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Iphone Spoofer Pokemon Go

Following Illustrates The Steps Needed To Use The Vpna App:

How to Spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone & Android (2022)

Step 1: After opening Pokémon GO, the location to be spoofed is searched. Now VPNa is installed via Google Play Store and is opened.Step 2: After enabling the Developer option, press Enable Mock Location on the app. Choose Select Mock Location App below Developers options. Lastly, select VPNa- Fake GPS location.

Step 3: On the VPNa app search for the required location. Eventually, after the affirmation of the changed destination, Power button is pressed.

Step 4: Lastly, Pokémon GO is opened, and the spoofed location can be seen.

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Solution : Install Pokemon Go++ To Fake Pokemon Go Location/gps On Iphone

Pokemon Go++ is an advanced version of the original app available for jailbroken devices. Therefore, if your iPhone is not jailbroken, then you can skip this method or jailbreak it beforehand. Ideally, Pokemon Go++ is a tweaked or modified version of the original app that gives us several other benefits. For instance, you can use it to fake GPS location for iOS Pokemon Go, walk faster, and access more hacks. Since Pokemon Go++ is not available on the App Store, you can use any third-party installer like Cydia or Tutu App to get it.

Step 1. Unlock your jailbroken device and install the latest version of the Tutu App on it. Consider it as an App Store for the modified or tweaked iOS apps for jailbroken devices.

Step 2. Once Tutu App is installed, launch it, and look for the Pokemon Go++ app from here. Beforehand, make sure the usual Pokemon Go app is already uninstalled from your iPhone.

Step 3. After downloading Pokemon Go++ app, tap on the âInstallâ button and grant the app the needed permissions to complete the installation.

Step 4. Thatâs it! Once the Pokemon Go++ app is installed, launch it, and log-in to your Pokemon Go account. To change the location, go to its settings, and turn on the âFake Locationâ feature. You can also access the radar feature to pin your new location on the map.

You can change your location multiple times using the native interface of Pokemon Go++ without any trouble.


  • Might get your account suspended

Can You Use Nordvpn For Pokemon Go

BEST VPN FOR POKEMON GO:NordVPN is the best VPN for spoofing your location in Pokémon Go. It’s fast, security-conscious, and offers access to thousands of servers around the world. As if that isn’t enough, there’s even a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Can you still cheat in Pokemon go? The most popular cheating method in Pokemon GO is by far spoofing. This allows trainers to catch many different rare Pokemon that they would normally not have access to. The way spoofing works is that it manipulates the phone to make the GPS believe it is in a different location.

How To Unban Your Pokemon GO AccountThe Appeal Process

  • Visit the Niantic help center.
  • Select the Ban Appeal option.
  • Enter your in-game username and email address.
  • Type in your appeal in the description field.
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    Can You Still Spoof In Pokemon Go 2020

    While the Global Health Crisis caused by the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 is keeping humanity on edge, Niantic made an announcement. Today, on 25th March 2020, Niantic announced the changes to their Pokemon Go Research Tasks via Twitter.

    Although specifics weren’t announced, but they did provide a list of tasks that are being changed for the moment. Basically, they are adjusting for the sake of their users so that the required tasks can be completed without leaving homes. All these instigated when the company made changes to their most recent Paid Special Research Event. There will also be some changes to the gameplay element to support the recent corrections.

    The changes in the tasks are mostly motivated to avoid Gym time

    • Battle in a Gym
    • Defeat 3 team Go Rocket Grunts
    • Battle in a Gym 5 Times
    • Win a Level 3 or Higher Raid
    • Win 5 Raids
    • Use a Super-Effective Charged Attack in 7 Gym Battles
    • Win 3 Gym Battles
    • Send 10 Gifts to Friends

    The Research Tasks:

    • Hatch 3 Eggs
    • Hatch 5 Eggs

    As per Niantic, no specific tasks are removed. Another important information that the players who have collected the tasks beforehand, they can finish them and collect the rewards.

