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How Do You Make A Great Throw In Pokemon Go

How To Get An Excellent Curveball In A Row

*Patched* How To EASILY Hit 5 Great Curveball Throws In A Row In Pokémon GO! | Shiny Spinda Task!

In addition to a traditional Pokeball throw in Pokemon GO, you should also learn how to throw a curveball to acquire extra XP. Throwing a curveball has several benefits. First of all, it gives you additional bonus points, and secondly, a curveball increases the odds of capturing the Pokemon.

To master your skills while throwing a curveball, itâs worth noting that the ball will always go in the opposite direction to where you spun it. For instance, if you spin the ball clockwise, itâll go to the right and if you spin it anti-clockwise, itâll go towards the left.

Like getting three excellent throws in a row, thereâs also a hack to always catch a Pokemon while throwing a curveball. Hereâs how to throw a curveball in Pokemon Go to quickly catch the Pokemon.

Step 1: Hold and release the Pokeball when it reaches the excellent size.

Step 2: Wait until the pokemon taunts you.

Step 3: Spin the ball in the clockwise direction.

Step 4: Now, take the ball towards the extreme left of the screen.

Step 5: Release the Pokeball when the pokemon gets to about 3/4 through its taunt.

This is how to get an excellent curveball in Pokemon GO, to achieve better results, it’s better to practice more. Starts with a bigger and closer pokemon because they are big enough to make the practice easier.

Pokemon Go: How To Get An Excellent Throw

Becoming a throwing expert.

When catching a Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you can gain more experience points, depending on how well you threw the Poke Ball. Right now, there are three throw ratings: Nice, Great, and Excellent. Getting a Nice throw is pretty straightforward simply getting the Poke Ball to land within the outer white circle, and then capturing said Pokemon will reward you with a nice throw.

The Great and Excellent throws are a little trickier to pull off. These throws require you to land the Poke Ball within the smaller colored circle. Hold down on the Poke Ball to make the circle shrink, then toss at a smaller size for a chance at a Great or Excellent throw. If you manage to throw the Poke Ball into the smaller circle, youll get a Great throw. An Excellent throw requires more precision than that. Youll actually have to make the Poke Ball hit the dead center of the smaller moving circle in order to get an Excellent throw.

This is done more easily if you throw the Poke Ball when the circle is at its smallest. This will grant you more experience points, and youll also have a higher chance of hitting the center of the circle because of its small area. Not to mention, throwing the ball when the circle is small will also increase your chances of actually catching the Pokemon, so its a good idea to throw it when the circle is as small as youre comfortable with.

Be sure to check out our wiki for more tips and tricks.

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How To Make An Excellent Throw In Pokemon Go

By far the hardest throw to land in Pokemon Go, the Excellent Throw requires players to toss the Pokeball when the inner circle is as small as it can be. While this is definitely a challenge, some tips will help you consistently land those shots with ease:

  • Before throwing the ball, hold it and wait for the circle to reach its smallest radius
  • Let go of the ball, but dont touch it until youre ready to catch the Pokemon. This allows you to take your time with the throw and ensure youre ready before going for an attempt
  • Use a Curveball to increase your chances of catching a Pokemon before they attempt a throw. If successful, a star animation will surround the PokeBall

General Pokmon Catching Tips

å¿å¸ï¼?Pokémon GO å¥½ç¨ AR 調æ´å¤§æ³ï¼?èµ°é? çå°?ç²¾é?ä¹è½ç«å?³æåä¾ï¼?

Before we tell you exactly how to make Pokémon Gos excellent throw, you should first do a few things to give yourself a better chance to do it. The first is to turn off AR or Augmented Reality mode as it does not just spare your smartphones battery life it also makes the pokémon encounter screen much simpler and basic. Another thing you can do is to stock up on Great Balls and Ultra Balls as they also give a higher catch multiplier compared to the basic Pokéball. Aside from that, you should also stock up and get to know the Poké Berries available in-game.

Among these berries, the ones you would find most important when trying to get Pokémon Gos excellent throw are Razz and Nanab berries. Razz berries placate a pokémon and help deter them from escaping even after you have tried to throw a pokéball at them. Nanab berries, meanwhile, help calm opposing pokémon and have them stop moving around the capture screen.

That said, let us move on to how you perform an excellent throw in Pokémon Go!

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What Rewards Do You Get

Every friend will give you different types of rewards and bonuses. These rewards include various trade bonuses. To get better rewards you will have to participate in gym battles and raid battles with all your friends. This increases the connection level between you and your friend, giving you better rewards in the long run.

This is everything you need to know about how to use and redeem Pokemon Go Friend Codes. Now that you are here you can also have a look at some Pokemon Mystery Home Gift Codes.

