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How To Get Xp Fast In Pokemon Go

Can You Just Buy Xp In Pokmon Go

XP GUIDE: How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go!

Kind of. You can’t buy XP directly, but you can buy Lucky Eggs, which temporarily double the XP you get while playing the game. The effect lasts for 30 min., and you can get them in different quantities from the Shop:

  • One Lucky Egg for 80 PokéCoins.
  • Eight Lucky Eggs for 500 PokéCoins.

Lucky Eggs are also sometimes included in the Special Boxes that are made available during events, allowing you to save some PokéCoins.

How To Catch Pokmon In Lets Go

Lets Go removes both random battles and fights with wild Pokémon. In its place is a catching minigame in which you toss Pokéball at a wild Pokémon. A ring appears around each Pokémon to note where to throw the ball. A second ring progressively shrinks on loop. Your goal is to land your Pokéball in the ring when its just big enough for a Pokéball to fit inside it. The better the timing, the higher the likelihood is that youll secure the wild Pokémon. Youll know you had a good throw based on text on the screen that reads Nice, Great, or Excellent.

The other thing you have to watch out for is the shrinking rings color, which can either be green, yellow, orange, or red. Green means the Pokémon should be easy to catch, while red is on the other side of the scale. The color can change by feeding berries to the Pokémon to calm it down or by switching to a different Pokéball.

Theres not much to the actual catching sequence, otherwise. Just make sure you work quickly and keep lobbing those Pokéballs before it flees. If youre having trouble with the motion controls in docked mode, handheld mode largely removes motion controls. However, its easier to make accurate throws in handheld mode, in our experience.


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How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Go

Suppose you have come across any online game. In that case, you will understand that it is pretty easy to utilize or exploit specific bugs, enabling the players to gain XP quickly in short periods. However, there arent any of them in Pokemon Go.

Youll need to understand how the game currency is distributed for optimal gameplay after every session. This will help ensure your total level doesnt plummet while doing anything other than catching new Pokemon.

The most uncomplicated way to get Pokemon Go to level up fast is to give more time to the game and catch Pokemon. Yet, Pokemon Go offers several XP sources whenever you achieve some specific feat in the game. Such sources include capturing Pokemon, evolving them, hatching an egg after walking a particular distance, and more.

One pivotal time to gain more levels is participating in seasonal events. That way, you can literally double your XP and even catch unique Pokemon. Here, we will explain XP sources in Pokemon Go and the rewards you can receive.

General XP Rewards in Pokemon Go

XP Reward
Registering a new Pokemon in the Pokedex

Fast Level Up while Capturing Pokemon in the Game

Getting XP Rewards after Hatching an Egg

XP Reward


Hatching a 12km egg

You can also receive XP rewards of as much as 10000 by defeating legendary Pokemon or Mega Raid Boss. Moreover, basic XPs are given upon defeating a Gym enemy and spinning Pokestops.

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How To Get Xp Fast In Pokemon Go

Lucky eggs are a sure way to get the most XP in Pokémon Go. They provide an extra boost when you need it most demanding, so why not use one?

Mentioning other good ways would be spoiling all fun of reading this specific section of the article if we told everyone how they work! Follow the list below to learn how to get XP fast in Pokemon Go.

1. Time vs. money

Whenever you get a level up in Pokemon Go, you will receive a lucky egg. However, it is pretty time-consuming. To avoid such an inconvenience, you can purchase the lucky eggs from the PokeShop, such as 1 Lucky Egg for 80 Poke Coins and 8 Eggs for 500 Coins. The same is the case with buying PokeBalls, and Raid Pass instead of earning them to achieve XP quickly.

2. Mass Friending

Once you raise the friendship level in Pokemon Go, the game will reward you with significant XP. You can 3000 to 100000 XP after increasing friendship levels from Great Friend to Best Friend. It heavily depends on your ability to befriend several trainers in a short period.

3. Mass-raiding

Another reliable way to get XP fast is by performing Legendary Raiding in the game. You will get as much as 10000 XP with every Raid.

4. Mass-catching

To do mass catching, you are required to purchase a Pokemon Go Plus subscription. This way, you will be able to get 300XP after catching each Pokemon in the wild.

5. Mass evolving

You can get to evolve a Pokemon through Lucky Eggs. To gain more XP, you can pick familiar, cheap-to-evolve creatures.

Get Pokemon Go Double Xp With Lucky Eggs

How To Get Xp In Pokemon Go 2021

Lucky Eggs are in-game items that double the amount of XP you can earn for 30 minutes once theyre activated. Players can purchase them within the Shop section of the Pokemon GO app for 80 Coins each or 500 Coins for eight. Earn coins by completing in-game events or buy them with real-world money.

You can use up to 200 Lucky Eggs at a time. Doing so will extend the duration of its effects by 30 minutes.

The best strategy to gain XP quickly, and increase your Pokemon GO levels faster than usual, is to set aside 30 minutes each day to activate one Lucky Egg and complete as many in-game tasks as possible.