    Using Luckluckgo To Spoof Pokemon Go

    2020 Pokemon Go Spoofing Without Moving

    LuckLuckGo is the most recommended as you are about to find out. It does not only provide the GPS changes upon a click, but it will also allow you to move around remotely with ease. It is safe, and you won’t have to worry about your account being banned because of changing the location severally.

    You won’t deny the relief this app offers because you can attest to how tough it is to come across an app to spoof an iOS location. I haven’t had a good experience finding one before going for LuckLuckGo. Most of them are poorly rated, outdated, and can be detected instantly by Pokemon Go.

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    How To Use Ispoofer/pokego++ Without Cydia Impactor

    Using iSpoofer without Cydia is undoubtedly challenging. So many people explore alternate options. In this instance, we propose Dr.Fone â Virtual Location, which offers a simple way to fake your iPhone’s location. You do not need to utilize Cydia Impactor or jailbreak your devices to use the Dr.Fone utility. It offers a simple way to transfer your place or even mimic your travel between other locations at a predetermined speed.


    Here’s how you may save time by using this finest iSpoofer replacement for PC.

    Please recommend our product – Dr.Fone – Virtual Location step by step.

    Step 1: Open the Dr.Fone â Virtual Location application.

    First and foremost, you must obtain Dr.Fone – Virtual Location . After that, install and run the software.

    Connect your iPhone or Android phone to your computer by selecting “Virtual Location” from the drop-down menu. Next, select “Get Started” from the drop-down menu.

    start the feature of virtual location

    Connect your device to a computer system if you’re playing Pokemon Go on it. The terms and conditions will be presented after you open the Dr.Fone application. Read them carefully, agree to them, and then select ‘Get Started’.

    Step 2: Teleport to any destination.

    Step 3: Practice moving between different locations

    Step 4: Observe the location change

    Your location will change automatically, and the new location will be registered on every site you visit within a few minutes. So you’re all set!

    Faqs About Pokmon Go Spoofing

    Q1: Can You Play Pokémon Go with a VPN?

    Yes. But you will need to use a spoofing app along with the VPN. Just turn on your GPS spoofing app and connect the VPN to your selected IP address. It is important to choose a good quality VPN app to ensure that you hide the IP address and DNS requests effectively.

    Q2: Can You Still Spoof in Pokémon Go?

    Yes, you can. But it is important to make sure that you only spoof in moderation and that the locations you choose to spoof are realistic. If Niantic detects the change in your GPS location, they may restrict your account or even ban you from playing the game temporarily. A first offence usually attracts a 12-hour ban.

    Q3: What is the best VPN for Pokémon GO?

    The best VPN app to use is NordVPN. There are many other options in the market, but only NordVPN guarantees effective spoofing and protection for the device.

    Q4. Can I spoof my location with different VPNs?

    Yes, you can certainly use a different VPN to spoof your location. Another great one is Surfshark because it comes with a built-in spoofing app, allowing you to spoof your location without installing a location spoofing app.

    Q5. Can you play Pokémon GO while driving?

    You technically can, although we recommend against it for safety reasons. Niantic is also unlikely to collect any rewards if they detect movement at speeds of more than 30mph.

    Q6. Does shaking your phone count steps in Pokémon GO?

    Q7. What is the speed limit in Pokémon GO?

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    Surfshark Low Price And High Performance

    Ranked: 9.4/10

    Surfshark is a great choice for spoofing Pokemon GO location. It offers 3200+ servers in 65+ countries, so there should be no problem finding your desired Pokemon hunting location.

    At the same time, the speed of this VPN is more than enough for gaming without noticeable latency. Its the WireGuard tunneling protocol that makes Surfshark so fast. But theres more to this provider than great performance.

    Surfshark has a reliable kill switch and protection against DNS, IP, and WebRTC leaks. And thanks to its Stealth VPN , youll be able to play Pokemon GO even from China and other countries with restricted internet access. Theres also split tunneling that enables users to protect only selected apps.

