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Pokemon Tcg Card Game

Do Not Upgrade To The New App

How to Play the Pokémon TCG: Setting Up to Play

Its sad they are discontinuing the old app. This new version is very bad. I lost most of my collection because when I transferred my account over almost things are not supported so there goes many years of collecting codes off purchased items that are no longer supported so much for supporting loyal Pokémon customers. Also this new app doesnt seem to support theme decks just premade decks I have no interest in using. Sure you can make a deck but like stated before all of my cards Ive been collecting are now gone so how am I supposed to make a deck now? Not to mention the new layout for game play is much worse more tapping and actions are required to make simple in game moves. There seems to be no training or offline mode for my kids when they want to play but I dont want them playing the online modes. Very disappointed with the decision to discontinue the app that has worked great for many years. I urge you to wait as long as you can before they force everyone to move to the new app

How Many Cards Do You Need To Play Pokmon Tcg

Each player has a deck of exactly 60 cards, consisting of Pokémon cards, energy cards, item cards and trainer cards.

Apart from energy cards, you cant have more than four cards in your deck with the same name.

When you’re first learning how to play the Pokémon TCG, it might be best to pick up one of the pre-built decks available for the trading card game. Once you know the basics, you can learn how to build a Pokémon TCG deck to include all your favourite Pokémon and customise your play style.

What Will Happen To The Cards I Have That Are In Addition To The Four Copies Im Allowed To Transfer

Cards in excess of the following limits will not be transferred to Pokémon TCG Live. Players will not receive Credits for these untransferable cards.

  • Four copies of a unique Pokémon TCG card
  • One copy of an ACE SPEC, Prism Star, or Pokémon Star card
  • One copy of each part of a Pokémon V-UNION card
  • 59 copies of a basic Energy card

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Dont Be Afraid To Tweak Those Battle Decks

Just because they arrived from the store that way, doesnt mean they need to stay like it. In our house were merrily swapping in different Trainers to see if we can improve our chances of whooping each other in battle, while working out how few Energy cards is too few Energy cards.

Its a whole other level of the game, Ive learned, just making these minor adjustments, working out ifsayhaving a Lady card in your deck, that lets you pull four Energies from the deck in one turn, is more efficient than loading up with so much Energy that you can rely on the odds of their landing in your hand. Try it out a few times, see how it works, then adjust again.

And, at that point, I think were all caught up. The rest is practice, experience, experimentation, and learning from defeat.

Get Battle Academy Or Nick Its Ideas

Pokemon Tcg Trading Card Game Español Nuevo

For around $20, you can get a thing called Pokémon Battle Academy. Its a box that contains everything you need to get started playing PTCG in real life, including a solid board on which to play your cards. And depending upon which version you buy, youll get three starter battle decks in there. One comes with decks based around Pikachu V, Cinderace V and Eevee V. The other, older version has the somewhat more exciting mix of Charizard-GX, Raichu-GX and Mewtwo-GX.

Also in there are damage counters, coins to flip, and rather importantly, instruction manuals. And these, unlike all other instruction manuals in the universe, are really good! In fact, the whole thing is a slick enterprise, with two of the battle decks arranged in a specific order such that if you and your chum follow the instructions in your specific manuals, youll play out a game to the halfway point with every move correctly predicted and choreographed.

Once youve played that through once, you can go ahead and shuffle as much as you want, and then play the game proper.

I found it very interesting just how much more of an understanding I got of the whole enterprise by playing it with my own hands and tables. The app does an awful lot of hard work for you, but it means you dont have that tactile experience of tucking your Energy card under your active Pokémon, or placing the damage counters on your monster when attacked. Let alone all the shuffling. So much shuffling.

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Play Online Against Other Real People

You are going to lose. You are mostly going to lose because when you start playing these online games, youre going to encounter people with battle decks built out of ridiculously powerful V and VMAX/VSTAR cards, or people with the most astonishingly complicated evolution decks where their every card appears to cause a cascading chain of other cards to appear, while you sit there dumbfounded, until they eventually play one attack that not only clears out your entire bench of Pokémon, but also breaks your favorite mug and opens a crack in your kitchen ceiling.

But this, too, is good! As I explain to the wet-eyes of my about-to-meltdown seven-year-old, losing is the best way to learn! Yet its true. The more you lose at PTCG, the more you can better understand your weaknesses, and observe their strengths. It was by watching why I was being so destroyed that I began to understand what I might need to do differently. And this made me start to feel brave enough to design my own battle decks.

