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Who Is The Best Pokemon Player

Galar: Leon Was An Undefeated Pokmon Champion & Gives Trainers A Memorable Bout

How I became the Best Pokemon Player Ever

Leon’s not only one of Ash’s most powerful opponents in the anime, but his video-game counterpart proved to be a worthy challenge for many fans in PokémonSword & Shield. With the mantra of being an undefeated Pokémon champion of the Galar Region, Leon had many shoes to fill for fans to take him up on his word.

Although fans eventually end Leon’s undefeated streak in PokémonSword & Shield, the character does come back to reissue a challenge to the player to see if they’re worthy of being crowned Galar’s new Pokémon champion. Both battles are a spectacle to behold, and with each Pokémon battle, fans come to appreciate Leon for being a talented Pokémon trainer.

An Interview With The World’s Greatest Pokemon Player

The Pokemon world championships event always brings a high level of excitement and grandeur, but this year was particularly special. The USA’s own Ray Rizzo made Pokemon history when he took top prize in the masters league for the second year in a row, a feat that’s especially incredible given that the tournament was restricted to Unova-only Pokemon this year. So what’s the secret to his success? Let’s ask him!

Above: Rizzo celebrates his victory

GamesRadar: How does it feel to be the first-ever consecutive two-time world Pokemon champion?

Ray Rizzo: It feels great to be the first at accomplishing something so difficult. I put a decent amount of time in these past two years so it feels good now that its paid off.

GR: Can you walk us through your process for preparing for the VGCs? How did you decide on your team and how to train each Pokemon?

RR: I had been playing a lot online for fun, just to get a feel for all of the new Pokemon. However after Nationals I started playing more seriously. I found a good core of 4 Pokemon , all with unique movesets and stats that I felt countered the metagame well. I used my last 2 Pokemon slots for Pokemon that helped to counter the last few popular Pokemon the other 4 couldnt.

Above: Gothitelle might seem like an odd choice for competitive play, but Ray Rizzo knows the benefit of surprising your opponent

GR: Did you have a particular strategy overall when heading into the tournament?

Pokemon Go: Best Rock

Rock is home to some Pokemon that hit hard, making them great as generalists, as well as uber-powerful against the handful of Flying-type Legendaries with a weakness to Rock, like Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, Lugia, Ho-oh, Yveltal, the Forces of Nature, and more. At lower tiers, they’ll also do a great job against Mega Raids like both Mega Charizard forms, and against common gym defenders like Dragonite and Salamence.

Once considered the greatest Rock-type attacker, Tyranitar lost its Rock-type throne to Rampardos in the same way it lost its Dark-type throne to Mega Houndoom and some others. But, its Shadow form places it back on top, so long as it has Smack Down, which can be a harsh barrier, given its exclusivity. You’ll also want to watch out for those all-too-common Fighting-types, which have plagued Tyranitar as a double weakness since its introduction in Gen II of the main series. The addition of Fairy-types hasn’t helped, either.

For a more obtainable attacker that doesn’t need some Elite TMs to be a viable Rock-type attacker, look to the Gen IV Fossil Pokemon, Rampardos. This hard-hitting dinosaur is what knocked Tyranitar off its throne, easily ranking #1 in DPS, even ahead of Shadow Tyranitar and Legendary Terrakion. However, Rampardos plummets down the list in terms of TDO, sitting behind even Pokemon that aren’t mentioned in this section. It’ll hit really hard, but only a few times before going down to one of Rock’s many weaknesses.

Weather Boost
Magnet Bomb

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Catch The Mythical Pokmon Shaymin

Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield game data required. Youll be able to take on a research request in Pokémon Legends: Arceus in which youll have a chance to add the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin to your team.

This research request will be available for you to accept in Jubilife Village after viewing the games end credits.

Pokemon Go: Best Grass

Americans Are The Best Pokemon Video Game Players In The ...

