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How To Open A Pokemon Pack

Best Pokemon Booster Box To Buy

How to Open a Pokémon Booster Pack – Card Trick!

So you want to buy some Pokemon boosters, but dont know which is the best Pokemon booster box to buy? We can help you find the perfect one for you.

This article has different recommendations for different types of players. Besides each booster box, youll also find some of the most iconic cards that you might get. This way, youll have an easier time deciding which one to get.

If youre in a hurry, heres a quick recap of the best Pokemon booster boxes, based on different criteria.

Unbroken Bonds Strongest Cards

With all that said, lets get right to it and find the booster box youll enjoy the most. Well start with the newest one.

Usually, the best Pokemon booster box to buy is the newest one. These almost always work great as a gift for Pokemon card players. If you do decide to go with the newest Pokemon booster box, then Fusion Strike is the one to pick. It was released on .

The next one will be Brilliant Stars, but thats still some time away its release date is .

Anyway, back to Fusion Strike. Pokemon card fans will remember that previous sets introduced two battle styles Rapid Strike and Single Strike. Fusion Strike set introduces the third and final battle style, called, well Fusion Strike.

It also contains the powerful Gigantamax Pokemon. The two most notable ones are certainly Gengar VMAX and Mew VMAX, both of which are featured on the booster box packaging. Their alternate art secret rares are among the most valuable cards from the set.

Are There Any Other Methods For Finding Rare Pokemon Cards

The latest rumor which we have heard is that some players are using handheld metal detections in order to determine if rare cards are present. So, does this work? We cant say yes or no for sure, but many handheld detectors are sensitive enough to catch trace amounts of metals in dirt. This is an expensive location hack, however, so we dont know that this will catch on as the latest rare-card finding trend.

Only time will tell.

Always Have A Designated Card Storage Spot

Before you open your cards and handle them, make sure you have a place to store them.

Itd be best never to leave open cards unprotected. Public Storage recommends storage binders, sleeves, cases, and anything else that can prevent your cards from moving, falling, getting too hot, or becoming humid.

When youre done handling the cards, place them in the container for safekeeping.

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Which Pokemon Booster Box To Invest In

Thats the big one. Many players want to know which is the best Pokemon booster box to buy for profit or to invest in. The idea is simple. You want to buy a Pokemon booster box now, hoping its price will go up, and youll be able to sell it for more money than you paid for it.

Many YouTubers will claim that you should go for this or that booster box, to make guaranteed profits, but the truth isnt as simple. Sure, some boxes have a bigger chance of gaining value in the future, but thats not a guarantee.

Lets say that a certain booster box contains three high-value cards that are staples in the format. While the price of the box could go up, these cards could very well get a reprint in the next set, or in a special product, and the price of the box would plummet.

So is it impossible to profit from a Pokemon booster box? Certainly not, as we have seen booster boxes raise to very high prices often enough. We just want to warn you not to invest blindly. Actually, there are some rules you should follow.

What to Pay Attention to When Investing?

  • Only invest money that you can afford to lose.
  • Dont treat your Pokemon Booster Boxes, as your retirement plan. These should at most only be a small part of your portfolio.
  • Keep your Booster Boxes safe from harm, such as water damage, etc.
  • Okay, Ill be Careful. Which One to Invest in?

    As we said, its impossible to tell. However, the most booster boxes that usually go up in price, have some or multiple of the following things:

    Battle Styles Introduced Rapid & Single Strike Cards

    Opening Pokemon packs and see if I get lucky

    The Battle Styles is the first expansion that features two new card variants: Single Strike and Rapid Strike. Single Strike cards usually have more raw power, and have attacks that can Knock Out other Pokemons with a single attack. On the other hand, Rapid Strike cards are often sneakier and use technical attacks.

    All in all, Battle Styles feature plenty of interesting and powerful Pokemon cards, including some strong Trainers. However, if youre a fan of the early Pokemon generations, youd be better off buying another booster box, as this one doesnt contain the most iconic Pokemons from the early years.

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    Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

    Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter draws heavy inspiration from the Pokemon Adventures manga, pulling its storyline and characters. The player takes control of Red, who embarks on a long journey alongside his rivals Blue and Green, amongst other new rivals. Divided into chapters, the player joins Red as he learns about the deeper schemes occurring around him as he attempts to conquer various Pokemon Leagues.

    With nine regions to explore, the game provides endless entertainment and keeps players hooked with a compelling storyline. Additional features include a raised level cap , an overhaul of Pokemon , character customization, and more.

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    Can You Weigh Sun And Moon Packs

    Released in December of 2016 in Japan, with English versions to be released in February of 2017, Pokemons Sun and Moon packs changed things up a little with regards to weighing packs, a standard that continues through the succeeding series packs. So, can you still weigh these packs?

