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How To Shiny Hunt In Pokemon Let’s Go

How To Get Shiny Pokemon Easily

Ultimate Pokemon Shiny Hunting Guide – Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee
  • Rack up a Catch Combos to at least 31 to increase the rate that Shiny Pokemon spawn to 1 in 341.3! Once you’ve combo’d 31 Pokemon, simply wander where the Pokemon you want spawns for a chance at finding it. You’ll be able to tell it’s a Shiny Pokemon by the alternate color, and by the sparkles that surround it. You don’t have to Catch Combo the Pokemon you want to be shiny to increase its odds, but it will make that Pokemon spawn more often in general. Make sure to not turn off your game – your combo will break! Read the Pokemon: Let’s Go Catch Combo Guide for more details if you need them!
  • Use a Lure to further increase your odds – down to 1 in 315 after reaching a 31 Catch Combo.
  • Lastly, complete your Pokedex and head to the Condominiums in the north of Celadon City. Go to the Game Freak Development Office on the third floor. There, the Game Director will give you a certificate of completion and the Shiny Charm. This makes your odds 1 in 292.57 after a 31 Catch Combo, and a staggering 1 in 273 when used with a Lure as well!
  • What Pokmon To Avoid Using This Method

    Unfortunately, before getting started, it is important to note that there are a few roadblocks in the way when trying to complete the Pokédex with Shiny Pokémon. Firstly, both Pikachu and Eevee are shiny locked as starters, which means you have a 0% chance of getting a shiny starter no matter how many resets you do. This does not mean that a player cannot get a shiny Pikachu or Eevee in the game in fact, they are quite common. However, it will have to be a regular one. Another Pokémon that does not follow the regular methods of shiny hunting is Mewtwo, which makes it significantly harder to hunt. Mewtwo is a static encounter, which means that you will have to reset over and over again until it is shiny. This could take as few as 40 resets or as many as 4000, as unfortunately, it will be staying at full odds. It’s also important to know that all three legendary birds are static encounters when first met. These Pokémon, like Mewtwo, also require resetting in order to find a shiny. The advantage of these encounters is that once a shiny has been stumbled upon, a player has infinite opportunities to catch them without a flee chance until they are out of Poké Balls.

    Tips On Catching A Shiny Gastly

    Before heading for the Pokémon Tower, be sure to stock up on balls. Gastly is pretty easy to catch with Great Balls, but get some Ultra Balls, too. Lures are also useful for making more Pokémon appear, but they’re not essential.

    Head to Lavender Town after you’ve obtained the Silph Scope. There are several floors in the Pokémon Tower the second-highest is the best for finding Gastly.

    Start getting combos by catching as many Gastlys as possible. Here are some tips:

    • Catch them fast so they don’t run away. If a Pokémon runs, you lose your combo and have to start all over again.
    • Run from any other Pokémon you run into .
    • Throw Razz Berries to make them easier to catch.
    • When your combo is high, start using Ultra Ballsthe higher the combo, the more annoying it is when a Pokémon runs!

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    What Are Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Lets Go

    While they are named shiny Pokemon, it turns out that shiny Pokemon arent actually shiny. Instead, shiny Pokemon have been given a color palette swap. A shiny Magikarp, for example, is golden, rather than its traditional red hue. There is a shiny alternative of each and every Pokemon in the game. Unfortunately, however, there arent any other benefits to shiny Pokemon, except increased IV potentials thanks to Combo Chains.

    Youll know a shiny Pokemon when you see one, too, as they appear in the game world with their different colors and everything. Read on to discover how to catch green Dragonites, blue Electrodes, and pink Hypnos.

    Total Pokmon Fought Battle The Pokmon You Want A Shiny Of

    Pokémon Let

    At the time I took this screenshot, I had fought Wooloo 616 times.

    Another way to increase your chances is by having battled a Pokémon several times during your game. You can check to see how many times you’ve fought a specific Pokémon by checking your Pokédex. Your chances of finding a shiny increase incrementally when you’ve fought the same Pokémon 1, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, or 500 times total. That means that the best way to increase your chances is by having fought the same Pokémon 500 times during your game. That’s definitely a lot, but for the serious shiny hunter, it’s worth it. If you’ve gotten to the end of the game, you might have gotten close to that number. Otherwise, it will take a lot of work to battle a Pokémon that much.

    Fun fact, I’ve been shiny hunting for Wooloo for over 17 hours. In that time, I’ve fought well over 1,000 of them. However, the Pokédex stops counting once you’ve fought 999 of the same Pokémon.

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    How To Catch Shiny Pokemon In Lets Go

    Catching Shiny Pokemon In Lets Go is kind of a grind, but you can increase your chances of encountering a shiny pokemon with Catch Combo. Thats not all, the higher the Catch Chain the higher chance the pokemon will have Flawless IVs.

    So Whats a Catch Combo?

    Its simple you just need to catch the same pokemon over and over again for each time you say catch a Charmander it will increase your Catch Combo, this will increase your chance of encountering a Shiny Charmander. The higher the Catch Combo the better chance you will encounter pokemon with higher IV Stats and even Rare Pokemon.