Lucky Eggs double XP effect can sometimes be extended from 30 minutes to an hour during special Pokemon GO events. These events are usually announced in-game and on the Pokemon GO social media channels.

Here is what you should try to complete within your half an hour after activating your Lucky Egg from the Items menu:

Try using Incense simultaneously with Lucky Egg to attract more types of Pokemon during the double XP window. You can also use Star Piece to earn 50% more Stardust to level up and purify Pokemon.

  • Catch at least one Pokemon and spin at least one Poke Stop to continue your daily streaks.

  • Send gifts to as many friends as possible from your friend list.

  • Open all of the gifts that your friends have sent to you.

  • If the timing and your step count matches up, hatch an egg. Turn on Adventure Sync to make the egg-hatching process faster.

  • Battle in a Pokemon Gym.

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    Battling Strong Wild Area Pokmon

    The Wild Area is a new feature introduced in Sword and Shield. In it, youll find a ton of very strong and intimidating Pokémon wandering around the overworld. When battled, these are the toughest wild Pokémon youll probably face.

    Some of these Pokémon will grant a ton of EXP when defeated, especially pseudo-legendaries like Tyranitar and Kommo-o. Other strong Pokémon that can be found in the Wild Area will drop lots of EXP as well, like Vanilluxe, Dusknoir, Klinklang, Gardevoir, and Roserade. Seek these out and take them down for a ton of easy EXP.

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    Use Incense Lures And Lucky Eggs In Pokemon Go

    Incense and Lure modules can be used to attract more Pokémon to your location, allowing you to catch more Pokémon and increasing your chances of finding new ones. Incense lasts 30 minutes and is best if you are planning to walk around. Pokémon will be attracted to your location as you move.

    Lure modules on the other hand are intended for Pokéstops, increasing the Pokémon frequency at that particular location. This means you will have to remain at the Pokéstop to benefit from the Lure. The upside to using the Lure module is that it works for multiple trainers at the Pokéstop, so consider using a Lure when at a stop with other players.

    Lucky Eggs, not to be confused with regular Pokémon Eggs, are consumable items that increase your XP gain for a period of time, and can be purchased with PokéCoins within the Shop panel. After using a Lucky Egg, youll earn double the XP for a duration of 30 minutes. Be sure to use one before performing high XP tasks, such as evolving or catching Pokémon.

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    How Do Lucky Eggs Work In Pokmon Go

    You get Lucky Eggs as rewards for leveling up, but you can also buy them in the Pokémon Shop, either singularly or at a discount for 8-packs. Once you use a Lucky Eggs, you get double XP for the next 30 minutes. That’s 30 minutes as counted by the Pokémon Go servers, mind you. If you stop playing to do something else, the time still goes down. Here’s the difference a Lucky Egg makes:

    How Long Does It Take To Get Level 40 In Pokemon Go


    There are several levels in Pokemon Go and players are always trying to move through the levels by the minute but level 40 is the most sought after because it is the highest. The very first thing to note when trying to move from one level to another is knowing how to tackle. Tackle as much as you can so you can earn a lot of XP.

    The more tasks youre able to accomplish, the faster you will rise in the game. The higher you rise in the game, the more difficult it is to get to the next level. Getting to level 40 for instance will require 20 million XP. The final step in getting to level 40 is to earn 5 million XP after hitting level 39. Whereas, to get to level 39 from 38, only 3 million XP was needed to sum up 15 million.

    To get to level 36, you need 7.5 million XP, for level 37, you need 9.5 million XP, for 38, a total of 12 million XP is needed, for 39, 15 million XP is needed while for 40, 20 million XP must be gotten. Since level 40 is the highest level, it is indeed the toughest to get to. Learn and practice the basics of the game and rest assured that you will get to level 40 in no time.

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    Best Ways To Level Up Fast

    XP Leveling upLeveling GuideHow to Level Up Fast#1. Capture PokemonPokeballs#2. Hatch Those Eggs!EggsPokestops#3. Evolve PokemonCandyEvolution#4. Train & Battle at GymsGymsPokemon Type#5. Visit Pokestopsbeginners#6. BONUS TIP :PidgeysCaterpiesWeedlesLucky EggIt is common to jump 2-3 Trainer Levels just by using this trick once.Pidgey CalcPidgeycalc.comOther Resources

    How To Level Up From 1 To 40

    Leveling from 1-40 is fairly simple: Use Lucky Eggs, catch Pokémon, compete in raids, send gifts to friends and battle.

    Basically anything you do in the game will reward you with XP, but there are some things that grant better XP than others, and for less effort.

    Lucky Eggs

    Popping a Lucky Egg can increase that XP, but save those for when you plan on doing a bunch of raids in a row, or when you plan on evolving a ton of Pokémon for the maximum use of your Lucky Eggs.

    Lucky Eggs will grant double XP for 30 minutes and are sometimes given as rewards, but most of the time youll have to acquire them through the shop. It costs 80 PokéCoins for one and 500 PokéCoins for eight Lucky Eggs. In real world money, that equals about $5.00 for eight Lucky Eggs, since 550 PokéCoins costs $4.99 in the shop.

