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How To Find Team Rocket In Pokemon Go

Team Go Rocket Details

HOW TO FIND TEAM ROCKET BALLOONS IN POKEMON GO! Jessie & James Coming Soon & 96% Kyurem Catch!

Team GO Rocket are an offshoot of the Team Rocket from the main series games. In Pokémon GO, Team GO Rocket will appear at PokéStops at times. When a PokéStop is darker blue and the cube on it is spinning, that means a member of Team GO Rocket is there. When you spin the stop, they will appear and challenge you.

The battles are standard Trainer Battles, but you have to use a team while they use two Pokémon at CP of around 2200-2500 and a final one of CP around 3200 for Great League, 3300-3500 for the first two and ~4500 for the final one for Ultra League and exceeeding that with Master League and higher making the battle very tough.

Youll Be Defeated Into The Ground

Grunts using this taunt use Ground type Pokémon.

Pokémon #1

Best counter: Ice, grass, and water types

Ground types are traditionally weak to Water and Grass, but with the presence of Flygon, you may want to bring an Ice type as back up. Grass would be the best because it is resistant to Ground type attacks. Catchable in this encounter are Cubone and Sandshrew.

Shadow Lugia In Pokemon Go: Giovanni Returns With Team Rocket

On November 9, 2021, right as the clock strikes 12:01 in the morning, a Team GO Rocket event was scheduled to begin in Pokemon GO. This was an event called “With Light Comes Shadow…” as named after one of the several phrases a Team GO Rocket grunt might say before entering a battle. This event is special as it brings Giovanni back to the game after an extended absence, along with Shadow Lugia!

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Why Fight Team Go Rocket

Obviously, you can get a Shadow Pokémon if you catch it after the battle. Shadow Pokémon have much higher attack than their non-Shadow counterparts, but much lower defense. They make excellent glass cannons, and are even the best counters for some Raids. Battling Team GO Rocket Grunts is also necessary to gain Mysterious Components, which, in turn, can be used to track down the Executives of Team GO Rocket. Defeating the Team GO Rocket Executives have even greater rewards, including Unova and Sinnoh Stones. Defeating the Executives is also necessary to challenge Giovanni, who brings Legendary Shadow Pokémon to battle.

What Is Purifying Pokmon

How to find team go rocket balloon in pokemon go

Purifying your Pokémon changes them from their Shadow state and teaches them a new attack called Return. It also increases their IV scores and level quite a bit. While Purifying every Shadow Pokémon you rescue is not necessary there are achievements and Research tasks that rely on Purifying Pokémon. If you purify enough, you will also get additional Premier Balls to capture more Shadow Pokémon.

Keep in mind, the costs for Purifying Shadow Pokémon varies based on the species. Some of the more common species, such as Rattata and Zubat, only cost 1,000 Stardust, while the legendary Pokémon can cost up to 20,000 Stardust. If you need to complete a Research task that requires several purifications, you might want to hold off until you have several of the cheap ones. On the other hand, if you’re not trying to complete any achievements or Research, you may want to focus on purifying only the rarer Shadow Pokémon with good IVs.

That having been said, the last rebalance to Shadow Pokémon boosted their base attack and lowered their defense. This makes them some of the best glass cannons in the game. Certain Shadow Pokémon, like Salamence, Dragonite, Gardevoir, and Metagross happen to be top counters in certain Raids. While it is extremely expensive in Stardust and Candies to power them up, it can make a huge difference in some battles.

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Team Go Rocket Rewards

When you finish the battle with the recruit you will be given 500 Stardust, and a chance to catch the Dark Pokémon.

The catchable Dark Pokémon is the first to be used by the recruit in their Pokémon battle.

To catch the creature you will receive five premium Pokéballs, and then an extra number as a reward based on the following factors:

  • How many of your Pokémon have survived the battle
  • Your purification medal rank
  • Your Defeat Team Go Rocket medal rank

If you run out of Pokéballs, you will have to defeat the Recruit again for another chance to catch the Pokémon.

Once you have the Pokémon, it will be added to your collection, and it will have a few differences from its normal version. Our guide to Dark Pokémon and how to purify them explains everything you need to know about it.

Prepared for trouble?

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Read This To Find And Beat Team Rocket Pokmon Go

Team Rocket is a wicked team in chase of evil and the manipulation of Pokémon. Their goal is to take over the world using Pokémon by stealing and capturing rare and strong Pokémon and then selling them to the funds and organizes some cruel experiment research on Pokémon. They are based in the Kanto, Johto, and a small outpost in the Sevii Island. Later, they gathered in the Alola region to form a new organization called Team Rainbow Rocket.

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Pokmon Go Team Go Rocket Balloons: When Team Go Rocket Hot Air Balloons Appear And How To Find Them

The hot air balloons of Team Go Rocket can be seen floating in the sky of Pokemon go.

These balloons will allow you to fight against the Recruits of Team Go Rocket and, if you reach the requirements, against the leaders of Team Go Rocket or the head of the organization himself, Giovanni.

We can also find Meowth balloons during certain events, which will allow us to fight Jessie and James.

