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How To Get Greninja In Pokemon Go

How To Catch Greninja In Pokemon Go

How to get greninja in Pokemon go | How to catch froakie | Froakie evolution in Pokemon go.

While very few Kalos Pokemon have made it into Pokemon Go, one of them is the Froakie line. This means Greninja can be pretty easily obtained in Pokemon Go. Currently, the only way to get Greninja is to evolve a Frogadier so youll need a Froakie, which hatches pretty commonly from 5Km eggs or can be found near water. Once you have enough Froakie candy, 125 in total, use 25 to evolve Froakie into Frogadier and then 100 to evolve Frogadier into Greninja.

Greninja Meta Analysis: Bond Battle Bond

Trainers, the hype is real!

With the revelation of the Gen 6 movesets, we are now in a position to speculate just how each Kalos Pokémon will perform in the meta. The first wave of Gen 6 will hit us on December 2nd, 2020.

And riding that wave is one of the most anticipated Pokémon of Gen 6, the one and only Greninja!

Greninja has always been a tremendously popular Pokémon, being featured in the anime as Ashs premier Pokémon during his Kalos journey and being the only Pokémon in existence to have a special temporary evolution akin to mega evolution through its Battle Bond ability.

Furthermore, it is officially the Most Popular Pokémon of the Year 2020.

This ninja frog has some really cool stuff going on for it. So how does Greninja perform in Pokémon GO?

The Gen 6 event starting from December 2 will potentially have plentiful spawns of Froakie, making it the top pick of trades and hundo hunters in the game.

With such an early and possibly easy access to Greninja, lets find out if you should pick Froakie as the starter Pokémon of your Kalos region journey in Pokémon Go!

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All You Need To Know About Mega Greninja

Apr 07, 2022 ⢠Filed to: All Solutions to Make iOS& Android Run Sm ⢠Proven solutions

Are you a fan of Pokemon Go? Then, you will find this article not only useful but also quite interesting. In case you have never played this game before, then you should know that Pokemon Go is a fantastic augmented reality game.

It requires the use of GPS to track your location. Basically, Pokemon Go is a mobile application which you can easily download from Google Play Store or App Store, and it’s absolutely free. In simple words, you can say that Pokemon Go makes use of mapping technology so as to plot your actual location as you roam around in the streets to catch your favourite Pokemon.

When you play the game, your main goal would be to catch as many Pokemon or fictional characters as you can. Your main task will be to battle your opponents to catch the Pokemon and then train them.

It’s worth mentioning here that this AR-game is absolutely convenient to play. Now, one of the most amazing features that have been added to this game is Mega Evolution. But, unfortunately if you were of the opinion that greninja can mega evolve, then you are completely wrong, in fact you should note that no Kalos pokemon can mega evolve.

Through this article, we will discuss all you need to know about Greninja. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

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How To Get Free Crustle In Pokemon Unite

After finishing the Beginners Challenge, Crustle is what you will receive. This challenge is automatically updated every day and consistently 7 days since the first login of Players. Clearing them all on the 7th day, Crustle will be yours.

About Crustle, this is a defender pokemon and it is understandable because it is originally a Rock-type pokemon. With that tough body, the more damage it got, the more defense and sp defense it will gain. Do you want to have an ideal tanker on your team to last longer in a match, Crustle couldnt be a better choice for ya.

Starter Pokemons In Pokemon Unite: Charizard Eldegoss Pikachu Snorlax V Talonflame

How to get ASH

Charizard, Eldegoss, Pikachu, Snorlax và Talonflame

As soon as people drop in the game for the first time, they will have to choose 1 of these 5 basic pokemon which are Charizard, Eldegoss, Pikachu, Snorlax, and Talonflame. These pokemon will be fully unlocked when players have finished the tutorial.

Also, these 5 pokemon represent 5 different roles in Pokemon Unitewhich include: Attacker, Support, Defender, All-rounder, and Speedster.