    You can get Surfshark for $2.21/month. This deal includes unlimited simultaneous connections, meaning you can share the account with your fellow Pokemon hunters. A 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee are also available.

    For a deeper investigation, read our Surfshark review.


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    How To Spoof Pokmon Go On Ios Using Spoofing Software

    POKEMON GO SPOOFING 2022 | How to Spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone

    You may be surprised that there are external devices that enable you to spoof your location on an iOS device. External devices like Gfaker and Double Location could help to change your GPS location on an iPhone or iPad by connecting the external device to your iOS device.

    Although it’s workable using such a device, it is much more expensive than using a desktop program or iOS app. Thus, apply this method only when you have enough budget.

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    How To Spoof On Pokmon Go Easily For Iphone And Android

    When we talk about how to spoof on Pokemon Go, the only way you must know the spoof is to change the GPS location. Bet youve tried many ways and still cant find a right way to do that, right? Well, its quite easy for us. Follow the below methods to know how to spoof on Pokemon Go both for iPhone and Android users.

    Top 2 Tenorshare Ianygo

    Tenorshare iAnyGo is a user-friendly spoofing app that helps you travel through the virtual world with ease. It is one of the best Pokémon Go spoofers for iOS because you wont have joint issues with other fake GPS location apps.

    It can change your iPhones location without Jailbreaking the device. With Tenorshare iAnyGo, there is a low risk of getting banned.

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    Is Cydia Safe For An Iphone

    Cydia is 100% safe and secure for iPhones and other iOS devices. Everyone can use it without any fear as long as they only use preloaded repositories and install the jailbreaks from official sources. Unfortunately, third-party repositories may include viruses. However, some well-reputed applications that are not malware are also available in the market.

    Can I Spoof Pokemon Go On Ios

    Pokemon Go Gps Spoof Ios

    Once you have done with the above process and steps, you will be able to spoof Pokemon Go on iOS for free and easily.

    Now you can open the app and use the Pokémon Go Spoofer iOS to turn on fake GPS and use Pokémon Go Joystick to move around the game while seating on the sofa. Once you have used this app, dont forget to share your feedback in the comment box. If you know any other best Pokémon Go Spoofer for iOS, do share with us in the comment section.

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    Pokemon Go Spoofing In Ios Devices

    Pokemon GO has very recently cracked down on iPhones and iOS devices, leaving players with very limited options.

    This is one of the only options I have found that actually works, and is safe. One warning, however, it is not free.

    • Turn off adventure sink in Pokemon GO
    • Turn off motion tracking
    • On your phone, to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off everything
    • Download and use iAnyGo

    As you can see, you need to turn off anything and everything that might give away the fact that youre not actually moving the way you say you are in Pokemon GO.

    iAnyGo has the functionality to move around, but you will need to do so from a computer. This means this only works if you have a computer handy while you play.

    And therere reasons why we didnt help you with download links.

    How To Spoof Pokemon Go Iphone Free

    Its been more than a few years since I have been playing Pokemon Go. It reminded me old days when I used to play Pokemon games when I was a kid. The real-world GPS-based game impressed me when its augmented reality gameplay. Initially, hunting for the Pokemon monsters while walking around the real-world gardens and walking ways was fun.

    After playing the game for a few years, I started using some GPS spoofing apps on my Android phone to fake the GPS of the game and play the game while sitting on the sofa at home. But then, I switched to the iPhone. Of course, iPhone is the safest compared to Android, but it was not easy for me to spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone. However, after doing deep research for the Pokemon Go spoofing hack, I found the working method and heres it.

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    Avoid Not Working Pokemon Go Spoofers

    Do you want an easy way out? Stay away from Pokemon Go Spoofers that don’t function.

    I hope you’re not at a loss for words trying to figure out what I’m saying. So, believe me on this. I’ve read numerous articles that list iSpoofer, iOS Roaming Guide, and VPN, and I can tell you that they’re all worthless let me explain each one for you to save time.