The Sky Seal Stone Is Crown Zenith’s Best Tool Card

The Seal Stones are the Sword and Shield era’s strongest tool cards, but Crown Zenith‘s Sky Seal Stone may be the best of them all. Utilizing V Pokémon as counters to VMAXs and VSTARs has become an increasingly popular strategy in the Pokémon TCG. The Sky Seal Stone’s “Star Order” ability makes this strategy even stronger, as it grants players an additional prize card for every VSTAR or VMAX PokémonTCG card defeated with a V Pokémon.

The plethora of stellar V Pokémon in Crown Zenith makes the Sky Seal Stone an even stronger card. Drapion V, Stoutland V, Genesect V, and Raikou V are all available in the set, and each of them are some of the best VMAX and VSTAR attackers in the Pokémon TCG. Now with the Sky Seal Stone, these V Pokémon can be even more disruptive for enemy teams.

Crown Zenith looks to be a promising end to the Sword and Shield era of the Pokémon Trading CardGame. With an estimated 90 Secret Rare cards, new Radiant and VSTAR Pokémon, and a several unique Art Rare sets, Crown Zenith has plenty of great Pokémon cards to offer. Hopefully this strong bookend to Gen 8 generates momentum for the Gen 9 sets to come.

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Find All Those Code Cards

Every booster pack of Pokémon cards comes with a code card. This is the card with a QR code on it, and a string of letters and numbers. Chances are, if you or your offspring have been buying the packs for a while, youll have dozens of the things, and hopefully didnt throw them away. Either laboriously type inor better use a camera to scanthe codes, and each one from a pack will unlock a digital booster pack of cards to open in the app. This not only gives you the pleasure of opening a new pack, and indeed the chance to pull a great rare card, but also starts to fill up your online collection from which you can design your own battle decks.

Scan as many as you can find, especially if you happen to have any from real-world battle decks, as these will unlock an entire pack of 60 cards in-game for you. You could also buy code cards from online stores for incredibly low prices, if you wanted to bump up your numbers quickly.

Before 2019 Retina Display Update

How to Play the Pokémon TCG: Attacking, Retreating, and Evolving

I want to take the time to rate this app before I put in this new update since I never took the time to do so. This app is absolutely positively amazing. You dont need to put money to play you can play with people online you can play the computer you can build your deck when booster packs you can buy decks from earning points you can trade with people online and add your own decks and packs from the real world. Theres not much more you can as for. But what I can ask is that I would like an option to communicate with people while playing them online also able to message people if theyre off-line so that they may receive word from us when they return and lastly fix the mis haps with the data not recognizing me. I would have to force close app to re log as myself and not a new user. And option to customize background and background music could be pretty sweet. Other than that great work Pokémon TCG team great job

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Chapter 1 Of Learning Pokemonhow To Play And Teach The Pokemon Trading Card Game

Learning Pokemon TCG is a series of blogs and videos that teaches you everything you need to know to start playing! This series is updated regularly to ensure all information is accurate.

The Pokemon TCG is an incredibly easy game to learn, and its worth doing no matter your age or experience because its incredibly fun. The Pokemon YouTube channel created a series of quick, helpful videos to teach you everything you need to know about the basic rules of the game. Those videos are below, along with our text-based summaries that contain a bit more detail so you can reference them later without rewatching an entire video.

The starting version of a Pokemon is known as a basic Pokemon, like this Pikachu.

There are several important elements along the top of each card:

  • Starting on the left, the word basic indicates this is a basic Pokemon.
  • Next to the word basic is the name of the Pokemon, in this case Pikachu.
  • On the top-right, the HP next to the number 60 indicates how much damage the Pokemon can take before being knocked out.
  • To the right of the HP is the energy type of the Pokemon, in this case Lightning.
  • To the left of each attack is the energy cost. This indicates the number and kind of energy cards that need to be attached to a Pokemon in order for it to use that attack. You can play one energy per turn from your hand by attaching it to one of your Pokemon. Below are the various energy types found in the game.

    Below is an example of a pretty standard starting setup.

    How Does Evolution Work In The Pokmon Tcg

    The Pokémon Trading Card Game has a lot of similar traits to the Pokémon video games. One of the biggest similarities is that you can evolve your basic Pokémon to powerful Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokémon, letting you use more powerful attacks and abilities to knock out your opponents Pokémon.

    Evolution is done in stages, and you are unable to skip or jump any stages unless otherwise stated on a card in play – meaning evolution must follow the pattern of basic, Stage 1 and Stage 2, and a single Pokémon can only be evolved once per turn. The exception are GX and EX Pokémon, which may be played straight away and do not require evolution.

    To evolve a Pokémon, all you have to do is place the evolved form on top of your active Pokémon or a Pokémon on your bench. This cures any current special conditions, but any attached energy and damage stays put. Once a Pokémon has been evolved, you cant use a previous stages attacks or abilities – only the current evolution.

