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How To Get Cryogonal Pokemon Go

How To Get Cryogonal


Cryogonal was introduced back during the fifth generation games Pokemon Black and White as an Ice type that is literally a snowflake.

As players know, Pokemon GO has gradually been adding different Pokemon over the years, with Cryogonal making its debut in the game back in late 2019 with their own holiday event.

In Pokemon GO, Cryogonal has been a very hard to come upon Pokemon, with them being very rare spawns with a Glacial Lure Module and not really too much else.

The good news with the Winter Holiday 2021 event is that there will be specific event-exclusive Field Research that you can obtain from PokeStops that will reward you with Cryogonal encounters.

This means you need to be completing plenty of Field Research tasks and spinning different PokeStops to come across some of them during this latest event.

We’ve Got Some Bad News For You

The latest event for Pokémon GO has arrived and its giving players a better chance to catch Cryogonal, the snowflake Pokémon that made its debut in the game a few years back. During the Winter Holiday 2021 event players will have a chance to catch Cryogonal by completing Field Research during the event which runs from December 16th through December 31st.

Cryogonal Location Stats Best Moves In Pokemon Go

| Dec 11, 2019

Cryogonal’s location, stats, best moveset in Pokemon Go is important for the December event recently revealed. Part Pokemon-hunting extravaganza, part global holiday party, the event promises to offer players the chance to earn rare rewards that are almost impossible to get during any other time of year. Included among those is the always-chill Cryogonal, a Snowflake Pokemon that’s just as special. If you want to get your hands one one , here’s all you need to know.

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There is no doubt that players who craft a team filled with Fighting-Fire-Rock, and Steel-type characters will be able to defeat a Cryogonal by exploring its most formidable weakness against these specific character types. The community can expect to see plenty of players trying their best to take down this raid boss and have it added to their own powerful squads for their future adventures.

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Cryogonal Shiny Availability In Pokemon Go

Cryogonal Pokemon GO Raid: How to Beat it

Cryogonal in Pokemon Go is one of the Pokemon that is featured in the Holiday 2021 events that we will be able to play during the winter holidays. There you will be able to encounter many different Pokemon along with their shiny and event versions. Then you will be able to train them, evolve them, and throw them in a battle against another Pokemon or Trainer. However, there are lots of players who are wondering if there is a shiny version of Cryogonal. It still hasnt received this version yet, and the Holiday 2021 event looks like a good time to add it.

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Even though Cryogonal is one of the Pokemon that you are able to encounter during the Holiday 2021 event, there is no shiny version of this species. It simply hasnt been added yet. So, those who want to catch it will need to wait.

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How To Catch Cryogonal In Pokemon Go

If you would like to obtain a Cryogonal in Pokemon Go, there are a few ways of doing so. You can expect to find Cryogonal in the wild near bodies of water, ski resorts, and even grassy areas. It is relatively rare and it will not spawn as frequently as other Pokemon, especially since it is a standalone Pokemon. Instead, to make things easier it also appears as a raid boss in tier three raids at Pokemon Gyms. Unfortunately, Cryogonal has not appeared in any egg, so you will need to hunt for one in the wild or keep your eyes peeled on tier three raids. Luckily, Cryogonal does not evolve into any other Pokemon so any candies you collect can go back into powering it up.

Can You Come Across A Shiny Cryogonal In Pokmon Go

You can find some Pokémon when you explore Pokémon Go, and some of them appear more often during specific events. If you are hunting for Cryogonal, you can only catch it in a few places. But is there any chance you might find a shiny version of this Pokémon? Heres what you need to know about how to catch a shiny Cryogonal in Pokémon Go.

There are only a handful of times and chances for you to catch Cryogonal in Pokémon Go. Its usually a rare spawn, appearing as a three-star raid warrior, as a 7km egg bonus, or its an extremely rare wild Pokémon. However, the chances of encountering a shiny version of Cryogonal are unlikely. There are no shiny versions available for you to capture in Pokémon Go, meaning that regardless of the number of raid battles you go up against Cryogonal, theres no chance for you to find a shiny version.

A shiny version is often added to Pokémon Go through a special event, and while its a great addition, its usually not the central focal point. We dont have an exact date or prediction for when the shiny version of Cryogonal will arrive. Cryogonal launched Pokémon Go in celebration of the 2019 Holidays, so its getting a shiny version.

https://www.gamepur.com/guides/can-you-catch-a-shiny-cryogonal-in-pokemon-go Can you come across a shiny Cryogonal in Pokémon Go?

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Pokemon Go Shiny Cryogonal Guide: How To Catch Shiny Cryogonal

A Shiny Cryogonal is up for grabs, will you claim it?

Looking to catch a Cryogonal?

You’re in luck, we’ll show you how.

It’s an ice Pokemon type.

Meaning it’s great to put up against flying, ground, grass and dragon types.

Anyway, let’s get you one!

Keep reading to find out how to add Cryogonal to your Pokedex.