Which pick will you go for depends a lot on your favoritism and we definitely recommend everybody not to take it too hard but just pick whatever you like and soon you will reach to the others.

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Where To Find Froakie In Pokemon Go

Froakie is a water-type Pokemon and the players will need to search in areas related to the type of Pokemon. It is not a huge task to capture Froakie in this game but looking at the correct places for this Pokemon is a must. This Pokemon was added with the new Kalos region update that has just been launched in Pokemon Go. Froakie can be spotted in the wild just like any other Pokemon but it prefers to say in places near water habitats as its home. To catch Froakie, the players need to search for places like beaches, lakes, rivers, and similar places. The weather also plays an important role in the Pokemon spawn. So for example, rains will certainly improve the probability of finding Froakie in the game. If you are not able to catch this Pokemon, the players can even get it by hatching any 5 Km egg.

How To Get Free Legendary Zeraora In Pokemon Unite

This is the special award and just shows up only once when the game got released. Therefore, this is the best time to log in and get it, guys! If you dont take this chance, Zeraora will be out of reach after 31/8 on Nintendo Switch. However, with the phone version, Zeraora will appear once again and also the last time when this game will truly air in September.

For those who dont know, Zeraora is a Speedster Pokemon that is quite mobile, high damage, and able to organize a raid for the whole team. This is the best pick for players like assassinating enemies.

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Should I Evolve My Froakie To A Greninja Now

Yes and no.

Both the Greninja Community Day and Ash-Greninja are far off, at least theoretically.

Yes, you will have enough opportunities to purchase an Elite Charged TM meanwhile

So you can evolve one to fill your Dex and get a feel of this hugely popular Pokémon.

However, do note that you are not missing out on anything with regards to the meta by not evolving to a Greninja.

With a high IV or a hundo in your party, it is worth waiting for its eventual Community Day.

Pve Defensive Moves Explanation

How to get Greninja! | Pokemon GO Catch Guide #1
  • Bubble is generally better for defense, with slightly better damage and energy gains.
  • Feint Attack is falls behind stat-wise, but isn’t resisted by Grass or Dragon-type attackers.
  • Night Slash can be used frequently as a 3-bar move, gets STAB, and is overall quite decent.
  • Aerial Ace lacks STAB and is a bit easier to dodge, but covers against Fighting, Grass, and Bug-types.
  • Surf benefits from STAB, and is decent as a 2-bar move.
  • Hydro Pump likely won’t be used before Greninja faints, but is the hardest to dodge and also the most damaging.

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How To Get Free Venusaur In Pokemon Unite

After players have climbed up to level 5 Trainer which needs around 700 battle points, Venusaur will appear as a reward for their hard work.

This is an Attack Pokemon and it surely can inflict huge damage to its opponents. The lower the HP the higher the damage it will be. Therefore, this is definitely a must for those who want to break the protection layer enemies but still maintain at a safe distance

Pokemon Go New Forms Added Includes Ash Greninja Hoopa Keldeo Necrozma Primals Shaymin Vivillon Wishiwashi And More

Trainers, the worlds greatest dataminers discovered a new text update, which includes all the various forms for released and future Pokemon.

Pokeminers discovered something very interesting in the latest Pokemon Go text update and they were kind enough to share their findings with the rest of the Pokemon Go community.

They discovered new texts for all the various forms for released and future Pokemon. Some of the most exciting ones are Ash Greninja, Hoopa, Keldeo, Necrozma, Primals, Shaymin, Vivillon, and Wishiwashi.

The list is long and includes more Pokemon forms, so feel free to check it out below.

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How To Get Free Greninja In Pokemon Unite

The final gift in the 14-day Welcome Gift event after 14 years days of logins is Greninja.

Because the 2 previous pokemon are all Attackers so, it is not a surprise when this last one is also the same class. Moreover, you should be aware if this pokemon is below half of HP because that is the time when it got more dangerous than ever with the high increase of attack and speed.

The Best Moveset For Greninja In Pokemon Go

How to Get Started in

Whether they recognize Greninja from Generation VI or the Super Smash Bros series, many Pokemon GO trainers are going to be on the lookout for it.

