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Saving Yourself Some Time Count Me In

Top 5 Pokemon GO Cheats & Glitches ! (Pokemon GO Cheats, Tips & Glitches)

A little known time saver is when youre hatching an egg. Pinching the screen instead of simply tapping will immediately skip the egg hatching animation and put the little Pokémon into your inventory. Do note that theres no way to skip the evolution animation, so dont try pinching the screen there as well.

What Are Some Of The Best Pokmon Go Cheats

1. GPS Spoofing

Lets start the list with something simple and fairly easy to pull off. We all know that Pokémon Go works on your GPS position. It collects your location information and spawns Pokémons near you. GPS spoofing allows you to trick the game into thinking that you are in a different and new location thus, you are able to find more Pokémons without even moving.

This also allows players from the countryside to enjoy the game better. Also, since the Pokémons are spawned in a thematically appropriate environment, GPS spoofing is the only way for people living in a land-locked area to catch water-type Pokémons. To pull this off, all you need is a Fake GPS app, a mock locations masking module, and a VPN app. You need to make sure that your I.P. address and GPS are set to the same fake location. This is one of the best Pokémon Go hacks if you can pull it off properly.

Using this hack, you wont even have to step outside to catch Pokémons. You can simply keep changing your location and have Pokémons spawning right next to you. However, make sure not to use it too frequently, or else Niantic will be on to you. Try to set your location to such a place where you will find a lot of Pokémons at once. If Niantic finds out that you are using a Fake GPS ad, it might even ban your account permanently. So, we will advise you to take the risk only if you are okay with the consequences, i.e., losing your account forever.

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2. Botting

Check Ivs Before Evolving In Pokmon Go

You always want to evolve the best Pokémon possible. “Best” being defined as having the highest stats . The better the Pokémon you evolve, the higher the CP and HP it’ll have, and the better it’ll do in Gym and Raid Battles.

An update to the built-in appraisal system for Pokémon Go makes it easier than ever to see what you’re working with. Previously all you got was a phrase that would let you know where your Pokémon’s stats were. However, now you get a graph and a star rating. It breaks down the attack, defense, and HP of the selected Pokémon, as well as giving you a one, two, or three-star rating. This makes it easier than ever to know which Pokémon is worth evolving, and which you want to transfer to snag more candy.

It’s also easier to find your higher IV Pokémon using the search bar. By typing in 4*, you’ll see all of your 100% IV. The search terms also work with 1*, 2*, and 3* so that you always evolve the Pokémon that will be most worth it. There are also a variety of other terms you can search for to isolate specific Pokémon, and you can find them all here.

Now, not everyone is into stats, not in baseball and not in Pokémon, but if you are, there are still third-party IV apps available to you, and they’ll make sure your every Pokémon you evolve is a monster. That way, you can evolve the 100% Bagon into Salamence and not the 82% one.

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Pokmon Go Cheats: Automatic Iv Checkers

In Pokémon Go, the combat power of any Pokémon is dependent on individual values or IV. The best possible Pokémon is one with 100% IV. However, it’s not possible to check the exact IV without a third-party program. It is not as though manual IV checkers are banned, but you need to check every single Pokémon you catch with a screenshot.

Because of the long procedure, many users prefer to use an automatic IV checker. Unfortunately, automatic IV checkers are banned because they are linked directly to your account.

Way : How To Cheat On Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO Cheats &  MODs

Not just for faking the location it also helps in make virtual routes helpful in moving along while playing the game by actually being at one place. The spoofing app can be used to change the location in any social media or related AR games!

  • Connect your iOS device to the computer using USB cable.
  • Launch it to see your current location in the map. Select the Teleport Mode located at the right side on the top.
  • Choose a new location on the map or use the Search box for the other places.
  • Tap on Move button to instantly change the location to a new one.
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    Move To Places Where People Gather To Play The Game

    If you want to catch some amazing Pokemon, you can move over to a place that is populated with Pokemon Go players. The players typically put out lures that will attract various Pokemon. Try to group with other people while playing the game and select a region where there are numerous PokeStops around to get the best results.

    Skip The Evolution Animation

    Don’t have time to wait for the evolution animation to complete? Just quit the game and relaunch it the process is really that simple. Once the evolution animation begins, simply force quit the game, and launch it again. The process to start the game is typically much shorter than the amount of time it takes for the evolution animation to complete, saving you a bit of time.

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    Match Up Pokmon With Their Opposing Types Before A Battle

    You might be woefully undermatched against an opposing Gym, but you can still do well and damage their Gym’s Prestige if you know one simple trick: How to match up an opposing Pokémon’s type and element. Each creature has a primary type, which usually matches up to some sort of element. And, as in the real world, some elements are more successful than others.

    Here’s a quick list of each element type, and what opposing types of Pokémon are best-suited to take them down:

    • Normal: Fighting
    • Grass: Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug
    • Ice: Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
    • Fighting: Flying, Psychic, Fairy
    • Rock: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel
    • Steel: Fire, Fighting, Ground
    • Fairy: Poison, Steel

    GamePress’s Pokémon Go page also has a roster of the most powerful Pokémon you can currently evolve for each type.