Pokemon Sw And Sh Cryogonal Moves List

How To Catch Cryogonal – Crown Tundra DLC Pokemon Sword And Shield

What moves can Cryogonal learn from TMs, TRs, and Leveling?

Cryogonal can learn the ice type move Sheer Cold at level 60. This Special move One-Hit-KO, if it hits. Bolded Pow numbers are adjusted for this pokemon’s Ice type +50% STAB damage.

Traps opponent, damaging them for 4-5 turns.
Removes effects of trap moves.
12 User’s next attack is guaranteed to result in a critical hit.
User’s stats cannot be changed for a period of time.
May raise all user’s stats at once.
May freeze opponent. Super-effective against Water types.
40 Halves damage from Special attacks for 5 turns.
40 Halves damage from Physical attacks for 5 turns.
44 User recovers half its max HP.
Charges on first turn, attacks on second.

TM Moves Cryogonal can learn

User must recharge next turn.
TM11 Charges on first turn, attacks on second.
TM17 Halves damage from Special attacks for 5 turns.
TM18 Halves damage from Physical attacks for 5 turns.
User sleeps for 2 turns, but user is fully healed.
TM24 Can only be used if asleep. May cause flinching.
TM25 Protects the user, but may fail if used consecutively.
Makes it rain for 5 turns.
TM35 Non-Ice types are damaged for 5 turns.
TM39 Power doubles if user is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed.
TM51 Hits 2-5 times in one turn.
TM64 Power doubles if user took damage first.
TM76 Power increases if teammates use it in the same turn.
TM78 Stronger when the user does not have a held item.

Cryogonal TR Moves

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Players Will Be Wise To Learn The Weakness Of Cryogonal To Have The Best Chance Of Defeating This Powerful Pokemon Go Character

Published June 8, 2020, 1:11 p.m.aboutPokemon Go

by Nicholas Barth

One of the most exciting activities that players can partake in when they are playing Pokemon GO is a raid. Raids allow players to go up against compelling characters for a chance to catch them and have them become a member of their team. Cryogonal is one of these raid bosses, with players needing to know its weakness to have a strong chance of defeating this formidable foe. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the weakness of Cryogonal covered for you.

Pokemon Go Cryogonal Weakness

Trainers will find that the weakness of Cryogonal consists of Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel-type characters. The reason why this character is weak against these types is due to it being an Ice-type, which means that Fire, Rock, Fighting, and Steel-type characters have the best advantage when it comes to fighting this particular character.

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Pve Defensive Moves Explanation

  • Ice Shard is marginally better than Frost Breath, but it’s a very small difference.
  • Night Slash as a 3-bar move hits frequently and is the hardest to dodge.
  • Water Pulse provides coverage against Rock and Fire-type attackers, but has a late damage window.
  • Aurora Beam is very slow for defense and is way too easily dodged.
  • Solar Beam is less likely to be used before fainting, and is so predictable that dodging would be laughable.

Trainers Now Have The Ability To Get Alolan Diglett In The World Of Pokemon Go

 Slå och fånga Cryogonal i Pokémon Go

Published June 9, 2020, 8:56 a.m.aboutPokemon Go

by Nicholas Barth

The world of Pokemon GO always has something for Trainers to experience when they are playing. One of the next significant activities that players can partake in when they are playing the popular mobile title is to get the Alolan form of Diglett, who will no doubt be an excellent addition to any player’s team. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get this version of Diglett covered for you.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Cryogonal

Pokemon Sword and Shield Cryogonal is a Ice Type Crystallizing Pokémon, which makes it weak against Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire type moves. You can find and catch Cryogonal in Slippery Slope with a 20% chance to appear during Snowing weather. The Max IV Stats of Cryogonal are 80 HP, 50 Attack, 95 SP Attack, 50 Defense, 135 SP Defense, and 105 Speed.

List of Cryogonal Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 105

Based on this pokemon’s stats we consider the best nature for Cryogonal to have is Calm, this will increase it’s Sp. Def and decrease it’s Attack stats.

Cryogonal Abilities

How To Beat Cryogonal In Pokemon Go

While Cryogonal comes with its own strengths and powerful moves, it also has certain weaknesses. Trainers need to make sure that they are aware of all the Cryogonal weaknesses to be able to defeat it. One should also be aware of its raid counters so as to successfully counter its best moves.

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Can Cryogonal Be Shiny In Pokemon Go Answered

Pokemon Go is one of the most interesting, popular, and arguably the best products in the entire Pokemon franchise. The game is developed by Niantic and they managed to design the game around AR technology which makes it very interesting and immersive. There you will be able to feel like a real Pokemon Trainer that travels across the real world and catches different Pokemon. These can be problematic to catch and their Shiny versions are extremely rare. Cryogonal is one of the Pokemon that are featured in the upcoming Holiday 2021 event and today we will tell you about its shiny availability.

Ice Shard + Night Slash And Aurora Beam Or Solar Beam Or Water Pulse

Cryogonal Nest Farming Location Coordinate Pokemon Go PGSharp 2020

Ice Shard gives both fair damage and solid energy gain, and is thus the fast move of choice.