Nice Great And Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go: How They Work

Once you see a Pokemon you want out in the wild in Pokemon Go, you’ll need to tap it to enter an encounter. Unlike the ‘traditional’ Pokemon games where an encounter takes the form of a Pokemon Battle, in Pokemon Go it’s more a battle of endurance and skill – you’ll need to use berries and Pokeballs skillfully in order to capture the Pokemon without fighting.

The first thing you’ll notice in the Pokemon Catching interface is how the Pokemon you’re facing has a rapidly-closing circle around them. This circle depicts the ‘ideal’ time to toss a Pokeball – and in order to get a bonus, you’ll want to land the thrown Pokeball inside the circle when it’s closing in to its smallest stages.

If you land inside the colored circle with your Pokeball throw you’ll have a greater chance of catching the Pokemon – and this also determines the bonus you get. Specifically, a ‘Nice’ throw is one that lands inside the circle at its largest. ‘Great’ throws will be those that land correctly when the circle is at around half-size. Finally, an Excellent throw is when the circle is very small, close to the middle of the interface.

In addition to this the different throw types carry experience bonuses to help raise your trainer level – a Nice Throw that catches a Pokemon earns 10 bonus XP. A successful Great Throw will earn you 50 XP if it catches. An excellent throw that catches a Pokemon nets a sound 100 bonus XP.

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Curveballs In Pokemon Go: How One Can Do Them And How One Can Throw An Excellent Curveball

A curveball is just about precisely what youd think about in Pokemon Go: it includes placing spin on a Pokeball as you throw it with a purpose to make for one thing of a trick-shot. A curveball truly additionally carries a 10 XP bonus when it efficiently lands and catches a Pokemon and when mixed with touchdown Nice, Great and Excellent Throws itll elevate your possibilities additional nonetheless of catching tougher critters.

In order to toss a curveball in Pokemon Go, maintain the ball nonetheless in entrance of you along with your finger on it and spin it in place, rotating round whereas sustaining contact along with your machine display screen. When you then throw, the ball will curve primarily based on the spin you placed on it itll curve left for clockwise spin and proper for anti-clockwise spin. Throw in the wrong way of the spin with a purpose to ship the ball to the center of the display screen.

What About An Excellent Curve Throw

Use This TRICK To Make 5 Great Throws In A Row In Pokémon GO! | Search For Zarude | Meta Analysis

You get extra XP and a greater catch percentage with a Curveball, and you get extra XP and a higher catch percentage with an Excellent Throw, so naturally, youre going to want to combine the two, right? You totally can! Excellent Curve Throws are a solid way of scoring a huge XP boost per catch, and it gets you just about as close as you can get to a guaranteed catch with most creatures. Heres our best tip for nailing this move!

  • Touch and hold the Poké Ball until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size.
  • Wait until the Pokémon starts to attack.
  • Spin the Poké Ball so you can curve it.
  • As the Pokémon gets to about 3/4 through its attack, throw the curve ball as close to dead center as you can.
  • The target circle will remain the same size you set, so if you hit it correctly, youll score the Excellent throw and associated bonus.

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    The Ps5 Versus Xbox Series X Fanboy Wars Hit A Fresh Low

    Some good Pokémon include: Ponyta, Slowpoke, Snover, Numel, Wailmer/Spheal, Machamp, and Snorlax. But keep seeing whats out there and what works for you. Many evolved Pokemon or difficult to catch Pokemon can work well in these instances, especially because youll be able to farm them, as well talk about in a second.

    The best Pokémon here are typically going to be legendaries: Groudon was particulary easy, as far as I remember. Your best shot here are legendaries awarded through the Go League, Research Rewards, or any instance where you can use unlimited balls. You can do it on Raids too, but be prepared to run out of balls.

    Use Nanab Berries: Best used in tandem with the previous tip. But when you get a decent target, you want to make things as easy as possible on yourself. Dont use a razz berry to increase catch chances, use a Nanab berry to slow things down and make the encounter more predictable.

    Use normal Pokéballs to farm: This is particularly helpful with the current skill challenge, because 50 excellent throws is an absolute ton of excellent throws. Ironically, not catching Pokémon is just as useful if not more so in this instance.

    Once you find yourself with a good target: big, close to the player and not moving around too much, the last thing you want to do is waste it by sticking it in a Pokéball and ending the encounter. You want to use a red Pokéball so that you might get another shot at things: this is especially useful with legendaries.

    Use Location Spoofer To Catch More Types Of Pokemon

    With Pokemon GO, many players become irritated when they have to walk three blocks without catching even a single Pokemon. No doubt, Pokemon Go is a fun game, but many players donât have the time to go out and look for Pokemons.