Grass is not typically considered an offensive type. Like Poison, it makes use of other strategies instead of pure damage output, like sleep and paralysis conditions, health-sapping moves, and more. However, Grass-type attackers see a lot of use against the all-too-common Rock/Ground combo, as well as being one of Water’s only two weaknesses. In the battle of Rock, Ground, and Water, Grass is good against all of them. Additionally, Grass is often paired with a secondary typing that allows it some more utility, depending on the context.

Venusaur is already a bulk monster, but that’s increased heavily by its Mega Evolution. Mega Venusaur sports an absolutely unbelievable max stat spread of 241 in Attack, 246 in Defense, and 190 in Stamina. This Grass/Poison-type is going to be standing for a long, long time, giving it massive TDO of ~1,005 points. The Grass-type move given to all Grass starters on Community Day, Frenzy Plant, is an extremely attractive factor. It’s easily one of the best moves in the game, and paired with the fast energy generation of Vine Whip, Mega Venusaur is a force to be reckoned with. It will one day be outclassed by Mega Sceptile, but for now, this bulky plant dino is here to soak up damage and deal it back out with ease.

Weather Boost

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Volo Is A Surprise Villain

One of the most involved NPCs of the game, entirely through his own meddling, Volo is introduced as a wandering merchant with a love of historical lore. As the player finishes the main storyline, it is discovered that Volo is directly responsible for the events of the game.

As the ancestor of Sinnohs Champion Cynthia, Volo was instantly a fan favorite. Even with a heel turn under his belt and some interesting fashion choices, like his hair, that interest in the character has not faded.

Hoenn: Steven Stone Is A Phenomenal Pokmon Trainer & Geologist And Will Give His Challengers A Swell Pokmon Battle

Steven Stone wasn’t only a worthy champion and opponent to fans in PokémonRuby & Sapphire some consider Steven as one of the most intelligent characters in the Pokémon anime. Regardless of Steven’s expertise in research and discovery, many found his Pokémon team to be a difficult challenge to defeat.

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Steven’s Pokémon team consists of Skarmory, Claydol, and Metagross, known for having powers capable of destroying a city. With a line-up of durable and bulky Pokémon, fans understand how powerful Steven has compared to other trainers they encounter in the Hoenn region.

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Quote From Lorelei In Pokemon Red & Blue

“…No one can best me when it comes to icy Pokemon! Freezing moves are powerful! Your Pokemon will be at my mercy when they are frozen solid!”

As one would expect from such a line, players will be going up against many Ice-type Pokemon. Be sure to bring some fire and electricity to deal with her Ice-type and Water-type team.

Weakest: Brendan & May

The BEST Pokémon GO Players in the WORLD!

When you start a new game in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, you are asked to select a gender for your character. The gender that you did not select becomes one of your rivals, with the male character becoming Brendan and the female character becoming May.

The other rivals that appear in the Pokémon series will pose a threat throughout your journey, to the point where they will be one of the most difficult trainers you battle near the end of the game.

Brendan and May may be the weakest rivals in the series, as they don’t even use fully evolved versions of their starter Pokémon during your final battle against them in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire.

They wouldn’t use the fully-evolved version of their starter Pokémon until Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

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Pokemon Sun And Moon And Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

The Pokemon Company

Released in 2016, Pokemon Sun and Moon was Pokemon’s last entry on the 3DS and one of the most experimental Pokemon games we’ve seen from the series. The game forged gym battles in favor of Pokemon trials. The Aloha region featured a Pokemon trial per island and also incorporated Totem Pokemon. Essentially, these were overpowered Pokemon that players would have to challenge to progress past a certain area. Similar to gym battles, but many trainers around the world could not grasp this concept when it first released.

While the game had mixed results in terms of trials and Totem Pokemon, there were some aspects of the game that were delightful. In terms of Pokemon that were introduced during the seventh generation, there are some notable faces that fans of the series still go back to.