Night Slash gives Cryogonal an interesting niche, and some solid rapid fire Dark-type damage. All of Cryogonal’s secondary charged moves are pretty mediocre, so you can take your pick. Solar Beam is massively expensive, but strong if you can land it. Aurora Beam gives extra Ice-type damage if you need it, and Water Pulse can provide some nice coverage against Rock- and Fire-types that give Cryogonal a hard time.

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How Rare Is Cryogonal

In the games where you can encounter a Cryogonal, it tends to have much lower spawn rates than the other Pokemon you can encounter. In Black and White, you can find Cryogonal in Twist Mountain at a 1% encounter rate. It is much rarer than other Pokemon, but you can obtain this exclusive ice type with enough diligence.

How To Catch Cryogonal During Winter Holiday 2021 Event

There will be plenty of chances to catch Cryogonal during the Winter Holiday 2021 event. After all, it is fitting that the Pokémon which is a snowflake will be featured during the Winter event for Pokémon GO. As usual spinning Pokestops and complete the event Field Research that can give you chances at the Cryogonal encounters.

Usually, you would have to leave it up to luck in terms of catching a Shiny Cryogonal, but weve got some bad news for you.

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Pokemon Go: How To Catch Cryogonal

If you’re grabbing your coat to get out in this December cold and try hunting for a Cryogonal, slow your roll just a little because there’s some information you may need. Before wasting the next hour walking around and waiting to see a snowflake with eyes as opposed to the millions of not-so-interesting ones on the ground, it’s best you know Cryogonal does not spawn normally. Rather, the best and only way to get your hands on one is to drop a Glacial Lure on a Pokestop and wait for the magic to happen. Good luck out there, and stay warm!

How To Catch A Shiny Cryogonal In Pokemon Go


Ice type Pokemon are the focus of the holiday event in Pokemon GO. This will give players a higher chance to catch their favorite Pokemon before adding it to their collection.

Cryogonal is an ice type Pokemon that resembles a snowflake sculpture made of ice. It’s scary yet calming at the same time. It appears in cool shades of blue that represent its icy nature.

The shiny version of Cryogonal takes those colors and brightens them up. In Pokemon GO, players can catch a shiny Cryogonal in multiple ways. It isn’t exclusive to raids, a field research, or the wild.

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Cryogonal Is One Of The Powerful Pokemon Creatures That Trainers Will Come Across In Pokemon Go Scroll On For Cryogonal Weaknesses And The Best Raid Counters

Cryogonal is a popular Ice-type Pokemon creature that can be highly effective against dragon, flying, grass and ground type Pokemon. It is available in 3-star raids in Pokemon GO and was first spotted in Generation V in the Unova region. A Cryogonal possesses a range of powerful abilities and comes with a max Combat Power of 3163. Trainers will generally find a Cryogonal in areas of Slippery Slope. One can also find a Shiny Cryogonal in the wild during Snowing weather or in raids.

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Alolan Diglett Pokemon Go

Players will find that when the Throwback Challenge event ends at 1 PM local time on Monday, June 8th that a variety of Galarian and Alolan characters will begin to hatch from 7KM eggs. Those who are fans of Diglett will be pleased to learn that Diglett will be one of the new characters that will be hatching from 7Km eggs when the Throwback Challenge ends at 1 PM local time on June 8th.

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Can Cryogonal Be Shiny

Nope, you can evolve and catch all you want during the Winter Holiday 2021 event but there is no chance for shiny Cryogonal in December 2021. Likely youll need to wait until an event at a later date to get a shiny Cryogonal.

And thats everything you need to know about the Pokémon GO Winter Holiday Event and to clear up any confusion regarding Shiny Cryogonal.


Pokemon Go Holiday Event Now Live Adds New Gen 5 And Shiny Pokemon

How to Catch Cryogonal – Pokemon Sword & Shield (DLC)

Here’s your first chance to catch Cubchoo, Cryogonal, and Shiny Snover.

Pokemon Go‘s annual holiday event is still underway, but only for a few more days. This year’s event runs through January 1 and gives players around the world a chance to catch some holiday-themed Pokemon, complete exclusive Field Research tasks, and even add a few new Gen 5 monsters to their collections.

Throughout the holiday event, Ice-type Pokemon such as Sneasel, Delibird, and Snorunt will appear in the wild much more often than normal. You’ll also have your first chance to catch Cubchoo, the adorable polar bear cub from Pokemon Black and White, as well as a Shiny version of Snover.

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Those aren’t the only special Pokemon available during the event. You may also run into holiday versions of Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu. On top of that, you may encounter another new Gen 5 Pokemon, Cryogonal, when you use Glacial Lures, and you can hatch Alolan forms of Sandshrew and Vulpix from 7 km eggs.

On top of the increased Pokemon spawns, Niantic has rolled out a set of event-exclusive Field Research tasks. Team Rocket has also added a few new Shadow Pokemon to their teams, including Shadow Delibird. Finally, wintry avatar items like a Stantler sweater and headband are now available in the Style Shop. You can read more about the holiday event on the Pokemon Go website.

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