    Trick : Add Friends With Codes

    Pokemon GO Cheat for PC | WASD to Walk! How To Setup Bluestacks

    Do you not know whom to add to your friend’s circle to fulfill some quests and tasks? Don’t worry because I got your back. You can add friends in Pokemon Go with the help of codes from the below websites. But this trick will only work if you have reached level 10 as a trainer.

  • Go to the main screen and open your profile.
  • Click on the ‘friends’ tab and choose to add friends.
  • Enter the code manually or by scanning the QR code.
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    Pokemon Go Promo Codes : Full List Of Active Codes

    There have been quite a few Pokemon Go promo codes available at various events . Here is the list: cheat codes pokemon go

    Furthermore, Free Pack of 1024 Poke coins pokemon go promo codes 2021 free HELPPOKEMON

    Also, Get Free 118 Incubator valid pokemon go promo codes 2021 2P3N6WKW

    Additionally, Enjoy 2 to 10 Uncommon Chests pokemon go promo code for coins PMONCHEST

    Grab pokemon Go 1024 free packs pokemon go promo codes June 2021 free 2GHHDGSKSICNS

    Take advantage of Pokemon Shedinja Power Up pokemon go promo codes 2021 reddit Yxdgcvl62rlkb

    Pokemon Go Code:
    2P3N6WKW Poke Coins

    Below is the full list of codes that are currently active in Pokemon GO: cheat codes pokemon go

    • UWJ4PFY623R5X5 Ultra Balls, 1 Lucky Egg, 5 Stickers
    • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ61 Star Piece, 5 Stickers, 5 Razz Berries
    • UBCJL9X6RC47AStarter kit including PokeBalls
    • 5PTHMZ3AZM5QC10 Max Potions, 10 Ultra Ball, 1 Sinnoh Stone
    • FTT7V6NDZ6B8X3 Potions, 3 Revives
    • LEQ8C2BQXJATZ3 Pinap Berries
    • EMRK2EZWLVSSZDC58 PokeBalls, 4 Golden Razz Berries, 4 Silver Pinap Berries

    Best of luck, trainers.

    Friend Code Exchange List For Pokemon Go -: Pokemon go promo code for existing new

    • Letast promo code for pokemon go 747266742933
    • pokemon go promo code free June 2021 145140007138
    • Enjoy the code pokemon go promotion code free 041777424103
    • Take advantage and get Pokemon go promo code hack 2021 500504540908
    • Pokemon go promo codes reddit June 2021 710889249452

    Faqs On Iphone Pokemon Go Cheats

    The following answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Pokemon Go cheats.

    1. Can you still cheat in Pokemon go?

    Yes, you can still use some of the cheats in Pokemon Go to make progress in the gameplay. Not all the cheats may work, though.

    2. What happens if you get caught cheating in Pokemon Go?

    If you get caught cheating in Pokemon Go, you could get soft-banned, shadow-banned, or even permanently banned from the game.

    3. Can you get banned for having multiple Pokemon Go accounts?

    Yes, you can get banned for having multiple Pokemon Go accounts as doing this is against the terms and conditions of the game.

    4. Can you run 2 Pokemon Go accounts on 1 phone?

    Yes, you can run 2 Pokemon Go accounts on 1 phone. You will either need to use the app option or a third-party app like Parallel Space.

    5. How long do you get soft banned from Pokemon Go?

    You get soft-banned from Pokemon Go for about 12 hours. This is the ban time for most users.

    Updated on 2020-09-04 / Update for iPhone Tips

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    See Raids Beyond The Games Scanner

    Recently, the draw distance was increased which means you can now see Stops and Gyms that were previously invisible. But even this range is pretty limited.

    The old way to cheat was using online maps which showed not just all the Pokémon but also the details of all Gyms, including which team currently controlled it, when a Raid egg would hatch and when it hatched which Raid Boss it was, how long was left on the timer and even which moveset it had.

    Now, maps are all offline, so we recommend searching Facebook or Discord for local Pokémon Go groups. This way you can crowdsource information on when eggs are hatching and also coordinate where and when to meet for Raid Bosses which cant be beaten by one person.

    This isnt cheating, of course. Its what the game is all about: getting out in the real world, meeting like-minded people and enjoying the game. You never know, you might even make some friends.

    Pokmon Go Cheats That Only Expert Players Know About

    The ultimate

    The Pokemon Go addiction has gripped the world by its horns. Players have constantly been trying to level up by collecting various Pokemon in the game. Even the most addicted and dedicated player wouldnt refuse to use any tips or tricks which will help them to level up quickly.

    Today, we have compiled a list of eleven cheats which works on Pokemon Go. These cheats are totally safe to use unlike some others that are risky to use such as using a cheat to get unlimited Pokecoins.

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    Hatch A 10k Egg Without Walking

    Okay lazy butt, here are more Pokemon Go cheats this will teach you how you hatch a 10k egg without walking.

