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How To Get Good At Pokemon Go

How To Make Great Excellent And Nice Throws In Pokemon Go

Pok̩mon GO РHow to Obtain Stronger Pokemon with High CP! (Tips & Tricks #1)

Once youve entered an encounter with a Pokemon, youll notice there are two circles that are surrounding it. One is stationary and the other will vary in size and color.

The color of the inner circle indicates how difficult that Pokemon will be to catch. If the circle is a shade of green, itll be easy to catch. If its yellow, orange, or red, however, itll be more of a challenge.

How To Win Pokmon Go Battles

In a Pokémon Go battle, you’re given three Pokémon to fight against someone else. Once each of these three Pokémon has fainted, you lose.

Attacks work by tapping on the screen or holding, depending on if you want to use a Fast Attack or Charged Attack .

You’re also given three Protect Shields which you can use to protect your Pokémon from a Charged Attack but once they’re gone, they’re gone. When the other Pokémon is using a Charged Attack, you’ll be warned, and given the option to protect your team if you have shields left.

Pokemon Go: How To Get The Best Pokemon In 2021

By Sam Woods

It goes without saying that if you play Pokemon GO, you want to get the best Pokemon available to you.

However, that may be easier said than done. There are so many different Pokemon in the wild and so many different IV possibilities that make things really difficult.

Thankfully, weve put together this handy guide of how you can get the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO in 2021.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

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There Are A Few Other Evolutionary Items In ‘pokmon Go’ To Look Out For

You can attain many of these items through the same methodology in obtaining the metal coat. The following are listed below along with the Pokémon they help evolve.

  • King’s Rock: Poliwhirl into Politoed Slowpoke into Slowking
  • Dragon Scale: Seadra into Kingdra
  • Sun Stone: Gloom into Bellossom Sunkern into Sunflora
  • Upgrade: Porgyon to Porygon2
  • Sinnoh Stone: Turns various Pokémon into Gen 4 versions.
  • Unova Stone: Simisage, Simisear, Simipour, Musharna, Cinccino, Eelektross, Chandelure.

How do I get a METAL COAT to evolve my Scyther if its no where to be found! #PokemonGo#Anxiety

Get Your Coins And Stardust While Defending The Gym

Just how good is Gardevoir with Charm in PvE?

You just claimed a Gym, perfect! Now, go to the in-game Shop and tap the Shield icon to get 10 Coins and 500 Stardust for each Pokemon of yours defending that Gym. You need to wait 21 hours before you can tap the Shield again.

Coins are the currency in Pokemon GO that you can use to buy items like Pokeballs, Potions, etc. You can also buy coins with real-world money. Be sure to defend the Gym or place Pokemon in multiple gyms to keep the Coins coming!

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Tips And Tricks For Beginners

From figuring out how to Incubate eggs to learning how to battle in gyms, Pokémon Go has a lot to offer right away for new players. We explain how to make the most of your Friendship in Pokémon Go and list out any rare Pokémon that you should keep your eyes out for or that you wont find due to regional limitations.

Bonuses Field Research And Catching Mew

We mentioned field research above, the new system of activities that give players a reason to log in to Pokémon Go every day. Youll also get bonus items and experience points for catching at least one Pokémon every day and for spinning at least one Pokéstop every day. Maintaining a multi-day streak increases the bonuses each day for up to seven days. Youll also want to try to knock out one field research activity every day to quickly get a chance at Legendary Pokémon.

Niantic also added special research to the game along with field research, which is the closest thing Pokémon Go has to a story campaign. This series of tasks is the path to eventually catching a Mew, but itll take a lot of investment and time to get there. The good news is that, as you clear each group of three requirements in Professor Willows special research assignments , youll earn a lot of rewards.

A quick tip about special research

If youre working on catching all the Magikarps necessary to evolve a Gyrados, hold off until you work through Professor Willows special research. One of the requirements along the way is to evolve a Gyrados, and since doing so takes a really long time, you dont want to waste your Magikarps before you can count it on your path to getting a Mew.

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Best Pokmon In Pokmon Go: Best Attackers Best Defenders And Best For Pvp

Here are Pokémon GO’s best Pokémon, whether you’re defending a gym, hitting a raid, or taking on other players in PvP

Although the highs of Summer 16 will likely never be surmounted, Pokémon GO is still going strong with a core community of battlers. But if youre new to the game, or just struggling to know which critter to power up, weve got a handy list of the best Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Stardust the in-game currency youll use to power up your Pokémon is a precious commodity, so be careful how you spend it. Your safest bets will be on powerful Pokémon to use when battling in raids or gyms, but you can also look at more unique monsters for PvP battles in the GO Battle League.

There are far more permutations and viable options in GO Battle League as well as different recommended IV spreads if you want to get really technical. However, well kick things off by looking at the most powerful Pokémon overall, the ones youll want to be using in gyms and raids. Just make sure to check out our Pokémon type chart to make sure youre always dealing super-effective damage wherever possible.

Look out for Pokémon in your box that know legacy moves these are moves that can only be accessed in certain events or with a rare Elite TM.