    Catch Combo

    Introduction To Shiny Pokmon

    For newer players, shiny Pokémon are recolored Pokémon that get a sparkling animation when they appear. They are sought after for their rarity in games and valued highly by the dedicated Pokémon collectors. This makes them a special commodity in any Pokémon game, and Pokémon: Let’s Go is no different from the rest.

    Before diving headfirst into serious shiny hunting techniques, let’s take a look at the chances of getting a shiny Pokémon throughout a regular playthrough. Since Generation VI, the base rate of finding a shiny Pokémon in the wild is 1/4096. Because multiple Pokémon can spawn simultaneously, this slightly increases the odds to X/4096, with X being the number of Pokémon visible on-screen.

    With all this being said, if you encounter 1000 Pokémon, it does not mean that your chances are gradually lowered in any way the chance for each regular encounter will always be 1/4096. This is also the case for gifts and Alolan trades. However, there are multiple ways to manipulate your shiny chances, and we will dive right into them.

    Before starting your shiny hunt, it is worth talking to the Fortune Teller in Celadon City if you wish to choose your target’s nature before hunting.

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    Getting The Shiny Charm

    If you’re adamant about getting shiny Pokémon, then you’ll want to get the Shiny Charm. This is a reward you receive for completing the Galar region Pokédex. To do that, you’ll need to trade Pokémon with friends or people online to get the version exclusive Pokémon not found in your game.

    Once you have all 400 Pokémon, travel to Circhester and go to the first hotel you see in the city. You’ll need to take the elevator to the top floor and then head to the room that’s farthest on the left of the building. Enter the room and talk to the doctor in the back. He’ll give you the Shiny Charm, which will increase your chances of coming upon a shiny Pokémon to 1/1365.33. When combined with all of the other catching methods, your odds go up to 1/458.

    If you’re close to getting the Shiny Charm before playing through the Isle of Armor or Crown Tundra DLC, it’s probably worth finishing up your Pokédex quickly. You’ll run into plenty of wild Pokémon during the DLC, and as you explore the new areas, so it’s a great time to run into an accidental shiny. Having a Shiny Charm will make your chances even better.

    How To Shiny Chain In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    How to Shiny Hunt in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

    So while encountering 500 of the same Pokemon will increase the odds of you finding a shiny, that isn’t the same as shiny chaining. If you encounter and then defeat or catch up to 25 of the same Pokemon species in a row, the odds of finding a shiny are increased even further. If you stumble into one that isn’t the same species, make sure you run away and don’t catch it or let it faint, because your chain will be reset.

    Once you hit a chain of 25, that’s the maximum you can shiny chain in Sword and Shield. Combine all three methods and your odds of encountering a shiny will increase drastically, from the base 1/4096 to 1/455.

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    Sword And Shield: Shiny Pokmon Vs Super Shiny Pokmon

    Two different types of shiny Pokémon appear in Sword and Shield. One of them is much rarer than the other and has been dubbed “super shiny” by the internet. Regular shiny Pokémon pop out with stars glittering around them, whereas super shiny Pokémon appear with squares, as seen in the picture above.

    Shiny Pokémon rarity has been split! Same 1:4096 odds to obtain a shiny, but there are two types of shiny. 15/16 show stars, 1/16 show squares. Square rarity is 1 in 65536!Basically, if your Trainer ID cleanly matches the PID , it will be squares rather than stars.


    Data miners have dived into Sword and Shield’s coding to determine what the shiny odds are. According to respected data miner Kurt, the odds of catching shinies are still 1/4096. However, 15/16 shiny Pokémon will show stars, whereas only 1/16 shiny Pokémon will show squares. That makes super shinies super rare to come across with only a chance of 1/65536!

    Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/eevee: Shiny Hunting Guide

    While Pokemon Lets Go, Pikachu and Eevee are great games, the question in a lot of avid Pokemon players minds is, Can I still find and catch Shiny Pokemon? and the answer to that is, of course, you can! It is still a Pokemon game, after all.

    Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare variations of Pokemon that have a different color than their original variants. Upon encountering Shiny Pokemon, they will have a sparkling animation to emphasize they are shiny. You may even encounter them randomly in the wild if you are fortunate. The keyword here is luck which means it all boils down to the odds or chances of you finding a Shiny Pokemon, which is only a 1 in 4,096 chance in Pokemon Lets Go, Pikachu, and Eevee.

    Fortunately for players of Pokemon Lets Go, Pikachu and Eevee, finding Shiny Pokemon is easier than previous Pokemon games. Not that the odds or chances of finding one are easier, but it is easier to spot once in the wild as you can see the Pokemon wandering around rather than having to encounter Pokemon and seeing if it is a Shiny Pokemon or not. If there ever is one, you will see a Shiny Machoke in an area full of Machoke. As mentioned above, and if you are unsure if it is a Shiny Pokemon, you will see a sparkling animation once you encounter them, which is different from the red and blue sparkles pointing out if they are small or large-sized Pokemon.