    If you own a record player, place your phone on top of the record player let it spin right round baby, right round. And all that spinning will have your Poke-eggs hatching!

    Or you could strap it to your dog or strap it to your toddler, LORD knows they walk more than 10k a day.

    Explore Various Areas And Play At Night

    Pokemon Go requires a lot of moving around. Players need to move to different regions to capture different Pokemon. So, youll need to be a little adventurous if you want to succeed in catching them all. Try to venture around some unexplored areas who knows if a rare Pokemon is waiting for you there.

    Another good option is to play Pokemon Go at night. A lot of Pokemon have a chance of appearing only in the evening or at night. On the other hand, some other Pokemon only appear in geographically appropriate areas.

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    How To Hack Pokemon Go

    In spite of its apparent simplicity, this game conceals a shockingly large number of sneaky methods to win unfairly. The use of fake GPS data is by far the most common technique to cheat in this game. This allows players to go anywhere they want, whenever they want, without having to, you know, actually get there. Additionally, it allows players to keep walking and hatch their pokemon eggs more quickly. The use of automated bots to farm capture Pokémon is a highly successful method that is gaining popularity since it is also extremely good at leveling your account.

    To Hack Pokemon GO :

    Pokmon Go Cheats And Hacks

    How To Cheat in Pokemon Go

    Cheats and hacks change as Niantic discovers them and works to prevent players from exploiting them. Whether you’re wanting to get through Raids faster or want to help your favorite Pokémon get ahead then hacks and cheats can help you get ahead. Just remember to take precautions as Niantic will ban anyone it catches using unsanctioned hacks.

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    Looking To Automate Your Pokmon Go Experience

    We understand that the primary aim of the game is to catch em all and it can get repetitive. Thankfully, there is a perfect product just for you. The Pocket Egg is able to help you automatically catch Pokémon and spin Pokéstops. And get this you dont even need to open the app! All you need to do is to sync the Pocket Egg with your Pokémon Go account and youre good to go. Pocket Egg utilizes Bluetooth technology, so do ensure that your mobile device and Egg are within 20m apart. . Shipping is free.

    And there you have it! These are all the hacks and cheats you need to become a Pokémon Go master. If you are craving for more Pokémon Go related content, dont miss our feature on everything to know about Community Day.

    How To Change Your Region In Pokemon Go

    Changing your region in Pokemon GO varies depending on whether you are using an iPhone or an Android mobile device. After downloading and installing a VPN on your mobile device, youll also need to install a GPS spoofing app as well.


  • Choose a VPN and register for the service. We recommend choosing NordVPN.Use Given Link-
  • Go back to the Google Play Store and GPS Location app.
  • Now, visit your Android devices settings.
  • Once in settings, click About Phone.
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    Auto Iv Checkers Pokemon Go Cheats 2021

    Auto IV Checkers are third party applications that will let you know the IV of your Pokemon. While you can only judge the Pokemon based on their CP value, The IV value will let you know if the Pokemon is worth investing candy and evolving.

    Using any third party app is off-limits for Pokemon Go and is considered a Cheat by Niantic. You will raise the risk of getting your account banned but this is one way for you to find out how to know the IV of any specific Pokemon.

    Way : How To Cheat Pokemon Go Gps

    Pokémon Go Hacks And Cheats 100% Proven To Work

    The application offer many helpful features for the Android users. It can help with problems like how to cheat Pokemon Go walking! The app also offers closed route for movements and emulate GPS location.

    • It is available on Play store, so download and install the same.
    • Choose the new location and set the co-ordinates.
    • It will quickly change your phones GPS location to a new fake one!

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    Spoofing Pokemon Go Location On Android

  • Download Fake GPS Go from the GooglePlayStore.

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device.

  • Scroll down to the About phone section and select it this option may be located under the System menu depending on your model phone.

  • Tap the displayed Build number seven times for your device to be placed in developer mode.

  • Now, select the Developer options menu item that appears.

  • Select the Select mock location app option, and select Fake GPS Go.

  • Lastly, open the Fake GPS Go app and select the location you would like to spoof.

    To stop spoofing, simply hit the Stop button.

  • You are now ready to play Pokemon Go at your chosen location!

  • Find Your Local Pokstops And Gyms

    If you’re new to playing Pokémon Go, or you simply haven’t had time explore much yet, take a look at the PokéStore and Gyms in your area before you head out.

    You can find maps online that will show you where exactly the PokéStops and Gyms are, and then you can plan your daily walks, runs, cycling, even lunch or evening activities around the prime locations.

    That way, you’ll have a better change at getting PokéStop bonuses, like spinning 10 unique stops in a row with no more than 10 minutes between them, or the daily and weekly PokéStop bonuses for consistent play

    Because Gyms are easier to take down now and harder to build up, you can also plan routes that take you past the most Gyms. That way you can make sure you have as many as possible up to the maximum of 10 Pokémon planted for when you claim your Defenders Bonus.

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