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What Is The Mystery Box In Pokemon Go

What Is Pokmon Home Anyway

How to get a Free Mystery Box in Pokemon Go

Pokémon HOME is a cloud based storage system for Pokémon caught in the many Pokémon games. It works with the core Pokémon games, Pokémon Bank, and now, Pokémon Go. However, there are some limitations as to what can and cannot be transferred, how many Pokémon you can store, and where those Pokémon can be transferred after they’re in your Pokémon HOME account. For the time being, while you can transfer Pokémon in from the core games, Pokémon Bank, and Pokémon Go, Pokémon can only be transferred out to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, and only if those species are available in the Galar region Pokédex or Pokémon added with the DLC expansion pass, Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra.

Transfer A Pokemon To Pokemon Home

In order to obtain a Mystery Box, you first need to transfer at least one Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home. You can transfer any Pokemon- the CP, stats, or legendary status would not affect anything. To transfer a Pokemon to Pokemon Home, follow these steps:

  • In Pokemon Go, open Settings and scroll down and select Pokemon HOME.
  • You will now see and option Send Pokemon. Tap on it and click on Continue.
  • Now select the Pokemon you want to transfer. It can be any common Pokemon.
  • Tap on Next and Transport.
  • Tap on Done. At this point, the transport is not yet complete.
  • Open Pokemon HOME. You will see a message that says One or more Pokemon has been transferred from Pokemon Go. Would you like to receive them? Select Yes to complete the transfer.
  • Now tap on View transferred Pokemon and then Receive Pokemon. The Pokemon has been received in Pokemon HOME, and Mystery Box would be available for you in Pokemon Go.

How To Connect Pokemon Go To Pokemon Switch

Since you know that there is only one way to get hold of the mystery box in pokemon and that is to connect the Pokemon Go with the Nintendo Switchâs Pokemon Letâs GO. You must be wondering how to get it done. So, for your convenience we have brought to you the detailed step wise tutorial. Here you go.

STEP 1: Open the Pokemon Go application on your Android device.

STEP 2: Now, open Pokemon Letâs Go on Nintendo Switch and then hit on âXâ button to launch the main menu. Then, tap the âYâ button to access the âOptionsâ menu.

STEP 3: Once you get there, opt for âOpen Pokemon Go Settingsâ followed by selecting the âYesâ option.

STEP 4: Now, grab your smartphone again and then hit the Poke Ball icon over your screen followed by selecting the âSettingsâ option. Then, scroll down until you see an option labeled as âNintendo Switchâ. Select it and then your device gets into the pairing mode.

STEP 5: Next, you need to tap on the âConnect of Nintendo Switchâ option on the appearing screen. It will then start to search for the Nintendo Switch to pair with.

STEP 6: Once the âNintendo Switchâ console is visible under the âAvailable Devicesâ section, simply hit on it and then opt for the âYesâ option on your Nintendo Switch console. The connection will then be established successfully.

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How To Recharge And Use The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box has been available for a few years in Pokémon GO, but it has only become more useful and important since its debut. Offering players a chance to catch Meltan, the box has stuck around far longer than most expected. But with new events and other changes it has grown in importance and is easier to use than ever. To help explain everything, heres how to use the Mystery Box in Pokémon GO.

Catching Meltan Using Pokmon: Lets Go

Pokémon GO Mystery Box: How To Catch Shiny Meltan ...

If you have either Pokémon: Lets Go game, you can get Meltan much faster. Once you get to Fuchsia City in the game, youll notice that the old Safari Zone has been replaced completely with the Go Park. The Go Park allows you to transfer Pokémon from PokémonGo to Lets Go.

If you transfer any Pokémon, youll be rewarded with a Mystery Box. Activate the Mystery Box in Go and Meltan will begin to spawn around you for 30 minutes, similarly to how Incense works. You can repeat this every seven days for a new Mystery Box and for more Meltan. With Pinap Berries, youll have enough candy to evolve your Meltan in no time.

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How Can Trainers Get A Free Meltan Encounter In Pokemon Go

There are two methods to getting a Mystery Box: either trading a Pokemon to Pokemon Home or trading one to the Nintendo Switch.

Trading one to Pokemon Home is usually the easier method, especially since its accessible to players who dont own a Nintendo Switch.

The process for this is as follows:

  • Tap on the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Look for the Pokemon Home section
  • Log in to Nintendo Account
  • Back out, reopen the settings, and go back to Pokemon Home

From there, it will let the player scroll down to see which Pokemon they want to send. Once they pick one, their selection will be traded, and a Mystery Box will be on its way.

Its important to note, however, that each trade takes up GO transporter energy. Once this resource is completely used up, it will take a week for it to replenish.