How To Get Candy In Pokemon Go


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In Pokemon Go, you earn candy whenever you catch a certain type of Pokemon. But the resource is often in short supply with rarer monsters.

There are a few Pokemon Go tricks you can use to earn extra candy. These include:

  • Using Pinap berries to increase the candy you get from catching a Pokemon
  • Equipping a Pokemon as your buddy to earn candy while walking
  • Trading Pokemon with friends

When it comes to trading, the distance between where the Pokemon was caught and where your current location counts towards more candy. You can earn a maximum of three candy from trading.

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How To Make A Nice Throw In Pokemon Go

To land a Nice throw, simply follow these easy steps and youll be able to add the Pokemon to your collection in no time.

  • Enter an encounter with a Pokemon you want to catch
  • Ensure the inner circle is green or yellow by switching to a better Pokeball if its required
  • Hold the ball and wait for the inner circle to reach its largest radius
  • Throw your Pokeball at the Pokemon
  • Youve now added another Pokemon to your collection!
  • Although it may take you a few attempts to catch it, youll eventually hit the sweet spot, and the mon will be yours!

    See How Close A Certain Monster Is

    Do you hope to find some fresh Pokémon that are seemingly in your area but you just cant seem to reach them? Heres a tip the app doesnt make all that clear. When you open up the list of nearby Pokémon list in the bottom right of your screen, youll see a list of monsters, each with footprints underneath. The more footprints, the farther you need to walk from where you currently are. And if the number of footprints doesnt decrease, youre clearly headed in the wrong direction. Hopefully this will get you closer to the rarer beasts youre searching for.

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    General Pokemon Go Tips

    These general Pokemon GO tips will help out beginner players that are interesting in learning more about topics such as battling friends, reviving fainted Pokemon in battle, and even how to heal Pokemon to prevent them from getting defeated. If trainers want to get ahead in the game, these guides will definitely come in handy.

    Take Part In Professor Oak’s Quests And Earn Yourself Some Sweet Rewards


    If you’re one of those lapsed Pokemon Go players, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a lot more structure nowadays in how to play the game. Professor Oak has invaded Pokemon Go and is delivering a stack of challenges that give you a focus for playing. There are two types of challenges available in-game. The first are Field Research quests, which you pick up from Pokestops. They include tasks like winning a certain number of Gym Battles, taking part in a Raid or catching a certain number of a specific type of Pokemon. If you complete seven of these, you’ll earn yourself a special Pokemon, which always comes equipped with a move that it can’t usually learn.

    The second type are Special Quests. These are pre-set by the Poke Professor himself, and there are eight sets of three quests. If you complete them all – and they’re not easy – you get the ultimate reward: your very own Mew.

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    When Youre Ready Get In Gyms

    You captured your favorite Pokemon and evolved them to the ultimate powerful forms, great, and now what? Battle them in the Gyms and take over as many of them as possible! First, you pick six Pokemon to take to battle. And then, you will fight against the weakest Pokemon at the Gym and work your way to the strongest.

    If your team wins, you may want to leave behind some powerful Pokemon to defend the Gym and the longer they sit in place and defend it, the more Coins you earn. The more Coins you earn, the more stuff you can buy.

    However, if you lose, you have to heal your Pokemon with Revives and Potions for them to participate in the battle again.

    Note that in high turnover Gyms like those in popular areas in your city, your Pokemon can be knocked out pretty quickly. So, there is no point in using your most powerful fighters, but rather the second-strongest by CP.

    Also, Pokemon that sit in Gyms but dont defend them, dont earn many coins.

    • You have to reach level 5 to visit a Gym. If the gym is the same color as you, you can battle and replace the Pokemon there to become a Defender. Or battle at the Gym claimed by another team for prestige!

    Berries And Buddy Mood

    Feeding your Buddy Berries will fill up its Hunger meter. As time goes on, your Buddy will get hungry and its mood will reduce. There are 6 segments in the Hunger meter and each segment lasts for 30 minutes. Your Buddy will deplete the entire Hunger meter in 3 hours.

    Depending on the type of Berry you use, the Hunger meter will fill up differently:

    • Razz Berry, Pinap Berry and Nanab Berry grant 2 bars
    • Golden Razz Berry and Silver Pinap Berry grant 6 bars

    Swapping out your Buddy will make it Hungry instantly, which can be useful to quickly collect Affection Hearts for this category. Be careful, as walking distance will be reset on swap.

    Your Buddy will become hungry even if the game is not running.

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    And What Are The Biomes

    Again, only Pokémon Go’s developers know for sure. Some have also changed with the advent of Gen 2. A few have been colloquially identified as follows along with more recent changes:

    • Common: Pidgey, Rattata, Weedle Sentrat, Hoothoot
    • Water: Magikarp, Slowpoke, Psyduck, Tentacool, Staryu, Goldeen, Squirtle, Chinchou.
    • Electric: Magnamite, Voltorb
    • Mountain: Clefairy

    Ultra-rare spawns will sometimes be slightly more common in certain biomes. For example, Dratini at water spawns, Lavitar at mountain spawns.