    If thatâs the case, you can simply use a location spoofing app to change your smartphoneâs location and catch a variety of Pokemon without walking even a single step. A geo spoofing app will allow you to set a different GPS location on your device and start catching Pokemon instantly.

    iMyFone AnyTo is one of the best location spoofing apps for spoofing Pokemon GO on iOS and Android device. iMyFone AnyTo can be compatible with iOS 15. The app is specifically designed to manipulate a device’s GPS location, and change it to anywhere in the world with only one click. Besides changing location, you can also use it to plan your fake routes and set a customized moving speed. It means with iMyFone AnyTo, you can catch as many Pokemons in different regions as you want while sitting on your couch and watching Netflix. Wow, that sounds pretty amazing, right?

    So, if you also want to catch Pokemon in the game without doing too much effort, make sure to install iMyFone AnyTo and use it to spoof Pokemon GO on your devices.

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    What Is An Excellent Throw In Pokmon Go

    When you throw a Pokéball at a target in Pokémon Go, there’s a target ring to help you aim. If you land the Pokéball inside that target ring, you’ll see a text bubble that says either Nice, Great, or Excellent as the ball hits. These three text bubbles let you know you have successfully scored a hit modifier in your throw.

    Separate from the bonus you get when throwing a Curveball in Pokémon Go, the Nice, Great, and Excellent Throw bonuses increase your chances of successfully capturing the Pokemon you are throwing at. A Great Throw will increase your catch chance higher than a Nice Throw, but the highest boost to your catch rating is the Excellent Throw. It’s not difficult to see why the target ring for an Excellent Throw is by far the most difficult to hit because of its size.

    Here’s how the multiplier bonus breaks down:

    • Nice Throw – 1.15X bonus
    • Great Throw – 1.5X bonus
    • Excellent Throw – 1.85X bonus

    On top of the huge bump to your catch percentage and the XP bonus when you land the catch, many of the Field Research and Special Research goals involve landing Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws, with Excellent Throws fulfilling the requirement for Great or Nice throws. That means you need to consistently land Excellent throws if you want to be able to capture a Mew or complete the other Research tasks.

    How Do You Get 3 Great Throws In A Row

    8 Ways to Get XP (Experience Points) Fast in âPokémon GOâ?

    Mastering three great throws in a row will take time but will surely be quite rewarding. So, it is worth the efforts. To master the art, keep in mind of the following things:

    • First get an excellent throw using the conventional techniques.
    • Next you have to the next Pokemon and tap on it. Then, immediately switch off your data connection before you make the throw.
    • Now when you get an excellent throw again, turn on your mobile data connection.
    • If you cannot make an excellent throw, close the app, turn on the mobile data and try the same process again.

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    How Do You Throw 5 Great Curveballs In A Row

    There are special Pokémon such as Spinda which require this technique to catch. When you find this Pokémon, you have to do a research Task, which requires 5 great curveball throws in a row. You simply spin the curveball until you see sparkles and stars around it, and then throw it in the opposite direction.

    Making A Great Throw In Pokemon Go

    What exactly is a great throw in Pokemon GO? When trainers gain more experience during gameplay, they will begin to notice the circle surrounding a Pokemon as they attempt to catch it.

    The circle around the Pokemon gets bigger and smaller. When the circle is at its largest and a Pokeball is made inside, it will result in a “Nice!” throw. When the circle is at its smallest, landing the Pokeball in the middle of that small circle will make an “Excellent!” throw.

    To make a “Great!” throw and be able to make multiple “Great!” throws, you will need to throw the Pokeball in the center of the circle when it is between the small and largest size. It is also important to note that it is possible to manipulate the size of this circle by holding the Pokeball before throwing it.

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    Make A Nice Throw In Pokemon Go Guide

    • Target the ring:
    • Every Pokémon has a different target ring in a different place. Some of them are closer to the face, others closer to the centre of the body. So, you need to try focussing on the ring and not the Pokemon because hitting the centre of the ring is the goal. This will help you score better.
  • Start with Pokémon which are bigger and closer:
  • To make a Nice Throw, you need to know that the bigger Pokemon like Snorlax, Pidgey, and Rattata will provide a greater chance of hitting a Nice throw. Attack them when they are closer.
  • Practice:
  • To master any skill, you need to practice, consistent efforts bring fruitful results. If you try to catch every Pokémon you come across, you will get better at landing Excellent Throws.
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    Why Curve Balls Are Awesome

    How To Properly Throw Pokeballs in Pokemon GO! GUARANTEED GREAT THROW EVERY TIME! Set Circle Method

    Before I figured out Curve Balls, I lost many a Poké Ball on bad throws, watching the ball fly off the screen after thinking I was throwing straight. I’ve cursed the Curve Ball’s name, but the throw can actually be really powerful if you do it correctly.

    Why? Because when thrown correctly, Curve Balls are more likely to land in the center of the radar ring and nab you the Great and Excellent bonus which also increases the likelihood that your caught Pokémon will remain in its Poké Ball. The Curve Ball bonus itself, though a paltry 10XP, also gives you a higher chance of catching Pokémon.

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