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Tenorshare Ianygo Pokemon Go

Is It Possible To Play Pokemon Go On Pc

Pokémon GO Adventure Sync not Working | Fixed on iPhone & Android 2022

You can play Pokemon Go on PC. Its all about opting for Pokemon Go hack pc. This hack allows you to change location at will and also catch numerous Pokémon without leaving your seat.There are some procedures you have to follow to achieve the hacking goals. Those procedures are explained in the next parts of this article.

Pokemon Go Spoofer Android: Gps Pokemon Go

iPhone, Android Pokémon, iOS Android. , Android.

Tnh Nng Tenorshare Ianygo

  • 1-Click thay i v trí iPhone thành bt kâu:ánh la v trí hin ti ca bn vi iAnyGo rt d dàng vàn gin. Vi mt cú nhp chut, bn có th gi mo v trí ca mình bt kâu trên bn !
  • Mô phng chuyn ng ca GPS da trên tuyn ng tùy chnh: Chi Pokemon go và các trò chi nh va lý khác có th mang li nim vui áng kinh ngc khi bn mô phng GPS c iu phi theo ý mun ca mình. Vi iu này, bn không phi i b hoc làm nhng vic khó khn chi trò chi, vì bn có th mô phng ng a lý chi trò chi.
  • Chi trò chi b chn a lý: Không ch Pokemon Go mà các trò chi nh va lý khác nh Ingress Prime, Orna, Zombies, Run và nhiu trò chi khác. Vi ngh thut gi mo v trí ca bn bt câu, bn có th khám phá nhng trò chi nh vy vi phn thng và thành tích trong trò chi cha tng có trc ây.
  • V trí gi mo trên phng tin truyn thông xã hi: Mng xã hi là mt trò chi thú v dành cho nhng ngi cónh hng nhng không phi ai cng có thi gian và tin bc khám phá th gii. Nhng vi Tenorshare iAnyGo, bn có th gi mo v trí ca mình n bt ka im du lch nào trên th gii và hin th nó trên Instagram, Snapchat và thm chí trên Whatsapp.
  • H tr iOS 14.6 mi nht:ã nâng cp lên phiên bn iOS mi nht? Không có vn gì, iAnyGo h tr dòng iPhone 12 mi nht và phiên bn iOS 14.6 mi nht.

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What Can You Do With Tenorshare Ianygo

While there is no shortage of GPS simulation apps on the market, Tenorshare iAnyGo differentiates itself through its efficiency. The app stands apart from its competition due to its impressive set of features and easy-to-use user interface. As noted, it allows you to change the location on your iOS device through your computer. Thanks to this, theres no needto download the app on your smartphone.

The app uses a graphical interface, allowing you to see and plan your route on a live map. Using the app is easy. Upon launching, select the mode you want to use. By default, the app is set to Change Location mode. Then, connect your iOS device to the computer. Once detected, you can start modifying the location by selecting a location and clicking the Start to Modify button.

iAnyGo does not require jailbreaking and has no geographic limitations. With this, you can go anywhere to play your location-based AR games. It also supports two routes to change locationtwo-point routes and multiple routes. Moreover, it can save and load features to redeploy your favorite routes. However, to switch modes, you need to exit the current mode and enter again. Additionally, it can only simulate walking at a fixed speed.

How To Get Ianygo Free Registration Code

Realme 3 Pro juli

If you are interested in getting the iAnyGo free registration code, you have to visit the official website of Tenorshare iAnyGo. On the site, you will be able to see whether there is a sales promotion or not.

In most cases, Tenorshare will offer you an iAnyGo registration code free in form of a discount. By using the code, you can save as much as $5 on the product.

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Fake Gps Go Location Spoofer Free :

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Select A Location On The Map Application

Now coming to the fun part! It’s time you enter the GPS coordinates or simply the address you want to use on your iPhone device. Make sure you find the location carefully and click on ‘Start to Modify’ to begin spoofing your iPhone location.

That’s all there is to know about using the Tenorshare iAnyGo software to fake location on iPhone. Now that you know how to fake location using the software, make sure you don’t change the location too frequently. Even if you do change it frequently, Tenorshare iAnyGo comes with a cooldown timer which helps you stay aware. In case you don’t want to use the cooldown time, you may just turn it off.

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Why Do You Need A Pokemon Go Location Spoofer

The game is unavailable in different countries, and many of you might face issues with this restriction. Your phones GPS coordinates are used to determine your current location sometimes IP address is also tracked for that purpose.