Team Go Rockets invasion of Shadow Pokémon began with the occupation of PokéStops and Shadow Pokémon, which eventually led to Trainers having to battle Giovanni to save these Pokémon from their clutches.

On this page you will find:

Team Go Rocket Battles

How to Find & Defeat Team GO Rocket Leaders for SHINY Shadow Pokémon | Pokémon GO

Upon interacting with an invaded PokéStop, the Team GO Rocket member will challenge the player to a Trainer Battle, during which they will use three Shadow Pokémon with highly inflated CP values. Unlike in other Trainer Battles, the player’s Pokémon will not be healed beforehand or afterwards, requiring the use of medicine to restore any lost HP. If the player loses, their team leader will appear and give advice based on type advantages against the Team GO Rocket member’s Pokémon. Team GO Rocket Battles can be repeatedly attempted until either the player is victorious or the PokéStop invasion expires. In battle, Team GO Rocket Grunts never use Protect Shields, but Team GO Rocket Leaders and Giovanni will always use Protect Shields against the player’s first two Charged Attacks.

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Best Team To Defeat Giovanni In Pokemon Go

One of the best teams you can use to defeat Giovanni is Tyranitar, Kyogre, and Magnezone. Tyranitar will help you take down Persian with ease, and can also be saved as a backup for battling Lugia.

Next up, Kyogre is very effective at taking down two of Giovannis potential second Pokemon, Nidoking and Rhyperior. Round your team out with Magnezone, which is a great counter for both Kingler and Lugia.

How To Fight A Team Go Rocket Leader

To fight a Team Go Rocket leader in a hot air balloon you will have to activate a full Rocket radar.

Once you have activated the Rocket radar you can select the balloon and there, instead of the usual Recruit, there will be one of the three leaders: Arlo, Cliff and Sierra.

It is important to note that the leader you will meet will be selected randomly.

Heres everything you need to know about Go Beyond, including the arrival of the Gen 6 Pokémon from the Kalos region , the level cap increase to 50, Legacy Challenge 40, the new Candy XL, and the Deerling and Sawsbuck Forms.

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How Does A Team Go Rocket Invasion Work

When you spin an Invaded PokéStop, you are challenged to a battle like the ones you are used to seeing against friends and Team Leaders. These battles normally have three different Pokémon of the same type, so make sure you have a selection of battle parties with different types to counteract this.

The Pokémon that you fight have been corrupted by Team GO Rocket. These Shadow Pokémon appear with a dark cloud of energy and red, glowing eyes! Once you defeat them in combat, you will get a chance to catch one of these Shadow Pokémon which have dramatically different stats from normal Pokémon. They’re much more aggressive, with higher attack power in exchange for lower defensive capabilities. They make for the ideal glass cannon and are some of the best counters in certain Raid Battles.

You get Premier Pokéballs based on your performance, as well as how many Shadow Pokémon you’ve rescued and purified, so you can catch the Shadow Pokémon, and if you are lucky enough to capture it, you can either keep it as a Shadow Pokémon or purify it. Purified Pokémon have their stats leveled, their CP boosted, and cost less to power up. Both Shadow Pokémon and Purified Pokémon have special moves that can only be changed with Elite TMs or during special events.

Bonus Tip: Battle Team Rocket In Pokemon Go From Your Home

Pokemon Go: Team GO Rocket Leaders Guide

Just like most of the other Pokemon Go activities, the Team Go Rocket quest also requires us to explore things in the real world. Since that can be a tedious job, you can just use a location spoofer tool to complete these quests from your home. I would recommend dr.fone â Virtual Location that supports all the major iPhone models and does not need jailbreak access. You can easily teleport to any location in the world by entering its coordinates, name, or address.

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

The application has a map-like interface that will help you customize the target location to spoof. Not just that, you can also simulate your phoneâs movement in a route and mark different stops in between. Users can enter the preferred walking speed and the number of times they want to cover the route. There is also a GPS joystick that you can use to walk realistically in any direction.

There you go! Now when you know about Pokemon Go Team Rocket and shadow Pokemons, you can easily complete this special quest. Although you canât join Team Rocket in Pokemon Go as of now, you can still take part in the event and defeat them. This will certainly be a fun and exciting experience for any Pokemon Go player. If you want to play it from the comfort of your home, then consider using a reliable tool like dr.fone â Virtual Location instead.

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How To Find Team Go Rocket In Pokmon Go

First, you need to be level 8 or higher for Team Go Rocket to appear in your game.

Team Go Rocket appears in PokéStops that have been invaded. These PokéStops have a different appearance than the normal ones, with a darker color.

If you cant see any of the Team Go Rocket stops, its because they are somewhat rare, and only appear in 30-minute periods. So collaboration with other players is key.

So you should keep your eyes on the map, looking for any suspicious PokéStop. When you get close enough to the dark PokéStops, the Team Go Rocket logo will appear above them. These PokéStops are common to all the players around.