    Evolution can happen in the bench section of your play area, so you can make stronger Pokémon in preparation for your current one being knocked out – and its strongly recommended you do so.

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    Crown Zenith’s Newest Vstar Pokmon Are Game Changers

    Crown Zenith is squeezing in two new VSTARs before the return of Ex Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet, and both belong with the best of the set. The first, Rotom VSTAR, has been in play in Japan for a few months but is making its global debut with Crown Zenith. Rotom VSTAR’s best tool is “Scrap Pulse,” a move that does 80 base damage plus 40 for every tool card in the Lost Zone. This enables Rotom VSTAR to regularly deal 160 damage for only two Electric energies. YouTuber ZapdosTCG explains how Rotom VSTAR uses this advantage to help players cycle through cards and repeat the Scrap Pulse attack.

    The second new VSTAR card is original to Crown Zenith and VSTAR Universe: Regigigas VSTAR. This card is one of the best VSTARs in the Pokémon TCG. Regigigas has the bulk and power of a VMAX with the Prize Card penalty of a VSTAR. On top of that, it also has one of the most threatening VSTAR abilities to date, “Star Guardian.” This ability enables players to remove a card an opponent’s bench, alongside all the cards attached to it. Star Guardian thus makes Regigigas VSTAR a devastating late-game Pokémon and potentially meta-changing.

    How To Play Pokmon Tcg

    Pokémon Trading Card Game GBC

    That’s without mentioning the great sense of nostalgia a lot of players feel when they go back to a world and series of games they enjoyed when they were younger. With Pokémon in one form or another so familiar to millions of people, figuring out how to play the Pokémon TCG is a cinch – at its heart, it’s the same as the video games you already know.

    Even so, learning to play a competitive collectible card game of any kind can be a confusing task for total newcomers. So to start you on your journey to discovering what for some has been a lifelong hobby and for others is an old friend worth getting reacquainted with, we’ve put together this handy step-by-step guide to how to play the Pokémon TCG.

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    Crown Zenith’s Golden Vmax Cards Will Be The Most Popular

    Crown Zenith‘s most sought-after cards will be the series of four new VMAX Alt Arts for the Generation 4 legendaries: Arceus, Giratina, Origin Forme Dialga, and Origin Forme Palkia. Though these cards first appeared in Astral Radiance, Brilliant Stars, and Lost Origin, the new art by Akira Egawa is original to Crown Zenith and its Japanese predecessor VSTAR Universe. Nicknamed by fans as “Gold Cards,” Egawa’s painterly Secret Rares capture the awe-inspiring nature of the gods of the Pokémon world.

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    The Gold Cards are also some of the strongest VSTARs the Pokémon TCG has to offer. Arceus VSTAR’s “Starbirth” has been a game changer in the Sword and Shield meta and is second only to Lugia VSTAR’s “Summoning Star.” Giratina and Origin Forme Palkia follow Arceus in terms of viability, as Giratina’s striking potential and Palkia’s ability to support Kyurem VMAX make them dangerous cards. Dialga VMAX falls a bit behind the others in terms of potential, but its “Star Chronos” VSTAR ability still makes it a serious threat if it’s developed correctly.

    Changes In The Scarlet & Violet Series

    Card images are not final.

    Moving forward, the classic yellow borders framing Pokémon TCG cards will transition to the same silver border used in Japan. This change both frames Pokémon TCG artwork in its originally intended border and further unifies the game on a global level. The subcategory of Trainer cards currently located on the top right of Trainer cards will be moved to the top left of the cardto be more visible in players hands.

    Card images are not final.

    Energy cards are also changing with the Scarlet & Violet series. The name of the Energy will now be featured on the top of the card alongside a new subtype tag for Energy. The Energy symbol currently featured on Energy cards will now appear on the bottom right of Energy cards. This change makes the amount and type of Energy attached to each Pokémon clearer for each player. Lastly, expansion symbols will now be replaced by expansion codes on the bottom left of each card.

    Card images are not final.

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    Learn To Play The Pokmon Tcg With This All

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    How To Win The Pokmon Trading Card Game

    How to Play the Pokémon TCG: Setting Up to Play

    Like many other competitive trading card games, the Pokémon TCG can be won in a variety of ways:

    • The most common path to victory is to knock out six of your opponents Pokémon and collect prize cards. Every time you defeat a Pokémon controlled by your rival, you claim one of the six prize cards you set aside at the start of the game and add it to your hand. When you pick up your sixth and final card, you win!
    • If you defeat an opponents active Pokémon and they have no available Pokémon on their bench to replace it, you can also claim victory.
    • If your opponent runs out of cards in their deck, and therefore cant draw a card at the beginning of their turn, you win. This is whats known as decking your opponent.

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