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    Using a Lucky Egg during a double XP event will grant you even more rewards. The XP bonus stacks, so instead of a 2X reward, players will get 4X the XP. Double XP events have been decreasing in number, but they are often implemented as part of a Pokémon spotlight or raid hour, so save your eggs for those weekly happenings.

    Best Friends

    Making friends is one of the best ways to earn XP in the game, although it isnt one of the fastest. The process takes 90 days of interactions with your friend to complete and involves sending each other gifts or participating in raids together.



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    How Much Xp You Need To Hit Level 40

    Here look at this table you will get a rough idea of how much work you have to do to reach level 40 in Pokemon GO.

    Note:- This table only has data of level 30 to Level 40 XP

    5,000,000 18,350,000

    So you have to collect a total of 18,350,000 million XP to reach level 40 in Pokemon GO.

    Level 31-40 Rewards from pokemongo

    So in the above article, we have tried to cover every possible way to earn XP fast, i hope it will work for you and help you reach level 40 as soon as possible. If you know some other ways to earn XP, let us know by commenting down below.

    Pokemon Go How To Level Up Fast And Reach Level 40 Before The End Of December 2020

    15 Ways To Get XP in Pokemon Go

    Leveling up is important in Pokemon Go and all you need to do is to collect XP to reach the next level. There are a lot of ways to gain XP in the game, but if you want to level up quickly, you need to know which actions provide the most XP.

    Earning XP in Pokemon Go will lead you to a higher Trainer Lvl, and the higher your Lvl, the more in-game elements a player would see. Also, the higher your Lvl, the better your chance of finding a rare Pokemon.

    Each level grants you many items, and you can also unlock more powerful items that will start appearing from Pokestops after some time.

    There are a lot of ways to earn XP and to make it easier for you, Ive made a useful list of actions that will help you to level up fast and reach level 40.

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    Pokemon Go: How To Gain Xp Fast Guide

    Welcome to the Pokemon Go: How To Gain XP Fast Guide. On this page well show you a Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to higher levels fast in Pokemon Go with the right equipment to gain your max level in the mobile game.

    Finding out how to earn more XP lets you rank up faster now that levels 41 to 50 have been added to Pokemon Go. The trick? Turn on a lucky egg for double XP, then play during a double XP event , to get 1.000 XP times 4 is 4.000 XP per Excellent throw. Simply use a Nanab Berry to stop a Pokemon from moving, and practice throwing Excellent curveball throw on every Pokemon to catch them on the first throw, to get a much higher 4680 XP reward.

    • Pokemon Caught: 400 XP

    What Is The Fastest Way To Get Xp In Fortnite

    Whether the game is Fortnite or Pokemon Go, you can use the iToolab AnyGo to quickly gain high rewards and XP. This tool allows you to jump to numerous locations at once or walk across any specified path without any risk.

    Not only that, but you can also import popular Fortnite game GPX route files to play the game easily. The game offers an excellent Cooldown Timer feature, which notifies you if you are spoofing locations more often than not.

    To learn what is the fastest way to get XP in Fortnite, follow the guide below to use iToolab AnyGo.

    Step 1: First, run the AnyGo software, and connect the iPhone with the PC simultaneously. Next, click on Start and commence the spoofing procedure.

    Step 2: See if the program has displayed the correct real-time location of the iOS device. If not, hit the Center On tab to remedy the error.

    Step 3: Click Teleport and type the location where you would like to teleport. Next, click on Search to access the point.

    Step 4: After checking the new location, click on Go to jump your iPhone to that area.

    iToolab AnyGo offers the 2-spot movement utility that enables you to set a start and end location so that you can simulate movements per a planned route. Similarly, with the Multi-spot movement function, you can place several pins on the map and design your pathway.

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    How To Gain Xp In Pokemon Go

    You gain XP by doing virtually anything in Pokemon Go. Here is a quick list of ways to gain XP :

    • Catching a new Pokemon 500XP and youll also get 500 stardust along with three Candy for the species that you caught. This only happens if its the first time that Pokemon has been in your inventory.
    • Evolving a Pokemon 500XP. This is what you get no matter which Pokemon you evolve or how many times you have evolved them in the past.
    • Hatching an egg 200XP. This is universal between 2km, 5km, and 10km eggs.
    • Catching a Pokemon 100XP and youll also get 100 stardust along with three Candy for the species that you caught.
    • Grabbing a Pokestop 50XP for each Pokestop and youll get a few free items as well!
    • Special throws By throwing a Pokeball inside of the circle, youll achieve a little bit of extra XP for doing a good or excellent throw. You can also earn a little extra XP by throwing curve balls. The extra XP can range from 10XP to 100XP.
    • Gym Battles When you engage in a Gym battle, youll get experience points. The amount you get depends on a variety of variables, including the Gyms level, how strong your Pokemon are, how strong the Gyms Pokemon are, and your current level. All of these things are true whether youre battling to take a Gym or battling in order to level up your Gym. Generally, you can get between 50-200XP per battle this way.


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