The process for trading to the Nintendo Switch is detailed here:

  • Open up the settings menu, just like the process for trading to Pokemon Home
  • Look for the Nintendo Switch option
  • Tap Connect to Nintendo Switch
  • Turn on Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee on the Nintendo Switch
  • Open Settings menu
  • Pair the Switch to Pokemon GO

Accounts are now linked. The player can now transfer Pokemon just like they would to Pokemon Home.

While it may be cool to catch such a unique Pokemon as Melmetal, it doesnt do too well in Pokemon GO. Its Steel move of choice is Flash Cannon, and is paired with Rock Slide, neither of which are the best options.

What Can You Do With The Pokemon Box

Check out Pokémon Box, a storage utility for your Pokémon for the GameCube system! Keep all your Pokémon in one location and transfer them to your Pokémon Ruby Version or Pokémon Sapphire Version game whenever theyre needed for duty. With Pokémon Box, its easy to find precisely the Pokémon youre looking for.

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How Does The Mystery Box Work In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality gaming application which was developed in 2016 by the collaboration of Nintendo, Niantic, and The Pokemon Company. When the game was launched there were only 150 species and till 2020 they are approximately 600 in number. Recently, with the new element added to the game, i.e. the mystery box, pokemon has its 808th creature âMeltanâ. Now, if youâre looking for some valuable information on how to get meltan box or mystery box in pokemon, youâve reached the right place! We will be discussing various topics like how to get meltan box? Or, how can you efficiently make use of mystery box in pokemon. So, stay tuned.

How To Get The Mystery Box In Pokemon Go


As weve mentioned earlier, you will be able to get the Mystery Box when you transfer Pokemon from any core Pokemon Go game. To be specific, after youve connected both your Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home account and transferred one Pokemon, you will get the Mystery Box as a reward. Fortunately, it is very easy to get a Mystery Box and use the same.

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How To Catch Meltan With The Mystery Box

Regardless of whether you complete Lets Go, Meltan or not, you can use the Mystery Box anytime to catch meltan in Pokemon Go. There are a few steps to follow before you can obtain and open a Mystery Box. These steps are:

  • Link your account to Pokemon Home
  • Transfer a Pokemon to Pokemon Home
  • Open the Mystery Box

How To Link Pokmon Go To Pokmon Home

The first thing to do is to install Pokémon HOME on the phone where you play Pokémon GO, if you haven’t already. You dont need to sign in or create a Nintendo account in Pokémon HOME just yet, but you can if you like.

Whether youre like me and dont have Nintendo account or you already play Pokémon on any other devices with a Ninendo, you just need to be careful to read the messages in Pokémon HOME to ensure youre tapping the right buttons as you cant change your mind later about linking accounts.

Anyway, the process to link the two apps is as follows.

1. Open Pokémon GO settings and scroll down to the ACCOUNT section.

2. Tap Pokémon HOME and then SIGN IN.

3. This will take you to a page where you can sign in to an existing Nintendo account or create a new one.

If the latter, youll need to pick a user name, enter your date of birth and enter an email address a verification code will be sent to it.

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How Does A Pokemon Get Caught On Bulbapedia

The Pokémon is displayed as a small black silhouette if that species has never been caught before otherwise, its appearance is revealed. If the player clears four lines with the same Tetris piece, a Poké Ball is quickly thrown at that Pokémon, catching it. Additionally, when that Pokémon species is caught for the first time, a Caught!

How To Get A Mystery Box In Pokmon Go Fifth Anniversary


Every so often, the Mystery Boxes become available in Pokémon Go, and players have the chance to add the much-sought-after Meltan to their collection. Meltan is a mythical Pokémon and is only available at specific times in the game. Its evolved form, Melmetal, is one of the best Master League Pokémon you can use in the PvP scene. Its challenging to defeat. You also have the chance to capture a shiny version of this Pokémon. For those curious about obtaining Meltan, how do you go about obtaining a Mystery Box?

The best way to obtain a Mystery Box is to send a Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu! or Pokémon: Lets Go Eevee!, or Pokémon HOME. For those who do not know any of the Nintendo Switch Pokémon: Lets Go games, youre better off creating a free Pokémon HOME account and sending a random Pokémon from your Pokémon Go account to that one. You can send several common Pokémon to the Pokémom HOME account, so anything that you dont keep close to your heart.

After youve done this, the Mystery Box should appear on your Pokémon Go account. Upon activating the Mystery Box, Meltan should appear in the wild next to your avatar in Pokémon Go. You can then capture the Pokémon and add it to your collection.