    Spoofer is no longer available for usage. Even though you have read suggestions elsewhere, it is regretfully no longer open. Because iOS Roaming Guide no longer enables downloading, you won’t have to waste time searching for apps that are no longer available.

    Most importantly, it is not suggested to use a VPN since a VPN can only modify your IP address. Pokemon Go is a GPS location-based game. Therefore, using a VPN will not allow you to fake your GPS position on your iPhone to play Pokemon Go.

    However, I spent money on a VPN and discovered this in the end it’s a shame that so many writers created and disseminated erroneous information for a Pokemon Go user like myself. So, without a doubt, I need to express my thoughts here and assist you in selecting a reliable and trustworthy Pokemon Go spoofer!

    From this post, you may have observed that Pokemon’s visibility is hampered by GPS location. You now know how to fake Pokemon Go on your iPhone. The most incredible thing is that you won’t be going out. You’ll do it remotely since, I’m guessing, you’ve become an expert and are in a better position to spoof Pokemon Go on iOS.

    Bonus: How To Spoof In Pokmon Go Safely

    How to Spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone & Android with a joystick

    Performing Pokémon GO spoofing usingPokémon GO spoofers is actually an illegal way of playing Pokémon GO to somedegree. Once getting caught by Pokémon GO official, you will be flagged with account suspendedor even banned for lifetime. Therefore to avoid this, you can never be toocareful while changing GPS location on Pokémon GO.

    • 1One of the most important practices is to make reasonable movements. You need to avoid changing locations at rate which is too fast because it creates suspicion.
    • 2If you happen to change locations between two points, don’t repeat it within a short time. If it is possible, you should first turn off Pokémon GO before switching between these locations.
    • 3Another good practice is to use a reliable location spoofer tool. Remember not all Pokémon GO spoofers are up to par. Make sure to select tools that are trustworthy and offer features that let you intelligently spoof in Pokémon GO. For Example, TailorGo enables users simulate natural movements like driving, walking, and cycling.

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    Spoof Pokemon Go On Android 6 8

    Android 6 8 are the easiest devices to Spoof. If you have an old phone or can get your hands on an old Android for a few bucks, then it will probably be well worth it if you like Pokemon GO and want to spoof the game.

    To spoof Pokemon GO on Android 6 8:

    • Downgrade Google Play services
    • Disable Find my Device and Google Pay
    • Uninstall updates on Google Play Services
    • DisableBackground Data on Google Play Services
    • Clear App Data from Pokemon GO and restart Phone
    • Install Fake GPS Joystick& Routes Go
    • Enable No Root Mode & Wait Dialog
    • Set Android location settings to High Accuracy

    Check this article for more in-depth guidance.

    How To Use It

    Pokemon Go game requires you to go to various locations to complete the game tasks, but iMyFone AnyTo allows you to play it indoors. iMyFone AnyTo allows changing the location in the Pokemon Go to any place in the world, without changing the settings of your phone. Furthermore, it allows simulation of the movements at a personalized speed in the game. To play Pokemon Go using this app, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Connect Your Mobile Phone to Your Computer

    First, you have to download the iMyFone AnyTo app and install it on your mobile devices . Open the app and click on the Get Started button. After that, connect it to your mobile phone using a USB cable. (If you use an IOS device, unlock the device and tap Trust on the iPhone device when it prompts you to confirm that you Trust this Computer. Enter the passcode again for the connection to be complete.

    Step 2: Choose the Location

    iMyFone AnyTo will direct you to an interface that resembles a map. Select the Teleport Mode or the third icon, situated near the top-right corner. Now, zoom or drag the map to choose the location for the Pokemon Go game.

    Alternatively, you can type the coordinates or the location on the iMyFone AnyTos search bar. After clicking a location, the app will pop up a bar showing information relating to the location you chose.

    Step 3: Pokemon Go Joystick on your Android is now complete

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