Pokemon veterans may know Greninja for being a dominating force in competitive play and the main series games in general. Surprisingly, though, it fails to be as good in Pokemon GO. There are several other Water-types that outperform Greninja. Also, Greninja’s 223 Attack won’t be cleaning up raid battles anytime soon. That being said, it is a decently viable option, specifically with this moveset.

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Quajutsu In Pokmon Go


Es stellt Wurfsterne aus komprimiertem Wasser her, die durch ihre hohe Drehgeschwindigkeit beim Werfen sogar Metall durchtrennen.


Dies ist die Audio-Datei, die als Ruf von Quajutsu in Pokémon GO eingesetzt wird.


Mit diesen Attacken kann dieses Pokémon seine Energie aufladen. Welche Attacken die besten für dieses Pokémon sind, kannst du dem Moveset-Abschnitt dieser Seite entnehmen. Die Dauer ist in Sekunden angegeben. S.p.S. beschreibt den Schaden pro Sekunde, den man mit der Attacke erzielen kann. E.p.S hingegen beschreibt die Energie-Änderung pro Sekunde. Mit STAB markierte Attacken erhalten den Same Type Attack Bonus. Da die Attacke dem Typen des Pokémons entspricht, richten die Attacken den 1,2-fachen Schaden an. Dieser ist bei dem Schaden pro Sekunde bereits verrechnet. Auch für Trainerkämpfe ist der STAB-Bonus bereits in den S.j.R.-Wert verrechnet. Die Ehemalig-Markierung bedeutet, dass das Pokémon die Attacke mittlerweile nicht mehr erlernen kann. Ausschließlich Pokémon, die vor dem entscheidenden Attacken-Update gefangen wurden, können diese Attacke noch besitzen. Mit Event markierte Attacken waren nur während bestimmten Events verfügbar.

Why Did Ash Greninja Leave

He finally chose Ash after seeing his bravery and being shown love. When Ash left Greninja in the Pokémon Center out of guilt for losing against Wulfric, Greninja gave chase to look for his trainer. While Greninja was recovering from the battle, he also felt responsible for making Ash lose the battle.

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Pokemon Go Get Froakie Right Now

This week the first wave of Kalos region Pokemon appeared in Pokemon GO. A special event was announced, and a limited set of Kalos region Pokemon were released with high spawn rates and that includes Froakie. Froakie has quickly become the most HYPE Pokemon to catch, not least of all because of this monster’s ability to evolve into Frogadier, then to the always awesome Greninja.

If you’re planning on adding a Greninja to your team in Pokemon GO, now is the abolute best time to do so. In the near future, Froakie will become significantly less common. From the start of this event , until December 11, 2020, the first set of Kalos region Pokemon will be far more common than they’ll ever be again barring a special event for any one particular member of this first Kalos crew.

To find Froakie, you’ll want to drop in to the most watery of biomes in your nearby area. Barring that, you’ll want to make sure you’re paying attention to nearby spawns whenever it rains or generally storms outside.

Froakie’s ultimate evolution, Greninja, is an absolute beast. Assuming you’re looking to roll with the best Greninja, the best moves are Bubble and Surf . Greninja also has a Feint Attack dark type move that can appear as its quick move, and the potential to have access to several other main moves. You could get the dark move Night Slash, the water move Hydro Pump, or the flying move Arial Ace.

Ash Greninja Pokemon Sun And Moon


Ash Greninja is a powerful Pokemon that can be useful to just about any trainer in Pokemon Sun and Moons new Alola Region. Its no surprise that players are wanting this powerful beast for their party, but youre going to have to put in some work for it. First youll need a Greninja with the Battle Bond Ability. You can get one of these from completing the Sun and Moon Demo. After completing the Demo, just talk to Professor Kukui in the center to have him transfer the Pokemon to your full game.