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Link Your Account To Pokemon Home

Follow these steps to link your Pokemon Go account to Pokemon Go Home:

  • In Pokemon Go, open Settings.
  • Scroll down until you see Pokemon HOME and tap on it.
  • Under Nintendo Account, tap on Sign in. If you do not have one, you first have to create an account. To do so, you can visit the official Nintendo website.
  • A pop-up message appears asking for permission to sign in. Tap on Continue.
  • Enter the credentials to sign in. In order to integrate with the mainline games, be sure to sign in with the one that you use on your Switch.
  • Now tap on Ok.Your account is linked, and you will be redirected back to Pokemon Go.

Mystery Box Pokemon Go

Mystery Box:

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How To Get Melmetal In Pokemon Go And Let’s Go

In order to evolve Meltan to its much less cute, bruising-looking larger evolution, you’ll need to do it in Pokemon Go: Meltan can’t evolve in Pokemon Let’s Go, only over in Go on mobile. To make it evolve you’ll need to spend a huge 400 candy – so you’re going to want to catch many, many Meltan, preferably using Pinap berries. Walking around with Meltan as your buddy Pokemon will help, too. Once evolved, you can send Melmetal back to Let’s Go to complete that Pokedex if you want – but remember, it’s a one-way, one-time deal.

In addition to all this, there’s also a new series of Pokemon Go special research missions added to the game centered around the mystery of Meltan. These new missions exist in addition to the existing Mew and Celebi ‘A Ripple in Time’ quests.

It all seems a little complex, but The Pokemon Company and Niantic are clearly working hard to ensure players who are deeply involved in both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go are rewarded with access to this new Mythical Pokemon. Meltan and Melmetal’s battle usefulness isn’t fully clear yet – but generally speaking, Mythical Pokemon always chart well on our Pokemon Go Tier List of the best Pokemon – so we have high hopes.

Open The Mystery Box In Pokemon Go


Now that you have transferred a Pokemon to HOME, a Mystery Box will already be available for your Pokemon Go account. Follow these steps in order to start catching Meltan.

  • In Pokemon Go, open your Item bag.
  • Scroll down and you will see a new Black box among your items. This is the Mystery Box.
  • Tap on the Mystery Box. You will see Days remaining to access: 0 days. This means your Mystery Box is charged and ready to use.
  • The Mystery Box opens, and you will see Meltan starting to spawn around you for 1 hour. The average rate of spawns is 1 in every 1.5 minutes.

Note: Once the timer of the Mystery box sets to 0 i.e. at the end of an hour, Meltan will stop spawning around you. The Mystery Box will have a cooldown of 3 days, after which you have to transfer a Pokemonagain to HOME. This will recharge your Mystery box and it can be continued to use again.

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Other Things To Know About The Pokmon Go Mystery Box Meltan And Melmetal

There are quite a few specifics to keep in mind, due to all the technicalities that come into play with transferring Pokémon and the Mystery Box’s new mechanics, too! Here’s everything you should bear in mind about each.

How the Mystery Box works in Pokémon Go

  • You only get one Mystery Box – once you’ve transferred a Pokémon from Go to Let’s Go for the first time, it’ll stay in your inventory permanently.
  • The Mystery Box only opens once per week – once you press Open, you have to wait a full seven days to open it again.
  • You need to transfer a Pokémon from Go to Let’s Go every time you want to open it – so once that seven-day timer runs down, transfer another Pokémon. It’s not clear yet whether you have to wait until the counter runs down and then transfer a Pokémon, or if you can ‘stack’ them in advance, so to speak. We assume you’ll need to wait!
  • The Mystery Box only affects you in Pokémon Go – it basically functions like a special type of Incense, not like a Lure. Meltan only appear for you, not those who happen to be around you at the time.
  • You can link as many Pokémon Go accounts as you like to a copy of Let’s Go – so one copy of Let’s Go can be a source of Mystery Boxes for an infinite number of different Pokémon Go accounts. We knew you could have multiple, but it’s good to confirm there’s no limit! It also, of course, means it doesn’t have to be your copy of Let’s Go. You just need to have permission to link it with someone’s.

How To Get A Mystery In Pokemon Go Learn Step By Step Instructions On How To Get A Mystery Box In Pokemon Go What Is Pokemon Home And More Details


Pokemon Home was released in the month of February 2020. When it was launched, it promised that it will integrate with the Pokemon Go game. Nearly after a year, both Pokemon Home and Pokemon Go have been integrated successfully and now, you will be able to transfer all your Pokemon from one game to another. When you do it successfully, apart from you earning a Gigantamax Melmetal, you will be able to get a Mystery Box that is full of Meltan as well. In this post, we are going to have a closer look at how to get a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go, what is Pokemon Home, and more.

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