    Evolve To Raise Your Trainer Level


    The nature of Pokémon Go means youll be collecting tons of Pokémon all the time, and not all of them will be in your slate of battle-ready fighters. Many common Pokémon will just be readily available and pile up in your Pokémon box until you transfer them away. These Pokémon arent useless, though youll want to keep evolving them when you get enough candies, even if you immediately transfer them right afterward. Evolving Pokémon gives you a big boost in experience points, so its one of the main ways to increase your trainer level. A higher trainer level means stronger Pokémon, plus big rewards each time you earn a new one, so you want to constantly be climbing higher and higher.

    Generally, keep catching common Pokémon when they present themselves, but once youve got all the evolutions you need for a particular common Pokémon, narrow your focus to only those with low evolution costs. That way, you can earn experience fast off Pokémon that are everywhere, like Pidgeys, without gumming up your Pokémon Box with a ton of Zubats and Ekanses that are tougher to evolve. As you level up, you wont need to catch every Pokémon you see, so pay attention to which ones are worth grabbing, evolving, and using to level up for the sake of efficiency and saving your items and your time.

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    Tips To Get Started In Pokmon Go Trainer Battles

    Pokémon GO is evolving with Trainer Battles, letting playersgo head-to-head with teams they’ve assembled. Check out some tips on whichPokémon should learn a new Charged Attack, which Pokémon to power up forTrainer Battles, and how to put together a winning team for matches againstother players. You can battle against any Trainers who are nearby, or yourUltra and Best Friends anywhere, at any time. Get ready to prove you’re thevery best!

    The spoils definitely make Trainer Battles worth trying,even if you’re not that confident in your Pokémon team. You can get rewardsfrom battling other Trainers three times each day and once daily from taking onan AI-controlled team leader. You’ll get the same loot whether you win or lose,which can include rare items like a Sinnoh Stone, the item needed to evolvemany Pokémon with Evolutions first discovered in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. Battles aren’t just a lot of funthey’re also great if you’relooking to collect the most-powerful Pokémon and complete your Pokédex!

    Don’t Use Protect Shields Right Away

    Trainers get two Protect Shields to use that will nullify the opponent’s Charged Attack. Although most trainers will use these right away to block the first two Charged Attack, it’s worth considering if that’s a wise move. For example do you want to use a shield to protect a Pokémon that has one HP left from a Charged Attack, when the next Fast Attack would force it to faint anyway? Is it worth protecting your Gyrados from a Vaporeon’s Aqua Tail, that wouldn’t do too much damage anyway?

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    Trade Lots Of Pokemon To Get Lucky Ones

    From now on, when you trade Pokemon, there’s a chance for them to become Lucky. That means they require less Stardust to power up than regular Pokemon. This makes them easier to train up to become powerful. Every trade won’t result in a lucky Pokemon, but there’s always a chance to get one, so there’s no better time than now to add a friend and try your luck.

    Strongest Pokmon In Pokmon Go: Understanding Pokmon Strength

    Pokemon Go Guide

    While these Pokémon are the most powerful characters, its worth noting that every single one in Pokémon Go has its unique attributes. Thus, some Vaporeon will be more powerful than others. Heck, even your Arcanine might be more robust than a Lapras of the same level.

    To help you figure out just where your Pokémons lie on the power spectrum, visit the Pokemon website to view the Pokedex. This system will give you all of the information you need to build up your Pokemon and start winning battles.

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    How Much Xp You Get For Each Action

    Capture a Pokemon: 100 XPCapture Bonuses:Evolve a Pokemon: 500 XPRegister a new Pokemon in your Pokedex: 500 XPCheck a Pokestop: 50 XP or 100 XP Training at a Gym: Depends on successBattle Pokemon at a Gym: Depends on successUsing a Lucky Egg will get double all of the aforementioned XP games for 30 minutes. It can be paired with a Double XP event to get a maximum of four times your usual XP if you really want to max out your bonuses.So far, it looks like the maximum level you can reach in Pokemon Go is 100. You gain numerous rewards for each level gain, including Potions, Incense, Revives, Egg Incubators, and, eventually, Super Potions, Razz Berries, Hyper Potions, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls. The elusive Master Ball has yet to be glimpsed, but if you fulfill your destiny of finding and beating the Elite 4, maybe you can be the chosen one who’s granted the ultimate Pokemon power and enters Cerulean Cave to find your Mewtwo.

    Catch Pokmon Whenever You Can

    Veterans of classic Pokémon games will come to Go with the bad habit of avoiding some fights. In Pokémon X/Y its smart to see a Zubat and think Im not wasting my time on this stupid Zubat. But in Pokémon Go, random encounters are your ticket to collecting more XP, Stardust, and other items needed to evolve Pokémon. So if you ever want you Zubat to become a Golbat, you need to capture all the Zubats you can, even if you immediately Transfer them to the Professor, thus losing them forever. No matter how useless the beast, ALWAYS try to catch it.

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