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Pokemon Trading Card Game Tcg

Pokemon Trading Card Game 2



  • 30 card ‘fighting’ pokemon deck.
  • 30 card ‘fire’ pokemon deck.
  • 10 glass pebbles for use as damage counters.
  • 1 holographic card that’s not much use unless you go out and buy more cards.
  • Starter rules containing the basics to get you going.
  • Rulebook containing clarifications and some extra rules .
  • List of all the basic pokemon cards .
  • The creeping feeling you may have to go out and buy more cards.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

  • File Name: Pokemon Trading Card Game
  • Playable Devices: Android, Windows, iPhone
  • Emulators: Visual Boy Advance, No$GBA, BatGBA, RascalBoy Advance

Pokemon Trading Card Game ROM is playable on Android, Windows, and iPhone. The Pokémon Trading Card Game is a collectible card game based on the Pokémon video game series. It was first released in Japan in October 1996 as a joint effort between Wizards of the Coast and Media Factory. The game has since been released in numerous other countries. The TCG is played by two or more players using specially made decks of cards. Each player begins with a deck of 60 cards, half of which are Pokémon cards, while the other half are Trainer cards. A player loses when he or she has no more Pokémon left in their deck, is forced to draw from an empty deck, or if his or her opponents last Pokémon is knocked out.

The objective of the game is to use your Pokémon cards to battle your opponents Pokémon.

Is There A Pokmon Card Game App

As well as the physical Pokémon Trading Card Game, you can play the Pokémon card game digitally using the Pokémon TCG Online app. Pokémon TCG Online is a free-to-play app available for PC and mobile devices on iOS and Android that lets you play the Pokémon Trading Card Game against AI opponents or friends.

The Pokémon card game app comes with four decks for free. You can add Pokémon cards by scanning codes included with booster packs and decks, and trade cards online just as you would in person. You can also unlock free packs by playing games using the app.

A tutorial mode makes the Pokémon card game app a good way to learn how to play the Pokémon TCG, while the app’s deck builder can make figuring out how to build a Pokémon TCG deck with your cards easy.

The Pokémon Company is also working on cross-play ability between mobile and PC users via a new Pokémon Trading Card Game Live client. This will not only add cross-play, but new functions like the card ‘table’ being in portrait mode on phones – which makes battling that much simpler!

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Pokmon Trading Card Game

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Skills required Reading

The Pokémon Trading Card Game , abbreviated as PTCG or Pokémon TCG, is a collectible card game based on the Pokémon franchise. It was first published in October 1996 by Media Factory in Japan. In the US, it was first published by Wizards of the Coast. in June 2003, Nintendo transferred the publishing rights from both Media Factory and Wizards of the Coast to The Pokémon Company. As of March 2022, the game has sold over 43.2 billion cards worldwide.

Pokemon Tcg Live Preview: The T No Longer Stands For Trading

Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates Premium Collection (Shiny Crobat VMAX ...

The rebooted digital Pokemon Trading Card Game makes some big changes to the game.

The digital version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been long overdue for a face lift. While I still consider Pokemon TCG Online the most rewarding digital TCG, particularly for new players, the presentation is missing a lot of the flash and flow of modern card games. The UI is plain, the avatar system is rudimentary, and it doesnt even work on phones.

Interest in the Pokemon TCG has exploded in recent years, but its needed a modern digital adaptation for a lot longer. That game is called Pokemon TCG Live, and the beta version is currently available in select countries. I got my first hands-on experience with the new and improved TCG client at the Pokemon World Championships this past weekend, and while I love the look and feel of the update, there were also some unexpectedly big changes that Im still coming to terms with. Namely, the removal of the in-game market for trading cards.

But, first, the good news: Pokemon TCG Live plays like a dream. The Pokemon Company has taken a lot of cues from modern CCGs like Magic: The Gathering Arena, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, and Legends of Runeterra, and has redesigned the game to feel snappy, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Modern Pokemon TCG is a complex game with a lot of overlapping rules and conditions, but TCG Live makes it easy to keep track of your turn and all the various moves you can make.