Some of these notable faces include:

  • Rowlet evolution line
  • Mimikyu

These titles also introduced the Beast Pokemon, a rather bizarre concept for The Pokemon Company. The debate is still up in the air whether or not fans love these Pokemon or not. One of the areas in which Sun and Moon lack is certainly in post-game content. With little to do after the credits roll, it’s tough to justify having this game ranked any higher.

Zeke Is A Caring Brother

After unlocking Ursaluna, Zeke reaches out to the player because his sister, Wanda, has gone missing. Zeke, worried about her safety, asks the player to find her and bring her home safely. The player does this, three different times. Outwardly, this could be seen as just another fetch quest with a human as the thing to be fetched, but it has a nicer background than someone asking the player to catch a Buizel.

Zeke really cares for Wanda which he proves by going to the Alabaster Icelands by himself to find her. After reuniting the two one final time, they have a touching moment that melts fans’ hearts.

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Best Catch In Pokmon Go History

Recently, a Pokémon GO player with the handle “AirbenderSteven” made strides on social media, demonstrating a spectacular catch of a Swirlix and earning them the most XP ever in a single throw. The player shared their record catch on Twitter and Reddit, boasting a massive 73760 XP, attributed to a number of accumulated bonuses.

You told me to keep you updated on my progress towards the #PokemonGo world record catch XP?? Patience towards New Dex Entry captures pays off… #KrabbyRave?

Steven May 29, 2021

Some of these bonuses included landing an excellent throw with a curveball , on their first attempt . Impressive to say the least! AirbenderSteven also benefited from snatching up a new Pokémon as their first catch of the day . Its clear that the user was an Ash Ketchum at heart, having racked up a 7-day streak bonus of 48000 XP. Appropriately, they were also awarded a bonus for excellent handling and used a lucky egg to boost the rewards even more.

At this rate, it will be hard for anyone to catch up with AirbenderSteven, in what may be the greatest catch in Pokémon GO history. We certainly look forward to those who dare try, though. Do you think youre up for the challenge?

Kalos: Serena/calem Are Trainers That Grow Alongside Individual’s On Their Journies & Give The Trainer An Epic Final Pokmon Battle

The Best Pokemon Player Ever Crashed My Nuzlocke (then my ...

Although some Pokémon fans argue Serena’s one of Ash’s friends, everyone wants to stay gone she’s a skilled performer in the Kalos anime and a well-developed Pokémon trainer. Although Diantha reigned as the region’s champion, fans learned that Serena or Calem was the battle to seal their Kalos journey.

After becoming champions, players encounter their rival, Serena or Calem, depending on whether they played as a female or male character, waiting for them in Kiloude City, where they now possess a Mega Ring. The battle not only served as a pleasant send-off for the Kalos’s region’s storyline but will give fans closure with their rival.

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How Many Trainers Are Needed

Normal Forme Deoxys can be defeated with two trainers! I love a good duoable Tier Five in Pokémon GO. If you cannot guarantee the top counters with maxed-out CP and the best moves, your best bet is to make sure you have three or more players.

Using the Circle Lock Technique to guarantee Great or Excellent throws, along with Golden Razz Berries, is the best way to catch Pokémon.

Pokmon Unite Tier List: Best Playable Pokmon

Pokémon Unite is all about defeating opponents and scoring points to win. Pokémon have one of five different roles: Attacker, All-Rounder, Speedster, Defender, or Supporter. Regardless of if you’re playing on Nintendo Switch, iPhone or Android, you’ll need to use the best Pokémon for the job if you want to get ahead. We’ve sorted all Pokemon into tier lists. The first list includes all Pokémon and then the following lists are broken up by Battle type.

Make sure you pair the best Pokémon with the best items from the Held Items tier list to make them even stronger. All of the strategizing mixed with simplicity really makes this one of the best Pokémon games out there right now.

Note: This list has been updated based on user feedback and the addition of Blastoise, Gardevoir, and Blissey.