Pokemon characters mostly appear in specific locations on your map, which can only be accessed when you are near them. You could only catch Pokemon characters around your area, but what if you could travel to a different country and get a lot of rare Pokemon? Wouldnt it be nice? To do this, all you need is Tenorshare iAnyGo location spoofer for you. Using this Pokemon Go location Spoofer, you can easily change your iPhones current location without any restrictions or limitations.

T Do Thay I V Tr Gps Trn Iphone Ca Bn

Pokemon Go Walking Hack/Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS 2021 – iAnyGo by Tenorshare

Pokemon Go và các trò chi da trên v tría lý khác s dng v trí ca bn mang li cho bn tri nghim chi game tt nht. Trong Pokemon Go, bn có thi lang thang trong khu ph ca mình bt các loi Pokemon theo phong cách khác nhau. Nhng iu này là không thi vi nhiu ngi hâm m vì mt s hn ch v khóa quc gia tng ng ca h. Tuy nhiên, bn có th d dàng thay i v trí GPS trên iPhone ca mình vi iAnyGo. Tenorshare iAnyGo là mt phn mm d s dng giúp bn gi mo v trí ca mình chi trò chi. Không ch Pokemon Go, iAnyGo hot ng trong mt s trò chi khác và cng giúp bo v quyn riêng t ca bn trong th gii hin i bng cách giúp bn gi mo v trí thc ca mình.

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Key Features Of Tenorshare Ianygo

Tenorshare iAnyGo offers outstanding features which have put it ahead of many similar applications on the market. You can use it to:

  • Change your iPhones GPS location anytime, anywhere. With just a single click, you can switch to any location globally. The new location will reflect on every app and service on your iPhone.
  • Simulate Single Spot Movement. You can focus on just a journey on two points: the start and conclusion points . Its a feature thats particularly ideal for location-based video games.
  • Simulate Multi-Spot Movement. With iAnyGo, users can move to many locations. You can simulate a journey/route between two fixed points but have several stops along the way. Its a method that can help map out an exact route for location-spoofing.
  • Exploit several other practical features beyond the three main capabilities, like saving locations on the map, zooming in/out on the map, accessing historical data/records, and adjusting movement speed. You slide the speed bar on the map to set your preferred GPS movement speed, ranging from 1m/s to 3.6km/h.

How To Fake Gps By Ianygo

iAnyGo offers an intuitive way to fake your location on your iPhone. Its interface might seem difficult for beginners but they wonât need much time to get acquainted with it its features.

Hereâs how to spoof your GPS location:

Step 1.After downloading iAnyGo from the official Tenorshare website, install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2.On its Home interface, choose âChange Locationâ on the left tab â if itâs not already.

Step 3.Now, connect your iOS device to the computer via an original lightning cable. Tap Trust on your iPhone if prompted.

Step 4.A world map will appear on the screen. Enter the coordinates or type the location where you want to teleport. Hit Start to Modify and the program will change your iOS location to that specific location in a jiffy.

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Extra Tips: Ipokego For Pokmon Go Ios Alternative

Tenorshare iAnyGo is the best app to help you spoof location, an excellent alternative for iPokeGo iOS without jailbreaking your iDevice. The tool works great on all iOS operating systems and has an unmatched speed of working and processing.

Here are the Pros of Tenorshare iAnyGo:

  • One-click to teleport anywhere in the world.
  • Real-time update in location.

Is The App Good

Télécharger et installer le hack Pokemon Go++ 1.17.0 / 0.47.1

To wrap it up, Tenorshare iAnyGo is an excellent GPS spoofing application. The app provides you the facility to spoof your location without installing the software on your device. It is easy to use and comes with nifty features. It still has a few drawbacks that need consideration. Nevertheless, with its quick process and high customizability, it is no wonder that it is one of the best GPS simulators available.

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Imyfone Anyto Gps Location Changer

AnyTo has been the #1 ranked GPS location spoofer from quite some time now. It comes loaded with advanced algorithms that empower users to changer the GPS location of their devices within seconds â all that without jailbreaking their phones.

One of the main benefits of AnyTo is its modern interface so that even an 80-year granny wonât face any technical issue while installing and using it. On top of that, it is compatible with all location-based popular games, apps, and dating services, making it a go-to choice for people who doesnât want someone detecting their activities.

Features of AnyTo

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Changes location with just one click
  • Users can plan a customized route easily as well as adjust the moving speed
  • Import GPX files to plan and save your customized routes
  • Simulate GPS movement in both two-spot and multi-spot modes

Spoof Location On Social Media

Do you want to fake your location on social media? Don’t sweat it – just use the Tenorshare iAnyGo software to change your location on social media or any other app. Breath life into your dating game without having to worry about location!