    Now Lets Go and talk about the ways you can increase your chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon:

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Shiny Chance

    You already know the base chance of finding a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is 1 in 4096, but what about when you’ve battled lots more of that species? The table below outlines how many Pokemon you need to battle of one species to increase the chance of encountering a shiny.

    Data courtesy of Serebii.net.

    1/682.6667 1/512

    You’re probably wondering what on earth a Shiny Charm is after seeing the odds slashed so drastically in the above table, so let us explain.

    Using The Shiny Charm In Pokemon Let’s Go

    How to Shiny Hunt in Pokemon Let

    After you complete your Pokedex you can visit the Game Director in Celadon City. Theres a man with a buff Poliwrath standing outside the building youre looking for. Head in and youll find a floor with the in-game Game Freak team. The Director is wearing casual clothes because hes a proper dude.

    Chat to him and hell commend you for catching em all. Hell give you a neat certificate and the Shiny Charm, which you never have to do anything with. Just keep it in your bag and it will work on its own, increasing the odds of encountering a shiny from 1 in 4,096 to 1 in 1,365. Dont sell it or its gone. Selling it would be very silly. I was only checking to see how much it was worth, alright?

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    Crown Tundra: Dynamax Adventures Shiny Rate

    Catching shinies is even easier for players who have access to the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. You’ll be able to visit a snowy region known as the Crown Tundra. Within the caves of a snow-topped mountain, players join together to battle against several Dynamax Pokémon one after the other until finally culminating in a battle against a Legendary Pokémon.

    Okay, yeah.


    I myself have caught a shiny while participating in the Dynamax Adventures with a Shiny Charm. One thing to note is that the Pokémon don’t appear shiny until the battles are completely over. So when you get to that page where you only get to choose one Pokémon to keep, you’re going to want to check all of the Pokémon you caught along the way to see if any have unique coloring.

    The Current Pokemon In Wild Area News Raids

    Sword & Shield’s Wild Area Raid dens are a whole lot of fun, and from time to time, the Wild Area News brings reports of certain Pokemon appearing more frequently in the dens. Often, these Pokemon can have massively boosted shiny odds, making them a fun and easy way to grab a shiny or two.

    Past examples include Magikarp, Wailord, and Wooloo, so if you’re into the idea of some laid-back shiny hunting, keep an eye out for the next Wild Area News announcement.

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    Shiny Pokemon Increasing The Odds

    The data mine before the Pokemon Lets Go release confirmed that catch combos increase the chance of a shiny spawn. Logically this is further increased when using a lure as more spawns are occurring.

    Furthermore, the shiny charm, which is obtained after completing the game, will increase the chances further. We explain catch combos and the shiny charm in the link below.

    What Are Shiny Pokmon

    HOW TO SHINY HUNT BULBASAUR IN 24 HOURS! – Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu

    Shiny Pokémon have a long history in the Pokémon series. They are incredibly rare re-colored versions of existing Pokémon. For example, while a Dratini is a light blue color, a Shiny Dratini is a pink color instead. Green re-colors of Pokémon are generally quite common for a Shiny version. The color scheme may seem odd, but it stems from a limited color palette in earlier versions of the game.

    In Pokémon Go, not every Pokémon has a Shiny variant, but Niantic regularly introduces new Shiny Pokémon along with special ways to increase your chance of finding them.

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    The Shiny Charm: An Essential Tool

    Introduced in the Generation V games, Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, the Shiny Charm is the most important item for any aspiring shiny hunter. Once a Trainer is given this item, every time they encounter a wild Pokemon, the game will roll the shiny odds three extra times. This effectively gives starting odds of 1 in 1365.

    To obtain this item, Trainers have to catch ’em all: completing the largest Pokedex of that particular game unlocks the Shiny Charm . After obtaining it, shiny odds will be improved for any other additional method Trainers wish to use.

    How To Increase Pokemon Lets Go Shiny Odds With Lures

    Aside from Catch Combos and the Shiny Charm, there is another way to increase your odds of finding shiny Pokemon. Lures are items you can buy in any Poke Mart throughout Kanto after beating the Gym Leader in Cerulean City. At first, only standard Lures will be available to buy, but the more Gym Leaders you beat, the better the Lures you will be able to purchase.

    There are three types of Lures to buy: standard, Super Lures, and Max Lures. They dont come cheap, however, with your standard Lure setting you back 400 Poke Dollars, with Super and Max costing 700 and 900, respectively. To use a Lure, just head to whatever area youd like, open up the Item Menu and place one down. They only last a short while, with limits of steps you can take before they run out, but they increase your odds of finding shiny and rare Pokemon dramatically. With any of the three Lures activated , the odds of finding a shiny increase to 1 in 2048, rather than the normal 1 in 4096.

    Of course, stacking together all three areas of shiny hunting listed in this guide will be your best bet at finding shinies. Own the Shiny Charm, hit a Catch Combo of 31x, and using a Lure will increase the odds of finding shiny Pokemon to 1 in 273. Hopefully, youll be finding green Cubones, purple Lapras, and blue Psyducks in no time at all. It shouldnt take ages to find shiny Pokemon when you know all the tricks needed to incrase the Pokemon Lets Go shiny odds.

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