Dont Bother Ive Already Won / Get Ready To Be Defeated / Winning Is For Winners

Pokémon #1

Counters: Machamp, Lucario, and Metagross

This encounter is significantly easier this time around because you know the line-up. Snorlax is always tough and there are two of them, so you will want to bring your best two fighters. Bring a Metagross to deal with Gardevoir which is also solid into Snorlax. If you defeat this grunt, then you will have the opportunity to catch Snorlax at the end.

  • Lead with Fighting type (Lucario is great and has shadow ball for Gardevoir
  • Metagross with Meteor Mash in your second slot
  • We recommend a backup fighter to deal with the second Snorlax.

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Battle Against My Flying

Possible encounters feature Flying type Pokémon.

Pokémon #1

Best counter: Smack Down Tyranitar & Rhyperior or best rock & electric types

Grunts using this taunt use a combination of Flying type Pokémon that includes the Zubat and Starly family, along with Murkrow as a new shadow addition. Rock types are best because they will resist Normal and Poison type attacks. Catchable in this encounter are Zubat, Starly, or Murkrow.

Do You Know How Hot Pokmon Fire Breath Can Get


Possible encounters feature Fire type Pokémon.

Pokémon #1

Best counter: Smack Down Tyranitar / Kyogre / Vaporeon

Grunts using this taunt will use Fire type Pokémon. Charmander and Vulpix families are in every fight, with the potential for Magmar in the middle slot. Bring your best Rock, Ground, and Water types. Water types like Kyogre and Rock types like Smack Down Tyranitar are your best pick in these fights because they resist fire type attacks. Catchable in this encounter are Vulpix, Charmander, Charmeleon, and Magmar.

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Finding Team Rocket Leader Giovani In Pokemon Go

If you have been playing Pokemon GO for a while now then you might have noticed that when you beat Team Rocket Grunts, then you get a Mysterious Component. When you have enough of them, you can combine them to make a Rocket Radar that gives you the location of the Team Rocket Leaders.

You will need a Super Rocket Radar in order to find Team Rocket Leader Giovani, but you can only get it by completing the Looming in the Shadows research task. Once you have done that you will get the Super Rocket Radar. Use it and you will find the location of Giovani.

The issue is that Giovani uses fake decoys so that you cannot get to him. So you will have to beat a couple of grunts before you can get to the real Team Rocket Leader. You will need to go to the locations marked by the Super Rocket Radar until the real Giovani appears. This can take a couple of tries.

The first Pokemon that the boss has is Persian, the second can be Kangashkan, Nidoking or Garchomp. Lastly, Giovani is going to use his Shadow Mewtwo. Mewtwo is weak against bug, dark, and ghost Pokemon so be sure to have a powerful one of those.

When you have defeated Giovani, you will get the chance to catch a Shadow Mewtwo. This is how you can beat Team Rocket Leader Giovani in Pokemon GO. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Pokemon GO guides hub.

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Team Go Rockets Hot Air Balloons Explained

The Team Go Rocket hot air balloons are the organizations latest attempt to dominate the world of Pokémon Go.

These balloons will allow you to fight against the Recruits of Team Go Rocket and, if you reach the requirements, against the leaders of Team Go Rocket or the head of the organization himself, Giovanni.

Since Team Go Rocket balloons have the ability to move, it can take a while to find one. If you are having a hard time achieving this, we recommend reducing the cameras zoom to the maximum in order to have the widest view of the terrain and sky around us. The most important thing is to keep your eyes on the ground: when a balloon is nearby, a circular shadow will appear on the ground, indicating its position above us.

Once you have found it, interacting with it will make you enter a battle with a Team Rocket Recruit, with the possibility of rescuing their dark Pokémon.

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Coiled And Ready To Strike

Possible encounters feature Poison type Pokémon.


Best counters: Mud-Slap Rhyperior / Mamoswine / Golem / Groudon

Grunts that taunt Coiled prefer to use Poison types, especially the Nidoran family line. You will commonly fight Nidoran, Nidorino, and Muk and Weezing. Our recommended team for this Grunt encounter is ground types for Nidoran, Muk, and Weezing. Zubat isnt weak to ground, but shouldnt give you any issues regardless. Catchable Pokémon in this encounter are Nidoran , Nidorino/a, and Zubat.

If you dont have the ground types listed above, just go in with your best ground type Pokémon or Pokémon with ground type attacks and you should win pretty easily.

Pokemon Go: Using The Super Rocket Radar To Spot Giovanni

Pokemon GO Team Rocket release date secrets in full ...

In order to track down Giovanni in Pokemon GO, players will need to assemble a Super Rocket Radar. Before they can do this, they’ll need to assemble three standard Rocket Radars and take down Team GO Rocket Leaders Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo. Once Giovanni’s underbosses are out of the way, all that is left is to battle the maniacal kingpin himself.

To break down the process to find Giovanni, players will need three particular items in certain quantities in order to finally reach the penultimate battle:

Defeat grunts, assemble radars, defeat Arlo/Cliff/Sierra and then Giovanni’s appearance will be close at hand. Defeating him will be another story entirely, but it is nonetheless doable with the right Pokemon battle team at the ready.

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