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Before 2019 Retina Display Update

I want to take the time to rate this app before I put in this new update since I never took the time to do so. This app is absolutely positively amazing. You dont need to put money to play you can play with people online you can play the computer you can build your deck when booster packs you can buy decks from earning points you can trade with people online and add your own decks and packs from the real world. Theres not much more you can as for. But what I can ask is that I would like an option to communicate with people while playing them online also able to message people if theyre off-line so that they may receive word from us when they return and lastly fix the mis haps with the data not recognizing me. I would have to force close app to re log as myself and not a new user. And option to customize background and background music could be pretty sweet. Other than that great work Pokémon TCG team great job

How To Play The Pokmon Tcg: A Beginners Guide

Strategic depth: Medium

Publisher:Wizards of the Coast

With Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl releasing on the Nintendo Switch, the Pokémon TCG is back in the spotlight once again – if it ever left, that is. This beginner’s guide will get you started with learning how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game, from picking up the basic rules of attacking and status effects to getting to grips with how evolutions work.

Whether youve just discovered the Pokémon series for the first time, rediscovered it through the latest video games, or have been a fan since Red and Blue landed on the Game Boy, now is the perfect time to take up the almost 30-year-old series tabletop counterpart and learn how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In fact, there’s no better time for veteran players too – the Pokémon company is re-releasing a set of classic vintage cards! The Celebrations is available now, and will give players a healthy bout of nostalgia. You’ll find it very easy to jump back into the world of Pokémon cards with these familiar faces by your side!

One of the reasons the Pokémon Trading Card Game has remained so popular over its lifespan is thanks to its ability to keep all the familiar aspects of the video games involved, without having to tone it down. Evolutions, shinies, trainers, battles, status ailments: anything you know from Pokémon, be it the animated TV show or the video games, has found a way and place in the trading card game.

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How To Play The Pokmon Trading Card Game

The basic flow of play in the Pokémon TCG is relatively simple to grasp, but it involves a few steps youll need to learn before your first battle.

How do you start the Pokémon TCG?

At the beginning of a game, players can flip a coin to see who plays first. Then the decks are shuffled, players draw a hand of seven cards and the top six cards are set aside as prize cards you add one of these to your hand each time one you defeat an opponents Pokémon, and claim victory if you pick up all six before your rival.

Both players can place one basic Pokémon card facedown as their active Pokémon, plus up to five more basic Pokémon on their bench. If you don’t have any basic Pokémon cards in your hand after drawing your initial hand of seven cards, reveal your hand to your opponent and draw seven more hands. You can repeat this as many times as you want until you have at least one basic Pokémon – but your opponent gets to draw one extra card for every time you do.

How do turns work in the Pokémon TCG?

When each turn begins, the active player draws a card from the top of their deck if you run out of cards in your deck and can’t draw on your next turn, you lose.

During each turns second phase, you can do any and all of the following:

Attacking in the Pokémon TCG

After youve done the above, your active Pokémon can attack the opponent. The Pokémon can perform one attack listed on its card as long as the correct amount and type of energy is attached to the card.

Everything You Need To Play In One Box

How to Play Pokémon TCG Tutorial

Even if you’ve never played the Pokémon Trading Card Game before, Pokémon TCG Battle Academy has everything you need to get started.

Inside each box, you’ll find three 60-card Pokémon TCG decks, a game board, tutorial guides for beginners and a rulebook for advanced players, and accessories to enhance your game.

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How Do Status Conditions Work In The Pokmon Tcg

As in the Pokémon video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game has a number of special conditions that can be inflicted on Pokémon, giving their opponent an extra advantage in a battle.

The special conditions are Asleep, Burned, Confused, Paralyzed and Poisoned, and are indicated by turning the Pokémon card counterclockwise , upside-down or clockwise , or putting a special token on it . Multiple special conditions can affect the same Pokémon – in the case of effects indicated by turning the card, the most recent condition is the only one applied.