    Well, yes and no depending on who you ask. Many players who have become skilled at weighing the card packs say that with a little practice the addition of the white and green code cards is not necessarily a hindrance.

    Generally this manifested in two ways, with one being part of the package itself and the other method contingent on vendor participation. The first part of the strategy is the inclusion of weighted code-cards redeemable online for various perks that throw off the weights of the packs. This makes it considerably harder to weigh packs for locating rare cards.

    Secondly, many stores that have received complaints have gotten in the habit of moving Pokemon cards closer to the checkout counter as a way of discouraging people from weighing the packs

    of the Sun and Moon Booster Box on Amazon.

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    Xy Generations Elite Trainer Boxes

    Best Pokemon Anniversary Set

    Back to the XY series, and to the Generations set that was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon.

    Unlike most sets, it wasnt possible to buy booster boxes for Generations. Instead, booster packs were included as part of an Elite Trainer Box or Collector Boxes which featured a particular Pokemon.

    The 83 card set, also included an additional subset of 32 cards called the Radiant Collection.

    In my opinion, the combination of popular Gen 1 Pokemon, beautifully designed full art cards and more limited acquisition of booster packs , make Generations a sleeping giant in terms of value.

    Best Cards in XY Generations to Collect

    Never Touch The Cards Center

    How to Open Pokemon Cards

    The center of a card is perhaps the primary reason its so valuable.

    Some Pokemon cards are valued due to a blue backing, while others have unique borders. However, its safe to say most of the action happens in the middle. Handle your cards gently and by the edges. Dont apply too much pressure, but make sure the card wont slip.

    Taking care of your cards starts with how you open and handle them.

    Gloves arent necessary and can cause severe damage. Keeping your hands clean and dry is the best way to remove new cards or handle old ones.

    This helpful info doesnt always suit everyones needs, though. Some still intend to use gloves.

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    Best Channels To Buy Pokmon Cards

    1. eBay:

    The safest online marketplace to buy and sell Pokémon cards. Check sales for a quick look at where cards are at price wise. Check seller reviews and buy with confidence from high rated sellers. eBay is the largest online marketplace and is your best chance to locate inventory. When searching for cards, look at items nearest you, and contact nearby sellers, potentially creating a local network. It saves on shipping and more. Load up your watch list to get faster alerts when cards sell or are pulled.

    2. Facebook groups & Instagram:

    Look for feedback from sellers to check legitimacy, these are great places to score deals and build relationships within the collecting community but beware of scams.

    3. COMC:

    4. Mercari:

    Popular marketplace to buy and sell cards. When hunting for low population cards, its important to utilize all options.

    5. Card Shows & Stores:

    If you can find a show or store with vintage Pokémon cards, go. You get the chance to look at cards in person, check sales online, network and decide whats of value. You never know what you can walk away with.

    Use A Sensitive Digital Pocket

    This is information which you can use but you will need to have a sensitive enough scale at your disposal. To this effect, a nice digital pocket-scale is going to be a good idea for weighing the packs. Choose a scale that can weigh in hundredths . This decision is based solely on Accuracy.

    If you are trying to weigh Pokémon cards we recommend using a scale like this one, which can be found on Amazon, since it is pocket sized and weighs in .00g.

    You can try with a hand-postal scale, but generally the digital models are capable of a much finer precision.

    Since you are looking for tiny aberrations in pack weight then that digital scale is simply going to be the best tool for the job.

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    Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version

    Once youre done playing Pokemon dark rising, you should start playing Pokemon dark rising 2. This game is the sequel of dark rising. The story from dark rising continues in the dark rising 2.

    This game is also based on Pokemon fire red rom. In the game, you can meet and catch all the Pokemons that are available in the game. If you are looking for new Pokemon rom hacks, then the dark rising series is perfect.

    Here are some of the features of Pokemon dark rising 2:-

    • They have added fairy type Pokemon.
    • Mega evolution has been added to the game.
    • They have added a day and night system, where you will find different Pokemon during the day and night.
    • New moves and hidden abilities have been added.
    • There are 12 gyms in this game.
    • You have the option to choose a dragon starter Pokemon.
    • New custom music has been added to this hack.
    • A total of 193 Pokemon can be caught.

    You can download Pokemon dark rising 2 versions here

    Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes


    Best Modern Pokemon Set for Diversity of Artwork

    The modern set everyone had been waiting for. Shining Fates hit the shelves in early 2021 with great anticipation. Seen as the follow on from the hugely successful Hidden Fates set, the diversity of artwork, popular Pokemon and chase cards make it a fun set to open. Combine that with an incredible looking Charizard VMAX full art card, and theres plenty of value to gain if lady luck is on your side. Retail demand remains through the roof though, and this set sold out quickly. Whether youre buying to crack open packs or keep sealed for a rainy day, your best bet is probably Bay.