Youll be able to retrieve Greninja from a delivery man once you reach a Pokemon Center in Sun and Moon. Now to get it to turn into Ash Greninja, you simply have to win battles with it. As you rack up victories, your bond grows stronger with Greninja, and when it reaches its limit it will transform into Ash Geninja for the duration of the fight, greatly increasing its speed and power while also getting a pretty slick look. When the battle finishes it will revert back to its normal form. Thats all there is to it.

Do note, though, that your Greninja will ignore you most of the time until you beat two challenges in the Alola Region due to its level. You can get it to obey you once every few turns, but its moves most of the time will be completely random , so earn yourself some Alolan experience first.

For more on Pokemon Sun and Moon, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide.

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Free Pokemon In Pokemon Unite: How Many And How To Get

Pokemon Unite has been out a couple of days ago and has driven up the mood of global gamers. Coming along with that is the question: What are the free pokemon in Pokemon Unite? In this article, we will provide to you the list of pokemon you can get as well as how to get them.

As a pokemon game, of course, Pokemon Unite is still holding the core element of this game franchise which is collecting different types of Pokemon. While some of them will be free at events, some might need a bit of effort or budget to possess.

Just forget about the money part, we would love to introduce 12 free Pokemon that you can have in the beginning.

Greninja Guide: Item Build

  • Held Items | Go with Shell Bell, Float Stone and Energy Amplifier.
  • Battle Item | Eject Button.

Shell Bell increases your healing abilities, while Float Stone makes Greninja even more mobile. Energy Amplifier increases your damage after using your Unite Move, making it perfect to allow Greninja to clean house and burst enemies down in no time.

Eject Button is the usual choice to escape sticky situations… use it to escape.

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What Moves Will This Water

There is a big debate over which the better quick move on Greninja is since, well, theyre both great. Feint Attack and Bubble do over 10 DPS and charge over 10 energy per second.

Mathematically, Feint Attack is the superior move. Its a bit quicker than Bubble, which allows it to do more per second despite being a weaker move. Greninja can spam this move for decent chip damage in many match ups.

While that may be the case, though, Greninja still might benefit from Bubble more. This is because, more often than not, Greninja will fill a Water-type role on the team. The Generation VI starter likely wont be ranked highly against raids with Feint Attack and Night Slash. In fact, Greninja doesnt rank highly against even an Alakazam raid.

Therefore, since Greninja will be mostly used as a Water attacker, then trainers will definitely want to use Surf on it. Surf has a really quick animation, and at the end of the day, Hydro Pumps damage is lost if the opponent dodges. Surf simply gets more consistent damage.

Since it is a starter, Greninja might potentially get Hydro Cannon through a future Community Day. Niantic might only give this move to the starters in Generation IV and before, though.

Greninja Build: Our Recommendations For The Best Greninja Moveset In Pokmon Unite


Greninja is an Attacker in Pokémon Unite, which means it has a high offense stat, but suffers from low endurance. Unlike most Attackers, Greninja also has high mobility and scoring stats, which makes it good for moving round the pitch and scoring goals.

The downside, however, is that Greninja is quite weak during the opening minutes and only starts to embrace its full power upon reaching its final evolution – for more information about Greninja’s evolution line, please visit the next section.

For these reasons, you should start the match by levelling up Greninja, ensuring the majority of its moveset is unlocked and that you’re actually playing as Greninja. Once these goals are obtained, you should fight alongside your teammates, ideally with a Supporter Pokémon if there’s one on your team, because their supporter will help counter Greninja’s low endurance level.

The lower Greninja’s health is, however, the more deadlier it becomes. This is thanks to Torrent, Greninja’s ability, which increases both its attack and movement speed once you’ve fallen past the halfway point of your health metre.

Utilising Torrent is a risky game to play though, because you’ll always be under threat of death. It’s important to remember that Greninja is classified as an expert level Attacker, so, when it comes to this frog, practise does make perfect.

At the beginning of the match, you’ll have the choice between Bubble and Substitute.

At Level 7, you need to select either Water Shuriken or Surf.

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