Go ahead and take note of the following steps to use Tenorshare iAnyGo and successfully spoof location on your iPhone device. Let’s get started!

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Watch Video Abou Ianygo Alternative

Check out yourself how easy it is to change your GPS location using AnyTo:

Step 1.To begin, download iMyFone AnyTo from the official website and launch it on your PC.

Step 2.Hit Get Started on its main interface to continue.

Step 3.Now, plug your phone into the computer and hit Trust on the pop-up tab for successful connection.

Step 4.The program will now load the world map. Click on the Teleport icon and select any location on the map.

Step 5.Just hit Move to teleport to that location. All the location-based games and apps on your iPhone will also show this new location.

Cc Bc Gi Mo Pokemon Go Vi Ianygo

How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving/Walking 2021

gi mo hochack Pokemon Go trên iPhone ca bn trc tiên bn cn ti xung và cài t iAnyGo trên PC ca mình. Sau khi cài t thành công, hãy làm theo các bc sau.

M iAnyGo và nhp vào nút Enter. m bo ánh du chn tùy chn tuyên b t chi trách nhim.

Bây gi hãy kt ni iPhone ca bn vi PC vi s tr giúp ca cáp Lightning.

Bây gi bn có th tìm kim v trí mong mun và chn nó làm v trí hin ti ca bn. Bn cng có thánh du sao cho các v trí yêu thích ca mình có th nhanh chóng chuyn sang chúng khi cn.

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How To Spoof Pokemon Go

with Tenorshare iAnyGo If you are ready to learn how to spoof Pokemon Go, Tenorshare iAnyGo is a good choice for you. Notably, iAnyGo is a simple and dependable program that allows you to change your location to other places without jailbreak. You dont need any technical know-how to use this tool to spoof your location.

Fake Gps Go Location Spoofer Free:

We know that most of us like to get free applications to enjoy the features without paying anything. Suppose you are living in an area where Pokémon go is restricted. Changing the location will make you unhappy for you for a long time. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free is the best application for location changing purposes. You can play your favorite game Pokémon go, even in the region which is restricted by the developer. This application is relatively easy to use and needs no challenging steps to follow to change Android’s location.


  • Standard spoofing on all Android versions so that you could play games easily.
  • No root mode is available on the Android 6.0 version and above.
  • This application likewise saves favorites as well as your history for later use.
  • Routes creation will help you give the feel like you are actually moving from one destination to another.
  • This application also allows integration with other apps via the share button.

A paid version of this software is also available at the Google play store that has many features for which you have to pay a little amount to enjoy added features.

  • More routes options along with GPX import
  • More spoofing opportunities including the expert mode

These are the things that make fake GPS GO Location a lot more than just a good app. You can enjoy all the restricted location apps, including Spotify, Instagram music, and Pokémon Go, without changing your actual game location.

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Spoofing Pokemon Go Using A Joystick

The fourth/last option is Joystick Movement of Tenorshare iAnyGo. Click on it and then click on Enter.

Now, adjust the speed of movement. On the controller, click on the button and move it to the end of the circle. It will start the movement, and you can stop it by clicking in the middle of the circle.

You can also enter the location and click on Modify Positioning. It will change your location, and then you can easily use the joystick for movement.

How To Spoof Pokemon Go With Tenorshare Ianygo

[OFFICIEEL] Tenorshare iAnyGo

The idea of spoofing location or Pokemon Go walking hack on the iPhone seems challenging and costly. Apple devices are considered secure, and you cant temper your devices location without Jailbreak. Tenorshare iAnyGo allows you to change GPS location for any iPhone or iPad device without jailbreak.

This is probably the only tool that offers excellent and flexible features without damaging your device or warranty. Some of the main Tenorshare iAnyGo features include:

  • Change the real-time location of your iPhone without voiding the warranty and jailbreaking
  • GPS joystick is a fantastic feature to take control of directional movement you decide where to go
  • Remove geo-restrictions for any game or application
  • Spoof your location for different sites, including social media sites
  • Adjust and modify your iPhone movement based on a customized app for the game

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Ianygo Review: Price/safety/compatibility & Any Better Alternatives

Anyone have experience with iAnyGo? Was looking into and wondering if its worth the purchase. It seems relatively new and I cannot find much in the way of decent guides online.

– A user from

Do you wish to change the GPS location on your iPhone? If you play Pokemon Go, you might want to switch locations with iAnyGo review so you can catch new Pokemon without going outside.

If so, I have the Tenorshare iAnyGo tool, which is perfect for you. You can use it to spoof your iOS device’s GPS position and search for greener Pokemon. Continue reading to find out how it functions and how it can improve your gaming experience.


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