    Best Cards in Shining Fates to Collect

    If youre a fan of Japanese cards, you will love the new Eevee Heroes set. With a focus on Eevee-lutions, in both full art V and VMAX cards, there are some incredible looking artworks to pull from this set. I particularly like what theyve done with these VMAX boxes you get 8 booster packs and a special VMAX booster than contains one VMAX card and 3 holographic energy cards. Its something a bit different to what weve seen from recent Elite Trainer Boxes, and in my opinion, really fun to open!

    Best Cards in Eevee Heroes to Collect

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    Tables And Text Editing

    The basic building block of text editing.

    Tables are another essential piece of ROMhacking knowledge youll need if you ever hope to do any sort of text editing in your game and move beyond the cookie cutter graphics only hacks many have done. Tables are also absolutely required for doing any sort of Translation effort. As you can see, this is a very important thing to learn. Many newcomers have trouble grasping the table concept sometimes and I feel much of that can be contributed to not understanding hexadecimal! Its important that you understand the type of numbers youre dealing with before making a table that uses them!

    So, what exactly is a table? A table is a simple text file that lists all the font characters the game uses, and what hexadecimal code represents them in the ROM. Why do you need one? Because you cant just open up a ROM and see the text . A table is the key step that acts as a translation so that you can see and work with the text in a ROM. Here are several good documents explaining this concept better and how to make your own.

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    Collecting The Pokemon Tcg

    Even though there is a seemingly endless number of cards you can collect, you can learn the game and have hours of fun by picking up a few theme decks. Again if you are new to the Pokemon TCG and want to give it a try, we recommend grabbing a few of the newest theme decks, like these below.

    Given the number of previously released cards, we also do not recommend trying to catch up by buying booster boxes from older sets. If there are older cards that catch your eye , you can buy individual cards from websites like

    If you play the game and love it, the best way to expand your collection is by keeping up with future sets. Some players only buy a handful of packs when a new set releases and buy the rest of the cards they want as singles. Most, however, buy anywhere between one and three boosters boxes every time a new set is released. How many boxes you buy really depends on your budget and the experience you want to have.

    Buying one booster box is enough to give you a variety of cards from a set. This will let you get a feel for the new cards and inform your decision to purchase more packs or buy specific singles. This is a great way to go, particularly if you only plan to play across the kitchen table or are really just looking to enjoy the game with friends and family.

    From here, you have a number of options to fill in your collection with specific cards you want.

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    How Does Evolution Work In The Pokmon Tcg

    The Pokémon Trading Card Game has a lot of similar traits to the Pokémon video games. One of the biggest similarities is that you can evolve your basic Pokémon to powerful Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokémon, letting you use more powerful attacks and abilities to knock out your opponents Pokémon.

    Evolution is done in stages, and you are unable to skip or jump any stages unless otherwise stated on a card in play – meaning evolution must follow the pattern of basic, Stage 1 and Stage 2, and a single Pokémon can only be evolved once per turn. The exception are GX and EX Pokémon, which may be played straight away and do not require evolution.

    To evolve a Pokémon, all you have to do is place the evolved form on top of your active Pokémon or a Pokémon on your bench. This cures any current special conditions, but any attached energy and damage stays put. Once a Pokémon has been evolved, you cant use a previous stages attacks or abilities – only the current evolution.

    Evolution can happen in the bench section of your play area, so you can make stronger Pokémon in preparation for your current one being knocked out – and its strongly recommended you do so.

    Is Weighing Pokemon Packs More Cost

    How To Do The Pokemon Card Pack Trick

    Arguably, yes, weighing Pokemon cards is most cost effective but its not guaranteed. If you are purchasing 10 packs, individually selected after weighing, then you are spending around $4 plus the tax on each for a ballpark figure of $50. If your weighing technique is good then you might be able to get 7 -10 Ultrarare cards.

    Now, if you purchase a Booster box then you are looking at around an $85 investment and this is going to guarantee the following:

    • 108 uncommon cards
    • 36 rare cards
    • 216 common cards

    So, as you can see, a lot is going to depend on your talent for weighing the cards and this does take practice. Dont expect results overnight, but if you work on it the general consensus seems to be that it is a cost-effective hack for getting Ultrarare cards without having to break the bank. If spending the extra money is not a problem, however, then you might want to consider going with the guaranteed option.

    It boils down to a question of whether you want to invest the time or just spend the extra money, but as many players find that hunting rares this way is a bit like a treasure hunt you might want to give it a try first to see for yourself. Its just another way to play your favorite game!

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