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Pokemon Go: Best Ground

Ground, often considered a great type in the main series, offers some excellent options in Pokemon GO. Good against five types , Ground-types will serve you pretty well. Unfortunately, the Ground-type movepool isn’t fantastic by any means, especially with Earthquake’s low viability compared to its absolute dominance in the main series. Other types will often serve better, but Ground-types do have niche use in sunny weather or against Electric-types.

Shadow Mamoswine and Shadow Swampert both dominate in damage output and DPS, but only with charge moves that aren’t Ground-type . If Shadow Mamoswine has Bulldoze, it’ll fall behind a bit from its Avalanche counterpart, but not terribly so, still holding a spot among the best Ground-types.

If you want a Ground-type with two Ground-type moves, your best bet is Landorus in either of its forms, though Therian slightly edges out Incarnate. Not far behind are Mamoswine and Swampert in their non-Shadow forms , followed by Groudon with a massive TDO of 848.72. When it receives its Primal Reversion at some point, it’ll be even better, though it’ll take on a double weakness to Water. If Niantic ever gets around to releasing Precipice Blades, Groudon’s signature move, it’ll absolutely go from one of the top Ground attackers to one of the best Pokemon in general.

Weather Boost
Ice Beam

Pokmon: The 15 Greatest Trainers

WHO’S THE BEST POKEMON PLAYER!? – Super Smash Bros Ultimate with L8Games

We are asking the question: who is the best Pokémon trainer of all time? Stats, types, and battle history all come together on this epic countdown.

Being the best, like no one ever was, is not as easy as winning some badges, collecting some candies, or catching a handful of strong Pokémon. Yes, it does help to have a powerful roster, but the best trainers have genuine relationships with their respective Pokémon, along with a working knowledge of types and strategies.

Easily, the biggest viral sensation of summer 2016 was the mobile gaming app, Pokémon Go, This augmented reality game helped spike a full-fledged Pokémon revival. Once again, people across the world were charged with the task of becoming a Pokémon master. Sure, the franchise was in no danger of disappearing as handheld game sales were still rather impressive, but for the first time since the franchises inception, the property was back in the mainstream public consciousness.

In celebration of one of the most popular childrens franchises of the past two decades, we are asking the question: Who is the best Pokémon trainer of all time? For this list, trainers from the video game series, anime, and even the manga are welcome. Luckily, many of the franchises several mediums overlap quite a bit, giving us, even more, background and information to work with. Stats, types, and battle history all come together on this epic countdown.

Here are The 15 Greatest Pokémon Trainers.

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Read More From Reelrundown

  • Interestingly, didn’t care for Pokemon much at first
  • Grew exponentially as a Trainer and Coordinator thoughout the series
  • Her inexperience showed us as Ash’s prowess as a mentor

Like most of the series, I’d recommend watching the English subbed version of Advanced Generations. However, in the dub you amusingly get to hear voice actress Veronica Taylor talk to herself, as she plays both Ash and May.

Though we lamented at Misty’s loss, May helped expand the Pokemon world by showing that not all its inhabits are in love with Pokemon, and we enjoyed watching May gradually warm up to the creatures alongside her Torchic. Plus, her connection to Gym Leader Norman introduced a intriguing conflict when Ash battled him should she root for her friend or family? Unfortunately, May also brought along her little brother Max, an annoyance we do our best to forget.

Far from perfect, May is nonetheless a worthy and interesting companion.


Tao Hua Learns To Bury The Hatchet

As the player progresses, they are given four chances to complete the More Wares line of requests which sees the merchant Choy attempt to make new deals with the leader of the Supply Corps, Tao Hua. The first two times just have the two meaninglessly bickering. But by the third, players learn the two have history, as Choy has stolen from Tao Hua.

After completing the final task, the player learns that Tao Huas granddaughter was stolen because she fell in love with Choy. Tao Huas bickering was an attempt to make sure this man was good for his granddaughter, showing off his caring heart, even if his granddaughter needs to knock sense into them both.

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