level as flashcarts. New3DSPlayer likes this.

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Is Your Nintendo Ds Cartridge Counterfeit

A comprehensive guide on checking or verifying if a Nintendo DS cartridge is real/legit or counterfeit/fake.I made this specifically due to the fragmented and often old and outdated information, since this is on hosted on GitHub, other kind people can always create a new issue topic, or discuss tips and tricks, or even help me spare time with creating a pull request with changes, allowing this document to stay up to date. Make sure you always share the page link , and not a download or export of this information.

I recommend verifying the information in the order shown for swiftness, the more down the list you go the harder or more time consuming stuff gets to verify.

Below I explain the expected look, format, positioning, or values of a real cartridge. If any single thing doesnt match up as expected, unless specified, its a fake.

How To Spot Fake Classic Video Games

Fake classic games are everywhere: At the flea market, in your local game store, on eBay, and maybe even mixed in with your own collection. The bootleggers who make them are churning them out, meaning that the market will only become more saturated with them as the years go by. If youre going to collect games, youll need to learn how to watch for counterfeits.

Bootleg video games are nearly as old as video games themselves. There were knockoff Atari cartridges, ersatz 100-in-1 NES games, and enough PlayStation CD-Rs to reach the moon and back during their time. But those bootlegs were easily identifiable by their shoddy quality. More to the point, most people buying them knew they were fake. They just wanted to play the games.

Todays counterfeit games, by and large, are meant to fool you into thinking youre buying the real thing. And while many are aimed at those who just want to play games, theyre also trying to fool collectors, too. That means that todays bootlegs are much more sophisticated in their attempts at chicanery. If youre going to be spending significant money on old games, heres what you need to know.

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Fake Pokmon Games: The Back Of The Cartridge

Pokémon Pearl , Pokémon Platinum , Pokémon HeartGold

Any seller worth their salt will post pictures of the cartridge from all sides, with bonus points if they prove that the pictures posted really belong to them usually by including a piece of paper with their username. If you look closely enough, the back of the cartridge can give you a lot of information.

Spotting Fake Ds/3ds Pokemon Games

How to Spot a Fake Pokemon Platinum Nintendo DS Game Cartridge!

Well, you guys voted and Ds/3Ds won. I’m still doing the Gba/Gb one as there are many more fakes of those, but for now here is how to spot fake games 🙂

Well this is awkward…. it’s seems that fake pokemon 3ds games don’t really exist yet.

The only thing I would do is put the game in your 3ds to make sure someone didn’t just switch the stickers with a random cheap game.


This is a real pokemon soul silver

It and other games including pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and Heart Gold have brighter colors opposed to their fake counterparts.

This is an example of a fake soul silver.

It’s dark from being photocopied and then made into a sticker. Notice the font of the serial code too.


Fake cartridges tend to have the “Nintendo” font wrong and the letters can be slightly bigger and more engraved than that of a real cartridge.

This is way to engraved and the font size is off.

There are also instances of cartridges with “Nintnedo” misspelled but I got rid of the one I had and couldn’t find any examples.

Continuing on the back, the numbers and letters at the bottom of the cartridge next to the contacts should NEVER say “Nintnedo”

This one is some what funny since the creators of the fakes seemed to have tried too hard to slap “Nintendo” all over the cartridges.

I do not own any of these pictures unless clearly stated.

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