If a Pokémon is asleep, it cant attack or retreat. The card is rotated 90 degrees counerclockwise to show its status condition. At the end of their turn, the player flips a coin – on a head, the Pokémon wakes up and is no longer asleep.


When a Pokémon is paralyzed, it can’t attack or retreat on the player’s next turn. The card is rotated 90 degrees clockwise to show its status condition. At the end of the player’s next turn, paralyzed is automatically cured.


The Pokémon card receives a burned token to show its status condition. A burned Pokémon receives two damage counters at the end of each turn. After suffering this damage, the player flips a coin. On a heads, Burned is cured.



A poisoned Pokémon suffers one damage counter at the end of each turn.

Special conditions can also be cured by evolving a Pokémon or retreating it to the bench, which cures all special conditions.

How Does Evolution Work In The Pokmon Tcg

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has a lot of similar traits to the Pokémon video games. One of the biggest similarities is that you can evolve your basic Pokémon to powerful Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokémon, letting you use more powerful attacks and abilities to knock out your opponents Pokémon.

Evolution is done in stages, and you are unable to skip or jump any stages unless otherwise stated on a card in play – meaning evolution must follow the pattern of basic, Stage 1 and Stage 2, and a single Pokémon can only be evolved once per turn. The exception are GX and EX Pokémon, which may be played straight away and do not require evolution.

To evolve a Pokémon, all you have to do is place the evolved form on top of your active Pokémon or a Pokémon on your bench. This cures any current special conditions, but any attached energy and damage stays put. Once a Pokémon has been evolved, you cant use a previous stages attacks or abilities – only the current evolution.

Evolution can happen in the bench section of your play area, so you can make stronger Pokémon in preparation for your current one being knocked out – and its strongly recommended you do so.

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The New App Brings Pokmon Tcg Action Everywhere So You Can Play At Home Or On The Go

There are many ways to play the Pokémon TCG, and now, withthe announcement of Pokémon TCG Live, Trainers can add phones to that list. Thenew free-to-play app lets Trainers enjoy all their favorite aspects of thePokémon TCGbuilding decks, developing strategies, and battlingin an updateddigital format. The new Pokémon TCG Live will also be available on PCs, Macs,and tablet devices.

Notice: If you click on the YouTube video above, you will leave The Pokémon Company International is not responsible for the content of any linked website that is not operated by The Pokémon Company International. Please note that these websites’ privacy policies and security practices may differ from The Pokémon Company International’s standards.

Trainers of all skill levels will enjoy the new Pokémon TCGLive. Those who are just getting started in the Pokémon TCG will find it easyto learn, while experienced players will discover fresh challenges to improveand test their skills. In addition to familiar activities like battling anddeck building, Trainers can personalize the experience with customizableavatars and accessories. And Pokémon TCG Live will be updated periodically withnew content and features following the initial launch to continuously offerexciting new challenges and experiences.

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Pokémon TCG

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How To Win The Pokmon Trading Card Game

Like many other competitive trading card games, the Pokémon TCG can be won in a variety of ways:

  • The most common path to victory is to knock out six of your opponents Pokémon and collect prize cards. Every time you defeat a Pokémon controlled by your rival, you claim one of the six prize cards you set aside at the start of the game and add it to your hand. When you pick up your sixth and final card, you win!
  • If you defeat an opponents active Pokémon and they have no available Pokémon on their bench to replace it, you can also claim victory.
  • If your opponent runs out of cards in their deck, and therefore cant draw a card at the beginning of their turn, you win. This is whats known as decking your opponent.

Announcing The Pokmon Tcg: Pokmon Go Expansion


This summer, a collaboration between the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon GO will be released! The Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO expansion will feature cards themed after the popular mobile game. You can get an early look at the expansions package design below.

More details will be released soon, so make sure to check back for the latest updates. For more information about the Pokémon Trading Card Game, please visit the official Pokémon TCG website.

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receiving push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated. For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check this help center article.

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